Jenna Rehm Letter to the Judges


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Jenna Rehm Letter to the Judges

  1. 1. 1550 Owens Store RoadCanton, GA 30115April 16, 2012Judges, Senior ProjectCreekview High School1550 Owens Store RoadCanton GA, 30115Dear Judges:My name is Jenna Rehm and for my senior project I came up with a reading program atMacedonia Elementary to help foster the love and importance of reading to youngstudents. I had strong goals in mind when creating this project. Throughout this process Iwanted to be able to prove to the elementary students the strong power that reading hason their education. While developing this project with the after school program, I keptanother goal in mind. This goal was to continually keep the meetings fun and interesting.I knew that in order to send a message to such a young audience, the only way to do sowould be to keep it entertaining for them every step of the way. My goal was to make adifference to these children, and by having nine reading meetings with them over thecourse of three months, I believe I have accomplished that goal.The nine reading meetings I produced and led was the product of my senior project.During each meeting I would meet with two of the grade levels. I would begin eachlesson by reading a short story. After I was done, I would help the children in making artsand crafts and food activities. It was a great way to promote the importance and fun ofreading. This product strongly relates to my research paper. Throughout my paper, Ifocused on why reading at such a young age is so important to young students. I foundthat many elementary schools nation-wide are working hard to create with programs andopportunities for their students that involve reading. The AASL (American Associationof School Librarians) is a program in particular that sets goals relevant to the needs ofindividual schools in America in order to promote reading as a necessity. Schools arebeginning to do what they can to keep reading at a maximum for their students bypromoting programs such as “Every Child Ready to Read @ Your Library”, which hasbeen recently set up around America. While producing these meetings and researchingbackground information, I overcame a few obstacles. One challenge was being aware ofallergies in my food choices. Peanut butter allergies were a big issue with the students, sothis allergy was handled very seriously each week as I picked out the snack. Anotherobstacle I overcame was the day school was not in session on a Tuesday I had planned ameeting for. I had to quickly send a notification to the office at Macedonia stating that Iwould be there Thursday of that week instead. It was frustrating that everything did notgo as planned, but these obstacles only made my success feel that much better. Through
  2. 2. all of my hard work, I know that got my message to the children. They began to see justwhat I was trying to convey to them through this project.My topic and research relates to a career in the teaching field. I have always wanted to bea teacher, but after doing this project, I have realized that it is not the career for me topursue in my postsecondary endeavors. Working with kids is something I really enjoy,but I do not have the patience required to keep them occupied all day long with lessonsand activities. I enjoyed making hour-long lessons, but that was about all I would ever beable to handle. I believe that I would do best in a career where I can challenge myself toreach goals on a daily basis. Being able to reach my goal of showing the importance ofreading to young students was an amazing feeling. Setting a goal and reaching it throughhard work and dedication was the one aspect of this project that I would love to pursue inmy postsecondary endeavors.I really enjoyed doing the Senior Project. I think that it was a great experience as itchallenged me to work alongside an interesting career. This project was definitely a greatlearning experience. I have never been exposed to what goes on behind the scenes ofteaching, but through this process I was able to learn a lot. My project was an amazingway to expose me to the world I will soon be encountering.Thank you for your time.Sincerely,Jenna Rehm