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Pubcon Vegas - Content Campaign Development
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Pubcon Vegas - Content Campaign Development


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Published in: Marketing, Technology, Business

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  • 1. Content Campaign Development Creating Strategic Content and Getting Outreach Success Presented by: Jenneva Vargas @jenneva26
  • 2. Content Goals • Get people talking about the brand • Drive qualified traffic and leads • Drive links to the site @jenneva26
  • 3. A tale of two viral campaigns Small Business and Big Brand
  • 4. Nope. Chuck Testa. @jenneva26
  • 5. Yep, You Became A Meme @jenneva26
  • 6. And Your Point is? What value did his site get? @jenneva26
  • 7. @jenneva26
  • 8. Now a look at Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches
  • 9. 56 Million YouTube Views 556 Comments 1 Million results for “Dove Real Beauty Sketches” Known as the “Most Viral Ad Ever” @jenneva26
  • 10. What was the end result to the site? @jenneva26
  • 11. The Early Days of the Campaign @jenneva26
  • 12. @jenneva26
  • 13. @jenneva26
  • 14. Lessons Learned • Linking to original source is rare. – Get the most bang for your campaign by setting up a post link building campaign • Make sure your site is set up to receive the full value of your efforts. @jenneva26
  • 15. Market Viral: To achieve saturation within a desired niche. @jenneva26
  • 16. Achieve Market Virality • Answer pain points of the industry/niche. • Provide industry insights wrapped in a compelling content piece. • Use Psychographic data to find themes that will resonate with your Target Audience. • Outreach your content. @jenneva26
  • 17. Outreach Strategy and Implementation @jenneva26
  • 18. Outreach Strategy • Things to consider when outreaching – Promotion Time – Influencers to outreach to – Offering exclusives vs a Tiered Approach @jenneva26
  • 19. Offering Exclusives on Content • This would be for sites that are extremely well known • Sites that speak directly to your niche @jenneva26
  • 20. Tiered Approach • T1 – High Authority Sites or Sites where targeted influencers are the primary presence • T2 – These sites are smaller, but still offer quality readership • T3 – To get a Link:, Cool Infographics, Stumble Upon, etc. @jenneva26
  • 21. How To Evaluate an Influencer • Do they have an online presence? – Their own blog + Company Blog – Are they on Social Networks – Do other people see them as a thought leader in their niche • Pro tip: Search Top # influencers in X industry @jenneva26
  • 22. @jenneva26
  • 23. Tools to Help Judge Influence • • • • • • Feed Compare How Sociable Mention Mapp Tweet Reach Twitter Counter But the big winner for me is… @jenneva26
  • 24. Followerwonk • “You can order all active Twitter users by influence, dissect your social graph, or find new followers who are most important” • Social Authority @jenneva26
  • 25. The Outreach Process Dev Process Starts Content Launch @jenneva26
  • 26. Um… What is Professional Flirt? • Getting in front of your desired influencers – Promoting their content – Letting them know what you think about their own content – Helping them find other content that is valuable
  • 27. “But…. We Just Met on Facebook!” @jenneva26
  • 28. Facebook • Target Influencers and get in front of them so when you do start the conversation your brand seems familiar to them. • Use Power Editor to target via email. @jenneva26
  • 29. AKA The Creep @jenneva26
  • 30. I LIKE TO CALL IT “PRETARGETING” @jenneva26
  • 31. Twitter • Best to start the conversation before you ask them to look or RT any of your content to their followers. • Hashtags allow for search. @jenneva26
  • 32. Methods of Outreaching Social Media Networks • Facebook • Twitter • LinkedIn • Google + Additional Points of Contact • Email • Web Forms • Phone • Networking/In Person Meetings @jenneva26
  • 33. Stages of the Campaign • • • • Steered client to strategic content Developed list of influencers Started professional flirting Launched the campaign and outreached (to the non-linking webmasters too) • What’s next?
  • 34. Measuring Success • The main success metric you need to be measuring is leads.  @jenneva26
  • 35. @jenneva26
  • 36. Secondary Metrics • • • • Traffic – needs to be qualified traffic. Secondary lead gen Links Social signals @jenneva26
  • 37. Thank You, Vegas! @jenneva26