New Media Means Everybody's a Journalist, Critic, Friend - Why Healthcare Shouldn't Be Scared to Employ Social Media Strategies

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Presentation at BIO 2009, Atlanta, GA: …

Presentation at BIO 2009, Atlanta, GA:
"Spreading the Word - New Media Means Everybody's a Journalist"

Co-presenters for the panel included:

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  • 1. New media and spreading the word(s) Everyone’s a journalist...and a critic. Activist. Client. Friend. 5.19.09 - BIO 2009 - B316 4pm
  • 2. Your friendly SM panelists... • @brianreid • @shwen • @jensmccabe • @pharmalot
  • 3. The Fine Print • CreativeCommons Attribution = Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported • this means you can share it...(copy, distribute, transmit remix it) • for NONCOMMERCIAL purposes (shared for the greater good people, don’t you feel all warm and fuzzy?) • but you must attribute: “Jen McCabe (Gorman), OrganizedWisdom Health, 2009” • if you alter, transform, or build on this, MUST distribute under same/similar license • questions? • @jensmccabe; txt 301.904.5136 for iPhone love
  • 4. ID The importance of definitions Chief Patient Advocate - OrganizedWisdom Health Cofounder - NextHealth (NL) Health Tweet - @jensmccabe Blogger - Aunt to Baby Ellen Startup Geek/Junkie
  • 5. Who owns what? • Reputation creation is a community act. • Craft ID, share, connect, collect, accept, revise. Rinse. Repeat. • Content is not king. Content-sharers are kings, and queens in new media. • Authority is not automatic. • Respect is earned with repeated acts of micro-relevance.
  • 6. Am I a journalist?
  • 7. No. I didn’t want to be - this.
  • 8. I wanted to be...
  • 9. This.
  • 10. And this.
  • 11. And sometimes this.
  • 12. My new media toolbox:
  • 13. Friends. Mobile.
  • 14. Friends. IRL.
  • 15. Twitter Personal feed: @jensmccabe Advocacy/w3rk feed: @polarwisdom
  • 16. Yes. I get paid to Tweet. (Not Twitter).
  • 17. Media room. Digital nomad style. • MacBook Pro “Warlock” • iPhone 3G “Cinderella” • Sprint EVDO card - ‘wired-less’ • Timex Ironman wristwatch • Google Docs • Email (Yahoo!, Gmail, w3rk) • Flip Mino Ultra Video Camera
  • 18. Cost to set up the “jenstream?”
  • 19. Under 2k. Monthly fees about 200 bucks (travel, Red Bull not included).
  • 20. Ability to cover healthcare/tech/media events the world over?
  • 21. Priceless.
  • 22. I did not go to J-school.
  • 23. I did not got to med school.
  • 24. I do not have a Master’s. What I do have...
  • 25. Experiential knowledge.
  • 26. New me-dia means my experiences have value.
  • 27. Net neutral is not the aim.
  • 28. Show me yours - what have you got?
  • 29. Value creation is the aim.
  • 30. I can only create value as an individual in the new media market by sharing individual, my n=1 perspective.
  • 31. Steps • Relate to self. • Relate to others. • Find poignant, painful points of value. These are the areas in social media where everyone sounds pissed off, or, worse yet, utterly discouraged.
  • 32. I/0 Commandments. A new code for new media. • First, do no harm. Thou shalt not slander or libel. • Second, thou shalt not covet thy neighbors UGC. • Third, thou shalt put the needs of the community above the needs of self. • Fourth, thou shalt not invoke vague, generalized social media strategies in vain.
  • 33. So, what DO you do?
  • 34. You don’t have a choice. Camo is non-existent.
  • 35. The ‘voice’ of authority is fragmented.
  • 36. And it isn’t yours.
  • 37. So, how to get started?
  • 38. “WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF SOCIAL MEDIA FOR HEALTH?” if you’re asking yourself this question, your social media efforts are destined to fail.
  • 39. What should you be asking? What are benefits of a SPECIFIC SOCIAL MEDIA tool/site/service for the health of MY audience? Um, who IS my audience? Where do they live/work/play online?
  • 40. How to figure out which channel? • did web searches using 3 keywords: depression, bipolar (BPD), and major depression (MDD) • searched using Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Google, Google Blog search • ‘depression’ with most results (2x), bipolar second most ‘popular’
  • 41. One ring to bind them all?
  • 42. Generalized goals only your CEO could love Drive targeted pageviews. Build lists for ongoing retention/engagement. Foster community around OW brands.
  • 43. General ?s • how many Twitter feeds do we need? (depression, bipolar, MDD) • what content do we use (already available WC?) • how do we get followers/who do we want to follow? • who’s responsible for care and feeding? • how are we gonna do this (process)? • what type of stuff should we be tweeting? • how should we skin it? special design? • how should we make it interesting, authentic, valuable, yadda yadda?
  • 44. What type of content do we tweet?
  • 45. External + Internal (or vice versa) •THEIRS: News. Links. Research. Blog posts. Quotes. •OURS: Wisdom cards. Quizzes. Slideshows. FAQs. Blog posts. Commentology.
  • 46. How do we know what internal content to use? When? Where? How many times?
  • 47. Simple. Develop editorial calendar.
  • 48. Meet @polarwisdom a ground zero glance at building the first condition-specific, collaborative advocacy Tweetstream
  • 49. TwitterWisdom team 1 primary staff member (PT). 1 supporting staff member (PT - other duties).
  • 50. That’s great. But how much TIME (read: $) do we really need to spend on this?
  • 51. AMP States Ramp It Up (active/monitoring/passive) • “active” - 1 tweet/hour during ‘daily grind’ • “monitoring” - all hours (keyword alerts on Google, Summize/Twittersearches) • “passive” • From @loiswingerson on Twitter (5.18.09)
  • 52. Productivity = X? (xx) (xxx) (xxxxxxxx!) 50 tweets/week (10/day). 100 followers/month. 1k pageviews/month.
  • 53. How to plan the whole shebang? You’ve got strategic goals, right? Novel concept. Annual. Quarterly. Monthly. Weekly. We use Twitter activity to promote/support “Traffic & Engagement.” IPE: We want it to drive how many people visit
  • 54. Who’s responsible for care/feeding? • Who regularly attends events? • Who has the budget for travel/conferences? • Who tends to suggest your org. begin Facebook groups, engage on LinkedIn, etc? • NOT necessarily the top dog (Tony@Zappos, Scott Monty@Ford)
  • 55. Method to my madness
  • 56. DPSR Method • D (data gathering) = reading email, scanning news % • P (processing) = finding relevant link % • S (synthesis) = reading the article, thinking about who’s interested in this research, where to post it, do I need it % • R (redistribution) = tweet the link %
  • 57. But how do you track visitors to a tweetstream?
  • 58. Pageview Calculation Formula pageviews/visitor(a) x visitors/tweet(b) x tweets/ month (c) = estimated pageviews
  • 59. That’s an ‘estimate.’ My boss won’t buy it.
  • 60. Hit Her w/Hard Numbers - Measure/Manage Courtesy of account and Google Analytics ‘advanced segment’ tracking. Also, Tweetstats, # tweets (w/w, m/m) RTs/DMs (weekly), followers (w/w, m/m), “conversation conversions.”
  • 61. How to train your folks • TwitterWisdom FAQs (mission, goals, process) V1.0, 2.0 - composed by Jen McCabe • Twitter101 Class (open to anyone in the organization) • Editorial Calendar review, discussion (monthly phone call, real-time ATM chats as needed, PlanHQ) • ‘teaching moments’ using Google chat, Twitter, Bitly • internal team strategy chat; best practices, examples
  • 62. Open gown reporting • first weekly team strategy call of the month EVERYONE gets update on TwitterWisdom • primary staff member responsible for TwitterWisdom feed(s) shares followers, DMs, RTs, pageviews • also selected quotes, events, ‘highlights,’ star followers • ALL ITEMS housed in public, ‘available to all’ working docs hosted in cloud (Google docs) • anyone can contribute, anyone can take notes, see exec team feedback
  • 63. Hold your breath - Deep Dives Bitly. Google Analytics. “Team Tweeting” strategies. Twitterverse cultural norms. Editorial Calendar. Weekly Twitter productivity reporting. How to analyze ROI/ pageviews. Setting up tweets for later (autotweeting, autofollowing). How to change a flat tire. Not really. But someone on Twitter could probably tell us...
  • 64. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License. To view a copy of this license, visit: Or send a letter to: Creative Commons, 171 Second Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, California, 94105, USA.