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Senior Advertising Campaigns: State Farm Auto Insurance

Senior Advertising Campaigns: State Farm Auto Insurance



I created this deck based on content generated by myself and 5 other individuals in my senior advertising campaigns class at the University of Colorado.

I created this deck based on content generated by myself and 5 other individuals in my senior advertising campaigns class at the University of Colorado.



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    Senior Advertising Campaigns: State Farm Auto Insurance Senior Advertising Campaigns: State Farm Auto Insurance Presentation Transcript

    • A STUDENT DESIGNED CAMPAIGN FORSTATE FARM INSURANCE villatoro . ahern . brickell . salzman . alexander . priolo
    • so we did a little RESEARCH…
    • SITUATIONAL ANALYSISORIGINAL TARGET MARKET & RESEARCHWe feel that people who are 16 are dealing with totally different problems and worries thanpeople who are 26. They are at two totally different stages in life. We feel it would bemuch more relevant for us and State Farm to focus on the later end of that agespectrum.In order to make the decision of focusing on a smaller portion of the age range yourecommended, we considered many aspects. To begin, our group dove into research.We first looked at the age group that you asked us to target: ages 16 to 26, Also knownas generation Y or millenials.
    • vs. 2616
    • 80% “ of survey participants said they are feeling MILENNIALS ” anxiety about the life change they are about to facePERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS ARE MORE IMPORANT THAN E V E Rthe large majority of people said “ GEN-Y ”that during a stressful or dangeroussituation, they would turn to their family first.
    • SITUATIONAL ANALYSISORIGINAL TARGET MARKET & RESEARCHWe performed our own internal focus group, a larger sale survey, and we did our ownoutside research on the group of young people. After concluding the research, we drewconclusions and looked for patterns. We found that 80% of people we surveyed in ourstudy said they feel some sort of anxiety about the life change they are about to face(college -->> real world). The large majority of people we surveyed said that during astressful or dangerous situation, they would turn to their family first (with close friends beingsecond place).From our internal focus group, we learned how important relationships our to us at thistime in our lives. even we grew up in the digital age and the age of the internet, we stillvalue personal one-on-one relationships very highly. An outside study showed that ourgeneration is extremely optimistic (especially about personal finances) and we think ofourselves as invincible. This causes a problem when trying to market insurance to us. Wefeel it would be difficult to target the entire generation Y age 16-26 because it is such abroad age group.
    • SITUATIONAL ANALYSISWHO WE ARE TARGETING & WHY:We want to focus on the latter end of this group and speak to college graduates throughthose in their mid twenties. This target is immersed in the hectic transitions, moving intothe next step in life. We feel this target is fitting because as they are exiting college andbeginning their first jobs, they are more vulnerable and in search of guidance and support.This target has a close relationship with family, primarily their parents who help providesecurity and offer helpful guidance, alleviating stress. However, a strong flood ofoverwhelming events closely follow one another, producing anxiety and confusion.Through this insight, State Farm can take away anxiety and create ease ability, furthercreating a strong presence in the minds of consumers. This strategy differs greatly fromthat of Geico and Progressive, in that State Farm will offer simple everyday solutions thatare small yet powerful. State Farm will do this with a relatable and relevant voice.  Thismarket is entering a new world, forming new relationships, and facing new things. This isa prime moment for State Farm to step in and act as a bridge from their old relationship toa new, a relationship of empowerment and support, a relationship that gives State Farm astronger point of difference from the rest.
    • RELATIONSHIPS are everything.
    • SITUATIONAL ANALYSISWHO WE ARE TARGETING & WHY:Relationships are built through trust and consistency. State Farm understands theimportance of relationship with its 37,000 agents. With that said, as this target is enteringan age where they are about to become you’re real customer, they are craving arelationship to further grow with. For that relationship to spout, the target needs a reasonto believe State Farm will make their life easier, alleviate stress like their parents used to,and be there in unconventional ways. Furthermore, a, greater opportunity presents itselffor State Farm, in that this period in our targets life trends and events leave a deepimpression because they are still developing their core values, these imprints stay withthem as they move through their life cycle.
    • SITUATIONAL ANALYSISSTATE FARM RELATIONSHIPS: OLD VS. NEW:State farm has been doing the relationship thing for decades, and its worked for them.They get it. The image of the neighbor perfectly encompasses the message that StateFarm will be there for you when things go wrong. The neighbor is iconic and embodieseverything that State Farm stands for to previous generations.State Farm’s relationship to its customers was never more apparent to us than when weheard a story from a friend of ours who lost part of their house in a fire.
    • ? neighborsseem great… but, i cant relate.
    • They areconstantly moving
    • SITUATIONAL ANALYSISSTATE FARM RELATIONSHIPS: OLD VS. NEW:Unfortunately, this image of the neighbor doesn’t quite resonate with our generation. We’reconstantly on the move, sometimes moving once every year. We grew up in a differenttime, and don’t have neighbors the way our parents did.We also don’t think about what will happen to us- we believe that we’re invincible. Planningahead for when we get in an accident is not on our mind. We need something ahead ofthe fact, and the neighbor is very much there for you after the accident happens.We need a relationship that’s there for us before we mess up and one that we can relateto.
    • That they can trust That has been there beforeThat has the solution…& will share it without judgment
    • parents neighborgeorge ???
    • your older brother: makes you feel betterhas dealt with the exact same problems that you are facing right now. he’s been “ I always go to my big brother for advice. He helps me avoid mistakes he has made, tells me there for you what to do when I mess up, and celebrates my victories when I do well. before.
    • SITUATIONAL ANALYSISNEW TONE OF “OUR RELATIONSHIP” & POSITION:When it comes to making decisions, our target wants to turn to someone that can givethem the valuable, trusted advice. They are leaving the nest and, therefore, don’t want torely just on their parents. They don’t want to be lecturedor bombarded; they want a resource that makes them feel empowered on theirjourney towards independence.In order to catch the target market’s attention, State Farm is going to have toposition themselves as an empowering resource and a helping hand. You haverelevant information for their upcoming major decisions, and you can offer themreassurance. In this time in their lives, they yearn to be independent, but they feelvulnerable. State Farm can offer them peace of mind that they are on the right track andsolutions when something goes wrong. You can help them in ways that they don’t evenknow that they need, and simplify this transition, alleviating anxiety. If you can reach out tothem and let them know that you can help them in unexpected ways, you will get theirattention.
    • “Your older brother is there for youin ways that you wouldn’t expect”. insurance, anyone?
    • SITUATIONAL ANALYSISREAL LIFE, MADE EASIER:Real Life Made Easier by State Farm is the equivalent of taking a load off in a time whenthe small things really matter. This is a time in our targets life when they’re overwhelmed,uncertain and in need of an extra hand. Stemming from the older brothers support, we’vecreated a campaign around being there when you least expect it. During this transition intheir life, State Farm is the solution to their problem they didn’t even know they had.
    • the lay of the land…
    • rain, snow, finals... STATE FARM CAN MAKE IT EASIER.
    • JANUARY 2011PRINT AD #1
    • JANUARY 2011PRINT AD #2
    • FEBRUARY 2011PRINT AD #3
    • APRIL 2011PRINT AD #4
    • MAY 2ND 2011
    • MAY 2011
    • SITUATIONAL ANALYSISCREATIVE EXECUTION:We have created a campaign that will easily spread throughout college campuses nationwide.Our creative exemplifies the idea of “Real Life Made Easier” through little gifts that leave along lasting impression. Through these guerilla advertisements, PR will be present,discussion will be generated, and State Farm will be recognized as a go to insurancecompany who gets it.Graduation is a main focal point for our campaign. All the executions that will be in placethroughout The University of Colorado at Boulder will be mirrored at Denver University.We feel that targeting graduates will reach the most relevant portion of the target, asstated in the earlier sections. Our biggest and most costly execution will be the graduationgift. This gift will be given out to all graduation seniors at The University of Colorado atBoulder. When these select students go to purchase their cap and gown a the studentcenter on campus, State Farm will have tables set up in the surrounding areas to pass outthese coveted gifts.
    • SITUATIONAL ANALYSISCREATIVE EXECUTION:Inside of these graduation gifts, the students will find many useful tools, some related toState Farm, some congratulating them on their graduation, and some that offer advice onthe life changes they are about to face. All of the items in the graduation gift will carry overthe Older Brother vibe that we are going for.A main part of the graduation gift will be a discount card that is good at tons of localrestaurants, bars, and shops. The graduates will use these cards around the time ofgraduation. This card will be a large incentive for students to get excited about picking uptheir graduation gifts.
    • February 2011: April 2011: May 2, 2011: Print ad #3: real life, Sponsored night ride Cap and gown pick up: made easier. pick-ups for college students will pick up their students graduation gift from State Install heat lamps, Print ad #4[invitation] Farm reps at the student run for two weeks. and facebook invite bookstores Free SF Free moving boxes moving boxes begin March 2011: Big brother/big sister sorority /fraternity night sponsored by state farm. [DU only]January 2011: Finals Week 2011:Run print ad #1&2 Sponsored extension Graduation 2011:in newspapers. chords in the university The day is here!Introduce State March 2011: libraries. Free coffee in Free parkingFarm Salt bags student centers and on/around campus, distributed to libraries sponsored by State houses on the hill Sponsor midnight Farm two weeks before breakfast [CU already Strong SF presence at spring break. implements this idea] graduation [booths, reps, raffles, etc…