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Content and Outreach strategy


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  • 1. Content and Outreach StrategyA Talk About Content, Outreach, Measuring Successes and Really Long Pubcon Titles Presented by: Jenneva Vargas @jenneva26
  • 2. Viral Content vs. Market Viral @jenneva26
  • 3. Market Viral• To achieve saturation within a desired niche @jenneva26
  • 4. Dope Zebra @jenneva26
  • 5. Nope. Chuck Testa. @jenneva26
  • 6. Notoriety @jenneva26
  • 7. Yup, You Became A Meme @jenneva26
  • 8. And, your point is?What value did his website get? @jenneva26
  • 9. @jenneva26
  • 10. @jenneva26
  • 11. Instead,Shoot for Market Viral @jenneva26
  • 12. Ways To Achieve Market Virality• Answer pain points of the industry/niche• Provide industry insights wrapped in a compelling content piece• Actively distribute your content @jenneva26
  • 13. Outreach Strategy• Things to consider when doing outreach – Promotion time – Influencers to contact – Offering exclusives vs. a tiered approach @jenneva26
  • 14. Offering Exclusives on Content• Only for extremely high value sites• Sites that speak directly to your niche @jenneva26
  • 15. Tiered Approach• T1 – High-authority sites or sites where targeted influencers are the primary presence• T2 – These sites are smaller, but still offer quality readership• T3 – To get a link:, Cool Infographics, Stumble Upon, etc. @jenneva26
  • 16. The Outreach Process Dev Process StartsContentLaunch @jenneva26
  • 17. Um … What is a Professional Flirt?• Getting in front of your desired influencers – ReTweet their content – Letting them know what you think about their own content – Helping them find other content that is valuable @jenneva26
  • 18. “But We Just Met on Facebook!” @jenneva26
  • 19. How To Evaluate an Influencer
  • 20. The Outreach Process Dev Process StartsContentLaunch @jenneva26
  • 21. How To Evaluate an Influencer• Do they have an online presence? – Their own blog + company blog – Are they on social networks? – Do other people see them as a thought leader in their niche? • Pro tip: Search Top # influencers in X industry @jenneva26
  • 22. @jenneva26
  • 23. Followerwonk• “You can order all active Twitter users by influence, dissect your social graph, or find new followers who are most important”• New Announcement: Social Authority @jenneva26
  • 24. Approaching Influencers @jenneva26
  • 25. The Outreach Process Dev Process StartsContentLaunch @jenneva26
  • 26. Methods of Outreach Additional Points ofSocial Media Networks Contact• Facebook • Email• Twitter • Web forms• LinkedIn • Phone• Google + • Networking/in-person meetings @jenneva26
  • 27. LinkedIn• People are engaging with the platform more• Checking in more regularly @jenneva26
  • 28. Facebook• Target influencers and get in front of them, so when you do start the conversation your brand seems familiar to them.• If you missed Joe’s presentation on using Facebook Graph Search to find psychographic data, check out’s blog post. @jenneva26
  • 29. AKA The Creep @jenneva26
  • 30. I LIKE TO CALL IT “PRE-TARGETING” @jenneva26
  • 31. Twitter• Best to start the conversation before you ask them to look or RT any of your content to their followers• Hashtags allow for search @jenneva26
  • 32. Google+• The ugly duckling of “social media”• You still should use it. @jenneva26
  • 33. @jenneva26
  • 34. Why G+ and SEO GoTogetherGoogle is giving content thathas Authorship higherpositions in SERPs.Putting links in your authorprofile for additional inboundlinksHighly indexable content,everything from biographicalinformation to public postsFor outreaching there aresome great features likeCircles and Hangouts @jenneva26
  • 35. Measuring Success• Leads are the main success measurement for any campaign. @jenneva26
  • 36. @jenneva26
  • 37. Secondary Metrics• Traffic – needs to be qualified traffic• Secondary lead generation• Links• Social signals @jenneva26
  • 38. Content Marketing Dashboard• See what search terms are converting• How much traffic is coming from your blog• What those conversions look like @jenneva26
  • 39. @jenneva26
  • 40. @jenneva26
  • 41. @jenneva26
  • 42. Be an Outreach Testing Nerd• Look at Success Rates of – Your influencers list – The methods that you use for outreach @jenneva26
  • 43. One Last Tip• People have a tendency to take images without linking.• Use Reverse Image Search or Tin Eye to find them and ask them to link back to the original source. @jenneva26
  • 44. Thank You, Austin! @jenneva26