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NY Art Book Fair Barnard Zines
NY Art Book Fair Barnard Zines
NY Art Book Fair Barnard Zines
NY Art Book Fair Barnard Zines
NY Art Book Fair Barnard Zines
NY Art Book Fair Barnard Zines
NY Art Book Fair Barnard Zines
NY Art Book Fair Barnard Zines
NY Art Book Fair Barnard Zines
NY Art Book Fair Barnard Zines
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NY Art Book Fair Barnard Zines


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Published in: Education, Technology
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  • Only talk about what hasn't already been said. "long tail" interests (odd jobs, weird products, radical home schooling, judith butler) Particularly of punk rock/riot grrrl, but also activists and other groups that don't necessarily want their stuff widely distributed usually originate in subcultures that are poorly documented in the larger culture Which brings us to the subculture point and one reason it is poorly documented But also: voices not represented elsewhere on library shelves—young, uneducated (often because young), poor (address class), bad spellers (China Martens) represent an unmediated rendition of people's experiences in a particular place and time distributed to a significant (albeit small) audience Unmediated—untouched by an outside editor or publisher, but still more crafted than a blog, also more controlled distribution (can we not talk about blogs vs. zines, though?) Importance of identifying and preserving today what might be important later (16 magazine) Zine community: strength in hand craftedness ("I wrote/copied/stapled/stamped/colored in this zine") Also in one on one communications as well as call and response from zine to zine
  • ADAPT IF MANY NON-LIBRARIANS IN AUDIENCE CD: tie it to College's mission, bolstered by lit review Cataloging: MARC, item level; serials vs. monographs SCREEN SHOTS? Archives vs. stacks: circulation! Archival practices. Budget: remember the stacks! Paying zinesters. Pros & cons: be honest Action plan: include publicity and a hard launch, outreach to faculty, social networking, exhibits
  • Transcript

    • 1. How: Building and Maintaining the Zine Collection at Barnard College The Zine Collection at Barnard College presented by Jenna Freedman NY Art Book Fair Conference, 2009
    • 2. Fardig, Lauren Michele. Arrowed , #9. 2000.
    • 3. why zines?
      • Primary sources
      • Under-documented subcultures
      • Unmediated rendition
      • Print culture
      • Zine community
    • 4. Diaspora, Nia. Borderlands, #2: It's a Family Affair. 2009?
    • 5. collection basics: the proposal
      • All I did was ask, and...
      • Sketch out
        • Collection development
        • Processing/cataloging
        • Access
        • Preservation
        • Budget/funding/staff time
        • Literature review
        • Pros & cons
        • Action plan
      • Didn't, but should have: outreach and programming
    • 6.  
    • 7. links
      • "AACR2—Bendable but Not Flexible: Cataloging Zines at Barnard College." in Radical Cataloging: Essays at the Front .
      • Why Zines Matter by Alison Piepmeier
      • Zine Librarians Yahoo! Group
      • Zine Libraries website , including Zine Librarian Zine
      • Zine reviews column in Library Journal
      • Zines Are Not Blogs
    • 8. Detail of "The Zine Scene and College Knowledge" exhibit, curated and installed by Barnard student Jennie Rose Halperin.
    • 9. contact and more links
      • Barnard
      • [email_address] , 212.854.4615, IM BarnardLibJenna
      • This talk:
    • 10. I's all that and a boxa zeens