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New seo plans webianr 5 2013


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  • We’ve spent 6 months gathering feedback.Competitive feedback – there is a surprising amount of duplicate content, spinning, posting the same article to the same places each month and then posting new content to the same site the next month. Internal Tests – we test seo ideas on our own sites and New ideas that work well get incorporated into our programs.Google updates – Google demands more focus on great content. The algorithm updates last year have continued and they continue to dial-up the requirements for real end user content.End client results – We watch the results of your clients and think of ways that we can not only get better results but also get credit for the results that we get today!Reseller feedback – We listen to your requests and have incorporated some great new features into our software and services. New content types, help with onsite implementation, etc…
  • Improve retention and effectivenessMake plans Focus on quality and audience
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    • 1. BackgroundNewSEOPlansCompetitiveReviewInternalTestsGoogleUpdates –Penguin /PandaEnd-clientResultsResellerFeedback
    • 2. Our Observations Onsite Poor compliance with onsiteupdates Infrequent site content updates Use of phone tracking and web tolead inconsistent Offsite Poor compliance with writerinstructions Too many geo-targeted keywords Overly competitive keywords forbudget
    • 3. Recovering from Penguin Our themes for the last year hasemphasized: Diversify SEO Keywords (eliminate geo-targetedkeywords for article topics) Targets Writer instructions (facts and co-citation) Diversify tactics and build brandawareness Press releases Social media
    • 4. Reseller Feedback Help with onsite implementation Integrate onsite updates withprograms More compelling content foronsite and syndication
    • 5. Introducing…
    • 6. 1 year of investing in REAL SEOResearchKeyword SelectionToolTarget KeywordKeyword MappingTopic Keyword Finder*Keyword Cut-scoreMetrics*End UserValueEditor & ResearchTeamIn-house writersImage libraryCo-citationPremiumWriterTeam*Infographics*Videos*Press Releases*AnalysisEnhanced onsite reportsOnsite implementationLocal integrationTracking impressions ofcontent**LaunchRelevant sites forpublishingTwitter integrationRSS Feeds*Social Interaction** New feature ** In HubShout labs
    • 7. Content is King and Key Great content is the key to success Research team to find writer facts Editor – audit and train writers Writer lounge Doubled office space to bring ourwriting team in-house Training series – twice a monthtraining seminars “Writing catchy titles” “Using humor as a tool” Local writers and reporters guestspeakers Re-launching PremiumWriter Pool Graphic designer for Infographics Web video storytelling
    • 8. Plan Implementation5/30 AnnouncePlans6/14 New PlansAvailable inDashboard7/1 Old Plans nolonger availablefor SOWsAllActive SOWs signed before 7/1 are grandfathered in old plans (if desired)
    • 9. SEO Plans
    • 10. Local SEO Plans
    • 11. Research – Cut Scores Each program will havea bucket of availablekeyword points Keyword points aresearches x avg cpc As you select keywordsthe available points willdecrease
    • 12. Research – Keyword Mapping More control overmatching contentmarketing towebsite content.
    • 13. Research -Topic Keywords Great contentstarts withinterestingtopics Build a separatelist of topicskeywords foronsite and blogcontent
    • 14. Onsite Implementation Analyst will build a PRQ ofsuggested onsite updates Reseller will review andapprove PRQ HubShout web dev teamwill implement thechanges
    • 15. PremiumWriterTeam Promotion path for ourcontent team Criteria driven Team will have More time to spend oneach article or blog More frequent editorialreview and coaching All onsite content Upgrade for all articles
    • 16. Content Marketing Upgrades PremiumWriting Group $15 / article Premium Site Placement Best effort to place contenton category relevant website $10 / article
    • 17. Infographics Graphic design teamusing writer facts tocreate compellingvisuals Published toinfographic sites withattribution to clientswebsite
    • 18. Press Releases Press Releases are greatfor branded referencesto your company Recent experiment onSEL shows how pressreleases can helprankings Questionnaire sent toreseller and thenreturned to HS forwriting and syndication
    • 19. Videos Use research facts tocreate informationvideos about relevantinformation Slide-show style videosmixing images fromour video library andwritten content Published toYouTubeand other videosyndication sites
    • 20. Syndication RSS Build feeds with titles ofcontent marketing Twitter Relevant shares Authorize client or resellertwitter feed to tweet newcontent Social Bookmarking Sites Blog Engagement
    • 21. Featured Article Featured articles Keyword research - long tail targetrelated to the guest site purpose Link building to specific page Anchor or Branded link Social media to specific page $79 / month