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Falling in love with SharePoint (SP Saturday Indy)
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Falling in love with SharePoint (SP Saturday Indy)


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Description: …

This session will show you tips and tricks and key capabilities of SharePoint that most users don’t know. Sharing just these few tips and tricks can make a WORLD OF DIFFERENCE in user adoption. Attend this session if you have ever been:
Frustrated with having to navigate to SharePoint to save a file
Unable to manage all of the SharePoint task lists
Confused as to why anyone would want or need a SharePoint calendar
Unclear as to how to get access to key files while offline
Given too many alerts, few of which are even meaningful
Swamped with SharePoint lists with lots of data, but no information,
See some of the top features you should learn today and use tomorrow if you didn’t know about them yesterday: Office integration, RSS versus alerts, Excel import/export, filter-based alerts, easy-to-make modern or metro home pages, using Windows Explorer, and much more.
User satisfaction increases when you learn about the easy way
Excitement develops when you see how to achieve the possibilities
Fewer abandoned sites, lists, and libraries when you learn how to incorporate SharePoint into your daily life

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  • I have updated the content to include information about SMART folders and some additional information about graphics in PowerPoint. Be sure to DOWNLOAD the presentation to get the full effect of tranistions and animations. Some content on slides is covered when viewing online.
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  • 2. The Story of SharePoint and You
  • 3. In the Beginning….
  • 4. So You Made theCommitment…
  • 5. But Soon…
  • 6. It Was Time ForTherapy But with today’s information, soon…
  • 7. …You’ll be falling in love with SP (again)
  • 8. What Can Been Done???
  • 9. Change Your WaysTake a Break You would… …create a new file and save a copy to your local drive in order to navigate to the SharePoint library, find the folder and click Upload, browse to location, complete the metadata, click OK (and then try to keep the two versions straight and remember which you should update and wonder if you sent the right version to your customer) You could…Stop Using SharePoint ….save the file (and update SharePoint properties!) directly from the application • Add Network Location • Add to Favorites (in Windows Explorer) • Copy/paste URL from SP Library • Use Recent Locations
  • 10. Change Your Ways• Add Network Location• Add to Favorites (in Windows Explorer)
  • 11. Change Your WaysUpdate SHAREPOINT Properties from within Office (Word, Excel, PPT)
  • 12. Let’s See(View the library from SharePoint in the browser)Create new Word document and save to the libraryEdit the properties of this presentation*Create a blog entry from Word
  • 13. Stop Checkin’ It OutInvolve Others You would… …load a file in a shared library, Check Out the file, make changes, email coworker and tell them it is ready, they open the file, Check Out the file, make changes, save back, notify you, you open and review, you make another minor edit…Co-author documents You could… ….open the file at the same time and work together on edits to see changes in real time
  • 14. Take it OutsideIt’s about your Outlook You would… …not use tasks and calendars in SharePoint at all because who is going to navigate to multiple sites just to see if someone assigned you a task or see what is happening OR be assigned to tasks you don’t know about or can’t find again, miss training and event opportunities because you didn’t know what was happening. You could… ….view, create, and update items from Outlook without opening the browser. • Connect to Outlook
  • 15. Take it Outside 1. Connect to Outlook2. SharePoint Tasks are in the same place as your Outlook To-Do’s SharePoint Calendars are available like Shared Exchange calendars3. Edit, Add Items from Outlook into Shared Calendar
  • 16. Let’s SeeConnect Events CalendarConnect Task List
  • 17. Analysis from an ExpertExcel at what you do You would… …fight and compete with coworkers for access to the Excel Spreadsheet where you have to enter your metrics, find the file locked for edits, call Dale, he is in a meeting and left the file open, make a copy, save it with a new name, notify the metrics coordinator and ask them to merge your changes in with Dale’s later. View lots of good data in lists, but nothing is visual so it doesn’t mean much without visuals. You could… ….allow multiple users enter data at the same time in a SharePoint list, open an Excel spreadsheet with calculations and charts and view up to the minute data from SharePoint.Right Tool, Right Time • Export to Excel
  • 18. Analysis from an Expert1. Export to Excel2. Add calculations, charts, formatting, page layouts to Excel3. Share File◦ Save to local drive◦ Save to SharePoint library◦ Email to anyone
  • 19. Let’s SeeOpen Metrics Revenue per number of visitsEdit Data in SharePoint $60,000.00 $50,000.00Refresh Excel $40,000.00 Revenue Alan Alda $30,000.00 Chris Christie $20,000.00 Bob Barker $10,000.00 Dale Donald $- 0 2 4 6 8 10 Number of Visits
  • 20. Make it MeaningfulStop the Noise You would… …set up alerts on various libraries and lists to be notified daily or weekly of all changes made and soon realized you were being notified about information and changes that weren’t relevant to you, you already had too many emails , started to ignore the alerts, and eventually ignored them completely as they come into the inbox. You could… ….receive useful alerts for only items relating toTargeted Alerts a particular area of interest from a library with 100’s of documents and multiple editors. • Create FILTERED view and set alert for that view (e.g. Location = Indianapolis) • Consider RSS Feeds instead
  • 21. Make it Meaningful1. Create a view with any FILTER2. Create an alert (for you or others) for items in that view3. Add a meaningful Alert Title (i.e. subject line)
  • 22. Make It Meaningful• Consider RSS Feeds instead• Alternative: Some list templates email upon reassignment (tasks, issue tracking)
  • 23. Let’s SeeShared Documents; Indianapolis viewOutlook Alerts
  • 24. Capture Their AttentionUpdate Your Look You would… …use the default home page, fill the page with lots and lots of lists and libraries, have more text than images, avoid the home page and rush for the left nav, try forever to find what you need, get lost in the site trying to figure out what is most important, not be able to tell the difference between one site and the nextGo Metro You could… ….give the site a metro look by adding ‘buttons’ using only PowerPoint tools and give the users a clean, easy to use interface. • Create ‘buttons’ in PowerPoint as images • Save to Site Assets • Update Home Page, insert images • Add Links to Images
  • 25. Let’s See(PowerPoint button making)Edit Wiki Page and add imageSet Hyperlink on image
  • 26. Making Buttons inPowerPoint RecentlyFavorites Modified Events Tasks Links
  • 27. Two (or more*) become oneLookup then Hookup You would… 1 …have lists and libraries with information related to each other, but would view information one list and library at a time. Click back and forth between screens. Possibly overlook important content. You could… ….view related information in a single screen. 2Work Your Relationships Open an item and see related documents, tasks, and more in the same screen • Create a Lookup Column • Edit the Default Forms (New, Edit, Display) • Insert Related List 3 Also leave additional instructions and even non-related lists * DISCLAIMER: This is one example of where my relationship analogy breaks down. I am not advocating actual ‘open relationships’, plural marriages, or any bad behavior. Don’t say “but she said I should!”
  • 28. Two (or more*) becomeone1. Add a Lookup Column to a Library2. Edit the Default (New, Edit, or Display) Form * DISCLAIMER: This is one example of where my relationship analogy breaks down. I am not advocating actual ‘open relationships’, plural marriages, or any bad behavior. Don’t say “but she said I should!”
  • 29. Two (or more*) becomeone3. Insert Related List4. Insert Content Editor, Insert Existing List * DISCLAIMER: This is one example of where my relationship analogy breaks down. I am not advocating actual ‘open relationships’, plural marriages, or any bad behavior. Don’t say “but she said I should!”
  • 30. Let’s See
  • 31. Recap• Add SharePoint sites as a Network Place / Favorite• Co-author content• Connect to Outlook• Export to Excel• Match Filtered Views with Alerts• Consider RSS Feeds• Buttons from PowerPoint to your site• Show Information in Related Lists on one screen
  • 32. Questions, Feedback?
  • 33. Please Thank OurSponsors
  • 34. April 10-12, 2013 Atlanta Marriott MarquisCome see me SPEAK on:Falling in Love with SharePoint – A Case Study REGISTER TODAY GET $300 OFF your registration until Jan. 17, 2013 USE CODE: PUBLIC2013 #share4biz Produced by: Supported by: