The psychology of going to university

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A talk for AS level students (Psychology) 2013

A talk for AS level students (Psychology) 2013

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  • We might not necessarily have choice, but still want to construct ourselves as choosing, deciding, in control of our own lives. Pushed and pulled in different directions…
  • Searching potential employees social media profiles increasingly more common. Encourage self-reflection – have you applied for a job recently or a work experience placement? What would they find about you? Could it impact on you getting an interview?
  • personal judgments of one’s capabilities to attain designated goals (Bandura, 1986) Self-efficacy beliefs in self-regulated Learning (SESRL) (Zuffianò et al., 2012) Complex relationship between self-esteem & academic achievement (see Baumeister et al., 2003)


  • 1. Jenna Condie Lecturer in Psychology •@salfordpsych •@jennacondie Picture from #salfordpsych @JamieRegano with @abzvic The Psychology of going to University
  • 2. Once upon a time, I went to college Flickr: soloM920
  • 3. I decided to go to uni… Flickr: Adrian S Jones
  • 4. Why Huddersfield? Flickr: Adrian S Jones
  • 5. Place Identity Flickr Xavier de Jauréguiberry
  • 6. Flickr: dullhunk The world is your oyster?
  • 7. Flickr: AhmadHammoud 7 “The choosing, deciding, shaping human being who aspires to be the author of his or her own life, the creator of an individual identity” as “the central character of our time” (Beck & Beck-Gernsheim, 2001, p 22–23) Identity as a Project
  • 8. Agency Structure Flickr: azmanaziz A classic question for the social sciences
  • 9. Why Psychology? Flickr: tryingmyhardest
  • 10. Occupations manual in the school libraryPSYPSY -- QUAQUA Flickr: Mr. T in DC Employability… Money!
  • 11. Head Heart Making the choice  Flickr: Karen V Bryan
  • 12. Honest answer…  Flickr: BWJones “If the brain were so simple that we  could understand it, then we’d be so  simple that we couldn't”
  • 13. Actually, it’s a ‘narrative’ I tell… …slightly differently every time  Flickr: umjanedoan
  • 14. Part of wider ‘uni’ narratives Link:
  • 15. Not buying into the education success story  Flickr: -eko-
  • 16. Why are more jobs requiring degrees? Link: Skills and Employment Survey (2012)  Funded by ESRC/UKCES Strategic Partnership
  • 17. What % of UK population are educated to degree level?  Flickr: chrisjohnbeckett
  • 18. In 2011 there were 12.4 million people (27%)  educated to degree level or above. In 2001, that  figure stood at 7.4 million. UK Census 2011
  • 19.  Flickr: itspaigeagain
  • 20. Only if you know how to use it Flickr: David Reece
  • 21. Applying psychology
  • 22. Living in a global digital world  Flickr: The Daring Librarian "The kinds of skills that  higher education provides -  the ability to think critically  and to analyse and present  evidence - are going to be  increasingly in demand as  our economy continues to  shift.” Nicola Dandridge,  Universities UK
  • 23. The importance of your digital selfThe importance of your digital self Flickr: yhancik
  • 24. 65% Of employers will look at potential  employee’s online presence prior  to interview Bailey et al., (2011) How would they  interpret you? Uni applications?   Flickr:  Gideon Burton  
  • 25. Learner Identity
  • 26. Self-efficacy
  • 27. Flickr:  Bruce Clay, Inc 28 A new culture of learning
  • 28. University…time to grow  Flickr: rkramer62 To become individually different
  • 29. Opportunity Link: @ToTheEndAndBack
  • 30. Influence… Enterprise
  • 31. EmpowermentEmpowerment • The role of education is to empower – to beThe role of education is to empower – to be able to think and to to think and to do. • “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it” (Aristotle) Flickr: Capture Queen ™
  • 32. Becoming a professional
  • 33. Becoming a professional
  • 34. Community Flickr: mkhmarketing Employability Transition Learning A big decision: Make the most of the web! Information Knowledge Community Courses IdentityNetworks
  • 35. Psychology at Salford BSc (Hons) Psychology BSc (Hons) Psychology and Criminology BSc (Hons) Psychology and Counselling
  • 36. Jenna Condie Lecturer in Psychology •@salfordpsych •@jennacondie Picture from #salfordpsych @JamieRegano with @abzvic The Psychology of going to University