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Never before in history have computers been so powerful or had so much reach. This gives us a tremendous opportunity to help millions of people increase their health and well-being. In order to do this, UX practitioners need to be leaders in their organizations - inspiring, collaborating, and communicating their vision. This talk will employ teachings from the Kadampa masters of 11th century Tibet, UX methods that have been in practice since the mid-sixties, along with insights from Jen's work at Draftfcb Healthcare.

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  • Need “You are the Leadership” here
  • Sources (courtesy Luke W took us 16 years to pass 1 billion but it's estimated to take only three years for the next billion smartphone users to come on board. billion people, or 46% of the world's total population of 7 billion, have at least one active mobile (cellular, not just smartphone) device.
  • National Research Council Source: Jan. 9, 2013 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  Americans Have Worse Health Than People in Other High-Income Countries;Health Disadvantage Is Pervasive Across Age and Socio-Economic Groups WASHINGTON — On average, Americans die sooner and experience higher rates of disease and injury than people in other high-income countries, says a new report from the National Research Council and Institute of Medicine. The report finds that this health disadvantage exists at all ages from birth to age 75 and that even advantaged Americans -- those who have health insurance, college educations, higher incomes, and healthy behaviors -- appear to be sicker than their peers in other rich nations."We were struck by the gravity of these findings," said Steven H. Woolf, professor of family medicine at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond and chair of the panel that wrote the report. "Americans are dying and suffering at rates that we know are unnecessary because people in other high-income countries are living longer lives and enjoying better health. What concerns our panel is why, for decades, we have been slipping behind."
  • Christina don’t worry about this slide I will get imagery for thisSuccess Chart Ages 1-13 Writing a children’s book for my brother to help teach him to read because he was having trouble reading.Young Authors, 14-25, 26-37Teaching, creativity, collaboration
  • TKTKTKTTK from Jen
  • “I study and write every day to try to get better at doing it” – PJ HarveyHealthy Habits app… Mercury prize in 2011 for Let England ShakePJ Harvey Spinner Interview“I concentrate on the words quite separately from the music….but concentrating on words more in this way, it really forces you to find the strength to find what’s working. I study and write every day to try to get better at doing it. And that’s become the focus of my creativity. The music comes at a much later stage. For wirting this album, Let England Shake, I only concentrated on writing words for two years. Dealing with such weighty subject matter it needed to work at that level or it was going to fall apart completely. I got reflections and opinions from other people whose opinions I respected on what was working and what wasn’t.”
  • Do what you feel now
  • Strange angels“We all know what the World values: things that makes noise, “expert” opinions, sales, charts, hype, lists, awards, trends, tap dancing, self-promotion…it hangs high price tags on what it says the herd wants. You have passions, your loved ones are your stars, your stories are true, your opinions are valid, you are the only expert when it comes to what you love. That’s what’s happening: your life. It’s what’s best. Because it’s the only thing that’s real.” on January 26, 2012 by kristin at 1:35 time
  • 1980 “The first synthesizer we had in Joy Division was a little thing called Transcendant 2000 and I actually built it from components. At the time I had insomnia I couldn’t sleep very well and I used to get Electronics Today and in it was this synthesizer if you were to buy one of these things it was incredibly expensive and we didn’t have any money this is really cheap how difficult could it be to build it? It was soldering components. It took about 2 months and it didn’t work incredibly well. Wrote “Atmosphere” a Joy Division track right there in the studio.” Bernard Sumner of Joy DivisionBBC’s Synth Britannia documentary
  • My Samsung client would start off emails by saying “Hope you had a great weekend!”  Always adding the smiley face, and then launch into, that campaign you were working on for 6 months, we’re going to trash it and we’d like you start over and come up with something for tomorrow.The idea is to warm things up in all of your communications and watch your tone of voice
  • Lis Hubert How being a jocks makes you a better interaction designer
  • PemaChodronNLPNeurolinguistic programming
  • FIX SPELLINGMerida (the little girl hero of the story) accidentally turns her mother into a bear, and her father would surely kill the mother if he catches her. Merida enlists the aid of her troublemaker brothers to distract Fergus and the Lords, while she sneaks her mother out of the castle and back into the forest. She takes a trait that would normally be very negative and turns it around into a positive.
  • Tay (TIK) N’YAT Hawn When three or four of you come together, you form a community…though your eyes may be bright, the eyes of one individual can’t see as deeply or as far as the eyes of a community. When we combine our intelligence, our concentration, and our wisdom, and we use sangha eyes to look into reality, we can discover much more than if we look only as an individual – ThichNhatHanh“What is this, sangria time? Oh you advertising people with your sangria parties…” – Derek
  • Kadampa masters of 17th century tibet
  • “If you have not set up the target it cannot be hit by an arrow. This is to say that each time you retaliate with words and actions that hurt, you are strengthening the habit of anger. Then, without doubt, plenty of arrows will always be coming your way…each time you are provoked you have a chance to do something different…each time you sit still with the restlessness and heat of anger neither acting it out nor repressing it you are tamed and strengthened.” – PemaChodron
  • FIX SPELLING “Connecting”
  • “You want to get rid of the situations that drive you most crazy. You don’t want to be grateful to them. You want to solve the problem and not hurt anymore. Juan is making you feel embarrassed, or degraded, or abused; there’s something about the way he treats you that makes you feel so bad that you just want out. This slogan encourages you to realize that when you’ve met your match you’ve found a teacher. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you shut up and don’t say anything and just stand there breathing in and out, although that might be exactly what you do…Something between repressing and acting out is what’s called for, but it’ is unique and different each time…The path of not being caught in ego is a process of surrendering to situations in order to communicate rather than win” – PemaChodron
  • You are the Leadership

    1. 1. ux and healthcare:YOU ARE THE LEADERSHIP
    2. 2. 1 BILLION SMART PHONES IN USE TODAYSource: (courtesy Luke W
    3. 3. Report  from  the  Na-onal  Research  Council    h5p://  
    4. 4. day  
    5. 5. Create a vision statement Judith exercise pic ofme kid – Jen to provide, we need a leave-behind
    6. 6. Source:  h5p://  
    7. 7. Kris-n  Hersh  photo  by  Dina  Douglass    
    8. 8. Sources:  Pepperdine  University,  Roy  D.  Adler,  “Women  in  the  Execu-ve  Suite  Correlate  to  High  Profits”  (2008)    How  Women  Lead  copyright  2013  by  Sharon  Hadary  and  Laura  Henderson.    
    9. 9. v  
    10. 10. “Be grateful to everyone” – Pema Chodron
    11. 11. Actemra responsive process
    12. 12. You are the leadership. ux and healthcare: YOU ARE THE LEADERSHIP
    13. 13. youChristina VargasFor sharing your tremendous designtalent with me, inspiring me,and pushing me beyond my limitsThanks also to Ian Smile and Sara Bamber