New seo plans launch 3


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New seo plans launch 3

  1. 1. Plan Implementation 5/30 Announce Plans 6/14 New Plans Available in Dashboard 7/1 Old Plans no longer available for SOWs AllActive SOWs signed before 7/1 are grandfathered in old plans (if desired)
  2. 2. Pricing  Available onWebsite  With login   Web content  Explains methodology
  3. 3. Onsite: Campaign  Shadow campaign for report and implementation  Use keyword mapping for page targets  We select best pages for rewrites (subset)  We do not write new web pages as part of onsite report
  4. 4. Onsite: PRQ to Review  Routed to you via task  Review suggested changes.  Sign-off on PRQ  Routes through web dev team
  5. 5. Onsite:Web Dev Process  Team can update CMS or HTML site  We cover standard installs of popular CMSs  Some outliers may not be covered but our team will review and make determination  We always try to make changes in the most minimally invasive way possible  We do need FTP login as well as CMS login
  6. 6. Infographics  Graphic design team using writer facts to create compelling visuals  Select Brand or No Brand on Campaign Details  Web Dev team will attempt to place image on client site before syndication
  7. 7. Videos  Graphic design team using writer facts to create videos  Select Brand or No Brand on Campaign Details  Web Dev team posts toYouTube and video is then syndicated
  8. 8. Onsite Content  Campaign Details Advanced  Setup publish process  Onsite Content is now shown on the Content tab under SEO
  9. 9. Press Release & Biz Interview  We will send you a questionnaire to have your client complete  Upload completed questionnaire to task  Press Release  New hires  Community involvement  Expanding  Business Interview  Unused items do not rollover
  10. 10. Task Attachments  Tasks can now include attachments  You have to click through to task via email notification  Upload or download graphics, questionn aires, etc..
  11. 11. Camp Details: Local  Retired questionnaire  Complete local tab
  12. 12. Marketing Collateral  New SEO Sell Sheet  New Local SEO Sell Sheet  Revised PremiumWriter
  13. 13. Camp Details:Topic Keywords  Great content starts with interesting topics  Build a separate list of topics keywords for onsite and blog content
  14. 14. Proposal: Cut Scores  Each program will have a bucket of available keyword points  Launching by the end of the month  Continue using current process to identify keywords