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Weekly Presentation [3 of 6] Presentation Transcript

  • 1. SHORT STORY Weekly Under 6,000 DivisionFIRST PLACE: Coastal Observer Charles Swenson Danger: Keep off double entendres BY CHARLES SWENSON ting the public on notice.” COASTAL OBSERVER Not that the town actual- ly owns the groins, although Some people just can’t keep it participated in a state-spon- their hands off Pawleys Island’s sored project to rebuild them groins. as part of a beach nourishment Well, not the groins them- project in 1999. “We’re not say- selves, but the signs attached ing we do or we don’t,” Otis to them. said, adding that there has nev- “People take those signs,” er been a suit stemming from Mayor Bill Otis said. “We think what could be called a groin in- because they have the word jury. ‘groin’ on them.” Along with the new, and So the town has replaced hopefully less titillating, signs, signs that used to read “Dan- the town has added brass num- ger Keep Off Groin” with a less bers to the posts. That will al- anatomical message: “Danger low people to use the groins as Keep Off.” reference points during emer- There are 24 rock and con- gencies. “They’re mile posts, crete groins on Pawleys Island, they really are,” Otis said. starting just south of Pawleys Midway Fire and Rescue has Pier and running to the end of a list of the numbered groins the island. They are built per- and the corresponding street pendicular to the beach in order addresses for the house closest to trap sand that moves in the to the north side of each one. Charles Swenson/Coastal Observer current parallel to the shore. There are no plans to extend “People do get hurt on the the numbering system beyond New signs drop the word ‘groin,’ an invitation to theft, groins,” Otis said. “We’re put- the groin field, Otis said. and add a number.
  • 2. SHORT STORY Weekly Over 6,000 DivisionTHIRD PLACE: The Gazette Outlook good, not so good BY FRANK JOHNSON Forecast Luncheon was both The Lowcountry’s unem- must change, he said. “We Frank Johnson The Gazette South Carolina’s Lowcountry uplifting and sobering. The event took place Jan. 20 at Trident Technical College’s ployment rate (7.8 percent) is lower than the state and nation’s, he reported. must start treating education not as a social issue, but as an economic one,” he said. is leading the way in an eco- North Charleston campus, and Although the housing market Shealy said “drastic changes” nomic recovery, and the future drew community leaders and remains sluggish, Yandle pre- are unavoidable on the federal T looks bright. chamber members from across dicted that South Carolina as a level, with such action as feder- That’s the good news. Berkeley County. whole “will fully recover” al cuts in Medicaid a real possi- The bad news is, higher taxes Two experts took the podium from the recession by 2015 at bility. w or steep budget cuts may be to share their economic insight: best, or 2017 at worst. Americans have “gotten w unavoidable to fix state and Bruce Yandle, a distinguished The United States, he remind- more government than we’ve M federal governments that have professor and Dean Emeritus at ed his audience, still has the paid for,” he said, and added A grown out of whack over the Clemson University, and Mike world’s largest economy by far. that budget cuts or tax increas- J decades. Shealy of the South Carolina With a focus on government es will eventually be the only t The Berkeley Chamber of Finance Committee. budgets, Shealy’s message two options to correct the situ- Commerce’s 2012 Economic Yandle’s presentation was stood in contrast to his counter- ation. f filled with optimism for the part’s. Lowcountry, the state and On the state level, he said, r indeed the country. income growth does not equal “Things are really getting bet- the general fund revenue ter,” he said. “Retail sales … growth in the budget, which r have fully recovered (to pre- has led to state agency budgets recession levels). Industrial being slashed in recent years. M production will have fully “If this continues, it will be dif- recovered by 2013. ficult to keep doing the things “You are sitting in the the (state does now),” he said. strongest part of South Shealy pointed to education Carolina. This is the golden ter- as one area that always gets cut ritory for our state right now.” first in lean times. That attitude Photos by Frank Johnson/Gazette Bruce Yandle (left) and Mike Shealy share their views.
  • 3. SHORT STORY Weekly Over 6,000 DivisionSECOND PLACE: Greenville Journal Construction expected Most of its 100 students are Baptist. Many come from impoverished and to start in March Cindy Landrum BY CINDY LANDRUM | STAFF disadvantaged backgrounds and demographic groups that typically don’t do well in school. But over the past TWO STUDENTS raised hundreds 15 years, 94 percent of dollars by setting up a hot of students at St. chocolate stand on cold winter days. Anthony’s, which A woman who lives in the runs through the neighborhood gave 35 cents because sixth grade, went that’s all she had in her pocket at the on to graduate from Tuttle time. high school. More Businesses and corporations than half of those students went to pitched in, too, to help St. Anthony’s college, said Fr. Patrick Tuttle, a of Padua Catholic School to raise Franciscan friar and St. Anthony’s $4.67 million of the $5 million it pastor. needs to build a new school. The school calls among its former That the tiny parish and school students a federal appeals court community in Greenville’s West End judge, business owners, lawyers, was able to raise the money seems teachers and an actor, Orlando almost miraculous to some, but not Jones. nearly as miraculous as what the “I’m not an expert on what makes school does with its students. miracles, but the children and what
  • 4. SHORT STORY Weekly Over 6,000 Division FIRST PLACE: Myrtle Beach Herald Charles D. PerrySurfside pastor fosters fuzz for cause
  • 5. SHORT STORY Weekly 2/3 Times DivisionTHIRD PLACE: Chronicle-Independent Miciah Bennett Trenton Lee Stokes PTHS student excels in handwriting By MICIAH BENNETT holds its own contest and en- C-I (Camden, S.C.) staff reporter ters the winning student from education@ci-camden.com each grade. The handwrit- ing was judged according to Who says good penmanship Zaner-Bloser Keys to Legibil- is a thing of the past? ity: size, shape, spacing and Trenton Stokes, 9, a stu- slant. The company awards dent at Pine Tree Hill School over $100,000 in educational (PTHS), is one of 16 winners materials and cash prizes in the 21st Annual National to participating schools and Handwriting Contest. More award winners. Zaner-Bloser than 300,000 students partici- is a subsidiary of Highlights pated in the competition and C-I photo by Miciah Bennett for Children whose focus is on approximately 3 million have educational services. Pine Tree Hill School third-grader Trenton Stokes won a national award entered the contest during its Trenton said he didn’t know for his cursive writing earlier this month. Stokes was one of 16 chosen 21-year history. from more than 300,000 contestants who entered the 21st Annual Na- Each participating school See Stokes, Page A8 tional Handwriting Contest.
  • 6. SHORT STORY Weekly 2/3 Times Division SECOND PLACE:The Press & Standard Brantley Strickland Into the sunset
  • 7. SHORT STORY Weekly 2/3 Times DivisionFIRST PLACE: The News and Reporter Travis Jenkins BY TRAVIS JENKINS/THE N&R Rev. Thomas Currence prays during his tent revival on Thursday. ‘A great harvest’ BY TRAVIS JENKINS was a regular stop for hun- passion, but he realizes it’s tjenkins@onlinechester.com gry diners for years. The not. He first found his pas- eatery, known for its south- sion for preaching the gos- It’s been hot under the ern soul food, is closed now, pel in a tent much like the revival tent where Thomas but Currence says it was one he now preaches from. Currence is currently hold- actually a harbinger of what “It was 33 years ago,” he ing nearly four hours of ser- he’s doing now. remembered. “A little tent vices each night. He’s used “The restaurant was revival came to my commu- to it, though, since it was built on the foundation of nity. I was a young man always plenty hot in the Jesus Christ,” Currence who needed direction and restaurant kitchen he said. “Even since it closed strength. Something hap- helped make famous. we’ve been having Bible pened to me in that little The Currence name is study there.” tent.” well known in Chester. Currence says he used to Currence Family Restaurant believe that food was his See REVIVAL, Page 2-A
  • 8. COLUMN WRITING Weekly Under 6,000 Division THIRD PLACE: The Star Phyllis Britt
  • 9. COLUMN WRITING Weekly Under 6,000 Division Banks profiting ‘Spummer’ is over off tax refunds Just when you think youve got Mother When is a rebate not a rebate? Better yet, when Nature figured out she throws a curveball at is a tax refund not a tax refund? you. When it comes in the form of a debit card. After a somewhat mild winter, spring arrived To save money, some companies have replaced Celebrating early this year, bringing warmer than normal traditional paper checks with plastic. I found thatSECOND PLACE: temperatures along with a generous serving of out this month when I purchased a pollen. If folks werent complaining about their new cell phone. Verizon Wireless Mother’s Day yellow cars they were fussing about how hot they were. offered a $50 rebate, which reduced the price of the phone to For most people, Mothers Day is an annual News flash: Hot aint got here yet - its only less than $30. event - a special time we set aside to honor our April. Several weeks later, I found an mothers and grandmothers for all they do for us Most of the ones complaining envelope in my mailbox from throughout the year. Union County News about the heat are the same ones Citibank, containing a Visa rebate My sister, Suzanne, celebrates Mothers Day four times a week. who dont like the cold, either. As card. "This is not a credit card," Every Tuesday, Thursday, Oppy Barber used to say, “Theyd Graham the instructions said, although I Saturday and Sunday she drives fuss (not his word) if you hung from her home in Cary, N.C., to em with a new rope.” Williams was reminded to choose "credit" Durham, N.C., and spends several when purchasing goods. The card People were adapting to the did not work at gas pumps; I had hours with our mother at Hillcrest Convalescent Center. Regardless of warmer weather - shorts, T-shirts to get the attendant to swipe it before I began Graham Williams what kind of day she has had, good Graham and flip-flops were the clothing of pumping. or bad, Suzanne puts it all behind Williams choice along Main Street - and it I spent the first $30 on gas, then another $19 her when she steps into the elevator was looking as though we would on movie tickets, leaving me with a balance of Graham that carries her to the second floor. zip through spring and plunge Williams Her objective is to make sure $1. I needed two stamps and didnt have any headlong into summer or perhaps Mama gets all the love and atten- a better word might be “Spummer.” cash, so I used the card. tion she deserves. I now have a balance of 10 cents. What can I Sometimes Mamas not in her room and “Not so fast, my friend,” said Mother Nature Suzanne walks around the second floor, looking (doing her best impersonation of Lee Corso cor- buy for a dime? The most likely scenario is that for her. For someone who will celebrate their 89th recting Kirk Herbstreit on ESPNs College the 10 cents will remain on the card and eventu- birthday next month, Mama gets around pretty Football GameDay). She sent a storm our way ally revert back to Citibank. well in her “Merry Walker,” a device with wheels that people are still talking about, days later. If you are due a state tax refund this year, you and a seat that allows her to stand and walk safely may wind up with your very own debit card and then sit down when she gets tired. Menacing clouds filled the western sky Saturday afternoon, she has parked herself at the Thursday afternoon and by 4:30 p.m., what had unless you notify the S.C. Department of end of the hallway on the other side of the build- once been a sunny day was quickly turning Revenue otherwise. ing. ugly. Strong winds gusted down Main Street, According to the Charlotte Observer, Bank of “Theres my Doodle!” Suzanne exclaims, taking America was chosen to provide debit cards to Mamas face in her hands and kissing her cheek. blowing paper and leaves from one to the other, Recognizing Suzanne, Mama smiles and returns clearing the roadway quicker than Roger Harris taxpayers who get state tax refunds, unless they her kiss. could ever imagine doing, even with his best specifically ask that their refund be given to As soon as we get back to the room, Suzanne broom. The holly trees lining the sidewalks bent them in a check or a direct deposit to their bank gets busy making our mother is “the most beauti- nearly sideways then snapped back as the wind account. Bank of America says the card can be ful Mama in the world.” She washes her face and subsided. used to purchase merchandise and for cash back hands with warm water and then pats her dry with a soft towel. Next, she puts cleansing cream on Lightning flashed and thunder boomed as the from a purchase at grocery and convenience Mamas face, all the while smiling and compli- rain began falling - slowly at first but picking stores. menting her on her soft skin. Finally, she applies a up speed as the storm got closer to downtown Dont use the card to get cash from a non-Bank few dabs of sunscreen to Mamas forehead, cheeks Union. Little raindrops quickly turned into large of America ATM or you will be charged $2.50 and chin, which she gently rubs onto her skin. ones, forcing anyone caught outside to quickly I can tell Mama enjoys all of the special atten- per transaction. How many Bank of America tion she’s getting; she closes her eyes and soaks it run for cover. ATMs are there in Union? None that I know of. all in. We may have thought we were in for a full- The Department of Revenue says the debit- Usually, Saturdays are “beauty days” - in addi- fledged thunderstorm, but Mother Nature had card program intended to eventually replace tion to the facial, Suzanne also washes and styles something better up her sleeve. printing and mailing paper checks, thus saving Mamas hair. But since I was visiting, she put off The familiar sound large raindrops make the shampoo and style until Sunday. the state "significant costs" in tax dollars and Dinner arrives around 5 and Suzanne helps when they hit the tops of cars was replaced by processing time. According to Observer, the state Mama into her wingback chair, where she sits something akin to small rocks bouncing off Department of Employment and Workforce has while Suzanne feeds her. Mama has a healthy metal as the liquid sunshine turned to damaging offered people receiving unemployment insur- appetite; she eats all of her dinner as well as the hail. The harder it rained, the larger the hail- ance the option of receiving their benefits on a chocolate pudding she has for dessert. stones became, changing from marbles to ping Sometimes, Suzanne will bring cards and letters Bank of America debit card since June 2010, pong balls. The streets and sidewalks were cov- saving the agency more than $5 million a year in from family and friends and read them to Mama. Other days, they may do laundry together or go ered with an icy, white coating that quickly melted. paper, printing and mailing costs. downstairs to the sunroom for some ice cream. The state is saving millions; Bank of America Every weekend, Suzanne brings Mama a copy of Within minutes, the storm had passed and the the Union County News and reads her my col- sun came out again - but only briefly - before is making millions; the taxpayers appear to be umn. Round 2 began. It was like déjà vu all over the only losers in this deal. Even though vascular dementia has diminished her short-term memory, Mama responds well again: high winds, lighting and thunder, rain when Suzanne talks to her. Throat cancer 20 years changing to hail. ago took away her ability to speak, but she By 5:30 the worst was over, although it con- The Department of Revenue says mouths words that Suzanne can understand. tinued to rain off an on throughout the night. the debit-card program intended to Suzanne and Mama have a special bond that Friday morning dawned overcast and chilly; only mothers and daughters can share, one thats eventually replace printing and mail- long pants and jackets had replaced shorts and been forged over many years together. They are T-shirts. ing paper checks, thus saving the closer now than ever. I am so thankful Suzanne is there for our moth- Nobody was complaining about the heat; state "significant costs" in tax dollars er, celebrating Mothers Day every week. Mother Nature had put us in our place. and processing time.
  • 10. COLUMN WRITING Weekly Under 6,000 Division Life in the Last Lane by Mary Lou Willis Fried green Ann Youmans Esher, was a most interesting woman. An artist, she some time, the Eshers moved to Maryland where he felt safer. One of the worst of her tomato pickers... moved to Maryland’s Eastern Shore from New York City, and They lived in a beautiful wa- terfront mansion with well-kept flighty notions came about when someone casually remarked about she and my mother, who was also lawns winding down to their own what a pity the acreage in the Now that I am a Senior Plus an artist and journalist, private beach right on the front of her land was lying idle Plus citizen (by that I mean oneFIRST PLACE: immediately formed a Chesapeake Bay. when it could produce such excel- over 85 as I am ) I have learned bond. There was also a lent truck crops. the disappointment of planting a Mrs. Esher had boat house, ten- So she decided to plant that huge garden in my yard. been married to nis courts, and acreage. No, indeedy, I have to be Vincent You- stables. Border- After much consideration, content now with having just two mans, the noted ing each side of she decided that the best crop for Walmart-special pre-planted to- composer of the long drive novice farmers to plant would be mato plants that grace one corner numerous hits and to the home tomatoes. Normally, that would of my small back patio. movie scores, his were about have been a good idea, except that And it is just about all I can most famous being the fifteen acres of she had someone come and plant do to tote water from my kitchen favorite “Tea for Two.” rich black Mary- nearly 10 acres of tomatoes at sink out to keep them alive on News-Chronicle They had two chil- land soil where one time with no idea whatsoever days that Mother Nature forgets dren, twins Cecily and former owners about how they would be har- to help me keep them alive with a Vincent, who were two had raised toma- vested when all those tomatoes rain shower. days younger than I was toes, asparagus, began ripening at once. My poor old arthritic body and in my grade at school. corn and other My father was amused and just doesn’t get around as well We became close friends truck crops. took great delight in asking my as it once did. Another of those too. After To me, child mother just what did the Eshers reverse perks of old age, don cha her di- of poor weekly plan to do when all the tomatoes know. newspaper pub- started ripening at once in the Anyway, I do occasionally lishers, it fields. enjoy some delicious juicy toma- vorce all seemed What they did was, naturally toes, and I am content with that. from Vincent Youmans, like to call my mother in desperation. Mary Lou Willis However, I just can’t help remem- Ann met and married a heaven, and And, as expected, Mother vol- bering back so many decades ago Dr. Esher, a German man who I loved to spend time there with unteered the help of my brother to a time when picking tomatoes had escaped to Switzerland just my friends Cecily and Vincent. Jim and me and as many of our in the field was a blistering before the Nazi regime took over In my father’s opinion, Mrs. friends as we could round up. We experience. It went something that country. Esher’s artistic temperament all headed for the tomato fields of like this. My mother’s friend, After living in New York for made her quite flighty at times. “Paradise Acres,” as my father fa- cetiously labeled the Esher farm. Life in the Last Lane by CornerWillis Little did we know. Beckom’s Mary Lou f by Mike Beckom We had never picked tomatoes Winner of multiple awards over at all, let alone so many acres of the past years for editorial cartooning.. them. We were really green about what was involved. What a terrible three days! We were blistered in the sun, our New flavor of Pepsi shared all the neighborhood gos- sip. A little gossip is as standard a I tell you. Dem younguns gwine be sick sho’ ‘nuff.” car to stop us at the light. backs ached from bending over service of most salons as a mani- I’ll skip the part where Cilla I just smiled and waved at him the tomato plants, our muscles The ladies of our subdivi- cure or shampoo, you understand. and I went round in circles and and flew on to the doctor’s office, hurt from lifting the filled bas- sion were delighted when Cilla She had just completed that wrung our hands and cried, and Joe following close behind. As I kets. The only thing that kept us decided to make her garage into a horrible step said over and over, “What’ll think about it now, I do believe he going was imagining the things room for her home beauty salon. of squirt- we do?” even shook his fist at me at least we could buy with the money we She was our favorite cosmetolo- ing the Finally we one time. were golng to earn’ That is, if we gist and now would be going back permanent calmed down and When we reached the pediatri had any left after buying out half to work after being a stay-at- waving called the town cian’s office, Joe understood and the drug store’s supply of sunburn home mom for several years. solution pediatrician began helping me pull every- medicine. The salon was finished, the all over to tell him body out of the car. Then he just But worse was to come. Moth- backyard was fenced in to protect my head what had grinned, “Hope everything’ll be er had neglected to tell us that her three little ones, and Cilla had as I hid my happened okay,” and drove off while I was she and Mrs. Esher had never dis- hired a dear older lady named face in a towel and that shouting after him, “Thanks, Joe cussed our pay. When the picking Fannie to care for little Pat, Mike, to escape the lo- we were I’ll explain later.” was over and done with, Jim and and Caroline while she per- tion’s awful odor. on the All 11 of us raced into the I were appalled to learn that we formed her coiffure miracles (we It was then way. We office, bypassing the receptionist were to be paid in tomatoes that hoped) on us. that Fannie fairly had to go and going back to find Doc and Mother would be taking home to Life in the Last Lane The new salon would be can for our winter’s use. flew into the beauty in my sta- his nurse waiting for us. by Mary Lou Willis especially convenient for me as I And still worse yet, we were shop. That was our tion wagon The receptionist, whom most could just walk across the street left to break the news to all our first indication that because everybody considered the mean- to Cilla’s, leaving my older sons friends we had recruited to help something was wrong. there est woman in town, kept coming with the picking that they too playing in my back yard and car- Fannie just never got in a wasn’t a back to the room where Doc and were going to be paid in toma- rying baby David over to wait in hurry. car that the nurse were valiantly pumping toes. a play pen she had added in the “Miss Cilla, Miss Cilla!” she day at Cilla’s. out three little stomachs as the salon. He even loved to sit on my We lost several good friends yelled. “’Fore Gawd, dem chil- To this day, we cannot remem- rest of us watched spellbound. W that summer. And Daddy had a lap while I was under the dryer, lun’s done drunk dat sody outen ber how we got Cilla, Fannie, ignored her until she finally left great time teasing us all about My cosmetology on the Raleigh daily paper. Only Two to five each afternoon. I could do the the soothing warmth and sound dat bottle. Dey’s gonna be sick ta Cilla’s three little ones, my four in frustration. often lulling both of us to sleep. being the Fried Green Tomato trouble was, my school was 18 Shampooing. Rolling up my coed shampoo for When I needed a new per- death!” boys, Alicia, and me in that car, Doc finally got that stomach- Pickers. miles from there, I could not friends’ long hair on bobby pins if her. I was not happy about that,to stay longer, I Cilla calmly went on squirt- but I suppose an adrenaline spurt pumping business over with career... sort of manent and had ing solution on my head. “Fannie, helped us. After we pushed and and turned to tell Cilla that the drive, and I didn’t have a car to the owner Mrs. Olsen was busy. and Dean Jay didn’t seemour teenaged neighbor engaged too that’s all right. I let them drink shoved to get all the children and children would be fine because drive anyway. When I discussed And I could take my books and pleased either. In fact, into watch my three older Aliciashe really boys our own backyard. soda,” she assured the distraught us in, we were on our way and fortunately they had not swal- the idea of taking the bus to study some in between times. didn’t like me much either --- but baby sitter. arrived at the doctor’s office in lowed much of the Malathion or I was not far into the first Such was the arrangement “Yasum, but hit ain’t jes Pepsi record time. whatever it was in the soda bottle week of working in a beauty shop and from Raleigh each evening All went well as long as my that’s another story. the day we thought the whole on sody they be’s swallerin’. They My friend Joe, a town cop, “Now, Cilla,” he advised in when I decided that cosmetology and perhaps not getting back to shampoo customers were my My hands were world went wrong. up all of my shaking so Cilla had rolled done found it in the gardun shed saw us when I simply drove on his calm and soothing way, “you the dorm until midnight to be coed friends or some sweet little much I could hardly fasten the blue perm rods where I s’pose dey daddy done through a red light and turned on tell your husband to put a good was absolutely NOT the career I hair on pink and put it. No tellin’ what in dat Pepsi the blue light, siren, and anything padlock on that shed door and wanted for the rest of my life. securely locked in amidst the old ladies who were easy to cape around my “victim.” It took I handed her and the white papers bottle. You bes’ come quick now, else he could find on the patrol not to put anything but Pepsi in a for each curl while we cheerfully As a freshman on a very tight other coeds, the dean of women please as long as I was not too several tries before I got the chair Pepsi bottle. budget at a rather expensive col- came close to having apoplexy. rough on their tender heads and adjusted just right and Miss Jay’s lege, I soon found I would need Naturally, I forgot that idea. got the bluing just exactly right hair spread out over the shampoo some kind of after-class job to Then someone told me there on their yellowing gray hair. bowl ready to have warm water provide me with a little spending was an opening for a shampoo Dean Jay came in every sprayed over it before adding the money. girl at the Oasis of Beauty in the Thursday for her shampoo tincture of green soap that she So I made the campus rounds, little town just a few steps off the and set. Since she was such an always insisted on. only to discover that the library campus. important --- and particular --- Miss Jay complained about positions were filled, no cafeteria Surely, what could be so dif- customer, the Oasis owner always everything I did. The cape was workers were needed, and my ficult about that? I shampooed did Miss Jay’s shampoo, much to too tight on her neck. hunt-and-peck typing was not my own hair, didn’t I? Like all my relief. The water was not warm good enough for work in the girls of that war time era I rolled One week Dean Jay came in enough. I did not scrub and campus offices. my hair on whatever I could find unscheduled, a day early, to get massage her scalp enough. I About the only skills I pos- to twist it around --- soup cans, beautified before some important washed and rinsed only once, she sessed were in the field of news- coffee bag ties, toilet paper rolls, collegiate board meeting. claimed, and she always had two paper work. I could have gotten socks, even bobby pins whenever Mrs. Olsen really didn’t have washes and rinses in her sham- a pretty good job proofreading I could find any. the time to do her hair that day poos. So I applied and got the job. but said she would work her in if By this time I was as nervous as a cat that had fallen into hot water
  • 11. COLUMN WRITING Weekly Over 6,000 Division THIRD PLACE: The Columbia Star Mike Maddock
  • 12. COLUMN WRITING Weekly Over 6,000 Division SECOND PLACE:Carolina Forest Chronicle Ettie Newlands
  • 13. COLUMN WRITING LIFE’S A JOURNEY KRISTA Weekly Over 6,000 Division GIBSON Thumbtack holes M y son Taylor moved to Tallahassee, Fla. on Saturday. AsFIRST PLACE: I vacuumed his empty room on Sunday I saw that he left a handful of colorful thumbtacks in his walls. The tacks held signed set lists and drumsticks The Greer Citizen from bands he had seen in concert. They held ticket stubs and auto- graphed posters. I have plans to fill the holes with spackling and Krista Gibson paint over his royal blue and bright yellow walls. What I can’t spackle and paint over are the holes I feel from his absence. Un- like his trips to Columbia for college, this trip has permanence associated with it. It is right. It is good. It is the natural order of events. But I’m still sad. Taylor’s excitement was palpable as he packed boxes and picked out fur- niture to take with him. A juggling act Help carry the load His eyes lit up as he told us about his plans and new responsibilities. My plan was to see him off early Saturday morn- W ing and then get busyT hat do you eat for situation. My own grief I hope that all of us can he juggling act that home, the first words out tations. His excitement breakfast the day LIFE’S just seems less significant bear a portion of this fam- cleaning. I wanted to be is motherhood took a LIFE’S of his mouth were, “Did gave me the strength to they bring your son home in a flag-draped A JOURNEY right now. His mom said she had ily’s grief for them. If we can’t step into that vast busy so that I wouldn’t turn for the worse last you see?” enjoy the moment and feel the loss all at once. Iweek. I had been doing so A JOURNEY Oh yes, I saw. not dwell on the pictures casket? Why does it even a bad feeling when he got hole they are now feeling, could gradually ease intowell keeping all the balls I saw less than 40 days in my head. matter? I wouldn’t want his orders for Afghani- how will they bear it? How KRISTA it during my breaks from to ever think about the stan. She didn’t tell him. unimaginable it wouldin the air. of high school left. I saw The juggling act furious tidying. Juggling work, baseball KRISTA two sons in cap and gown continues. But so do the mundane again. I’m grieving with the GIBSON She knew as I do that our intuition as moms can be if we lived in a world where we couldn’t all stop But the truck was lategames, laundry, meals GIBSON less than a month apart. moments that knock the mother of Adam Ross, only reach so far. Knowl- to stand in someone else’s and I contracted a nastyand other crisis kept I saw a car packed with balls out of my hand. My the 19-year-old soldier hallways and messed up edge and hunches don’t shoes for a little while. cold that put the brakesme breathless, but not linens and a microwave job right now is to not killed in Afghanistan and the bathroom. What do give us control. Even if he Pray if you know how. on my plans. I had toooverwhelmed. I’ve shed ation robe and a box of parked at a dorm and stay so focused on keep- brought home to our com- you do with the memories had known her feelings, Reach out if you are close much time to sit anda few tears alone in my graduation invitations sat stairwell leading to a ing the balls in the air munity last week along a and dreams for the future he had to obey the orders enough to embrace this think. This seems to becar thinking about my side by side on the living room with a number on that I miss what triggers street lined with apprecia- when they leave too soon? that took him into harm’s family. And remember a pattern of late. I’mboys growing up. I juggle room couch. the door. I saw the wave excitement or exaspera- tive citizens holding flags Watching the proces- way. that loss happens in simi- reminded consistently and balloons. Actually, sion for this young man, Watching the P&G lar ways to folks near usthe proud moments with Every ball I had been goodbye and then the tion in those around me. that no matter how much I’m weeping, unable to I’m ashamed of my own commercial playing in everyday. Times like thisthe disappointments. I juggling suddenly back of a head moving on In those times, I need to comprehend the grief. selfish sadness. My house heavy rotation during the remind us to keep our I would like to controlseemed to be handling it dropped from the sky and to the next phase of life. lay my own juggling balls Pride in heroics can only will be empty soon. How Olympics featuring young eyes out of the mirror of a situation, I’m not inall with a stiff upper lip. landed with a thud on the I took a deep breath and down and absorb the full go so far when it’s your can I compare my loss kids competing and the our own lives long enough charge. But then last Tuesday I ground. picked up the balls and impact of the moment. baby and he won’t be with hers when I can get tag line “To their moms, to carry the burdens of I gave into the memo-walked through the front I kept walking. I went tossed them gently into coming back. in my car and go see my they’ll always be kids”, I others. With the good and ries I had struggled todoor and to my left, I into the kitchen. I started the air. I met my son at kgibson@greercitizen.com | 877-2076 His empty bedroom, boys in their new towns think of the pictures that the bad, life’s a journey. push aside and spent thespied the near future. A dinner. I went upstairs the couch and we opened once awaiting his return or pick up the phone and are flashing through her Pay attention. day thinking of all theneatly folded Riverside and changed clothes. the box and pulled out is now a constant re- hear their voices? head. I hope they always wonderful ways my sonHigh royal blue gradu- When Connor came the name cards and invi- minder of the boy he was Not that my feelings are stay clear and in focus for kgibson@greercitizen.com | 877-2076 had touched my heart. as he ambled through the not appropriate for my her. I read the Psalms to him every day when I
  • 14. COLUMN WRITING Weekly 2/3 Times Division THIRD PLACE: The Gaffney Ledger Cody Sossamon
  • 15. COLUMN WRITING Weekly 2/3 Times Division THE CHRONICLE Thursday, May 3, 2012 9SECOND PLACE: The Cherokee Chronicle Tommy Martin Concealed Weapons Course Concealed Weapons Course Saturday, Feb. 25th
  • 16. COLUMN WRITING Weekly 2/3 Times Division FIRST PLACE: The Press & Standard Charles Rowland
  • 17. HUMOR COLUMN WRITING Weekly Under 6,000 Division An unfortunate Welcome Friday to my neuroses BY DAN BROWN I almost choked a couple of for Mr. Brown times trying to chew and say,THIRD PLACE: W ebster’s Dictionary “Februany” at the same time. defines neurosis as a Neurotic? Of course. mental or personali- This next notion crosses my BY DAN BROWN That’s when I decided to ty disturbance not attributable mind more than it doesn’t, and take the rest of the day off. I to any known neurological or the more I practice sound dental L ast Friday I suffered decided I needed an after- organic dysfunction. Sub defi- hygiene habits, the more the through a horrible noon of Me Time and went nitions include neurotic or n o t i o n series of unfortunate off to see the new Avengers The Berkeley Independent obsessive compulsive behavior. lodges like events. movie. What a fantastic flick. This got me to thinking, a stubborn I was leaving the restaurant Three hours of unabashed obsessively and compulsively. popcorn after a fine lunch and about to c o m i c Webster’s also said the terms k e r n e l climb into my car. I have to book fun. neurosis and neurotic were no between my state for the purpose of clarity I bought longer used scientifically to cerebral that the phrase “climb into my a pack of diagnose mental illness. That’s teeth. car” really doesn’t apply to g u m Dan Brown nice to know. Do you how I go about entering my before the I live a solitary lifestyle and remember car. That phrase is reserved movie to because I don’t have anyone the old for SUVs and monster pickup a v o i d immediately nearby with whom birthday trucks. dropping to share time and ideas, these party prize game of dropping Driving a car with six inch- ten bucks ideas and a gaggle of somewhat the clothespin into the glass es of ground clearance, you on popcorn and a Coke and eccentric idiosyncrasies are left milk jug? With the advent of 3- don’t so much climb into your had been working on that to fester between my ears. D video games, dropping car as you fall into it. There is particular piece of I think about things. I think clothespins into milk jugs for a point in the car entry Doublemint for three hours. about things a lot. I think about prizes has lost its allure. Kids process when I surrender to I was driving home in rush things too much. That is my don’t play it anymore. gravity and let Mother Earth hour traffic, stopped at a traf- basic neurosis. The object of the game was to take care of the rest. My job is fic light and sitting in the A couple examples, if I may. kneel over the back of a kitchen making sure I use proper aim turning lane. Suddenly I felt Last week I ate lunch at chair, hold the clothespin to in guiding my backside into a sneeze coming on. Subway. There’s nothing wrong your chin, and attempt to drop it the driver’s seat. In my defense, sneezes only with eating lunch at Subway, into a gallon-sized glass milk Sadly, on this day, I did not. give you five seconds to but lately the consuming public bottle. My mind was otherwise occu- react to the oncoming full-on has been assaulted with adver- Dropping clothespins into pied. body spasm. tising campaigns. From glass milk jugs was no easy There is this nasty looking I’m in my car. The light just Subway to pretzel M&Ms, task. At 5-and-6 years of age we hook on the car door. It’s what changed green. What do I advertisers want us to think stunk at dropping clothespins makes your car door stay shut do? about eating. into milk jugs. during operation. This metal Can’t take my hands of the Well, I do. These days I recreate that hook is exposed and poten- wheel, I’m moving. Can’t From the moment I pulled game and practice every time I tially dangerous when one close my eyes, I might hit the into the parking lot through brush my teeth, and I nail it, leaves his fate to gravity and guy in front of me. ordering my sub, selecting my almost every spit. I’m deadly starts a free fall into his dri- All these thoughts fly desired toppings (everything with a mouthful of toothpaste ver’s seat. through my mind in about but tomato), watching them and would wager I’d be equally As I am falling into my car, three seconds. make the sandwich, paying the dangerous with a wooden I notice the exposed hook and I didn’t want to sneeze on cashier, driving back to the clothespin. attempt to avoid gaffing the windshield. So I yanked office and through every bite All I need is a glass gallon myself in a sensitive area. I my head to the right ... from beginning to the last stray milk jug. miss, but not entirely. AHHHH-CHOOOOO! mustard-drenched pickle hiding If I could go back into time The hook snags my pants I’d forgotten about the among the folds of the wax armed with the oral coordina- and as I continue to fall I hear gum. Also, my windows paper wrapper, the stupid tion skills I have now, I’d rule at a resounding “RIPPPPPPP were down. ZING! Subway jingle played over and birthday parties and clean up on PPPPP!!!!” My gum shot to the right over and over again inside my the door prizes. and, “PING!” splats against head. Disturbing? Oh, just one in My pants tore from the the driver side window of the “Five… Five… Five dollar long line of disturbing neuroses. open fly all the way down the car next to mine. foot longs.” I could go on all day. right leg to below my knee. There was nothing I could And then the word, Still, I feel kind of sorry for Laid open, my right pants leg “Februany.” the words neurosis and neurotic dangled from the hook as I do. Traffic had started mov- I about popped out an eyeball. behavior as they have been landed in the seat. Had I not ing with the green turn arrow. I lack the oral coordination to retired from the vernacular of worn a belt that day, that I waved and smiled. say the word “Februany” with- psychological diagnosis. Such hook could have taken my Have a nice day! out biting my tongue, and yes, behavior is now called a person- trousers off completely and Thankfully no one was rid- when I sing a song in my mind, ality disorder. I’d have been left sitting in ing with me or else there sometimes my mouth moves … I find this funny. my car sans pants. would have been casualties. which made for an interesting I’ve been telling people I’ve Not a welcoming sight. No sir, that would not have time trying to eat my foot-long been earning a living off my Boy did this day take a sud- bode well at all. sub. personality disorder for years. den hard right turn on the A gumshot wound to the
  • 18. HUMOR COLUMN WRITING Weekly Under 6,000 Division SECOND PLACE: The Hampton County Guardian Michael M. Dewitt Jr.
  • 19. HUMOR COLUMN WRITING Weekly Under 6,000 DivisionFIRST PLACE: Just Ramblin’....... by Elaine Ellison-Rider Give me a sense of humor, Lord. Give me the grace to see a joke, to get some humor out of life and pass it on to other folk! News-Chronicle Bats in the belfry several hours filled with Michael There was no sleep in the Rider ceptionist asked us what the main chasing bats with a broom and household that first night. The next complaint was when we signed in. picking up the dead/stunned ones night I stayed awake until about 3 “That,” my husband said, flop- I don’t know about bats in the with a needle-nose pliers. a.m. watching for any more bats ping the zippy bag up on the coun- belfry, but we sure had ‘em at our By the end of the evening, we that may have been hiding out all ter. “Well, that’s a bat,” the recep- house the other day. had it down to a routine. day during the commotion... while tionist said, not at all flustered by Talk about an interesting week- I would run around with a my husband snored away. It seemed the fact that a still-alive bat was in a Elaine Ellison-Rider end. blanket on my head spotting bats like they were all gone. Only prob- zippy bag on her clean counter. It was a Friday night. yelling “bat, bat!” and squealing lem was that the cats were still on A few minutes later we were My husband and I were hoping like a “banshee child” (as Michael high alert. So, that made me a bit waiting in an ER room listening for a quiet weekend. In fact, we says I do when faced with a mouse suspicious. to a man snore after getting a nice had even put off sanding the floors or bat.) Sleep finally took over my eye- little dose of morphine and decid- because things had been so hectic Michael would knock it down lids and forced them shut about 3 ing to name the bat “George.” for Michael as a paramedic during with the broom and then pick ‘em or 4 a.m. Since Michael is in and out his shift at Medshore. I was going up with the pliers. At 5 a.m. something woke me of the ER all the time while he’skeep Mitchell off the air. weekend. Mr. and Mrs. Grady Shaw and Greenville last Saturday. to have to do some work at home My job was simple... hold up. Something was wiggling in my working (oops, sorry, the politi- since we were putting two issues a plastic bag and tie the bag hair while Gracie cally correct name now is ED together before July 4th. handles around the pliers so the the cat hissed. for emergency department) Just Ramblin’....... Everything seemed fairly nor- bat wouldn’t escape, all while I tried to the nurses and doc were mal. trying not to squeal like a baby brush it in and out looking at the bat by Elaine Ellison-Rider Seemed is the key word there. - no, that was me trying which was soon placed on ice Give me a sense of humor, Lord. Give me the grace to see a joke, to get some humor out of life and pass it on to other folk! We did miss a couple of our cats, not to squeal, not the in another bag labeled with but sometimes they head upstairs bat. “biohazard.” earlier than we do at night so it I was a Poor George. didn’t surprise us. little - Well, since there’s no instant ra-Fire, just a fire, the smoke intensified. I grabbed my purse, back in the 1970s. But, then that was a nice- “You know, Gracie’s been up- okay away bies test for bats, it seemed prudent jumped out of the car and popped open the size fire and another story in itself.) stairs all day,” Michael said. hood. There were these little flames coming My husband did go outside and fill up the a lot think- to administer the rabies vaccine to My cat radar jumped right up to - scared ing the patient (that’s me) while thenothing more off the engine. I ran into the house. My husband was in his radiator on my car. He let me use his fancy Grand Prix with all those new-fangled buttons a “high” level. Gracie never stayed upstairs all day! In fact, usually of those critters. This went on for several hours Gra- cie or bat went to Columbia or wherever they’re tested to give up its life in favorite spot in the recliner in a deep sleep. to go back to work while he tried to solve the I’m driving my husband’s car this after- “Fire extinguisher. I need it!” I said while mystery of the steam/fire in the engine of my she never budged from the den to until one stubborn bat decided Hannah was pawing at my the name of research - in othernoon. Seems my little blue goose decided it rushing right in front of him to the kitchen. Cavalier. sleep, the kitchen to eat and the to fly around in the 12-foot-high hair. Reaching out sleepily, words, to test it for rabies.was going to have a couple of bad days. He moved a little. By the time you are reading this, I figure kitty bathroom to, well, do kitty second floor landing and taunt us. I grabbed a squiggly little thing The rabies vaccine was, well, On the first day that little thingamajig, that Fire extinguisher in hand, I rushed back to the car will have already been to Thomas bathroom things. My husband, bless his soul, was that made a funny hissy noise interesting. Actually, there weretells how hot the engine is, shifted over to the the car. The flames were gone, so I decided Bell’s garage so that he could solve the mys- Hmmm, I figured she was upright while I was waiting on my coffee and fed up and exhausted. and bit (or scratched) the top of five shots. The only reason the first not to soak the car in fire extinguisher stuff. tery. to some mischief. A little later,diet drink at McDonald’s. I rushed back into the house. He picked up his BB gun, “load- my head. The next few minutes one was so painful was because it we trudged upstairs to get ready Well, going to the right was not the rightway for that gauge to go - the left is much bet- “Michael! I need water!” It looked like he moved a little bit. It was Journalism quotes for bed. I looked up. ed it” with air by cocking that little thingie and started shooting BB’s are a blur. Michael said I calmly jumped up and yelled “bat!” was to the top of my head. Ouch.ter. There are these little red lines on the right kind of hard to tell. at the bat. With the speed of a young kid, “I’m only going to give youwhere it tells you things are getting mighty I filled a jug with water. Why? That’s a •Journalism is the first rough draft of his- Hannah, our jet-black-with “Aim a little lower,” I’d say, with he turned over, grabbed a pillow as much as you can stand here inheated under the hood. tory. ~Unknown. green-eyes-cat, was sitting on the good question. Everyone knows you don’t •In America the President reigns for four the blanket still on my head. and proceeded to smother that your head,” the doctor said. He was By the time I got to work there was some put water on an oil fire. I stood out there for railing staring intently at the ceil- He’d shoot and miss. little thing. pretty gentle, but by the time heodd-looking steam coming from around the a couple of minutes to make sure the engine years, and Journalism governs for ever and ing. I looked up at the ceiling in the ever. ~Oscar Wilde. “Aim a little higher,” I said, “Bat. Bat. Bat,” I repeated. “It’s stopped my knuckles were turningengine. didn’t spark and set the driveway on fire or, landing area. So, I did what any self-respecting non- •Free press can, of course, be good or playing the role of spotter. He shot a bat. It bit me. It’s a bat!” white from grabbing the bed rail heaven forbid, my husband’s old truck that Nothing.morning person did - I just left it parked. he’s been “restoring” for years now. bad, but, most certainly without freedom, the again, finally hitting that little crit- I rushed into the other room, and I was practicing that slow deep press will never be anything but bad. ~Albert I walked into the sewing room. ter and knocking it to the floor. We grabbed the pliers and came back breathing in order to keep from Later in the day I checked the water and I waited for a few more minutes. Finally, Ithe oil (my dad would have been so proud. He Camus. Gracie, the gray-tabby-who-needs- bagged it. with a bag still muttering like crying like a baby. went back into the house. Michael was gettingeven taught me how to change a tire - which out of the chair so we could head to the eye •As with all politically lead governments, to-lose-weight-cat, was sitting on With more than a dozen bats some crazy woman “Damn bat, Four other shots were admin- foreign investment is the slowest in the media the floor. She was staring at theI have done on several occasions. I even doc. section. Politicians are somewhat paranoid bagged, we inspected every room damn bat, damn bat. You bit me, istered, one in each arm and leg,changed a thermostat by myself back in the “Didn’t you hear me say Fire!” ceiling. carefully and thought they were damn bat.” straight into the muscles - yeah,‘80s.) about the media but we still think it’s worth- I felt something stir in the pit He looked at me kind of funny. “Fire, what while. ~Rupert Murdoch. all gone. Thought being the key Of course, that tiny little critter that’s four. Well, there was next-to-no water and I fire?” of my stomach. Something was word here. was probably as scared as I was. Whew.couldn’t find any oil on the stick. So, I put •Monsieur l’abbé, I detest what you write, “The fire that was in the engine of my car!” but I would give my life to make it possible not right. The cats continued on high One thing I knew for sure was All in all, taking the rabies vac-water and oil in the car and figured that would “Oh, is that what you said?” Michael had taken a detour totake care of that. for you to continue to write.” ~Voltaire. alert, sitting on the edge of the that I couldn’t give it rabies. It cine was an easy call. I guess it should have been a dead give- •Put it before them briefly so they will read the closet. Slowly, my eyes traveled Well, it didn’t. away when I ran right in front of him in the bed to protect us. Either that or could, however, give me rabies! Rabies is fatal. The next day it overheated again. it, clearly so they will appreciate it, pictur- around every inch of the ceiling they were impressed with our bat- We bagged the bat, putting this The vaccine is a lifesaver. A den carrying a big red fire extinguisher from esquely so they will remember it and, above As I was pulling into the driveway at the the kitchen. (I got much more attention when and there it was, hanging from the catching skills and thought we were one in a zippy bag. I took a shower woman in the lower part of South all, accurately so they will be guided by its picture molding... a tiny black crit-house, the temperature gauge dropped, but my car caught fire in downtown Honea Path light. ~Joseph Pulitzer. protecting them. and seriously disinfected the top of Carolina died last year after she ter that was maybe two inches long, We spent Saturday plugging up my head all the time muttering un- was scratched or bitten in her
  • 20. HUMOR COLUMN WRITING Weekly Over 6,000 Division Wednesday, February 15, 2012 ____________________________ www.moultrienews.com ___________________________________ MOULTRIE NEWS.3B Praying your troubles away might work BY SULLY WITTE EDITOR@MOULTRIENEWS.COM Doggone crazy POLICE BLOTTER was shaking and visibly ner- lice arrived at the house, the vous. man said that Edward was in The officer asked him his closet. The police went One local woman feels like where he was gong and he inside with the homeowner Girls gone wild the dog pound opened up times to stop where he was up for his wife and pushed told him he was headed to a and followed him to the bed- A concerned neighbor in the gates and let the dogs and wait a second. his son aside and told him he local bar. But based on the room. The homeowner thenTHIRD PLACE: an apartment complex called out - into her neighborhood. The downstairs neighbor would not be going through direction in which he was opened the closet door and police because a woman was She has had to call the police explained to police that as his mother’s purse for any driving, he was headed in the what was inside turned out to running around wild in the hundreds of times because he arrived home, the drunk reason. wrong direction. be only clothing. The police parking lot. pit bulls roam her neighbor- fellow was standing on his So the kid then stormed The officer went back to his checked every single closet in She was wearing nothing hood and charge at her when balcony. Out of nowhere he into his parents’ bedroom patrol car to run the man’s the house and there was no more than a bathing suit. she is in her yard. started cursing and yelling, looking through drawers for information. He was waiting one hiding in the closets and When police arrived she She said the pit bull popu- but the downstairs neighbor his parking pass. on dispatch to get back to him the closets didn’t even look was crying and carrying on. lation has been an ongo- just ignored him and went The father stepped in front when he noticed the driver disturbed. It was obvious that she was ing problem and every time on inside his apartment. The of the dresser to block his watching him through his The man then started bab- drunk because she was talk- she calls a police agency to upstairs, drunk fellow kept son from going through their rearview mirror. The driver bling about something en- ing extremely loud, stagger- complain she gets bounced yelling and cursing, so the personal belongings. The son also kept looking down at his tirely different and told police ing around and smelled like around between Mount downstairs neighbor called then began to lunge at his fa- center console as if he was that he couldn’t do anything The Moultrie News a bottle of whiskey. Pleasant Police Department police. ther like he was going to ram worried about something in- in this town because people She said she and her boy- and the Charleston County The drunk fellow became him with his head. side the console. keep taking his money. friend had been arguing at Sheriff’s Office. antsy and unruly while wait- The father felt his son was The driver was then asked There wasn’t much police the bar and when they got Most recently, she was ing on police to conduct being aggressive and trying to step out of the car. could do, and the man said home he picked up a flower in her yard when a pit bull their investigation. He fi- to get him to hit the boy, so The officer asked him if he would be fine for the rest pot and held it over her head charged her. She started nally asked to go upstairs to he called police. there was anything illegal of the night. as if he was going to hit her screaming, and a man came his apartment to get some The kid did manage to head in the car, and the driver as- Police spoke with a neigh- with it. running through the woods clothes on so he could go to butt his father in the lip be- sured the officer there was bor who said that this man Dirt fell out of the pot and and yelled at the dog to back his child’s birthday party. fore police arrived. not. had not been using his $50 onto the floor and the couch down. But then he caught sight When police arrived, they But out of nowhere the a week stipend to buy food and the wall. Once again, not much could of the downstairs neighbor were able to calm the situa- driver dropped to his knees like he is supposed to and he The boyfriend, who was be done but promise her that again and started making tion down and speak with the and prayed, ‘Please Lord, let spends it on crack cocaine Sully Witte sober, said that she was the animal control would be put- more threats about beating son. He said he was eligible to this man see that I am a good instead. one who had threatened him ting in extra patrols of the him up. graduate soon and wanted to person.” The neighbor said that with the flower pot. But he area. Police had heard and seen move out and be on his own. The officer asked the driver when the man does buy food was standing more than 20 enough so they arrested him As laughable as that is, be- why in the world he just did with his money he trades it feet away from her, so he was for being disorderly, and he ing that he doesn’t even own that and the man replied, “I for drugs. never in fear for his safety. Rough neck missed his kid’s birthday. his own car, the officer sat just love my Lord like that.” That explained every- He said he called police too Police were called to an Which is probably a good back and listened. The officer then asked the thing. because he knew what would apartment complex due to a thing because most likely the The officer then advised the driver for consent to search happen next. disturbance and when they kid didn’t want his drunk fa- father to speak with his son the car and the man gave (The Police Blotter is in- He was used to her drunk arrived they came across a ther there anyway. when everyone had calmed the officer permission. The tended to be an informative tirades. woman standing at the bot- down about “what was best search yielded nothing, and and/or humorous column The officer then went back tom of her apartment com- for everyone.” the driver was issued a wan- written from police reports to speak with the woman who plex stairs. They approached Not entitled ing for changing lanes un- obtained from the Mount now had dirt smeared on her her to talk with her when What is it withWednesday, December 14, 2011 ___________________________ www.moultrienews.com ___________________________________ MOULTRIE NEWS.3B kids who lawfully. Pleasant Police Depart- chest and on her purse. the apartment door upstairs think they are entitled to Please Lord ment. Many of the stories And you thought your mother-in-law was bad? Wednesday, December 28, 2011 ___________________________ www.moultrienews.com ___________________________________ openned and out3B The dirt had not been there MOULTRIE NEWS. walked the drive to school using mom A police officer watched come from the initial inci- earlier when the officers were suspect. and dad’s car and their mon- a driver in the construction In the closet dent reports and, occasion- Couple not likely to get to the church on time questioning her. The man looked at officers The officers told her they and said, “what did I do?” knew she had just smeared The question was not an- the dirt on herself, and she swered. But instead, the ey for gas? Thank goodness zone along Hwy. 17 make Police were called to a ally, supplemental reports. for parents like the father a sudden right turn. This is man’s home because he Generally, cases have not POLICE BLOTTER on his kid perfectly legal except when found two women in his been adjudicated at the time who called policeBY SULLY WITTE fussing about something because he was acting like a you swerve across two lanes closet.do with.the time po- of publication.) But by wanted this incident docu- She replied, “There were POLICE BLOTTER EDITOR@MOULTRIENEWS.COM he had nothing to mented. no sexual acts going on.” BY SULLY WITTE the drunk girl to deal with the come down and officially add long as officers asked him to come denied this for as punk. and flip your signal on after The 65-year-old victim told Both were told to leave and EDITOR@MOULTRIENEWS.COM problem on her own. the girlfriend to the But eventually, downstairs and speak with she could. room if The 17-year-old kid was you’ve begun the turn. The officer then asked the Crime Report she gave in and admitted to them. they were going to keep los- trying to find his high school The Gramps he was not coming Animal meds officer pulled thehis house if he was going ages. driver Yeah, right never return to the area and into this crazy woman. to have their “talks” in a more Need a ride? girl how she planned to get December was2011 drunk and ing keys.trying to fabricate the whole He 21, pretty parking pass and told his dad over to see why he was doing all that fussing. “Here honey, take one of to be driv- What we couldn’t spilled At this point the kid print... A Bayview resident called pubic area if that was in fact home. of place. She said she has seen officer with a blank stare. story. The female walked away could hardly stand up. that he was taking these,”and the doctor hus- The driver tried to push his out the weekend Police Blotters on our the car said ing so erratically. Gramps Check the beans and gave the cops police because a car was what they were doing. Police were called to a local Several phone calls to fam- him more and more and now The officer caught up to the and a few There was no evidence ofand About this same time the minutes later the Hit Run Colli- band to he actually had the nerve into the house, but Web site Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Crazy neighbor driving to school whetherthe wife. way to ask the the subject’s name and num- parked outside of his home bar because a woman was at- ily and friends were made, he is looking at her straight car and watched the driver boyfriend came in the side and sion/Drug Equipment domestic violence, the downstairs neighbor came liked it or not. But when the officer why hevictim stopped him. That’s ber, but they could not im- the wife found was being WWW.MOULTRIENEWS.COM A woman called to tell and two people appeared tempting to drive home but but no one answered. in the eye. operate rather recklessly. entrance of the hotel. not outside to speak with police. boyfriend said he did with arrests was out it was pulled over. for the more humorous get in touch with police that she thinks her to be in the back seat doing Couch potato He started rummaging animal medica- when Gramps took his cane mediately incidents we couldn’t print. she was wasted. Her boy- Then she said she would One time she was driving The car drove into the other He began kicking andcharges. reported ondrunk guy saw this as want to press hit- He The Highway through his mother’s purse, At any rate, the and swung it across the 65- him. they’ll have you in stitches!neighbor is hacking into her ‘something.” tion, she went ballistic. officer ex- We promise, Would you believe that a friend took her purse so she get a hotel. She soon real- down Coleman and he pulled lane, ran off the road and ting the glass he wouldget in outside Rivertowne said trying to stay 41 at his cue to leave and started as if he had any right to do plained it to him year-old man’s head. The It turns out, this marriage and asked e-mail account. She told of- When police got there they wife called police because her would not have access to her ized she did not have a debit out of a gas station and fol- then struck a large, orange the lobby area and called the she heading back upstairs. The and do yard work until Parkway. (OCA that. His father,has been onfor his license. When only knew Gramps’s being the the rocks for victim the ficers that this neighbor has a saw a male sitting in the husband would not get off keys. But she pitched a fit. At card to do that. But, she was lowed her. She said she work barrel. passed out. clerk several racial names officers asked him several #2011-P-15865) quite some driver handed it over heand the proximity Don’t do it gentleman that he is, stuck time. last name device that allows him to lis- middle of the back seat and the couch? Apparently she this point the boyfriend did so drunk she had not actu- slowed down to see what he The officer flipped on the and slurs. The wife, who is 45, struck of where he lived. A local resident got di- ten to people and she thinks a female bending over with wanted to sit on the couch so not know what else to do, so ally gone through her purse would do and he turned into blues, and it took a while for She called police and ex- An Auto Break-in her husband a couple of Police went out on a search vorced from her husband this device also allows him her head in his lap. The of- she told her husband to get he called police. to see if her debit cards were another gas station. the driver to pull over. Even- plained that the man had was reported at 1050 times, and the 65-year- for Gramps, but they could a while ago. They lived in to hack into her e-mail ac- ficer parked the car and that up and go to bed. A bystander was sitting in in there. She thought it was odd that tually he did. been drinking and was Johnnie Dodds Bou- old husband told her if she not locate him. They prom- Greenville at the time and count. allowed the female enough He refused so she called the parking lot watching all The officer suggested that he would go from one gas sta- He had no idea he had been drunk. levard. (OCA #2011- touched him one more time, ised to keep trying so charges her mother-in-law was a very She said that she has time to jump into the front police. But by the time police of the commotion when po- she call him in the morning tion to another. in a hit and run earlier but She wanted him on tres- P-15821) he was going to hit her back. could be pressed. hateful woman and had been changed her password on her seat. got there this couple in their lice rolled up. when she sobered up and It appeared as if he was that might be due to the fact pass notice from the hotel. Things seemed to calm Based on their identifica- 20s had come to a resolu- He waved the officer toward if anything was missing he waiting for her. That same that he said he left his house, The officer arrived and Forgery with arrest down for a couple of days tions they were not from this tion. the drunk woman who was would write a report. day, he drove by her place of went to the store, bought a spoke to the man. was reported at 1000 because the wife got pneu- Forced to snitch S B INKLER ONDING OMPANY C country. The husband agreed to go still trying to get her car door She became angry at this employment very slowly. can of duster aerosol and About that time the clerk Johnnie Dodds Bou- monia. A fight broke out inside a The male told police that to bed and give her the couch. open. Even the bystander and started slamming doors Another time she was huffed it on the way to band walked outside to meet the levard. (OCA #2011- Since he is a doctor, he gas station store one evening “If you get caught in the clinker, they met on a Ukrainian site Police were curious as to why noticed her intoxication and and yelling about being un- pumping gas and she saw practice. cop. The drunk fellow called P-15898) was helping to treat her. She between two kids around 18 similar to Facebook. this wife could not sit in the said, “Officer, she is way too satisfied with the situation. the man again. This time she The pot pipe on the passen- the clerk a monkey and with- call Lowndes Sinkler.” started feeling ill so he gave years old. He said that he invited her other chair or the lounge drunk to drive.” She stumbled away from waved him down to talk to ger seat didn’t help him out in seconds he was in hand- A Theft of Mail was her animal medication that Only one subject was still to go to a local grocery store chair and her only reply was The officer approached and the scene, threw her purse him. any, either. cuffs. reported on Gaston CM02-631409 could be used for human there by the time police ar- CALL US 24/7 843.577.2540 for a date and then they that she wanted the couch. asked her who she was. She across the parking lot, fell She asked him who he was He was arrested for reck- He then turned his atten- Gate Road in Brick- consumption. rived. In fact, this kid was so 3870 Leeds Ave. | Mark Clark Business Park | Suite 105 pulled into this side street What a waste of official po- told him her name and said into some bushes in the me- and if he was following her. less driving, possession of tion to the officer and start- yard. (OCA #2011-P- But the wife saw the medi- cool and collected, he was to talk about currency and lice time. she had been arguing with dian of the parking lot and She said he immediately drug paraphernalia and du- ed calling her a dyke, among 15887) cation and became irate and pumping gas when police trading. her boyfriend because he then threw a tantrum. grew nervous as if he had ties of a driver in a collision. other things. slapped the pills out of his pulled up. The officer asked the man (The Police Blotter is in- took her purse and her keys. Another officer on the scene done something wrong. When the cop searched him Suspicious Activ- hand and walked away. He told police that he was threatening to kill her daugh- e-mail hundreds of times. what he did for a living and tended to be an informative She was slurring her words calmed her down and got her He said he works for an au- they found crack and a spoon ity was reported at As she walked away he just standing in line when ter-in-law since she married But one night while she was he said he fixed treadmills. and/or humorous column pretty badly and could barely out of the bushes. That offi- to glass company and drives Sticks and stones to smoke it. He was arrested 1515 North Highway popped her across the back of suddenly the subject turned this woman’s son. The couple typing it she was having a The woman said she lived written from police reports stand up. She blamed every- cer also arrested her for be- around parking lots looking Why a Mount Pleasant man and hauled off. 17. (OCA #2011-P- the head with an open hand around and swung at him. went on to have two children hard time remembering it. on a boat at a nearby marina. obtained from the Mount thing on the boyfriend. ing drunk in public. for broken windshields and was staying in a local motel 15864) and she fell to the ground. He said he and the subject and not surprisingly, they The neighbor just happened The officer then asked her Pleasant Police Depart- And for good measure, she he showed her a business instead of at his house is un- (The Police Blotter is in- The result of the fall caused “had been beefin’.” eventually divorced. The to be sitting with her and he why didn’t they just go back ment. Many of the stories threw in the fact that this card. known. tended to be an informative Suspicious Activity a bruise to her elbow. He said he knew who the mother in-law learned how was able to tell her what her to her boat to talk about cur- come from the initial inci- boyfriend had been arrested Stalker She went to the police sta- However, he and his girl- and/or humorous column was reported on Oak Police interviewed the wife kid was, but he refused to to use a cell phone and even password was. rency and trading and she dent reports and, occasion- for criminal domestic vio- A woman stopped into tion and they pulled up his friend checked into this ho- written from police reports Marsh Drive in Wak- and she gave the same ac- give the subject’s name be- learned how to text. She felt very uncomfort- said, “because I am mar- ally, supplemental reports. lence - as if that had anything the police station recently, name and information and tel and within just a few short obtained from the Mount endaw Lakes. (OCA count, but said she is not in cause “I don’t snitch.” She then turned this into able about this and said she ried.” Generally, cases have not to do with her ability to drive because she thinks she was sure enough that is the guy hours of check-in, they had Pleasant Police Depart- #2011-P-15900) fear of her safety and she did The passenger in the vic- another tool to harass and doesn’t feel like she has any She too said they had just been adjudicated at the time safely. being followed - for the last following her. lost the room key multiple ment. Many of the stories not want to press charges. tim’s car didn’t even know threaten the daughter-in- privacy. pulled over to “talk.” And the of publication. See more The boyfriend explained year and a half. She said that There wasn’t much the of- times. come from the initial inci- Suspicious Activity The husband then packed a about the fight until it was law. She told police she is in officer said, “if y’all were just columns at www.moultri- to police that they were sup- almost two years ago she hit ficer could do but suggest she The girlfriend came down dent reports and, occasion- was reported at 1981 bag and said he would stay at over because she had been She scared the daugh- the middle of working with talking why was your head in enews.com.) posed to be married the next a car in a parking lot and at- call police the next time she to get a new key for the fourth ally, supplemental reports. Riviera Drive. (OCA his office or find a hotel room waiting in the car. ter-in-law so much that the private investigators and his lap?” day but they had gotten into tempted to leave the scene saw him following her. time and this time the clerk Generally, cases have not #2011-P-15896) for the time being. But during the fight, the woman left town and moved an argument. His girlfriend without notifying the owner. said that since she was not been adjudicated at the time glass top on the ice cream here. She even left her kids got drunk and then took his But then this man pulled up registered to the room, she of publication. See more cooler shattered and the behind with their dad. Huffin’ Gramps What we couldn’t print... debit cards and went on a and said she’d better call the could not get a key. The clerk columns at www.moultri- store manager wanted to Some time went by and spending spree. police department since she A report of a hit and run suggested the boyfriend enews.com.) A 65-year-old man called press charges. the woman decided to move He said he had given her hit the vehicle. went out to police on the road police because he had been The kid who was still there back to Greenville to be clos- purse back to her, but not She thought this person and it didn’t take long for the assaulted by a 20-some- was not liable because he er to her kids. Check out the weekend Police Blotters on our the keys. was an undercover officer so officers to catch up with the Back at the drunk girl’s car she waited for the other party suspect. He was the one with What we couldn’t print... thing-year-old man whose was defending himself. This nickname was Gramps. The ex-mother-in-law meant police had to find the caught wind of this and start- Web site Friday, Saturday and Sunday at she began to complain again and they worked it out. the blank stare. Check out the weekend Police Blotters on our This Gramps fellow uses a other guy. They told the vic- ed back with the harassing WWW.MOULTRIENEWS.COM about not having her purse. She said that the man The officer saw the driver walking stick to get around tim that if he did not cooper- text messages. This time she Another officer on the scene looked familiar to her from at a red light and when it Web site Friday, Saturday and Sunday at and apparently used it to ate with this investigation, said if she moved back she for the more humorous incidents we couldn’t print. informed her that the purse seeing him in bars down- turned green the driver sat WWW.MOULTRIENEWS.COM smack the 65-year-old in the which had now turned crim- could still kill her. Maybe she was in her car and had al- town. there a few minutes then head. inal, he would be charged ought to consider not moving We promise, they’ll have you in stitches! ready been returned. Then she started seeing abruptly and aggressively for the more humorous incidents we couldn’t print. The victim told police that with Disorderly Conduct and back, and in fact, she should Knowing what was coming him everywhere. took off, squealing the tires. next, the boyfriend got a ride She said he was always by The car passed the cop and We promise, they’ll have you in stitches! Gramps knocked on the door be responsible for the dam- move her kids far away from home with his father and left himself and seemed very out the driver looked right at the
  • 21. HUMOR COLUMN WRITING Weekly Over 6,000 Division ROLLING WITH THESECOND PLACE: DEMON DERBY QUEENS Demons circling, life hangs in the b a l a n c e. Swe e t m e rcy, w h a t I Lake Wylie Pilot wouldn’t give for balance. Weren’t there other contests clut- tering my to-do list? No sword swal- lowing? Bomb detonation? It takes a special kind of human to throw el- bows and smash torsos on roller skates, and I ain’t him. “It’s a very awk- ward position,” W HO’S SINGING? John Marks said Craig Bailey, Race City Roller Derby president. “You’re going to L ’ ET S KEEP IT THAT WAY On Your s ay, ‘ wow, t h i s isn’t very comfort- M A R K S able.’ ”want to talk You John Marks aw k wa rd p o s i - tions? Imagine a world where every woman stands four inches taller, and keeping up- right on two feet simply isn’t an op- tion. Where a date with cold concrete teeters on eight wheels, more if you ■ This intense and count the gurney they’ll need to roll me off the oval. “Just don’t stand up straight,” said Pam Yavorka, one of two Charlotte physical game made Speed Demons calling Fort Mill home. “Anything but a little bend in your knees, and it’s all downhill from there – straight backwards.” Marks’ head swim Choralier seniors clean the piano on audition day, one of their final tasks with the group. Yavorka, the bank risk analyst, and massage therapist Joy Campbell aren’t fazed by the rounded razor blades underfoot. Five raised sons ■ Reporter between them, roller derby barely Call me fish meal. leaves Clover qualifies as a challenge. These wom- en four-wheel and kayak, practice I’m captain of a vessel half-submerged alrea- Choraliers football in the dining room and base- tryout on ball in the yard until dark. Trampoline dy, plastic paddle blades and a thin-cage face- high note, wrestling is a common occurrence. I’m not afraid of roller skating. I’m mask my only defense against onslaughting of- a handshake afraid of how much chalk the coroner might waste tracing what’s left of my CLOVER — My wife hates Jay last fall. I recall my last skate. I hung fenders. Their life-vested torsos protrude from Forrest, she just doesn’t know it. He’s the reason I’m traipsing our onto the wall like the Mona Lisa. I living room belt- can’t imagine I’ve improved in the de- slender hulls like angry dorsal fins. The ball ing out show tunes like a one- cade since. Sport intuition won’t help, either. Liquefy all my roller der- splashes midfield. They thrash. man Broadway revue. He’s the reason scores of by knowledge, and they’d still let it on a plane. Beyond that divine and deceitful distance to Clover High School students audition to sing Bailey says the semi-pro squad looks like chaos in high wheels, but a the McDowell Nature Preserve shoreline on Lake On Your songs older than M A R K S their parents’ He’s ring around the track takes a helmet- load of strategy and technique. He’s prom photos. Wylie, kayak polo seems such a palatable en- John Marks the reason his district needs trophy cases as a married to blocker Rebecca, so he’s pretty much bound by life and limb to deavor. Teams of uniformed paddle pushers nav- budget item. Forrest’s Choraliers have eight state choral championships the past PHOTOS BY STEPHANIE MARKS MARTELL Former Choralier and current judge Colin Ruffer listens as John Marks sings his audition. say nice things. “These aren’t just a bunch of mad, igating a rectangular pitch in Sunday morning decade. They’ll change concert venues to fit their music. Sixth- graders choose electives to prepare bruising women who are out there to hurt you,” Bailey said. COURTESY OF STEPHANIE MARTELL - Stephanie Martell Photography Pam Yavorka, right, a former speed skater and now a blocker and sometimes jammer for the Charlotte Speed As if the world needs more of light, passing the ball in close Online for auditions years later. those, am I right? I get the gloss ver- Demons, helps reporter John Marks find his balance in high wheels. Forrest has a sion, how team members fly planes Yavorka is a memory. The former and firing toward a suspend- Look for video and firm hand on and play the cello. They’re bakers, Online speed skater makes short work of the On Your Marks all of it, save more photos the auditions. bartenders and bank execs, attorneys Watch a video of reporter John pack and sets sight on me. Scoreboard ed goal overhead. From a dis- online at lakewyliepilot.com. “I’m at the finish line,” he and dental assistants. Everybody’s Marks skating with the Speed Somehow I navigate one turn and a Competition: Charlotte Speed playing nice. I’m not sold. Demons and see more photos on back straightaway. Before I test turn Demons teammates Joy tance, it’s elegant. Within the said. “Living in the community as long as I have, I’ve learned that it’s better to take I have a contact in an opposing team’s city who I probably shouldn’t our website, lakewyliepilot.com. two, I’m lapped. Never even neared the pack. Campbell and Pam Yavorka, both of Fort Mill float ropes, cadaverous. myself out of it and just let it be.” Being a Choralier is grueling, “life-changing” and “probably the name for safety reasons. Reason be- ing, I value my safety. I’m hearing www.lakewyliepilot.com Yet I’m the one drawing applause. Maybe these women aren’t such ruf- Contest: One lap races around the rink, to see who scores the “We don’t always think as best experience you’ll have in high school,” members say. Becoming there’s at least one derbiest I want no part of. alongside me. We’ll race once fians. Their husbands and sons tell me so, and they should know. most points by passing pack members from the opposing one is clinical. Take every ounce of clearly as we should,” says musical knowledge and talent you can muster, and stuff it into an “She’s meaner than any man I know,” I’m told. through the eight-woman pack – four of her teammates, four of mine – and Families follow the team every- where but into the locker room. team – or until I’m lapped. Score: Both Campbell and Kim Parker, twice member of eight-minute audition that deter- mines whether you still believe in spare time. Race City vows to be different. They don’t want pro wrestling on back through to score points. Or until I’m lapped. She’s a pleasant person Campbell’s elder son is a penalty tracker who’s begging for a “my der- Yavorka lap me with little trouble. Final score: Campbell wheels. No stage name heels or pag- until the whistle blows. A week later, by mom can beat up your soccer the women’s national team “There’s no magic formula,” Forrest said. “It’s 1 percent talent and 99 percent hard work.” Choraliers director Jay Forrest ends the audition with a handshake after reporter John Marks tried his hand at singing. eantry attire. No melees, hoodwin- against the Greenville Derby Dames, mom” shirt, and her husband stands and Yavorka 2, Marks 0. kery or bamboozling, either. Speed she’ll knock women into next week guard as an EMT firefighter. On Your and lone female in the Caroli- I can be 1 percent. Cuisinart on my forehead, because My lower register is grapeshot at too old for the William Hung refer- Demons want their sport in the Olym- without breaking stride. Yavorka couldn’t keep her hus- The audition I’m a blender. I carry a tune like I’d best, so they allow me a song that ence? Too young? Welcome to For- pics. Allowing the likes of me on their I wasn’t this nervous on my wed- band away with a two-arm sling pass, Round 2 M A R K S naParker tallied a goal in the Kayak Polo Club. First up are two district vocal instructors, a former Choralier and a modulating piano. It’s happening carry a dorm room sofa or casket – in groups. “The first time is terrible,” said senior Ryan Kelly. “It’s the worst.” doesn’t require one. I’ll sing “Till There Was You” from “The Music Man.” My voice won’t sell any public broadcasting airspace, but rest’s challenge. Forrest takes students born into a world where Hanson tops the charts, and directs them toward track probably isn’t helping. Round 1 ding day. I’m Juan Pablo Montoya on a track full of jet dryers. The whistle screeches. and her dad was an instant convert. “He thinks its funny that at my age, he’s still going to watch me roller Team members take my arm and wheel me back to the jammer line like already. I asphyxiate. Solos aren’t “It gets better each time,” prom- I’m not exactly throwing up jazz For one straightaway I skate as fast skate,” she said. John Marks most recent world champion- my thing. You may as well stamp ises senior Ethan Babson. hands to “She Bangs,” either. What, See MARKS ■ 2B Yavorka, 43, toes the jammer line and as perpendicular as I ever have. See DERBY ■ 2B hi i t th N th
  • 22. HUMOR COLUMN WRITING Weekly Over 6,000 Division FIRST PLACE: The Columbia Star Mike Maddock
  • 23. HUMOR COLUMN WRITING Weekly 2/3 Times DivisionTHIRD PLACE: The Summerville Journal Scene Julie Smith Aiming for gun ownership BY JULIE R. SMITH look what hap- pened.” Guns it. I’d like something small enough to be concealed in a purse or tucked My ex-husband had a ginormous .44 caliber Smith & Wesson in a shrieked and threw the gun in the air. T-Bob froze with an egg half- S o, a woman in Texas tries to don’t scare me, in the glove compartment. I hate carved display case. The barrel was cracked in his hand. shoot a skunk but hits her hus- but they scare driving long distances with nothing at least a foot long. I could barely “Son! I thought you were a cat Is it just me, or is our house falling apart? band instead. Widdle. Not guns The skunk was eating food left out in general, just for the family cats, and last week the any gun in my but my little pink Mace canister on my key ring. But no, Widdle will not allow. He lift it with both hands, and never learned to fire it. (Which, down the line, he was thankful for.) burglar!” she gasped. “Of course,” T-Bob said. “Because so many cat burglars break in andBY JULIE R. SMITH grabbed first. (One night I ate an bedrooms and my thing in the hall as I yanked the door He looked at the wall, which now up. She fetched her hands. woman was fed says I’m too jittery to trust with a After my father died, Mother trusty .45 caliber from her purse That’s right. My gun. The truth is, we both know he’s bought a .38 Special and kept it in cook breakfast, right?” onion slathered in jam.) bathroom also open. sported several cracks. He pressed Back to the skunk in Texas. He You know how once you start one Anyway, after the kitchen was fin- open off the cen- Then I careened wildly across the his fingers into some (this spots andremember), went out name is Julie and is Texas, afraid I’ll shoot him on a whim. I her bedside drawer. She almost shot How, when and why? softhome improvement project, the ished, we were thrilled with the new ter hall. The hall hardwood hall floor and slammed said, “Hmmmmm-mmmmmm. and fired off a round. my husband won’t let me own a can’t imagine why he thinks that to the porch “ my beloved brother T-Bob once. He wasn’t hit, but he died laughing. No,whole concept snowballs and pretty floor, paint, appliances, etc. Not itself contains a Which ricocheted wildly, went gun. into Widdle, who was upright and (English translation: “This wall is when I’ve never raised a hand to woke up in his apartment, wanted he actually returned while investiga- through a door to the house and Oh, we have guns all over the another human being in my life, but breakfast and decided it would be tors were still there, and startedsoon you’re cooking on a camp stove thrilled enough to add a new bath- massive antique perfectly healthy. (Although rightful- tore up.”) Then he struck hubby in the gut. stepped back, house—hunting rifles and a shotgun there you are. And, in his smooth- easier and cheaper to drive to noshing on the cat food again. Theyin the snow while drunken strangers room or install a fireplace, but satis- breakfront from a ly annoyed at getting screamed at, BY JULIE R. SMITH • Why has Elton John, • Does anyone miss “Cheers,” “St. or two. These do me absolutely no talking way, he turns it around on Mother’s house, let himself in andadd a second story to your house? fied. Life got back to normal, or as defunct shoe store slammed into and soaked simultane- squinted and said, “You knowworth a The husband was good because if I comeand “Picket Fences” as much what The good news: who is to a hospital, and he’s fine. bazil- Elsewhere” home alone me. chased him away. airlifted rattle some pots and pans. He was Yeah. Life’s funny that way. normal as life gets with a husband in Walterboro, a ously. Turns out he wasn’t shouting, this I try, for the lion bucks, never had means?” Gun or no gun, you can’t keep a R andom thoughts as Treated and released. and a bad as I jumps out of the clos- guy do? “Honey, 30 minutes after you take happily frying eggs at 5 a.m. when There is no drunken stranger in our named Widdle. Victorian chair “No,” I snapped, still damp and “I’m dead,” he was shouting, “Calm to figure out how his teeth fixed? (I actu- good skunk down. umpteenth time, The bad news: This puts me that et, what am•I Whento do?AARP magazine become you’d shoot any- going did Ask him your sleeping pills she crept into the dining room andstory, because my wise husband, But, as most adults have learned, and a huge, framed black-and-white down!”) sulky. Pinterest works: ally admire this—he’s owning a to hold that thought while I run get thing—you read know what you’re much further from ever the coolest, most informative thing I don’t drew down on him.Widdle Baby, hires only people he normal never lasts. One night a few portrait of me, Widdle and our The crash-thud-bang happened “It means we need to tear out this the teeth the rifle? Fail. Julie R. Smith, who might start • Why does a paper cut hurt worse than happy with gun. doing,” he says. (I know exactly all month? Seriously, it rocks. When she saw it was her second-knows. So we had fine Christian weeks later, I was soaking in the tub- beloved Nicky. The frame is made of when the heavy family portrait fell wall and put in a new wall.read that story and said, Widdle We What I want is a permitted gun of what I’m doing, but that’s another born son, she did what any sensi- carrying a skunk, can be reached at a broken leg? God gave him. Too badworkmen and didn’t have to hide the -idly wondering why all the toes on massive, five-inch gilt molding. off the wall, because said wall sud- need….” he paused “See? She aimed at a skunk, but my own, and Why doinwomen use their hair after a dramatically. • lessons how to cut column.) ble woman would do. She widdleswife@aol.com.liquor. Well, Widdle actually had to my left foot are crooked--when there Now, when I heard that ungodly • How many different ways can you you can’t say the same denly bulged outward. The portrait “More renovations.” breakup? Wouldn’t it be more satisfyinghide it from me halfway through the came an almighty CRASH! THUD! noise, my first thought was: Widdle’s slammed into a freestanding book- into went straight for the wine. dead badger on make a cupcake? I bit I a stuffed cup- for that to go to his house and whack his hair offkitchen redo, which was supposed to BANG! from the center hall. had a heart attack and pulled the case, did a somersault weekhit thehad frosting in my his head.) cake last and and in chunks? To be continued…. • Why can’t I tpye for tow days after Itake three days (insert bitter laughter) First, the facts: Our old house is a breakfront over on himself. I am now floor. The wall wasfor an hour. nose wrecked, several • What happens to expired beer?and stretched into 10, with no wash- hodgepodge of added rooms and odd the Widow Widdle. glass items on • If bookcasereality shows on TV were cut my naisl? the all the explod- • Why do drivers think tailgating soer and dryer and the fridge wedged nooks. To get to the center hall, one Screaming, I leaped out of the tub, ed, and I wascancelled, would the worldJulie R. Smith, who After never breakfast (the most impor- closely you can’t see their headlights is a a sniveling hot mess. stop? • may I eatinto the guest room. Since the door walks through the dining room, or careened wildly across the bathroom • gibbering and hear hang another picture on another After I finishedWhen I don’t turn- from my relatives tant meal!) why am I starving the rest of good way to make you speed up? It justwould only open four inches, dinner takes a hard right from the kitchen floor and slammed into the closed ing aimlessly in circles, Widdle wall, iscan be reached day? wid- like a gateway meal that for two months, I assume all well, aka the at It’swas whatever our groping hands through a guest room. Two other door. I heard Widdle shout some- began to inspect the damage. dleswife@aol.com. makes me drop into a lower gear and “No news is good news.” But when I see makes me ravenous for bigger meals. enjoy the scenery. Hey, there’s a hog with a familiar number on caller ID, I panic • Why are my hearing and vision going to hell at the same time? You’d think it a spot shaped like Woody Harrelson! and assume they’re dead. Wouldn’t it would be one or the other, but after 50, • How can food trucks be a faster alter- make more sense to assume death when I let’s face it—you’re gonna be groping native to restaurants when their lines go don’t hear from them? through life yelling “Huh?” around the block? • How come nobody has ever bottled puppy breath? Nothing smells better, • Why is day-old turkey dryer than • Why are gray hairs the consistency of except cupcakes. sandpaper? It was soft and juicy just the barbed wire? They poke up from my head • Why would anyone want to own a day before. What happens in the fridge like tiny little mattress springs. three-pound dog? If you trip over a Lab, overnight? • Why does pudding have the consisten- he wags his tail. If you trip over an • I love cooking shows, so why have I cy of phlegm? embryo with fur, congratulations--you never made a single recipe from one? • Do people really believe you can get just bought yourself a $1,500 vet bill to (Speaking of cooking shows, I miss The an authentic three-course Italian dinner set its tiny little legs. Galloping Gourmet with Graham Kerr. for $12.95? If so, I have an olive tree • When you lose 10 pounds, where does He was hilarious, probably because he orchard for sale. In Ladson. it go? Does it just float around trying to drank a bottle of wine during every find its way back home? episode.) Julie R. Smith, who will be wondering • Does Paula Deen still think butter is a • When did Woody Harrelson get so ‘til the day she dies, can be reached at beverage? freaking weird? widdleswife@aol.com.
  • 24. HUMOR COLUMN WRITING Weekly 2/3 Times Division SECOND PLACE: The Press & Standard Charles Rowland
  • 25. The Summer of Dirty Fred’sBY JIM TATUM enough to keep Dirty Fred’s was not for everyone. lating. Then they both sat down on everyone only Once, we hired a co-worker down the couch and made great pretenseS o I ran into an old friend of mildly drenched on her luck to come clean the place of being unable to get back up. mine recently. in sweat, except for us, but as most good deeds are They would tell us later they had As is usually the case with for whoever wont to do, that one didn’t quite actually adhered to the couch.people who have known each other slept in the front work out. First, she flatly refused to Personally, I believe they were justfor more than four decades, we got bedroom -- he enter the kitchen – she may have very tired, possibly hallucinating.to talking about the good old days – had to guard been a nascent militant feminist -- After all, everyone knows spilledin this case, the summer our parents against frost- then upon seeing the bathroom she beer and tobacco juice evaporatestook leave of their senses and bite. And the haughtily doubled her fee. To add almost immediately fromallowed three of us to live at the yard, which insult to injury, she didn’t chip in Naugahyde. In fact, that’s the beau-beach, on our own, for the first consisted of dead pine trees and the for gas when we gave her a ride – ty of Naugahyde, it’s maintenancetime. ensuing carpet of brown needles at her hysterical insistence, I might free -- you don’t even have to wipe Indeed, at age 18 we were living not only made mowing unneces- add -- to the nearest biohazard it.the dream: working nights, beach sary but served as exceptionally decontamination facility. Eventually, with arms flailing,bumming during the days, hanging prolific redbug habitat. Some people are just downright much grunting and accompaniedour seriously inebriated hats in this As we worked in hot, busy ungrateful. by a sound not unlike someone vio-magical, well-appointed bachelor seafood restaurant kitchens every Another time, one of my room- lently yanking Velcro strips apart,pad we dubbed “Dirty Fred’s night, we found ourselves doing mate’s mother and sister visited for they got to their feet and bolted outGigolo Trailer.” laundry about every two weeks or about fifteen minutes during the the front door. Then, with redlining We named it after the owner, a whenever we had run through our Fourth of July weekend. engine and screeching tires – atvery honest, straightforward and underwear twice, whatever came They were returning to South least, I think that was tires screech-straight-laced traveling produce first. Carolina from New York and had ing – they headed back out on thefarmer and Adventist minister, who I don’t know if it was the redbugs planned to spend the night with us holiday road. I remember beingin fact, did bathe regularly. or the leftover soap flakes we to break up the trip. By the time puzzled but impressed. I had no Dirty Fred’s wasn’t perfect – no would salvage, mix, and match they got to Dirty Fred’s, however, idea why they decided to get backcastle ever is. The ventilation was a from discarded detergent boxes we they had been on the road a good on the road but that was the one andlittle unique -- all the windows found in the Laundromat garbage fourteen hours in a un-air condi- only time I ever saw anyone driv-were either rusted permanently can, but for some reason I itched a tioned ’78 Pinto station wagon. ing a Pinto station wagon burn rub-open or shut – but the interior décor lot that summer. Personally, I think That’s why I’m convinced the ber in a dirt driveway.was a stunning triumph of soup it was the humidity. sheer exhaustion of holiday travel, That just goes to show you whatkitchen chic, complete with spec- The point is, Dirty Fred’s wasn’t not ungrateful pettiness or violent exhaustion can really do to a per-tacularly mismatched Naugahyde just another one-hairdryer-away- militant feminism contributed to son.furniture and faux sea grass wallpa- from-a- fire single-wide in the mid- what happened next. Alas, all things – from summerper. The doors didn’t lock but we dle of a sprawling trailer park near First, Mrs. D’s eyes began to days to kidney stones – must passviewed that as a safety feature Garden City Beach, South water and she kept pinching her but the memories remain no matterrather than a drawback. The win- Carolina: it was a state of mind. nostrils shut; her daughter began how much I booze. Three decadesdow unit air conditioner, cleverly Some have called that state of scratching uncontrollably and later, we can look back on thoseduct taped into a hole in the living mind “severe dementia.” Alas, pulled the collar of her t-shirt over days and chuckle, although forroom wall was just powerful envy is an ugly emotion. her nose, which may have con- some reason every time I think Nonetheless, I will admit that tributed to her sudden hyperventi- about those days I have to scratch.
  • 26. SERIES OF ARTICLES Weekly Under 6,000 Division THIRD PLACE: The People-Sentinel Jonathan Vickery 2012 Crime Series
  • 27. SERIES OF ARTICLES Weekly Under 6,000 Division SECOND PLACE:The Hampton County Guardian Michael M. Dewitt Jr. Bullying in Schools
  • 28. SERIES OF ARTICLES Weekly Under 6,000 Division Ignore.no.moreFIRST PLACE: concerns an issue “God placed on our hearts” people from other countries The Clinton Chronicle By Vic MacDonald promising them education, Staff Writer and then they are doing things they did not expect to be “God placed this on our doing,” Wham said, “and all hearts” is the reason that an their wages go to the traffick- Vic MacDonald organizing committee will ers.” bring forth Thursday night an First Baptist Church, the issue that for most people is Presbyterian College Fellow- out of sight, out of mind. ship of Christian Athletes, Human trafficking takes Transformation, Davidson place just in big cities, right? Street Baptist and BroadIgnore.no.more Well, no, the ignore.no.more event - 6:30 p.m. Thursday at the Clinton First Baptist Church Family Street United Methodist are partners in this event. Speakers from Interna- tional Justice Mission and On Life Center, 301 Broad St. - Eagles Wings Ministries, andhuman trafficking will include a harrowing tale of human trafficking from here in Laurens County. Karen Wham, an organizer music by Chris Tippins will be featured at the event this Thursday evening. Doors will open at 6 p.m. of the event, said that Dawn Tippins will lead praise and Ardelt, of the Laurens County worship at 6:30, followed by Safe Home, will bring details the speakers, and the event of the case of a young woman will end at 8 p.m. whom the agency recently Seating is limited. has helped. “We strongly encourage A flyer for the event says, everyone to come out and ed- “This very moment more than ucate themselves on this con- 2.7 million people are trapped cerning matter,” said Shaun in modern-day slavery.” Nibert, president of PC’s “This is the result of a lot FCA. “There is so much that of people working together. we, as a community, turn a God put this on our hearts,” blind eye to daily simply be- Wham said. “The call to do cause we just don’t know this intensified for me when I ents: Some of the images on a done. And that is just the sex about them. Come hear the became a mother a year ago. video that will be shown at trafficking aspect of the prob- facts and feel the pain from If this was happening to my this event will be too disturb- lem; other trafficking is done the stories ahead. You will be child I would be out there ing for children to watch. for cheap labor on farms and shocked. Take a stand with us working to get her back, but For the Super Bowl, politi- in factories. not to allow this version of there are so many children cal conventions and other Atlanta and Charlotte are modern-day slavery to con- some 5 and 6 years old, God mass events, girls and boys major human trafficking tinue.” is calling on us to be their are brought into the cities to “ports”. “Until we starting re- For more information, call voice.” service the event participants, searching it,” Wham said, 864-833-5271. A word of caution for par- said Wham of the research “we didn’t know it, either.” the organizing committee has “Traffickers will bring in
  • 29. SERIES OF ARTICLES DR. HOLLIDAY: Style guru Weekly Over 6,000 Division ‘BEAUTIFUL MIND:’ Martin DickeyTHIRD PLACE: The Fort Mill High School Marching Band, circa 1981, cheers. COURTESY OF FMHS 1980s band director introduces Fort Mill Times ‘floating shapes’ to FMHS Editor’s note: This is part of an occa- sional series leading up to the Fort Mill Band Alumni reunion in September. By Jenny Overman The difficult drill came with a steep learning curve for the band students. “We didn’t do well at the early con- tests. We were struggling,” Holliday said. joverman@fortmilltimes.com A mid-season competition in Laurens Jenny Overman turned the band around. As the band took FORT MILL — If directors John De- the field, performing songs including Week starting Wednesday, August 22, 2012 Classic cars could be a good investment, 3B News Life-changing experience Fort Mill High grad traces the Holocaust, 5A Got a news tip? Call us at 547-2353! + 3A Loach and Ernie Thigpen built the foun- “New York, New York,” something dation of the Fort Mill Marching Band changed, Holliday recalls. The band’s S.C. Sandy Pointe residents favor annexation House By John Marks representation at the town in ad- mer, homeowners association the vote also had possible reper- “This was certainly a unique candidate jmarks@fortmilltimes.com dition to the county level. Re- President Russell Phillips said cussions in other areas. An an- election,” said Wanda Hemphill, maining outside the limits the move likely wouldn’t benefit nexed Sandy Pointe would, for director of York County Registra- FORT MILL — Residents of would mean no town taxes. him financially, but that overall instance, bring a community like tion and Elections. “We’ve never the Sandy Pointe subdivision ap- Darren Ham brought his fami- it could be a boost to property Huntington Place into a contig- held an election like that for a taking it proved a request to become part of the town of Fort Mill in a refer- endum held last week. The vote ly – which includes two voters – to the polls Aug. 14. Ham’s de- ciding factor was the additional values. Casting his vote Tuesday, Phillips hadn’t changed his opinion. uous path where residents there could choose to petition a simi- lar vote themselves. subdivision.” Following the vote, the town must give 30 days to allow for one door – 69 in favor and 19 opposed – was certified Thursday. Several issues stood at the set of services offered by annex- ation. “We both voted yes,” he said. Regardless of turnout, Phil- lips said, he planned to stand by the community’s decision. It remains to be seen if the Sandy Pointe vote will be an anomaly or the first of others to public reaction before Town Council can approve the move. The only hang-up would be if ex- at a time heart of the annexation decision. A move into town limits would mean better utility costs, gar- “Having the Fort Mill services, the law enforcement – it’s a lot closer.” “If that’s what they decide, then that’s the betterment of the community,” he said. come. Such an annexation hadn’t been attempted in the county, and public officials say isting Fort Mill residents created a counter petition, which hasn’t happened in previous annex- bage collection and other town As residents prepared for the While the decision mainly in- they’re only aware of a select few ation cases statewide. By Stephanie Marks Martell services, along with political annexation vote earlier this sum- volved Sandy Pointe residents, such petitions statewide. marksmartelldesign@gmail.com FORT MILL — Armed with a bottle of Gatorade, a box of busi- ness cards and his dad’s yellow Ford pickup, South Carolina House District 26 Libertarian WELCOME BACK, COTTER: Band reunion ‘Urban’ candidate Jeremy Walters is hit- could be ting the pavement to reach out to program, Dr. Terry Holliday gave the pro- hard work in rehearsals took root and voters before the 2012 General Election on Nov. 6. Walters faces Raye Felder, a Re- publican running as a petition candidate after her name was knocked off the primary ballot on its way along with dozens of others be- cause of a technicality in a state- wide filing glitch. Walters is rela- Fort Mill’s downtown tively unknown while Felder has may get a new look deep ties to the Fort Mill commu- nity. By John Marks “My friends asked me, ‘How jmarks@fortmilltimes.com are you going to win this?’ I’m go- ing to go door to door and ask F O RT M I L L — S o m e d a y them to vote for me. I’ve handed downtown Fort Mill could have a out 600 cards. I just have 25,000 drastically different look. If it more to go. It’s not that big of a does, two recent moves by Town deal,” Walters laughs. Council could play a role. Walters is canvassing the dis- On Aug. 13 Council moved for- trict neighborhood by neighbor- ward with ordinances changing hood, knocking on doors and in- what signs are allowed in local troducing himself to potential commercial zoning districts and voters. allowing for a new urban devel- While making his rounds in opment zoning district. Both is- Fort Mill’s White Grove neigh- sues could apply in several loca- borhood Thursday evening, Wal- tions in town, though the Main ters stopped to speak to resident Street area is a particularly strong Lee Thompson, who said he possibility. plans to vote Nov. 6. “What we’re talking about is gram the style and uniqueness that is its blossomed. “I vote in all of them,” he said. mainly in the downtown area,” “This is the most important elec- said Councilman Larry Huntley. PHOTOS SPECIAL TO THE FORT MILL TIMES “It’s something we’ve looked at tion in my lifetime. I’m a Repub- lican. Some things are going on An overview of the Fort Mill High School Band perfroming in the 1987 S.C. State Competiton. where if you have that residen- that I absolutely disagree with tial, you have a built-in market FMHS director’s themes and that concern me for my chil- for restaurants, that type of dren and their children. To me it thing.” looks pretty ugly right now,” Mr. The new zoning district is a Thompson said. high-density residential tool White Grove resident Robert aimed at “flexible, infill-style de- Ryals, who works as an audiovi- sual archivist at Winthrop Uni- versity, also has concerns. He cites dwindling funding for edu- spanned war, Disney velopment” within the town’s ur- ban areas. Council first heard de- tails of the new zoning in July, when they were told by staff that cation in the K-12 grades and on no particular projects had come the university level as a major is- Editor’s note: This is part of an occa- former band member Christi Pearse before the town but that the new sue during this election. Ryals sional series leading up to the Fort Mill Knight remembers best. The show zoning could create an option for questioned Walters about his Band reunion on Sept. 15. opened with “When Johnny Comes developers. platform and expressed doubts By Jenny Overman Marching Home.” During the show the Huntley envisions something that a Libertarian approach could joverman@fortmilltimes.com band broke into two parts representing where perhaps a downstairs level be good for education. the North and the South. is commercial with residential The brand new 26th S.C. FORT MILL — It was 1991, and the Fort Without warning, the students would upstairs, where residents have a House District is a result of state- Mill High School Marching Band was break rank mid-show and stage a war on variety of shops or services with- wide legislative redistricting leaving the field after performing their the field – using their instruments as in walking distance. Aimed at completed in 2011 in response to Christmas-themed show at a competition weapons and flash cubes to represent helping whatever businesses population increases indicated in Florida. gun fire. may locate there is the new by 2010 census data. District 26 is The next band on the schedule took “The first time he explained to us what change to the town’s sign rules. sandwiched between District 45 one look at the Fort Mill band’s perfor- we were going to do, I thought it would be Areas like downtown current- to the east, where incumbent Re- mance and decided they weren’t compet- the stupidest thing. But it looked great,” ly don’t allow for projecting publican Deborah Long will run ing anymore, remembers director Bob Knight said. “I even had people in college signs, or signs reaching from the uncontested in the general elec- Cotter. ask where I was from. When I told them building that are more easily seen hallmark even today. “We won that show and never looked tion, and District 48 to the west, “The director for the band that fol- I’d been in the Fort Mill band they’d say, by foot or vehicle traffic. The where incumbent Republican lowed us on the field came running up ‘Civil war show, best show ever.’” change allows for up to 12 square Ralph Norman also will run un- and said, ‘I’m not competing; I’m not One of Cotter’s signature point-earn- feet of signage extending up to contested. District 45 includes competing. I only want comments from ing moves was the band’s ‘closer.’ It was three feet from the building, al- eastern Fort Mill but is situated the judges,’” Cotter said. the 30 seconds at the end of a show where lowing just one per business. primarily in Lancaster County, It wasn’t the first time, or the last time, he’d have the color guard race across the Initially, Council expressed while Tega Cay is in District 48. that the Fort Mill Band would blow away field, and the band would perform some some concerns such as on Main “Very few people knew there the competition. Jason Ford, now an English teacher at of its most difficult and dramatic music. Street where public right-of-way was a newly created House seat,” Cotter took over as director of the Fort Fort Mill High School who works with “The last thing you remember when begins almost immediately at the Walters said, adding that it was Mill High School Marching Band in 1987 the band, holds up Fort Mill’s state you meet someone is what it felt like to businesses, and movement or difficult “trying to explain the ex- after being recruited for the position by Championship trophy in 1987. say goodbye,” Cotter said. “It’s that final visibility of pedestrians could be citement –being the only person former director Terry Holliday. During goodbye that the judges remember more impacted. on the ballot at one point, and Cotter’s five years as director, he would ence and the judges. A Disney-themed than anyone else. If you nail that to the “The signs, whatever objec- having them look at you and say, take the band from being just an award- show was performed in front of a replica wall, your score will go up.” tions there may have been we ‘Is that like Congress or some- winning marching band to being both of Cinderella’s castle – built by the group It’s the 1987 marching band show that should be able to take care of in thing?’” winners and show-stopping performers. of parents known as the “pit crew.” The Cotter remembers best, though. During a the way the ordinance is written If elected, Walters’ job descrip- Marching band shows during most of Christmas show featured several wooden moving rendition of “How Great Thou up,” Huntley said. “I actually tion will be “to be the voice of the Cotter’s era had themes, costumes and Christmas trees that lit up and flashed. think that it’ll be an enhance- people,” he said. “Trying to keep props that helped tell a story to the audi- It was the Civil War-themed show that Please see BAND 4A ment to the area.” up with what Fort Mill needs. Signs would still require per- That’s the most important part.” mits and review, in places even Public invited to speak at rec hearing Walters, a carpenter, said the by the Historic Review Board. responsibilities of the South Car- Council also sees a safety benefit, olina state government to the with flat storefront signs often people are listening to what con- difficult to see while driving the stituents want, representing the By Jenny Overman we’re doing with athletics and facilities. As narrow length of Main Street. people to make sure their rights joverman@fortmilltimes.com Small projecting signs, some are upheld, and “not blowing the Speak up Fort Mill continues to grow we need to make sure we have growing and improving said, would be easier to place and taxpayers’ money on ridiculous FORT MILL — Residents will have two The public meetings will be held on our radar,” Simpson said. keep traffic moving. things.” If he is elected, his core opportunities over the next two weeks to let from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. Aug. 28 and Sept. One area of expansion on the horizon is One area where projecting When Holliday took over as director of back after that,” Holliday said. team will consist largely of peo- town officials know what they want in the 4 at Town Hall. The meeting isn’t just for at Doby’s Bridge Park, Simpson said, where signs and similar urban zoning ple associated with the S.C. Co- way of recreation sports and other similar town residents, Fort Mill Parks and more fields are needed. That expansion will plans already are in place is Bax- alition 4 Parents & Children, with programming. Recreation Director Brown Simpson be discussed at the public meetings, he add- ter Village. Clair Robinson, own- whom Walters has spent the past The town will host two public meetings said. Anyone interested in recreation in ed. er of The Bump Maternity Bou- year lobbying for more equal in Town Hall starting at on Aug 28 and Sept the community is welcome, he said. The department has around 3,500 kids tique, said her store of two-and-a- rights for both parents in child 4. Both meetings begin at 6 p.m. involved in its recreation programs annu- half years benefits from both. custody cases. “What we want to do is have the commu- ally. That number has grown significantly “A lot of our traffic is drive-by “I’m going to try to get the nity meeting to give the public a chance to tackle football, baseball, softball and since the town took over the athletic pro- traffic,” she said of her store sign younger people in – that’s who I give input about what they like, what they cheerleading. It also organizes recreational grams from the Leroy Springs Recreation out front. “They’re driving by plan to use. They don’t know it don’t and what the want to see in the fu- events such as movies in the park and ulti- Complex in 2010. and they’re not necessarily com- yet. I have all my damage that I ture,” said Fort Mill Parks and Recreation mate Frisbee pick-up games. Most of the children are from Fort Mill, ing here looking for us.” want to do, like bills of my own Director Brown Simpson. The recreation department oversees the but many come from around the region, in- The urban feel of Baxter also personally,” he said. “We want to expand on what the public town’s seven parks and facilities, including cluding South Charlotte, Waxhaw, N.C., helps in that the restaurants and Walters’ personal fights in- wants.” the Spratt Building, Confederate Park and and Indian Land. stores nearby can help each oth- Right now, the town offers recreation Walter Elisha Park. Simpson expects the number of partici- + Please see WALTERS 7A sports programs, including soccer, flag and “I think people are pleased with what pants to continue to rise. Please see URBAN 7A the Fort Mill Marching Band in 1981, the Holliday had previously taught a mid- band’s typical show was a series of dle school band in Greenwood and took shapes formed by the students and held the position at Fort Mill High School eager PHOTOS BY CARL HAMES - SPECIAL TO THE FORT MILL TIMES steady for a short time period. to become involved with the band pro-Fort Mill band John DeLoach, Ernie Thigpen, Martin Dickey, Bob Cotter and Dr. Terry Holliday pose together at a band concert in 2007 honoring the school’s dozens of Holliday changed that. He “floated” gram at Fort Mill, which was rapidly earn- state championships. All are scheduled to atten the upcoming reunion on Sept. 15. PRUITT’S BAND: ‘Performance of a lifetime’ shapes. The band would make a shape – diamond was a favorite – and “float” it ing a reputation around the state for its success. Easing students’ minds across the field, a technique that showed Under the leadership of DeLoach and off the band’s marching skill that took Dr. Terry Holliday conducts the band. Thigpen, the band had two state titles un- countless hours of practice to perfect. der its belt and had recently made the The band was ready for the challenge, transition from class 2A to 3A. Holliday said. port, you just put a package together that During Holliday’s seven years as band “The tradition was built. The kids the kids like and the fans liked,” he said. director, the band would win six more before leading them knew it took hard work. We didn’t even But the first few months of that firstdirectors: A tradition have to struggle with community sup- band season had a few hiccups, he said. Please see BAND 2A Editor’s note: This is the next installment of an occasional series leading up to the Fort Mill Band re- Come to the reunion union Sept. 15. By Jenny Overman The Fort Mill Band Alumni Reunion is Sept. 15. joverman@fortmilltimes.com It will include dinner at the stadium, a chance to buy the 1975-’89 era band uniform and a silent FORT MILL — If the only constant in life is change,of excellence auction. Alumni are encouraged to bring their the Fort Mill High School Marching Band got an up instruments and perform “The Horse” with the close and personal life lesson in the early 1990s. Fort Mill Marching Band. The band will preview its Band director Bob Cotter left the band in 1992 and 2012 show. Five previous band directors are Scott Lambert, a director from Virginia, took the reins. scheduled to attend. A portion of proceeds from Lambert led the band to two state championships in the event will fund Dollars for Dublin – the band’s two years before resigning the position early in the 1994 competition season. fundraising efforts for its trip to Dublin, Ireland to With Lambert gone, the school’s administration perform in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. For more turned to Martin Dickey, the middle school band direc- information or to buy tickets, go to tor, to take over. www.fortmillhsband.com/alumni/. The transition from Lambert to Dickey was stressful for students, Dickey said, especially seniors who were facing their third director in four years. “It doesn’t matter if you win or lose. It’s how you “It could have been devastating on the program,” play the game. Did you do your best? If you have that Dickey said. philosophy, everything else will follow,” Dickey said. COURTESY OF JOSH HERBERT Dickey prevented the unease and uncertainty from Dickey’s leadership and sage advice helped soothe becoming a negative experience for the students. He Martin Dickey leads the Fort MIll Marching Band. the sting of the loss, Plyler said. The band gathered Pruitt talks to the members of the Fort Mill High School Marching Band. Director John spent a lot of time talking to students and getting to together after the loss and Dickey told the students Latest director savors know them better. The drama and excitement of the stadium lights how sorry he was that the competition hadn’t gone “I told them, ‘This is the situation we’re in, and we gave nighttime performances more energy than a mid- their way. have to live with it,’ Dickey said. “And they rallied. We afternoon performance. Plyler got the impression that Dickey, although try- had a great season. We just focused on the positive and That year, the band was assigned a midday perfor- ing to stay positive, “was never letting that happen making the situation the best we could.” mance time. The performance lacked the energy that a again.” success, stresses values That year was the first in five years that the band nighttime show would have. The band won the State competition for the next didn’t win the State title. Something was “off” about “It was a major let down. Everyone wanted to per- five years in a row. that competition, said Wil Plyler, the band’s drum ma- form under the lights. It was a magical moment. We Dickey directed the Fort Mill Marching Band for 12 jor in 1994. Typically, the band would be among the thrived off the crowd’s energy,” Plyler said. “No one years and led the group to eight state championships. last bands to perform at the State competition. Those wants to perform in the afternoon.” During his tenure, he led the band through the transi- last spots were coveted because they were late in the The band finished in second place. There was dis- tion from Class 3A to 4A, organized three trips for the evening and performed under the lights of the football appointment, but Dickey reminded students that you Editor’s note: This is the final installment of a series. stadium. can’t win ‘em all. Please see By Jenny4A BAND Overman Come to the reunion joverman@fortmilltimes.com The Fort Mill Band Alumni Reunion is Sept. 15. It will FORT MILL TOWNSHIP include dinner at the stadium, a chance to buy the 1975-89 T he Fort Mill High School Marching Band, under the direc- era band uniform and a silent auction. Alumni are encouraged tion of John Pruitt, marched onto the competition field in to bring their instruments and perform “The Horse” with the Akron, Ohio, last year, facing 35-mile-per-hour winds Fort Mill Marching Band. The band will preview its 2012 show. and chilly 40-degree weather. The wind Five previous band directors, including Thigpen, are knocked students off balance and tossed the scheduled to attend. A portion of proceeds from the event will plumes on their hats into the air, but the band fund Dollars for Dublin – the band’s fundraising efforts for its kept their eyes on the prize. trip to Dublin, Ireland to perform in the St. Patrick’s Day They wanted to take home the first Regional Parade. For more information or to buy tickets, go to Bands of America title in Fort Mill band history. www.fortmillhsband.com/alumni/. “The students were noticeably aggressive,” Pruitt said. “They weren’t making any excuses. We weren’t going to be an ‘also ran.’” America competition. After battling the elements in the preliminary Sara Ann Hutto, a junior at the time, will never forget how she competition the band was awarded first place in John Pruitt felt after winning the Regional Championship title. its class and a spot in the final competition that evening. “It was perfect. I had all my friends around me and I remem- In the final competition, the band again brought out its take- ber walking off the field thinking, ‘Wow, did that really hap- no-prisoners attitude. pen?’” Hutto said. “The crowd responded,” Pruitt said. “Even before we knew After accepting their trophy, the band was invited back onto we had won, we knew it was the performance of a lifetime.” the field to perform The Horse, the traditional Fort Mill fight The band won first place in the final competition as well as song. With emotions running high and tears in many of the first place awards for Outstanding Visual Performance and Out- students’ eyes, the band performed in a stadium full of proud standing General Effect. It was the first time in Fort Mill band history that the band had taken first place in a regional Bands of Please see BAND 6A
  • 30. SERIES OF ARTICLES Weekly Over 6,000 DivisionSECOND PLACE: The Moultrie News Sully Witte The extreme dream team Professional homebuilders helpHabitat for Humanity Habitat hammer home the need for affordable housingextreme build Structures Building Com- pany is again partnering with East Cooper Habitat for Humanity to raise walls on a home and give hope to low-income families seeking decent and affordable hous- ing east of the Cooper as part of Habitat for Humanity’s Home Builders Blitz 2012. During this year’s event, the nationwide project seeks to build and renovate more than 200 homes, thanks to the skilled labor provided by local professional home- builders and construction firms. Habitat’s Home Builders Blitz is a partnership between Habitat affiliates and the building community to build and renovate homes across the United States. Builders STAFF PHOTOS BY SULLY WITTE and Habitat affiliates work Structures Building Company is again partnering with East Cooper Habitat for Humanity to raise walls on closely to organize all aspects a home and give hope to low-income families seeking decent and affordable housing east of the Cooper as of building, including secur- part of Habitat for Humanity’s Home Builders Blitz 2012. This home will be built in a week and is located on ing subcontractors and sup- Kent Street. pliers, fundraising and seek- ing donations of materials. Builders participating in the with builders and engage manity International CEO. thank the builders for their ing Company and owner program this year will work them in our work to help “By sharing their talents and commitment and dedication S t e v e K e n d r i c k g a t h - with more than 100 Habitat families in need of afford- skills with us, we are able to to making Home Builders ered subcontractors and affiliates. able housing,” said Jonathan increase our capacity to help Blitz 2012 a success.” “We are excited to partner Reckford, Habitat for Hu- transform communities. We Locally, Structures Build- See Habitat, page 12A
  • 31. SERIES OF ARTICLES Weekly Over 6,000 DivisionFIRST PLACE: Want to go? Lake Wylie Pilot The 2012 Lake Wylie Children’s Charity Benefit Concert runs from noon until dark Sunday, Sept. 23, near T-Bones on the Lake and John Marks Buster Boyd Access Area. Events include a silent auction, children’s zone and bake sale. Money raised goes to the family of LukeFighting child cancer Moore. Bands include Out of the Blue, Chris Sanchez Band, The Cloud 9 Band, Skate Rink Jukebox, The Lakeside Drive Band, and Chris Cook and Friends. For more information, visit lkwchildrenscharity.org. JOHN MARKS - jmarks@lakewyliepilot.com Luke Moore, 3, rides a tricycle at his home in Lake Wylie. This year’s Lake Wylie Children’s Charity concert is being held Sunday, Sept. 23, for Luke, who has leukemia. LUKE LOOKING FORWARD TO FUN AT CONCERT By John Marks to complaining. His only questions are whether he can ride jmarks@lakewyliepilot.com that tricycle on the main road and why he has to wear pants LAKE WYLIE — There aren’t a great many certainties these outside. days in the Moore household, but there is one. Somebody is “I don’t want to,” he says. going to be smiling. Moore hardly looks like a boy who spent yesterday taking Plenty often it’s Brandon, 18 months, who’s a bowling ball chemotherapy. Or a boy hospitalized Christmas night with of energy and who smiles so hard his eyes shut. At times it’s plunging hemoglobin counts, and whose mother spent the mom Crystal, often wearing an exasperated grin with two months since bargaining with God and bill collectors. Moore boys younger than age 4 chasing circles around her. Then, looks like a boy who just wants to wrestle his baby brother, there’s Luke. who’s so stoked about preschool that he needed a nap after The 3-year-old glows when he leads tours into his room meeting his teacher. where the T-ball trophy and giant benefit poster live. He “He’s not going to be one to have trouble making friends,” spends as long as a stranger will sit and listen, describing his starts and stops on the tricycle outside. He’s a child not prone See CONCERT ■ 8A
  • 32. SERIES OF ARTICLES Weekly 2/3 Times Division THIRD PLACE: The News and Reporter Denyse Clark Guardian ad litem
  • 33. SERIES OF ARTICLES Weekly 2/3 Times DivisionSECOND PLACE: g p p p p y p Chronicle-Independent Martin L. Cahn ROAD TRIP Part 1 of 2Road Trip C-I photo by Martin L. Cahn A cyclist races by Monday afternoon on Rock Hill’s Giordana Jeffrey Graham and City Councilman Walter Long watch. They Velodrome as (from right) Camden business owner Dave and nearly 20 other Camden and Kershaw County leaders vis- Baker, Kershaw County Councilman Jimmy Jones, Kershaw ited Rock Hill to learn more about how the city transformed County School District Superintendent Dr. Frank Morgan, Cam- itself into a sports tourism destination. den City Councilwoman Alfred Mae Drakeford, Camden Mayor Local leaders, others look to Rock Hill for ideas By MARTIN L. CAHN owners and others -- got on a bus at 8 a.m. brought millions of dollars in direct econom- C-I (Camden, S.C.) associate editor Monday and headed north to the “Gateway ic impact to Rock Hill. camden@ci-camden.com to South Carolina.” The local group on Monday’s “road trip” During the past 30 years, Rock Hill has wanted to see if Rock Hill’s strategies for Rock Hill in York County may have 10 transformed itself from being a city with a success could be adapted to Camden and times Camden’s population in three times dying textile industry into a sports tourism Kershaw County. the geographic size, but it may be a success destination. The city’s collaborations have The group was a diverse one, with com- story for Camden and Kershaw County to brought thousands of people from around peting visions for how Camden should grow. emulate. That’s why about 25 local leaders the country to baseball, softball, soccer and Despite those differences, they all agreed on -- city council members, staff and other of- tennis tournaments and -- as of March -- a one thing when the bus returned to the Fine ficials; candidates for city council; school cycling center like no other on the East district officials; county officials; business Coast. Those sports tourists have, in turn, See Trip, Page A8
  • 34. SERIES OF ARTICLES Weekly 2/3 Times DivisionFIRST PLACE: The Lancaster News Christopher Sardelli and Gregory SummersBrooklyn Avenue -- “Until you walk these streets you don’t know. It’s another world.” – Lancaster County Councilwoman Charlene McGriff, on Brooklyn Avenue Officials tournow and then Brooklyn neigbhorhood Christopher Sardelli csardelli@thelancasternews.com W ith a quick right turn off Lancast- er’s Main Street, the small white car suddenly en- tered a different world. Leaving behind the clean photos by CHRIS SARDELLI/csardelli@thelancasternews.com streets and tidy, brick build- This house on Loft Lane, covered in vines and ings that dot the town’s weeds, is for sale by owners at a bargain price. main thoroughfare, the landscape abruptly changes to broken sidewalks, over- grown yards, scattered trash and abandoned buildings. The remains of The car passes a large, gleaming brown sign her- Brooklyn this 15th Street home remain alding the group’s arrival at – now & then – untouched years AVENUE the Historic Brooklyn after it burned Neighborhood. in a fire. The But judging by the reac- white house part 1 of 2 tion from the car’s occu- across the street pants, including Lancaster burned down on County Councilwomen sign that says Historic Wednesday night. Kathy Sistare and Charlene Downtown Brooklyn,” Sis- McGriff, as well as County tare said. “Historic Brook- Administrator Steve Willis, lyn. Yeah, what a joke.” the area is considered far “It’s only one block off from historic. Main Street and it looks like “We’ve got this gorgeous See BROOKLYN | Page 7A
  • 35. REPORTING IN DEPTH Weekly Under 6,000 Division THIRD PLACE:Marion Star & Mullins Enterprise Andrew Golden Capital Sales Tax
  • 36. REPORTING IN DEPTH Weekly Under 6,000 DivisionSECOND PLACE: Coastal Observer The Lost Charles Swenson -11.7 Percentage drop in coun- ty population ages 20-44 Generation 24.5 Percentage of residents who feel “not too safe” or “not Who’s Government study tries to discover safe at all” leaving • Less than why people 20-44 are leaving the county 24.4 college educa- BY CHARLES SWENSON tracts lost population. phone and mail surveys of cur- Percentage tion; COASTAL OBSERVER And the study found that rent and former residents to get who said they • Under nearly three in 10 residents are their views on a range of gov- aren’t likely to $70,000 in- Georgetown County lost likely to move within the next ernment services and quali- find alterna- come; nearly 12 percent of the people two years, with younger people ty-of-life issues. They also sur- tive housing who make up the family-rais- twice as likely to move as older veyed a similar sample from • 31 percent in the county ing age groups during the first people. Brunswick County, N.C., which with children decade of the new century, and The results, if accurate, has a similar geographic and at home. a study commissioned by local could have significant impact demographic makeup, which governments lists public safety, housing and lack of entertain- on the school district, which has seen a steady decline in en- saw eight times the growth of Georgetown County in the 2010 16.5 Percentage +47.1 ment among the reasons for the decline. rollment, Superintendent Ran- dy Dozier said. Census. “We’re always hearing how under age 45 Percentage Missing from the list were The finding that more people wonderful Brunswick is,” who said the rise in popu- areas of traditional concern for in the age groups with children Tomes was told by local offi- quality of life lation age 55 policy makers, such as jobs and at home plan to move “shocked cials. was “poor” or and older education. me,” he said. “You may have to The study found differenc- “very poor.” “It’s tough to draw conclu- look at closing some of those fa- es between the two counties as sions,” said Sel Hemingway, the cilities” in rural areas. well as differences between peo- Source: USC Who’s county administrator. “There “Why are the other coastal ple within Georgetown County. Institute for Public coming were a lot of fringe areas.” counties able to attract all age Tomes explained that the re- Service • College Alone among six coastal groups and Georgetown isn’t?” port highlights areas where the degree or counties of comparable size, asked Bill Tomes, director of differences are the greatest. higher; Georgetown County saw the Governmental Research and Nearly 25 percent of George- number of people between the Service at the University of town County residents said • Over ages of 20 and 44 decline in the South Carolina. they feel “not too safe” or “not $100,000 2010 Census. While the coun- That’s what the county, safe at all” compared with only income; ty population grew by almost 8 the school district, the city of 6 percent in Brunswick. Among • 21 percent percent, that growth was driv- Georgetown and the water and county residents who make un- with children en by residents 55 and older. sewer district want to know. der $50,000 a year, 28 percent And growth was almost exclu- They commissioned the USC felt less safe, compared with at home Source: USC sively on the Waccamaw Neck, Institute for Public Service and 4 percent of residents with in- Institute for Public which grew 34 percent. Five of Policy Research to find out. comes over $50,000. Those who Service the county’s seven other census Researchers conducted SEE “STUDY,” PAGE 3
  • 37. REPORTING IN DEPTH Weekly Under 6,000 DivisionFIRST PLACE: Lexington County Chronicle & The Dispatch News Bill West and Terry WardClerk of Court race Moore: ‘I came up short, but I’m not going away’ BY BILL WEST ChronicleBill@Yahoo.Com INSIDE _| qualify to run as a Petition candidate. “I knew from Tommy Windsor What does the future hold for the beginning doesn’t file for Clerk Moore? “I do not plan on leaving this would be a of Court, A3 Lexington County or turning in rough journey.” my GOP membership.” She said Suzanne interact with Lexington voters she is committed to becoming Moore reflected who had no idea who she was or more active and will continue to on her battle to in many cases what the Clerk of follow county government. unseat her Court did. “Our local politicians have a former boss, Moore The sister-in-law of chance to make a difference or Clerk of Court Congressman Joe Wilson said continue down that self-serving Beth Carrigg. “7,800 signatures most of the people she talked with path that started this political (to allow me run as a Petition “thought we had been done season.” Candidate) meant 7,800 wrong. Most blamed a Lexington In concluding her statement, conversations explaining what the senator and most folks were Moore said, “My bet is that voters petition process was all about.” angry about the entire situation.” will send a clear message in Moore told the Chronicle the Moore told the Chronicle she November. Too bad the choices Petition Drive “forced” her to came up short 900 signatures to will be limited.”
  • 38. REPORTING IN DEPTH Weekly Over 6,000 DivisionTHIRD PLACE: Charleston City Paper Paul Bowers exposure. Any child that this guy molested claims. His reasoning was that “the school Time appears to have run out for after 2007 is going to the Citadel and saying, believes it would be beneficial to both the the family of that camper to sue the ‘What were you doing sitting silent?’” IRF and the institution, and the most likely Citadel over the ReVille case. As After working as a counselor at a Citadel approach to lead to a quick and inexpensive Brandenburg indicated in an e-mail summer camp from 2001 to 2003, ReVille resolution of this claim.” to the IRF, his interview with continued to surround himself with children. Brandenberg got approval for the reim- the family in July 2007 was “an He taught English and coached basket- bursement and traveled to interview the for- unequivocal trigger of the statute ball at Pinewood Preparatory School in mer camper and his parents in July 2007 (see of limitations.” The family had Summerville from 2002 to 2006, hosted four story, p. 26). When he arrived, the camper three years to act. However, families foster children in his home from 2004 to told Brandenburg that he had been coerced of later victims could still sue the The military school’s FAILURE TO ACT has 2006, coached at the Mt. Pleasant Recreation Department from 2007 to 2011, coached into watching pornography and masturbating in ReVille’s room in 2002. The young man Citadel for failing to stop ReVille. The school never turned the accusa- tarnished its reputation tennis at Bishop England High School from 2008 to 2010, and coached basketball at pleaded, “I don’t want him to do to another kid what he did to me.” tion over to police, and nowhere in the documents is there an indication that Moultrie Middle School from 2009 to The camper’s father, a Citadel graduate, the school tried to contact ReVille’s later BY PAUL BOWERS 2011. At the time of his arrest, he was a vice indicated that he did not want to sue the employers to advise them of the claim L principal at Coastal Christian Preparatory school, but he asked what the school could do that had been made. oyalty runs deep at the Citadel. that accusation were fellow Citadel graduates School. He also held boys’ Bible studies with about letting his son enroll as a student. His To be fair, Brandenburg’s job is to David A. Carroll graduated from the and employees. the youth of Eastbridge Presbyterian Church, son’s grades had gone down the tubes after the protect the Citadel’s legal interests. state-supported senior military col- After ReVille was arrested in Mt. Pleasant where he and his wife are members. summer of 2002, and he had recently received The school was sued in 2003 when five lege in 1984 with a degree in history. on Oct. 28 on a charge that he had fondled Meyers says five families have contacted a rejection letter from the school. campers from the same summer camp He is also a longstanding member of a child, at least eight more people told him for consultation so far, saying their chil- “I think this young man deserves for the claimed they had been molested by the alumni association and donor to police that they, too, had been molested by dren were victims of ReVille’s. He says any Citadel to take another look at him,” the Marine Corps Capt. Michael Arpaio, who the school’s development foundation. When ReVille as children. It’s the same opened- claims made against the Citadel will have to father said. Later, he added, “And — and that’s later served 15 months of a 10-year prison the Citadel began admitting female students floodgate effect that played a role in the be investigated on an individual basis. — you know — but it’s up to him. He’s an sentence for sexual abuse. The school in 1994, Carroll signed up his then-infant investigation of Charleston teacher Edward “Now if you want to hand me a good adult. But for me, I think the Citadel was — ended the suit in 2006 with a $3.8 million daughter for a provisional appointment, an Mein Fischer in the late 1990s. One former lawsuit, by all means, keep quiet, don’t say was part of the root cause. I think that it can settlement, but another former camper came alumni perk that guaranteed her a spot at the student of Fischer’s came forward with anything, don’t investigate, and don’t report,” be part of the root cause to fix him. And, you forward with a lawsuit against Arpaio and the school as long as she met certain physical and allegations in 1997, saying that Fischer had he says. know, I think it’s a very inexpensive way for Citadel last week. academic requirements. sexually assaulted him in the Citadel to say, do you know what? We’ll So aside from Brandenburg, who else D But after watching how "The Citadel wasn’t the 1980s while he was a ocuments released by the Citadel fix our own. We’ll — we’ll — we’ll keep this knew about the allegation against ReVille? the school handled an out affirmatively student at James Island High surrounding the ReVille case indicate within — within a family, and off we go.” According to a letter written by Brandenburg accusation of sexual mis- School. After his arrest was a pattern that Meyers calls “think- In a later e-mail to the IRF, Brandenburg to the IRF, the boy’s father initially tried to conduct by Citadel graduate trying to help ReVille announced, 12 other stu- ing it halfway through.” The first half is to wrote about the father, “He is a Citadel call the college’s president, Lt. Gen. John and former summer camp get another job, dents came forward to the wonder whether the family of the victim graduate ... and I suspect feeling much of the W. Rosa, when he heard the claim from his counselor Louis Neal will sue the school for the incident, and the son. Rosa’s secretary answered the phone, “Skip” ReVille, Carroll says but they were doing solicitor with accusations.a In 1999, Fischer received Citadel appears to have put a lot of thought typical desire that graduates have to see their sons attend the Citadel.” He wrote of the son and Brandenburg responded on behalf of he’ll stop donating money nothing to limit his 20-year prison sentence for into that. The second half, which there is no that he “seems interested in attending, though the president. Meeting itineraries show that until he sees a change in exposure. ” 13 counts of sexual abuse, indication that the school followed through not as interested as his father is in seeing him Brandenburg spoke with Rosa multiple times leadership. And when his although he later confessed on, was to find out where ReVille was cur- attend.” He also said he detected “animosity” about the case, although Rosa has said that it daughter graduates from —Charleston lawyer Gregg Meyers to victimizing 39 boys in his rently working to let the employer know from the former camper’s mother. was presented to him as a matter of settle- high school in May, she will 40-year career. about the allegations. Ultimately, the school offered to help ment, not a criminal matter. not be attending the college. Gregg Meyers, a Charleston lawyer who One of the main players in the released the former camper work his way through “When asked in the past if I went to the represented the families of many of Fischer’s documents is attorney Mark C. Brandenburg, remedial classes at a community college so he continued on page 28 Citadel, I always stood a little taller and victims, sees another important similar- general counsel for the Citadel. The genesis could get into the school, and Brandenburg answered with a resounding ‘Yes,’” Carroll ity between Fischer’s story and ReVille’s: and authorship of some pages in the packet even got approval from the IRF for a $20,000 says. “Lately, when asked the same question, A school had the chance to stop a molester are sketchy, and a spokesman from the school settlement to be paid to the family. But CHARLESTON CITY PAPER 11.23.2011 I assume a defensive posture and reply rather before he could hurt other children, and it has refused to explain certain ambiguities. the documents indicate the family stopped sheepishly, ‘Yes, why do you ask?’” failed to do so. Before Fischer taught at James Some things are crystal clear, though. contact with the school after freshman Carroll says many graduates are hesitant to Island, he was a teacher and athletic advisor What is known is that in May 2007, matriculation in 2007, and in August 2008, speak out against the Citadel — “You don’t at the private Porter-Gaud School. When Brandenburg sent a letter to a claims a representative from the IRF wrote a letter want to criticize the mother institution,” he officials there caught wind of accusations manager at the Insurance Reserve Fund, to Brandenburg indicating that the agency says. To him, that’s a big part of the prob- being made against Fischer, they declined to a branch of the State Budget and Control would close the ReVille file “due to a lack of lem with the way the Skip ReVille case was report it to police. Fischer left the school, and Board that provides insurance for the col- pursuit” by the family. handled. When a former camper from the Porter-Gaud provided recommendations that lege, asking for financial support school’s now-defunct summer camp came got him jobs at other schools. to travel to the family and to the administration in 2007 and made an “The Citadel wasn’t out affirmatively trying interview them about their accusation against ReVille, a 2002 Citadel to help ReVille get another job,” Meyers says, 24 graduate, the only people who investigated “but they were doing nothing to limit his
  • 39. REPORTING IN DEPTH Weekly Over 6,000 DivisionSECOND PLACE: Carolina Forest Chronicle Michael SmithCottonpatch Sand Mine CHRONICLE POST AL PAT RON CAROLINA FOREST PRESORTED STANDARD U.S.POSTAGE PAID CONWAY, S.C. PERMIT NO. 44 Cottonpatch flap 75 Cents prompts changes PHOTO PROVIDED BY HORRY COUNTY GOVERNMENT Horry County residents and public officials say they were Horry considers revisions to mining, subdivision rules shocked that the Cottonpatch digging greatly exceeded the eight-foot limit that developers initially stated they’d follow. BY MICHAEL SMITH state and county mining regula- controversy, they’re taking a sec- as it had with batch plants, and casts doubts as to whether any EDITOR tions. ond look at county mining and they plan to address it,” said Wa- homes will actually be built That lack of uniformity, resi- subdivision laws to prevent fu- terford Plantation resident An- there. As a lawsuit between Cotton- dents say, is allowing digging op- ture dust ups from occurring. thony Quaranda, a Cottonpatch “When does a "development" patch and the S.C. Department erations to continue at “I am happy to hear that the critic. “Forgive my skepticism, get recognized for the sand mine of Health and Environmental Cottonpatch, even after DHEC County Council is becoming but until it happens, I shall then it truly is?” vanSickler said. “At Control wiggles its way through issued a cease and desist order aware of the numerous prob- believe it.” some point, Horry County the court system, area residents several months ago. lems caused by the activity sur- Carole vanSickler, who also should have closed down their are scratching their heads over Meantime, county leaders say rounding mining - environment, lives in Waterford, said the lack the lack of uniformity between that because of the Cottonpatch dust, noise, traffic, road impact - of development at Cottonpatch COTTONPATCH, A3
  • 40. REPORTING IN DEPTH Weekly Over 6,000 DivisionFIRST PLACE: Free Times Corey Hutchins Weak Tea What Happened to the Tea Party Taking Back its Government? Nikki Haley and Sarah BY COREY HUTCHINS Palin during the 2010 gubernatorial race in S.C. Photo by Sean Rayford wo years to the day since Alvin T Instead, it was a washout. booted roughly 250 challengers to incumbent Greene became a household Voter turnout was historically low. Hun- lawmakers from the ballot. dreds of candidates were kicked off the ballot Regardless of why it happened, the latest name, all 170 seats in the S.C. in the weeks leading up to the state’s June election cycle has come to be considered primary. among the grassroots of the tea party as a House and Senate were up for Reasons vary for why the movement blown chance — and proof positive that real failed to mobilize a groundswell of anti- change might be completely beyond their grabs on June 12 in what should have been incumbent fervor that could have reshaped grasp. Haley’s Tea Party South Carolina’s power structure in one of a watershed moment for the tea party the most tea party-saturated states in the Honeymoon is Over nation. movement. With a governor they’d elected Many believe that once elected, their one-time leader Nikki Haley sold out the in the Governor’s Mansion, it was an movement and capitulated to the status Three years ago, the modern anti-tax rebellion roared onto the American political opportunity for tea partiers to remake the quo she’d campaigned against. Others see a tea party movement that was smashed into scene under the banner of a yellow “Don’t Tread on Me” rattlesnake flag that was born state GOP in their own image. splintering factions during a contentious Re- publican presidential primary process. Then out of the revolutionary history of colonial there was a controversial early May decision Charleston. by the S.C. Supreme Court that effectively In the spring of 2010, a New York Times/
  • 41. CYAN-AOOO REPORTING IN DEPTH MAGENTA-OAOO YELLOW -OOAO BLACK 2/6/01 Weekly 2/3 Times DivisionTHIRD PLACE: The Summerville Journal Scene Jim Tatum Benton murder trial under way BY JIM TATUM age facility. Benton did not seem angry, nor The Journal Scene did Palmer ever see a weapon on Benton or in his truck, Palmer said. As the trial of Randal William Benton con- Palmer would encounter Benton later that tinues, a picture of almost surreal emotional evening around 10:30 p.m. in the apartment. volatility punctuated with a moment of He said Benton appeared at the kitchen door extreme violence emerges. asking for Treva Benton. Palmer said the man Benton, 48, of Summerville, is on trial for smelled of alcohol but did not appear intoxi- murder, accused of shooting his estranged cated and described Benton’s attitude as more wife, Treva Dawn Benton multiple times as nonchalant rather than angry. they argued in a restaurant parking lot in Palmer told the court that Randal Benton Summerville in October 2010. told him that his truck broke down at a near- A neighbor, Scott Herbert, told the court that by bar and he had simply come by to ask Benton at some point during the evening of Treva for a ride home. Treva Benton would Oct. 30 showed up at Treva Benton’s apart- arrive at the apartment shortly thereafter, ment complex looking for her and that he Palmer said. She did agree to give Benton a seemed angry. ride home, but told her son – the last words Treva Benton’s son, Michael Palmer, how- she would speak to him – that she had her cell ever, would encounter Randal Benton more phone, the ringer was on, and if Palmer did than once that day – Benton actually helped not hear from her or she was not back in 20 Jim Tatum/Journal Scene Palmer and others move Treva Benton’s pos- minutes, he should call her. If she did not Randal William Benton enters the courtroom during his trial Wednesday morning. Benton sessions from her former apartment to a stor- is on trial for the murder of his wife, Treva Dawn Benton, who was shot multiple times in See MURDER Page 8A the parking lot of a Summerville restaurant the night of Oct. 30, 2010.
  • 42. REPORTING IN DEPTH Weekly 2/3 Times Division SECOND PLACE: The Press & StandardDrew Tripp and Brantley Strickland Colleton County Coaching Saga
  • 43. REPORTING IN DEPTH Weekly 2/3 Times Division APRIL IS NATIONAL DISTRACTED DRIVING AWARENESS MONTHFIRST PLACE: The Lancaster News Jesef Williams photos by JESEF WILLIAMS/jwilliams@thelancasternews.com Studies suggest that using a cell phone while driving delays a driver’s reactions as much as having a blood alcohol concentration at the legal limit of .08 percent. Legislators and law enforcement officers are among those hoping to see a law enacted to ban texting while driving in South Carolina. THE NEW DANGER Texting and driving: Whats being said and done about it? Jesef Williams jwilliams@thelancasternews.com J Jeremias Clyburn is addicted to his cell phone. Plain and simple. He uses the mobile device to regularly post updates on Facebook and Twitter. He admits he interacts on social media “at least six times every hour.” And then there’s the text messaging. When Clyburn gets a new cell phone, he al- W8 2 TXT ways asks about an unlimited texting plan because he said it’s a function he has to have. Mobile phone text messaging has launched Margaret and Ned Blackmon hold a what’s virtually become a new language. Phrases portrait of their son, Monty Blackmon, “Texting is huge in my life,” the Lancaster like LOL (laughing out loud) and TTYL (talk to who was killed in a 2003 wreck. native said. “I use it every day and without a you later) weren’t being written in past decades. doubt, I text way more than I talk on the Words now appear in shorthand form, and EVERLASTING PAIN phone.” But Clyburn said there’s a limit, a time when the Subway restaurant chain is using the style to drive home a serious message about dis- he refuses to text message – and that’s when Blackmons cite distracted he’s driving. tracted driving. driving in son’s death He believes the potential dangers outweigh any satisfaction there is in typing an impromp- In January, Subway locations in both Caroli- nas launched the W8 2 TXT (wait to text) cam- Jesef Williams tu message while behind the wheel. The idea of paign, in partnership with law enforcement jwilliams@thelancasternews.com wrecking scares him. and the Put on the B.R.A.K.E.S. organization, “Granted, I do talk on the phone while driv- which offers driver-education programs. If not for the decorative Clemson li- cense plate, you likely would not have ing, but I never text and drive at the same The effort urges young drivers to wait until recognized Monty Blackmon’s blue time,” Clyburn said. “It requires more concen- they’re no longer behind the wheel to send or truck. tration to text and drive.” read text messages, with the main focus on The Chevrolet pickup was left But Clyburn said about four of his friends text April, which is National Distracted Driving while driving – a practice that is being met with Awareness Month. See PAIN | Page 5A opposition and scrutiny as its popularity soars. See TEXTING | Page 5A
  • 44. BEAT REPORTINGWeekly Under 6,000 & Over 6,000 Divisions Combined THIRD PLACE: Pickens County Courier Nicole Daughhetee Pickens County School Board
  • 45. BEAT REPORTING Weekly Under 6,000 & Over 6,000 Divisions CombinedSECOND PLACE: chew on this LOCAL FOOD NEWS By Eva Moore Photos of Local Humane Pig Farm Used in Smithfield- Free Times Sponsored Cookbook “Obviously I would have never agreed to shill for Smithfield,” Says DeFelice Eva Moore thing about ‘75 years of food you can trust’ — really? If it’s so trustworthy, why didn’t they show pictures of their own operation instead of mine?” Summers later posted a reply, writing, inChew on This part: “I am devastated to know that someone I have grown to respect and truly appreciate, Emile DeFelice, would be upset about my cookbook. I truly felt as if I represented my associations well. It is not in my nature to ever misrepresent myself or anyone I work with. I don’t hide my affiliation with companies like Smithfield (whom, as a freelancer, I have developed fresh pork recipes for) or Paula Deen (whom, also as a freelancer, I have had as a client). … Like Emile, I have learned a lot about the publishing business with this my first book. I learned that publishers make ‘buy in’ deals with companies such as Smithfield to help offset the cost of producing the book.” Emile DeFelice at his pig farm. File photo Food superstar Anthony Bourdain also weighed in, telling The Gurgling Cod on Twit- ter, “re: ‘Buy In’ if a book is partially paid for W hen cookbook author Libbie by Smithfield, I want to see that printed large Summers wanted to stage a photo on page f#!king one.” shoot for her new book, The Whole Free Times has been unable to reach Sum- Hog Cookbook, she got in touch with Emile mers. DeFelice, who runs Caw Caw Creek Pastured Rizzoli, the cookbook’s publisher, is of- Pork, a farm that specializes in free-foraging, ficially refusing to comment on the matter, humanely treated heritage pigs. according to publicity manager Jessica Napp. DeFelice — well known to many South Smithfield responded to Free Times with a C li i f i lt i
  • 46. BEAT REPORTING Weekly Under 6,000 & Over 6,000 Divisions CombinedFIRST PLACE: News and Press Lisa Chalian-RockCrime MAY 2, 2012 Two arrested for assaulting a child By Lisa Chalian-Rock officials that a teacher assistant officials said. with open hands repeatedly as an open hand at least twice. Editor and a behavioral manager work- “This behavior is unaccept- they put him in a safety harness There were no physical mani- lisa@newsandpressonline.com ing for the school district able, especially coming from on the bus. festations of the assault such as allegedly slapped an exceptional adults who have been entrusted “The attitude is very aggres- blood or bruising. Two school employees were education student as they were with the care of our children,” sive as she’s trying to put the The child did not raise his arrested on Friday for allegedly placing him in his safety harness Superintendent Dr. Rainey safety harness on the child,” arms or show any aggressive assaulting a 10-year-old special on the school bus. Knight said. “We do not condone Darlington Police Chief Watson behavior during the incident, needs child at St. John’s As soon as the matter was this behavior anywhere in our said. Chief Watson said. “He never Elementary School in brought to the attention of dis- district for any child.” In the video you see the other raised a hand to defend himself.” Dudley Self Darlington. trict administrators, the two The local police were noti- attendant arrive and slap the The child is nonverbal, which Tomeka Self of Society Hill Department and charged with individuals were placed on fied, began investigating and child on the side of the face and limits his ability to ask for help, and Rosanna Dudley of simple assault and battery. Both administrative leave without filed charges the same day. head, he said. One lady pushes Chief Watson said. Darlington were arrested Friday are out on bond. pay, pending the outcome of an The women are seen on video the child’s head forward into the by the Darlington Police A bus driver alerted school investigation, school district slapping and hitting the child seat. Both struck the child with CHILD ASSAULT, 7A
  • 47. CYAN-AOOO MAGENTA-OAOO YELLOW -OOAO BLACK 2/6/01 BEAT REPORTING Weekly 2/3 Times Division 2nd lawsuit filed against Pinewood BY JIM TATUM Cowlishaw, and Brendan Diffley, also alleges that Pinewood Prep selors, and prin- silence by failing to notify law The Journal Scene a former Pinewood guidance and Cowlishaw were grossly neg- cipals, among enforcement and by taking affir- counselor. ligent in their hiring, retention others – that mative steps to keep others from A second alleged sexual abuse According to a press release and supervision of ReVille. they must fol- notifying law enforcement. victim of Charleston-area teacher from Motley Rice LLC, John Doe CYAN-AOOO new evidence, we “Based on MAGENTA-OAOO YELLOW -OOAO BLACK 2/6/01 low the law and Pinewood officials continue to and coach Louis “Skip” ReVille 2, alleges that Pinewood Prep, believe these mandatory protect the chil- maintain that the allegations are is suing Pinewood Preparatory Cowlishaw and Diffley were reporters at Pinewood missed dren in their without merit.THIRD PLACE: School. notified that ReVille improperly opportunities to stop this preda- care.” “The allegations are unfound- Lawyers for Motley Rice LLC touched him and other boy stu- tor,” David Hoyle, a Motley Rice The filing ed,” the school’s attorney, Alice Reville filed a civil lawsuit Wednesday dents while on school property lawyer for Doe 2, said. “We want claims a civil Paylor of the Charleston law firm on behalf of a plaintiff known as but did not report it as required this lawsuit to serve as a c o n s p i r a c y, Rosen, Rosen and Hagood LLC “John Doe 2” against Pinewood, by law. At that time, Doe 2 was a reminder to all mandatory alleging the three defendants said Thursday. “No such com- its former headmaster Dr. Glyn middle school student. The suit reporters – teachers, school coun- engaged in a conspiracy of See REVILLE Page 8A DCSO The Summerville Journal arrests 4th Scene suspect in murder Jim Tatum Baby found mauled County Animal Control takes dog into custody; children removed from home BY JIM TATUM The Journal Scene Bond was denied for the with the victim to obtain the marijuana and Butler came out of a wooded area with a latest suspect arrested in gun and BY JIM TATUM of death of the two and half month Ridgeville. According to Dorchester several times, severely mauling him. connection with the Dec. began fir- he Journal Scene old baby was “exsanguination, due to County Sheriff L.C. Knight, authori- Knight said Aiden’s mother, 19 armed robbery and mur- i n g , transection of blood vessels, due to ties responded to a 911 call at 151 Chantel N. McGrew had left the der of a Moncks Corner w h i c h Crime and Courts Little Aiden McGrew bled to death animal eating, due to parental neg- Sampit Road in Ridgeville in refer- house earlier that morning with one man in Summerville. resulted as a result of terrible injuries inflicted of her children, leaving her husband, During a bond hearing in the lect.” ence to a child being attacked by a by a pet dog, according to Dorchester Quinten H. McGrew, at home with held Wednesday afternoon, death of County Coroner Chris Nisbet. Nisbet further stated that the man- dog. According to authorities, the Dorchester County Aiden and a three-year-old child. At Provided the vic- In a statement released Monday, ner of death has been determined to child, Aiden, was in a baby swing some point, Quinten McGrew appar- The dog that mauled a two- Jim Tatum/Journal Scene Magistrate Judge Katrina tim, he Haynes Nisbet reported that the results of an be homicide. when the dog, a recently acquired ently put Aiden into the swing in or month-old baby to death is April Bennett with her son Lorenzo Newton. Patton denied bond for said. autopsy and investigation by the The horrific event occurred the family pet, apparently pulled the in custody of Animal Christopher John “Rock” After conducting multiple Small patient, big personality coroner’s office determined the cause morning of April 18 at a residence in child out of the swing and bit him See MAULEDPage 12A Control. Haynes. interviews, Dorchester g DCSO investigators County Sheriff ’s DCSO ‘He loved unconditionally’ One killedtouches hearts of all he meets Lorenzo in FASHION FORWARD arrested Haynes Tuesday investigators found thatBurglars hit and charged with murder Haynes was also present and armed robbery in con- and assisted Butler in the nection with the murder of robbery and homicide, William Michael Nettles said. home invasion BY JIM TATUM two and a half years old – has cancer, words all parents dread: “Your child Cummings. Swarez, 17 was arrested The Journal Scene much less just finished a chemothera- has cancer.” The incident occurredthree churches Dec. 28 and charged with Family grapples py session less than an hour ago. “That day I felt like I just couldn’t about 7:30 p.m. Dec. 19 at criminal conspiracy in con- Lorenzo Newton is as full speed The squirms and giggles that seem- go on,” Lorenzo’s mom, April Jim Tatum/Journal Scene Azalea Park apartment nection with the murder. A with young ahead as little boys come. Expressive, ingly power the small toy locomotive Bennett said. “I kept thinking ‘why complex on Orangeburg liquid brown eyes light up at a friend- now speeding across the break room again? Why isinto the courtroom before his sen- Summerville. Loop in Summerville, female. ReVille is brought this happening again? judge set her bond at BY JIM TATUM Road near $40,000. DCSOBY JIM TATUM Brownsville area of man’s murder The Journal Scene ly face – any one – and the infectious, Robinson died atinto scene full of tencing on Wednesday. according to Dorchester table to crash the a cup mischievous giggle and klieg light contrasts starkly with the quiet, steady County Coroner Chris and the roommate was trans- ice, God must have a reason.” Bennett lost her mother just last year Deputies responded to a call about a possible shoot- Investigators arrested Stroman on Dec. 30 in con-The Journal Scene The Summerville Police Summerville reported burgla- ries Monday morning. At Emmanuel Baptist Church BY JIM TATUM The Journal Scene Child molester One man is dead and his Nisbet. cannot be resisted. smile simply ported to of the young mother recounting to colon cancer; she was literally still roommate wounded after anOne Nisbet never guess this sunny, the said. voice a local hospital, would said Daniel P. Nisbet moment when she had to listen to paying funeral expense bills when early morning home invasion Robinson, 24 died from – barely An autopsy is scheduled for that turned deadly. pint-sized whirling dervish mul- an emergency room doctor utter tiple gunshot wounds when Tuesday and the incident is See LORENZO Page 8A ing and found Cummings dead in his truck with a gunshot wound to his chest. After conducting several nection with the same homicide. She was also charged with Criminal Conspiracy and denied On a dusty afternoon in a The incident occurred unknown subjects kicked in under investigation by the search warrants and inter- bond, Nettles said. DanaDepartment is trying to find outwho broke into three downtownchurches earlier this week. located at 106 Boone Street, one of the church deacons was dusty mobile home park, a diminutive woman in a gets 50 year Congressman campaigns for Gingrich s about 5:11 a.m. Sunday at a a door and shot him and his Dorchester County Sheriff’s residence at 143 Brooks roommate, a 55-year-old Office. views, investigators obtained information that Andrew Butler Jr., 19, of Ridgeville was also arrest- Police search on for counting the Sunday funds lead to the arrests of three ed on Dec. 30 and charged black dress sat in the shad- suspects, Enphaie Swarez, with Armed Robbery and According to SPD incident when an officer knocked on the BY JIM TATUM ows trying so hard to BY LESLIE CANTU people gathered for a luncheon atJournal Scene a 10-year program of mak- 17 and Ramera Stroman, The through on Murder; his bond was alsoreports, at least three churches express even a glimmer of The Journal Scene Sweetwater Café. ing Republicans the majority in the U.S. 19, both of Summerville denied.located in or near the He said he had vowed to remain neu- House, and Dana Andrew Butler Anthony Pierce was driv- See BURGLARS Page 8A her agony. Louis “Skip” ReVille may get out ofmost someday – but something that jailArrest made in It has been a little over a week since Linda Amiano’s son, 24-year-old Daniel carjack suspects Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich tral in the Republican primary because Republicans had resigned themselves to Jr., 19, of Ridgeville. has the right combination of experience, several of his friends are running,not until at least his 74th birthday. but never happening, Watts said. According to information historical understanding and principles felt compelled to begin campaigning ReVille, 32, adefended teacher, coach, camp counselor, investigators, on He also former Gingrich’s remarks obtained by to be the next president, said J.C. Watts, Gingrich’s behalf after he saw Bible study leader, and youth mentor pleaded guilty to a had set up a the using U.S. Marshals to bring “activist the suspects ing the vehicle where the victim was located and was charged the night of the shooting with Possession BY JIM TATUM former Police Captain Jon Rogers,on The victim was able to flag Oklahoma Congressman, attacks on Gingrich. number of charges related to to explain theirsexual abuse of judges” before Congress his admitted marijuana purchase from with Intent to Distributehome invasion “Danny” Pryse Robinson Jr., died after being shot multiple times during an Judy Watts/Journal Scene The Journal Scene Wednesday. black males wearing down a Dorchester County as undisci- many as 35 young male students the victim, Nettles said. two Gingrich has been painted Watts spoke t-shirts and blackabout 20 Sheriff’s yet he methodically followed black to a group of shorts plined, Reserve Deputy The search continues for a approached the victim, bran- who was on patrol nearby. as decisions. Lowcountry. See GINGRICH Page 5A During the sentencing hearing, held Wednesday in the across the The female suspects met Marijuana and Criminal See MURDER Page 8A Charleston County Sheriff’s Tuesday pair of suspects who stole a dished a handgun, and took The deputy pursued the vehi- Charleston County Courthouse, Judge Markley Dennis early morning home inva- Loureen Ferguson, left, admires Margaret Goodwine as they prepare to show fash- car at gunpoint, then crashed the victim’s car keys. They cle and attempted a trafficdeputies have made an arrest morning as sion that occurred less than ions during the annual Pine Ridge Elderly Housing on Thursday. The fashion show is handed down sentences of 15 to twenty years each on 23 it a few blocks away. fled the scene in the victim’s stop. The subjects crashed organized by resident Becky Crider. See more photos on page 8A. indictments ranging from criminal sexual conduct with ain connection with a home he sat at 100 feet from where she sat. According to Summerville car, a 2003 Infinity. See CARJACK Page 12A minor, performing a lewd act on a child, distributinginvasion that left a man dead. the kitchen No one is absolutely sure of pornographic materials, and criminal solicitation of a Investigators say Leland table of his Rose the circumstances -- the Jim Tatum/Journal Scene minor during a sentencing These sentences will run con-Shannon Jr., 40, of Linda Amiano talks about her son, Danny Robinson Jr., who was killed in a home invasion currently with a fifty-year sentence Dennis imposed on aLincolnville was shot early See ARREST Page 3A See ROBINSON Page 11A at a residence on Brooks Loop in Summerville. See REVILLE Page 8A CYAN-AOOO MAGENTA-OAOO YELLOW-OOAO BLACK 01/29/08
  • 48. BEAT REPORTING Weekly 2/3 Times DivisionSECOND PLACE: Chronicle-Independent Martin L. CahnCrime and Courts Victims identified in murder-suicide By MARTIN L. CAHN Kershaw County Sheriff Jim it was too late.” C-I (Camden, S.C.) associate editor Matthews said the victims Matthews said the Stones camden@ci-camden.com were found shot to death in had been separated since Nancy Stone’s home. 2003. He said he was unsure A note and a 911 call led “At this time, it appears that how Reginald Stone’s sister to the grisly discovery of an this was a murder-suicide,” received the letter or note, but apparent murder-suicide in Matthews said. “Our informa- that it stated he planned to Camden at a home on Wateree tion is that the male victim is kill Nancy Stone, kill himself Boulevard Wednesday after- the estranged husband of the and then detailed how their noon. Kershaw County Coro- female victim. He apparently bodies were to be handled. ner Johnny Fellers positively sent or somehow delivered Matthews said deputies got identified the victims as Nan- a letter to his sister stating the call to respond to the home cy Patricia Stone, 47, and her that he was going to kill his just before 1 p.m. Wednesday. C-I photo by Martin L. Cahn estranged husband, Reginald estranged wife and then him- “We were really backed up, E. Stone, 44. self. The sister called 911 and but a school resource officer A Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office deputy suicide Wednesday. Inside, other deputies, In a statement released to we responded. Unfortunately, stands at his patrol car in front of a home investigators and Kershaw County Coroner’s the press Wednesday night, See Murder, Page A5 where two people died in an apparent murder- Office officials investigated the scene.
  • 49. BEAT REPORTING Weekly 2/3 Times DivisionFIRST PLACE: The Lancaster News Christopher SardelliCops and Courts CHRIS SARDELLI Deputy Brandon Rollins csardelli@thelancasternews.com From left is Dave Smith, Brandon Rollins and his refuses to give up wife, Micah Rollins. Christopher Sardelli csardelli@thelancasternews.com Brandon Rollins remembers clutching his side last fall, moments after being struck by an armed rob- ber’s bullet, and vowing he wasn’t going to die. The Lancaster County sheriff’s deputy told a crowd of more than 100 law enforcement offi- cers Thursday morning, April 12, that it was all See ROLLINS | Page 3A
  • 50. SPOT SPORTS STORY Weekly Under 6,000 DivisionTHIRD PLACE: Coastal Observer Charles Swenson Warriors write new chapter in rivalry’s saga BY CHARLES SWENSON COASTAL OBSERVER Tears, idle tears. Saturday celebrating victo- ry. Tuesday shed in frustration. The Waccamaw High boys varsity ended a 12-year drought in the Class AA playoffs with their first ever win over Bishop England, the Charleston-area The Warriors Catholic school. Seven meetings celebrate in the Lower State champion- the break- ship went to the Bishops. This year’s 4-1 win by Waccamaw through goal was in the quarter-finals of the by Lucas playoffs, meaning the Warriors Vozniak (17) still had to play Academic Mag- against Bish- net, another Charleston-area op England. school, in the Lower State final Charles Swenson/ and the chance to advance to Coastal Observer their first state championship. The Warriors came home tors’ keeper, sophomore Brady regular season. “We trust him,” they demonstrated when the Ben Schoen said. empty handed, with a long bus Allardice, came out of the pen- Magnet coach Jason Hamil teams met at Waccamaw in the “We couldn’t get any posses- ride to ponder a 1-0 loss. alty area and swiped the ball said. regular season. That was also a sion, any rhythm,” he said. “They had their game; we from the Waccamaw junior Hamil said he hadn’t had 1-0 Raptor victory. Yet even with the balance didn’t,” said Taylor King, the midfielder. time to celebrate the Raptors’ The Raptors kept the ball of shots coming from the un- Waccamaw goalkeeper. Allardice drew a red card for reaching the Lower State fi- low and made frequent sub- dermanned Raptors, the War- After a shaky defensive the deliberate hand ball. That nal once he learned Wacca- stitutions to have fresh legs to riors held their own against start, the Warriors found their left the Raptors with 10 players maw beat Bishop England. press their attack. The War- the top seeds. In the 66th min- opportunity in the 30th minute for the remaining 50 minutes. “We knew Waccamaw would be riors played long, ranging shots ute, the Raptors’ Nick Nybo, a when Eddie Meador took a ball It was a calculated risk that tougher than Bishop England,” from the midfield to connect freshman midfielder, collect- through from midfield on a solo paid off. Allardice was replaced he said. with their forwards for a quick ed a short pass as he sprinted run to the Raptors’ goal. One- by senior Chris Abraham, who The Warriors had the advan- strike. But they never found along the left boundary of the on-one with Meador, the Rap- saw time in goal during the tage in height and size, which their rhythm, Waccamaw coach SEE “WARRIORS,” PAGE 22
  • 51. SPOT SPORTS STORY Weekly Under 6,000 DivisionSECOND PLACE: NEWS-CHRONICLE - May 9, 2012 - Page 5 News-Chronicle Bears win district, advance to top 6 in state HONEA PATH -- In less than a week, the BHP baseball team won the District 1 Championship, lost allowed four base runners through four innings. “Hunter, our number three “We felt like we were squar- ing the ball up real good,” said coach Williams. “We missed some delivered a triple to left, sending Major home with the lone BHP run. Debbie Rogers in the first round of the Upper-State starter, came out and gave us a chances with guys on third a couple Greenville lost 3-0 to Union on Tournament and fought its way into good start,” said BHP head coach of times and didn’t get the big hit Saturday, sending them to BHP for the top six teams in the state. Steve Williams. “He had enough to get them in.” the first elimination game. The Bears defeated Walhalla velocity and has a pretty-good After the double play, the Bears Complete details of Monday’s 8-3 in their fourth meeting of the breaking ball to get people out. He retired the top three batters in order game with Greenville will be season and claimed the district worked ahead of batters for most to claim the championship. reported in next week’s News- title. of the game.” “Hats off to our guys,” said Chronicle. BHP lost 5-1 to a strong Fort After the Razorbacks cut the coach Williams. “They made the For the latest results, log on Mill team on Saturday in the lead in half in the fifth inning, play when they had to. I tip my the web at www.schsl.org. Click first round of the Upper-State. Michael “Tink” Rochester entered hat to Hunter who hasn’t pitched on 2011-12 brackets and state The Bears eliminated Greenville in relief. in three weeks. We’ve had him champions. Monday with a 10-4 come-from- In the top of the sixth, Walhalla ready several games and got him District 1 Championship behind win. pulled to within one and threatened up, but haven’t used him. I’m real BHP 8, Walhalla 3 The Bears will be on the road to add more runs. happy for him.” WHS 0 0 0 0 2 1 0 3 5 3 today (Wed.) at Union County. The Razorbacks led off with a Pace (3-2) earned the win and BHP 2 0 0 2 0 4 x 8 12 1 The winner advances to the Upper- double and single and loaded the Rochester the save. Hitters AB R H RBI BB State finals on Friday. bases with a walk. Another walk “I felt good about my pitches,” Matt Williams 3 2 1 1 0 The State Championship series kept the bases loaded. said Pace. “My breaking ball was Jake Crawford 4 1 2 0 0 begins Monday at the home of the A Keown to Williams to Smith on today and I put the fast ball on Rudy Cox 4 1 3 2 0 Lower State Champ. double play retired the side, leav- the outside corner and got a lot Tink Rochester 3 1 2 1 1 Against Walhalla, the Bears ing two stranded. of guys off balance. My breaking Drew Greer 2 0 1 1 1 collected five hits and jumped out “That was a big double play ball got me out of a lot of pitches. Collin Smith 3 1 1 0 0 to a 2-0 lead after one inning and to end the inning,” said Coach It was a great win and all our guys C. Alewine 2 2 1 0 0 led 4-0 after four. Williams. “The defense really did a great job.” 3B: Cox SB: Crawford, Alewine, Collin Smith led off the fourth pulled us through. Once you get a The Bears had little time to Cox. Sac fly: Williams. Sac bunt: with a double to center. Chance double-play ball, it is a momentum enjoy the win as they hosted Fort Crawford, Greer, Matthew Pow- Pace came in to pinch run, ad- changer. Walhalla knew that was a Mill three days later. ell. vanced to third on a Matthew big opportunity for them.” BHP scored first in the fourth Pitchers IP AB R H ER BB SO Keown single and scored when The Bears scored four more inning, but the Yellow Jackets H. Pace (3-2) 4.67 19 2 3 0 2 2 NEWS-CHRONICLE PHOTO - Debbie Rogers Keown stole second. runs in their last at-bat as they sent responded with five runs in their Rochester (S) 1.33 11 1 2 1 2 1 Keown scored the eventual eight batters to the plate. Walhalla next at-bat. CHANCE PACE (17) LEAPS INTO HIS SLIDE AT HOME against winning run on a Matt Williams’ aided the Bear offense, giving up “We gave up one big inning,” Upper-State Playoffs Greenville Monday night. The Red Raider catcher dropped the ball sac fly to left. two walks and committing an said Coach Williams. “They clutch BHP 1, Fort Mill 5 on the tag and Pace was safe at home. With senior Hunter Pace on the error. hit with the bases loaded. FM 0 0 0 0 5 0 0 5 7 1 Drew Greer 3 1 1 0 0 Pitchers IP AB RH ER BB SO mound, the Bears retired seven of Seniors Andrew “Rudy” Cox After Greer singled and Major BHP 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 6 1 Eric Boggs 2 0 2 1 1 Crawford (2-3)4.3 21 5 6 5 2 1 the first eight Razorbacks and only and Drew Greer had RBI singles. replaced him on first, Eric Boggs Hitters AB R H RBI BB C. Alewine 3 0 1 0 0 Simmons .67 2 0 1 0 0 0 Matt Williams 4 0 1 0 0 3B: Boggs. SB: Williams. Rochester 2 6 0 0 0 0 2 Tink Rochester 3 0 1 0 0 NEWS CHRONICLE PHOTO - Debbie Rogers ANDREW MAJOR GETS A FACE FULL of dirt by Fort Mill in the first round of the upper-state when he dives back to first on a pick-off attempt baseball playoffs on May 5.
  • 52. SPOT SPORTS STORY Weekly Under 6,000 Division FIRST PLACE: Jasper County Sun Anthony Garzilli No Rebels repeat
  • 53. SPOT SPORTS STORY Weekly Over 6,000 DivisionTHIRD PLACE: Fort Mill Times Mac Banks ANDY BURRISS - aburrisss@heraldonline.com Fort Mill’s Jon Cutrone, center, celebrates with teammates his goal in the second half that made the score 2-1, Fort Mill. Fort Mill defeated Hilton Head 3-1 to win the Class AAA Boys Soccer State Championship Saturday in Columbia. Jackets dominate, By Mac Banks take state keeper Mike Ritterbeck. as they were, Hilton Head was just as mbanks@comporium.net “Our goal at the beginning of the sea- strong defensively crowding the box and son was to get to this point and win,” said not allowing the Jackets any opportuni- COLUMBIA — Finally reaching the Fort Mill head coach Lloyd Chalker. “We ties to shoot. mountain top, Fort Mill High claimed its had never been here before, much less Fielden, who will be going to the Uni- first boy’s state soccer title in the nearly won the Upper State.” versity of Pittsburgh next season to play 30-year history of the program by beating Hilton Head was ranked sixth in the soccer, put Fort Mill on the board about 14 Hilton Head 3-1 in the 3A boy’s state soc- state coming into the game. After drop- minutes into the game as he broke away cer championship at Memorial Stadium ping the first three games of their season, down the middle of the field after being in Columbia Saturday. the Seahawks had rattled off 17 wins in a fed by sophomore Austin Cassidy to Propelled by two goals from senior row to reach Saturday’s 3A title game. score. Catching keeper Ritterbeck com- captain Kevin Fielden, the Jackets, The game was a defensive battle in the ing out to try and stop him, Fielden went ranked No. 1 in the state for most of the first half, except for a couple breakdowns left and then shot for the easy score. season, held the Seahawks to just five by each squad. After the initial goal, neither team was shots on goal for the game, while relying Fort Mill was strong from the opening able to establish much dominance. Fort on a strong defense and an energetic of- of the game as they controlled the ball for fense that took 15 shots at Hilton Head the first 10 minutes of the game. As strong Please see SOCCER 6B
  • 54. SPOT SPORTS STORY Weekly Over 6,000 Division SECOND PLACE: Myrtle Beach HeraldAmanda Kelley and Charles D. Perry Coastal Carolina football
  • 55. SPOT SPORTS STORY Weekly Over 6,000 DivisionFIRST PLACE: Carolina Gateway Reece Murphy
  • 56. SPOT SPORTS STORY Weekly 2/3 Times Division THIRD PLACE: The Press & Standard Brantley Strickland Making the ‘Jump’
  • 57. SPOT SPORTS STORY Weekly 2/3 Times Division SECOND PLACE: The Press & Standard Drew Tripp Heartbreaker
  • 58. SPORTS FEATURE STORY Weekly Under 6,000 Division Perfect attendance: Puckett a loyal Jacket fan By BRIAN WHITMORE The Union County High Yellow Jackets have their share of fans. Some are fair weather fans.THIRD PLACE: Many are loyal. And then there is Roy Puckett, who leaves loyalty in the rearview mirror. Puckett, 65, has not missed a Yellow Jackets home football game in 50 years and he’s only missed about five road games in that span. He was recognized by the school’s booster club and pre- sented a Jacket hoodie at the final regular season Union County News home game against Chester on Oct. 26. “That’s the first time my name has been called over the loudspeaker,” said Puckett, who often jokes that Union County Stadium should be renamed Puckett Field. “We felt like a man that’s been with us 50 years deserves special recognition,” said Roger Bailey, Brian Whitmore who presented the gift. “I really don’t know that we have a more loyal fan that Uncle Roy Puckett.” How loyal? Once the old Chevy pickup truck that Puckett drove to the games let him down on a trip to a championship contest. He left the truck on the side of the road, attended the game and went back to retrieve his vehicle the next day. Roy Puckett hasn’t missed a Yellow Jacket home football game in 50 years and he’s only missed a few away Nothing has deterred Puckett from his Friday games. He was recognized at the Chester game and given a gift. Also pictured are Will Hickson, Roger Bailey night ritual each fall. Not even a bout with seizures and Jerry Williams. a few years back. “The Lord has blessed me,” he said. “I’ve never been sick other than a cold. The seizures came before football season. I got better when football season came around.” Puckett sits with a large group of Jacket fans in front of the press box on the 50-yard line. His smaller group within the crowd includes his son, Richard, Randy Mitchum and Billy Knox. If you’ve never met them, you’ve certainly heard them. “D!, D!, D!, D!, D!,” they shout for defense. “Come on out from down there!” Puckett booms on kickoff returns, followed by “40 or more. Their 40, not your 40.” Knox repeats every word. The group waves a Jacket flag older than the players and stands up during the entire game, only taking a seat at half- time. “We don’t need cow bells, we’re loud enough,” watching games before that. As a child, he’d stand “I have five grandchildren — one ball player and Puckett said. outside the fence and watch games. four cheerleaders,” he said. Distraction? No. Actually, more times than not, “It cost to go to a game,” he said. “There was a Puckett’s wife, Pam, goes to see her grandchild, the Jackets seem to get motivated. It’s almost like hole under the fence and we could get into the fair- but doesn’t accompany her husband on Friday Puckett and his group are the spark that ignites a ground, but we couldn’t get into the stadium. I’d nights. Like coaches’ wives, she becomes a foot- fire of crowd participation and the team feeds off stand up against the fence and watch them when I ball widow during much of the fall. She supports that energy. was 10 years old.” her husband, who figures if he has set a record he At road games, Puckett is usually the first Jacket On the outside looking in, Puckett also remem- might as well make it stick. fan to arrive and is saving seats on the 50-yard bers watching Sims High play before integration. “I’m scared to miss one now,” he said. line. On the road or at home, he never has to pay He also recalls playing football in the Long “Somebody might break my record. I’ll be at every to see a game. As a senior citizen, he gets free Twelve neighborhood. game, only if I’m living.” admission to home games and his friends, Bill and “We’d choose up and play at school,” he said. When the day comes that Puckett can‘t attend, Mickey Wingo, let him have their road tickets. “Back then on the mill hill, there was no violence. the record will stay in the family. Richard hasn’t “They’ll leave a message, ‘We’ve got two tick- Kids had fun.” missed a game in 42 years. And Chase got the old ets for the No. 1 Jacket fan,’” Puckett said. Even though Puckett is the Jackets’ biggest fan, Chevy truck and is looking to fix it up for more Another chant used at away games involves the he never graduated high school. road trips. post game meal. “I left school and went to work at Smith Lumber “I told everybody that old truck had OnStar “We shout, ‘Which Waffle House we going to?” Company,” he said. “I worked there for 42 years when it was football season, I punched in the away Puckett said. and I still do carpentry work.” games and it took me,” said Puckett. Anyone at the game or in the game probably His son, Richard, and daughter, Tammy, are After his seizures, Puckett can’t remember many understands Puckett’s obsession, but you have to Union High graduates. Richard played for the of the names of Jacket greats or big moments in take a look back in time to see the roots of his loy- Jackets and, of course, his dad was there for every school history, but he’ll always remember good alty to the Jackets. game. Richard’s son, Chase, plays center on the times spent with friends and family. The streak started in 1962, but Puckett was UCHS junior varsity team and granddad also had “It’s the fellowship and family, that’s what I love perfect attendance on Thursdays this year. about football,” he said.
  • 59. SPORTS FEATURE STORY Weekly Under 6,000 DivisionSECOND PLACE: The Berkeley Independent Dan Brown The Four Horsemen of THS Jennifer Easler/Special to The Independent Jennifer Easler/Special to The Independent Jennifer Easler/Special to The Independent Dominic McKelvey/Special to The Independent Daquan Lucas Diquan Richardson Lee Mayes Mike Wilson BY DAN BROWN Famine, Pestilence, Destruction where touchdowns go to die. vocabulary, but instead a quiet The Independent and Death. These though, are only Andrews, Cross, Murray, confidence looms over the heads aliases. Their real names are Berkeley and Hanahan all tried, of opposing running backs like Author’s Note: Inspired by, and Wilson, Richardson, Lucas and but fell in vain. In the playoffs the icy grip of Dread. with apologies to Grantland Rice Mayes. They form the crest of the Kingstree, Loris, Hanahan and They fly across the gridiron bat- and his epic “The Four Horsemen Timberland Wolves defensive now Dillon must lower their tlefield with reckless abandon, of Notre Dame,” and also wave that swept over all who have heads and kneel at their feet in birds of prey administering pun- ishing blows that warn, “Thou inspired by Timberland beating dared to stand in their path. quiet defeat. Shalt Not Pass.” Or run. Dillon. They are the Four Forces of These Four Horsemen lead the Wilson, Richardson, Lucas and Nature – Thunder, Lightning, prowl of a juggernaut that is the Mayes… the utterance of their Outlined against a blood-red Wind and Rain, rumbling over the Timberland Wolves defense. They names do not shake the rafters autumn sky, the Four Horsemen lowland Carolina marsh, obliter- are the harbingers of an offense’s upon which the skies are held, but rode again. ating everything with clinical doom. In stories told they are known as indifference. They are that place Conceit is not a part of their See HORSEMEN Page 2B
  • 60. SPORTS FEATURE STORY Weekly Under 6,000 Division FIRST PLACE: Jasper County Sun Anthony GarzilliUnbeaten THA rocked SCISA hoops in 1993
  • 61. SPORTS FEATURE STORY Weekly Over 6,000 Division THIRD PLACE: The Horry Independent Robert Anderson Soldier’s letters come home
  • 62. SPORTS FEATURE STORY Weekly Over 6,000 DivisionSECOND PLACE: The Gazette Rob Gantt Healing in Hanahan ... Harpe finding peace after 2010 ordeal BY ROB GANTT toughness has been pushed to murder. They convinced him The Gazette the limits over the last 21 he was going to die. After months by the memory of a being pistol-whipped, Harpe Five people tried to break brutal and life-threatening lay helpless, face down and Josh Harpe. They didn’t encounter that involved steel bound by duct tape in the know he was made of twisted of a different kind, the sort West Ashley condominium blue steel. that expires lives in a split he still lives in. “I remember A nickname, earned his second. them telling me, ‘Now would sophomore year as a walk-on Five people - including two be the time to start praying,” football player at The Citadel Harpe knew – plotted to rob Harpe said. by then-coach John Zernhelt him during an early morning, Harpe reasoned with him- in 2004, fit him as an under- in-home invasion in February self he would not beg for his sized player because he never 2010. life. He was prepared to take backed down. Two of the assailants point- the bullet with dignity if it He knew he was only 150 ed handguns directly at the came to that. pounds but he had twice the back of Harpe’s head, and It didn’t, though. They just Rob Gantt/Gazette fight in him. one had a sword too, as the left him there after ransack- Josh Harpe (right) instructs offensive lineman Cameron Blackmon as the Hawks But that resiliency and armed robbery crept closer to See HARPE Page 6A prepare for Lake City.
  • 63. SPORTS FEATURE STORY Weekly Over 6,000 DivisionFIRST PLACE: Free Times Eva Moore and Patrick Wall Blowfish Down to Final At-Bats; Is a Minor League Team On Deck? A post-storm rainbow appears as the Capital City Stadium grounds crew readies the field for the BY EVA MOORE AND PATRICK WALL Columbia Blowfish to resume their July 19 game against the Thomasville Hi-Toms. The game was PHOTOS BY PAUL COLLINS delayed for roughly an hour due to heavy rains. In the meantime, college students mill Benjamin is hell-bent on bringing to town? I t’s 10 minutes before first pitch on a mid- July Thursday, and thick drops of rain are pelting the north end of Assembly Street. about, downing two-dollar beers. Kids squeal and bounce in the inflated play castle and play the assorted mini-games in the concourse, seemingly oblivious to the delay on the field. It’s fitting that rain threatens to wash Making A Sale Last year, the Atlanta-based development group Bright-Meyers approached city of- ficials about buying the Capital City Stadium. out what could be one of the final games in It was part of a plan by megaretailer Walmart But Debbie, who answers the phone at infield dirt is soaked; it’s gone from a bright Capital City Stadium, a field notorious for to expand its presence in the Columbia area. the Columbia Blowfish box office, says the tan to a deep, dark brown. Water’s started flooding problems. Back in June, Columbia City Councilman Brian Newman — team’s baseball game against the Thomasville pooling on the concrete steps of the lower- City Council voted 6-1 to move forward with whose district includes the stadium — later Hi-Toms will go on as planned. There’ve level seats and collecting in the dugouts. selling the historic stadium to a developer told Free Times that although he understood been a few claps of thunder, she says, but the As the rain intensifies, most of the planning to build a Walmart-anchored at the time that Bright-Meyers usually ballpark is bone dry. fans scurry for cover — either under the shopping center there. The Blowfish’s final worked on behalf of Walmart, it wasn’t a Still, the threat of a summer storm has grandstand or to their cars. Those in the regular-season game in the wood-bat sum- sure thing Walmart was behind the deal. All kept the fans away — only about 400 or so grandstand aren’t totally safe; the corrugated mer collegiate Coastal Plain League is Aug. 1. he knew for certain was that the developer show up. (By contrast, Saturday’s game, in metal roof leaks, and strong winds whip rain Unless the Blowfish make the playoffs — the planned to build a retail development there. near-perfect baseball weather, draws about sideways into the seats. Creedence Clearwa- team finished in second place in the first- And Newman welcomed the investment in 2,000.) It’s raining steadily by the time Mi- ter Revival’s “Have You Ever Seen the Rain?” half standings, but currently sits first in the Columbia. chael Wilson leads off for the Blowfish in the plays on the loudspeakers. second half — the team could be homeless So did other city leaders. They wouldn’t bottom of the first. It’s pouring by the time Those who haven’t fled file into the con- after Aug. 1. make much off the sale, but the city stood Josh Miller runs a 2-2 count against Thomas- course. A ticket-taker by the front entrance With a sale of the Capital City Stadium to take in millions in tax revenue from the ville pitcher Kyle Keller, and the umpire’s had wonders aloud where everyone is going. His property seemingly imminent, there are businesses that would move in. Whereas enough. He suspends the game. nametag reads “Jim”; he’s middle-aged and questions: Where do the Blowfish go from the stadium actually costs the city money to The grounds crew races on the field with heavy set, his bright red Blowfish T-shirt bulg- here? And can Columbia land the profession- maintain, the sale would put the property on a large tarpaulin, but the damage is done: The ing at the waistline. This’ll blow over, he says. al minor league baseball team Mayor Steve the tax rolls for the first time. In October, Columbia City Council qui- 16 coverstory free-times.com | twitter.com/freetimessc | facebook.com/freetimes | July 25-31, 2012
  • 64. SPORTS FEATURE STORY Weekly 2/3 Times Division Cato’s center move a snapTHIRD PLACE: LHS senior lineman steps up The Lancaster News for the team Robert Howey rhowey@thelancasternews.com Robert Howey With a hole to fill at center in the Lancaster High School of- fensive line, Bruins’ offensive line coach Joe Watson knew what was the right turn. All Watson did was look to the LHS right tackle for the player to handle the duties. That player is senior lineman Josh Cato, who is in his third season with the Bruins as a starter. “The move was for the better- ment of the offensive line,” said Watson. “Josh fit what we were looking for at center. He’s consistent in his play and Game picks up things Night well,” Watson Spotlight said. “We knew AARON MORRISON/amorrison@thelancasternews.com he could make Lancaster High School senior lineman Josh Cato has made the move to center this season in hopes of the move. Josh is a hard worker boosting the Bruins’ play in the trenches. and a smart kid.” So Cato, with Watson’s urging, fine this season.” can,” he said. “I think my parents have Cato also wants to be equally Watson noted Cato is the type missed one game since I started moved from right tackle to cen- solid as a leader. of player a team needs. playing,” he said. “It’s a good ter. “A football team needs lead- “He’s always dependable,” feeling to know they’re in the It didn’t hurt that Cato had ers,” Cato said. “I’m trying to be Watson said. “Josh is what a stands and no matter what, played center in middle school a leader and a role model. Being player should be. He does what they’re going to be there for you and in his freshman year at a leader is helping other players is asked of him and gives it his and the team. It gives you a LHS. out. You want them to do the best shot. His goal is to help the good feeling.” “I know the position,” Cato best to their ability.” team in any way possible. Cato said he hopes for more said. “I knew I needed to step up Cato recalls his early days “He’s a good one to have be- nights of celebration. and help the team. I think coach when a senior teammate pro- cause he’s going to give it his “If we execute, we will be al- Watson knew I would do what vided key guidance. best shot.” right,” he said. “The offense has was best for the team.” “That was Dustin Belk,” Cato Watson added Cato is blessed to score and the defense has to Cato, in his first game in the said. “Whatever questions I had, with a “good family.” provide stops. middle of the LHS offensive line, he would always try to answer “His parents (Jeff and Casey “After last week and the win did well, grading out at 81 per- them and help me. A few times, Cato) are behind him and the over Andrew Jackson, we have cent against Andrew Jackson he stayed after practice to help program all the way,” he said. momentum going into the Ridge last week. me with different parts of play- “They’re going to be there no View game,” he said. “After that “If a lineman grades 75 per- ing in the line.” matter what, through thick and first win, you’re hyped up and cent or better in our system, he’s Cato noted it’s a role seniors thin. They always speak and ready to go to the next one.” doing a solid job,” Watson said. should seek to follow. give encouragement.” “If Josh continues to grade in “It might be the last hurrah, Cato said it makes a differ- ◆ Contact sports editor the 80s, then we’re going to be so you want to do the best you ence. Robert Howey at (803) 283-1157
  • 65. SPORTS FEATURE STORY Weekly 2/3 Times DivisionSECOND PLACE: One great honors another Bobby Richardson has fond memories of his old friend and colleague, Larry Doby Chronicle-Independent By TOM DIDATO C-I (Camden, S.C.) sports editor While the doors to Cooperstown may never swing open to him for his vast exploits on the baseball diamond, no one will argue with Bobby Richardson’s credentials for his being inducted into a humani- tarian hall of fame. As a member of the New York Yankees for 12 seasons (1955-66), the Sumter native and resident posted a career .266 batting average with 34 home runs and 390 RBI. He remains the only player from a losing team to win the most valuable player award in the World Series, having done so in the 1960 fall classic when the Yankees lost to Pittsburgh when Bill Mazeroski hit a solo home run in the bottom of Tom Didato the ninth in game seven to give the Pirates the 10-9 win and the world championship In the 1960 World Series, Richardson went 11-for-30 (.367 average), hit one home run with two doubles, two triples, eight runs scored while driving in a dozen runs. The 12 RBI is still a World Series record and stands one ahead of teammate and longtime friend Mickey Mantle, who plated 11 runners in 1960, a series in which the Bronx Bombers outscored the Pirates by a combined 55-27 count. Richardson’s numbers only scratch the surface on the man who, following his retirement from base- ball, went into college coaching. He served as the head baseball coach at three schools, starting with the University of South Carolina before stops at Coastal Carolina University and Liberty University. C-I photos by Tom Didato Through his journeys, Richardson never lost sight of what he believed to be the most important thing in his life; his being a Christian. To this day, he is a highly sought-after speaker by churches, Fellow- BOBBY RICHARDSON LISTENS to a talk being given by Larry Doby’s daughter, Kimberly ship of Christian Athletes huddles and other faith-based organizations throughout the country. On Doby, at Thursday’s Larry Doby Foreveer stamp unveiling at the Camden Archives and more than one occasion, he has come to Camden to address worship services at various churches and Museum. Seated on the former New York Yankees’ second baseman right is Sen. Vincent delivered the eulogy for his former American Legion coach in Sumter and then, Camden resident and Sheheen of Camden. legendary figure, H.N. “Coach Hutch” Hutchinson. what Doby went through in his career. “That was all in the past,” Richardson said. Instead, talk was Thursday, Richardson found himself back in Camden to say a few words about his former on-field ad- about various games and what players were doing following their playing days. versary and longtime friend, Larry Doby, on the occasion of the Camden native’s being honored by the Richardson’s role in baseball history is prominent in the fact that he was a World Series most valu- U.S. Postal Service with a Forever stamp. Doby’s depiction was part of a Hall of Fame quartet issued by able player despite his team not winning the crown, a fact which he does not relish. “I’m not sure it’s an the USPS which includes Joe DiMaggio, Willie Stargell and Ted Williams. honor when you are the most valuable player on a losing team,” he said. As Richardson left the lectern following his delivery of a poem (seen on Page 1 of today’s Chronicle- Following the seventh game loss in Pittsburgh, it was widely reported that Mantle was so upset by Independent), he would later make a quick U-turn to inform the packed Camden Archives and Museum losing the series that he cried not only in the clubhouse but on the plane ride back to New York as well. with one last bit of information. Many years after that loss, Mantle told Richardson that he still felt the sting of that series. “Camden never should have let Larry leave,” he said with a smile. “He was all-state (in New Jersey) “He and I had a little place together in Boone, N.C., at Grandfather Mountain,” Richardson said of in three sports.” Mantle. “I’ve heard him say the saddest moment he had was the 1960 World Series because he felt like Shortly after Richardson arrived inside the museum, he was surrounded by fans and friends, both old we had a better ballclub and we lost it. But we came back the next two years and were world champi- and new. Included among those was Camden City Manager Kevin Bronson, who served the master of ons.” ceremonies for the morning event. While introducing himself to Richardson, Bronson pointed out that In the 1962 series, the Yankees nearly lost the championship in another game seven against the San he was a Clemson graduate, while joking that he would not let that interfere with his introduction of Francisco Giants. Leading the series finale, 1-0, heading into the bottom of the ninth at Candlestick the former Gamecock baseball coach. Park, the Giants received a leadoff bunt single from Matty Alou. With two outs, Willie Mays lined an “I had three sons who all graduated from Clemson,” Richardson said with a laugh. “Do you know that opposite field double to right, which was fielded by Roger Maris as the hosts had men at second and Clemson also has the best FAC chapter in the country?” third with Willie McCovey coming to the plate. A few seconds later, he was asked if he missed coaching college baseball. With that, he flashed a smile McCovey ripped a shot to second on which Richardson bounced to his left and made a two-handed and said that with the rules and regulations which have been instituted by the NCAA as they pertain grab of the liner to give the Yankees their 20th world championship and fourth for Richardson, who said to what coaches and schools can do and provide to their student-athletes, the climate would not be right his hand still stings when he thinks about that play. for him. “For 45 years,” Richardson said of that now famous highlight, “I didn’t see Willie McCovey. Then, I Richardson then recalled a time when as a college coach, he took his team skeet shooting, thinking he went out to San Francisco for an old timers’ game and his first remark to me was, ‘I bet your hand is would be the best shot in the group. Only trouble was, he had a player on that squad from his hometown still hurting.’ I said, ‘You hit it hard.’” of Sumter who was a better shot than he was and would out-score his head coach on that day of team Richardson said of his professional career that he came along at the perfect time and was surrounded bonding. Today, the NCAA would frown on that type of off-campus activity. by an all-star cast in the Bronx. One thing which the born-again Christian made clear, however, was that he was honored to be asked “I played at the right time,” he said. “In nine of my first 10 years, the Yankees won the pennant. Just to talk about Doby, whom he played against in the major leagues and then with in old timers’ games playing with such good players like Mantle, Yogi (Berra), Whitey (Ford) and (Phil) Scooter Rizzuto ... following their playing days. they’re all in the Hall of Fame.” “When he came on board, it didn’t take him very long to make his mark,” Richardson said of Doby Just like he was on the field, Richardson was successful in the dugout. In 1970, he was named as the before reciting a list of Doby’s accomplishments in the game, ending with his 1998 induction into the head baseball coach at the University of South Carolina, leading the Gamecocks to a 51-6 record in 1975 National Baseball Hall of Fame. and into the program’s first College World Series that season which ended with a loss to Texas in the “I remember him, very well, as a wonderful player but even more than that, in a tough situation, he championship game. had the clarity and the dignity to shine.” After making a run for a Congressional seat in 1976, losing by less than 3,000 votes, Richardson re- While Doby made his major league debut with the Cleveland Indians on July 5, 1947, it was not until turned to coaching at Coastal Carolina, from 1984-86. He led the Chanticleers to the Big South title in three years later that the New York Yankees signed their first group of African-American. Included in his final season in Conway. He then moved on to Liberty as head coach in 1987 and stayed there until the Yankees’ first signing of black ballplayers was Elston Howard. retiring in 1990. Howard’s entry to the major leagues was delayed by a two-year hitch in the military. When he re- Richardson has been called by more than one person as the father of USC baseball. He traced the turned from the service, he spent four seasons in the Yankees’ minor league system before being pro- beginning of the program’s rise to prominence and popularity to his first season in Columbia when moted to the parent club in 1955. His first game with New York came on April 14, 1955, nearly eight he sought out a little help from friends in the Big Apple to give the Gamecock baseball program some years to the day on which Jackie Robinson broke Major League Baseball’s color barrier by playing for needed momentum. the Brooklyn Dodgers on April 15, 1947. “I remember when I was introduced to the (USC) team in 1970 and we didn’t do very well,” he said of Another rookie on the 1955 Yankees was Richardson. By seeing what Howard went through, he got that first 14-20 campaign. a bit of a glimpse as to the hills which Doby had to climb in the grand old game. In the same breath, “I think one of the keys was some three years later when the Yankees came down to play our ballclub though, he said he could not imagine what Doby had to endure when he arrived in Cleveland. and so did the Mets; Yogi was their manager of the Mets. We played three against the Yankees and “I can’t (imagine what Doby went through),” Richardson said. “But I do because of Elston Howard, three against the Mets. Then, they played each other under the lights. A lot of people in Columbia were which was (eight) years later and, it was still a problem. It wasn’t as tough on Elston, though, because exposed to college baseball and then, it took off.” of Larry. And he was such a great ballplayer; that makes a difference when you earn that respect in a Following Richardson’s departure, June Raines kept the wins coming for the Gamecocks, leading quick way.” them back into the College World Series. The program would then take its place among college base- Richardson said that unlike in Doby’s early days, Howard was well-liked and respected by his team- ball’s elite under Ray Tanner, who guided USC to the 2010 and2011 national titles and to a runner-up mates and fans alike. He also had a good sense of humor and could dish out as well as take some good- finish this past season, his last as the coach before being promoted to the school’s director of athletics natured ribbing from his teammates. earlier this month. “I remember Mickey Mantle, who was quite the jokester, saying one time when Elston was getting Richardson said even he could not have predicted how big the program would eventually become. on the (team) bus,” Richardson said. “Mickey said, ‘Elston, go to the back of the bus.’ Elston said, ‘No, “Ray Tanner’s phenomenal. What a great coach,” Richardson. “I’m just so glad. The timing was per- I’m going to sit by you.’ When (Howard) did that, everybody laughed. Elston was just a wonderful guy, fect for him to move up to athletic director and that Chad (Holbrook) is ready to take over in the same just like Larry. manner as Ray. “You never heard much about Larry. He was quiet, dignified and was a wonderful man.” “I’m so pleased with Carolina athletics. One thing they have now that they didn’t have when I was By the time Richardson and Doby played in old timers’ games, there was very little conversation as there is the president (Dr. Harris Pastides) who loves baseball.”
  • 66. SPORTS FEATURE STORY Weekly 2/3 Times DivisionFIRST PLACE: The News and Reporter FRIDAY, AUGUST 17, 2012 • The News & Reporter • Football 2012 • 19 Travis Jenkins Chester High Football’s Founding Father BY TRAVIS JENKINS tjenkins@onlinechester.com the state’s greatest all-time runs. History records Spearman’s first game as coach that a shutout. Aside from a 7-0 scrap against Camden, the contests weren’t close, with the Red Spearman’s tenure, a 32-7 defeat to Camden. In 1932, Spearman not only Longtime Chester resident of the team then known as “The Cyclone winning the games by an coached football, he organized George “Crokie” Fleming still has Red Cyclone” (the “red” would be average of 38-0. Easley managed what is believed to be Chester’s vivid memories of his eighth dropped and an “s” added to to dent the scoreboard, but still first basketball team. He later grade homeroom class with sci- Cyclone many years later) was a lost 45-6. Chester knocked off began a baseball program and a ence teacher and football coach 6-0 victory over York. Stout Simpsonville 27-6 in the first boxing team, and Fleming Lawrence “L.A.” Spearman. Just defense would be a hallmark of round of the playoffs, and brought remembers all those squads being after the bell rang every morn- Spearman-coached teams and home the school’s first state title very competitive right out of the ing, Spearman had students line that reputation was established with a 19-13 victory in a rematch gate. Spearman would also go on up for a paddling. immediately. Not only did Chester with Camden. to coach the track team to a third “He’d warm you up and wake record a shutout in the season The 1930 team went unde- place finish in the state. None of you up with that paddle,” Fleming opener against the Cougars, the feated, outscored the opposition that compared to the gridiron remembered. Red Cyclone did not yield a single 272-24 and routed Marion 47-0 gang, though, where Chester Spearman may have done that point in its first five games. for a second-straight state title. went 8-0 and won another state to make sure everyone was alert County rival Great Falls ended For some reason, the 1931 title with a 12-7 triumph over and ready for the day, but in giv- Spearman the scoreless streak, scoring once regular season slate was trun- Camden. The names of outstand- ing out daily spankings, in a 25-6 loss to Chester in week cated to six games. The first five ing players or performances Spearman also gave students a a manual typewriter. It notes six. Chester finished the regular victories came easily (by a com- aren’t recorded for that year, or taste of what opposing teams that he was a “strongly-built man season 8-0 and outscored the bined score of 143-8), but Chester any other, with Boyd Morrison, dealt with every Friday night. of nearly six feet” with brown opposition 136-6. actually found itself in the odd Chester’s then athletic director, Spearman’s early life and post- hair and blue eyes. He was mar- At that time, “A” and “B” were position of trailing Great Falls writing in the Cestrian “Praise coaching career are tough to ried and, oddly, is listed as hav- the only two sports classifications 13-6 at the half before rallying for that could be paid to one could be track. The information available ing had the nickname “Lady” in the state. Chester was in the B 20-13 win. The first round of the paid to all.” about the on-field accomplish- among his friends in Newberry classification, the smaller of the playoffs brought a visit from Chester did not make the play- ments of his teams is sometimes because of “a boyhood prank with two. Unlike today when nearly Brookland-Cayce. The teams bat- offs in 1933, but that was argu- unreliably contradictory and only an air rifle years ago.” It is noted everyone who has helmets and a tled to a 6-6 tie, but there was no ably Spearman’s best team. The found in dusty high school annu- that he graduated from Newberry stadium gets a playoff invite, overtime in those days. A winner Red Cyclone played 40 quarters als and yellowed newspaper clip- in 1927, meaning that his amaz- only a few schools made it in at had to be determined for the sake of football that season and did pings. Still, anyone with even ing exploits to come at Chester that time and they were selected of Spartanburg having an oppo- not allow a single point. Cestrian cursory knowledge of the history began when he was fresh out of by the High School League. nent the following week, so a few accounts detail that only one of South Carolina prep football college. Chester made it in and knocked days later, the teams played opponent had a goal-to-go situa- can only come to one conclusion One thing that is certain is off now-defunct Simpsonville again, with Chester winning 7-0. tion against Chester and rarely where Spearman is concerned. Spearman’s hiring as a teacher High 19-6 before facing Batesburg- Chester and Spartanburg bat- did opposing teams cross mid- “He was a hell of a coach,” and football coach at Chester Leesville for the title. That tled to a 0-0 tie in a driving rain- field. A scoreless tie against Fleming said. High School for the 1928-’29 marked Spearman’s first loss, storm the next week. The two Gaffney snuffed out Chester’s Fleming says that Spearman school year. Evidence of how long with the Red Cyclone dropping a slugged it out again a few days hopes of another state crown. originally hailed from Newberry ago and far away 1928 is can be 7-6 heartbreaker. later but a scoreless tie was again Missed opportunities cost the Red and census information from found in the sponsorship ads in Fleming said it is noteworthy the result. Finally, playing their Cyclone dearly. 1906 does indicate the birth of a the back of that year’s Cestrian, that Spearman never played a fifth game in two weeks, Chester “The Cyclones took the ball Lawrence Spearman in Newberry. the Chester High yearbook. An patsy schedule to boost his team’s triumphed over Spartanburg deep in Gaffney territory early in Later newspaper accounts of ad placed by the fledgling Chester record and earn a playoff spot. 13-0. Because of the long delay in the game and made more threats Spearman’s coaching exploits Telephone Company honored the Chester played the biggest and determining a winner, the league but could not take it over,” an note that he played football, base- area’s Confederate War veterans, best schools in the state. awarded Camden the state title. account of the game in the ball and basketball at Newberry one by the Baldwin Cafe and “He played all the big high What happened next seems today Cestrian read. College. He is listed as being an Grocery advertised “beer on tap” schools. Easley had a great team, more like a pro wrestling sto- Spearman’s only down year “all-state football performer” at and the Southern Cotton Oil Gaffney had a great team and ryline than an orderly, organized occurred in 1934 and was only Newberry, which would be the Company ad encouraged custom- Camden had a great team, and means of determining a champi- “down” by his standards. Chester modern equivalent of an all-con- ers to call in orders. The phone he beat them all,” Fleming said. on. was 7-2-1 and suffered the only ference player. Given that his number was 56. Prior to the 1929 season, “Camden refused the title back-to-back losses of Spearman’s playing days at Newberry were Organized and recognized Spearman took his team to the when the officials declared them career, by counts of 14-0 to some 90 years ago, the school’s football was still new to the state, mountains for a grueling two- winners, but challenged Chester Orangeburg and 31-0 to Gaffney. sports information department with the first state champion week camp near the French to play for the title on Christmas The latter was Spearman’s worst said they had no information on having been crowned only 12 Broad River. The seasons started Day,” the 1931 Cestrian says. loss as a coach. what position he played or what years before. Chester had experi- a bit later back then, with Chester accepted the chal- The Red Cyclone was back in sort of stats he may have accrued. enced a bit of early success, fin- Chester’s first game taking place lenge, but the team had been left 1935, winning its first Class A Davidson College, where ishing as a state runner-up (to in September. His second squad beaten up by the rigorous series state championship with a 9-0 Spearman later worked, did pro- Charleston) in 1921. For the next picked right up where the first of playoff “do-overs.” The Red record. vide a copy of a coaches profile nine seasons, Chester would left off, running out to a 7-0 Cyclone suffered what would be that looks to have been crafted on dwarf that success with one of record and winning each game by the second-worst loss of See SPEARMAN, Page 20
  • 67. SPORTS COLUMN WRITINGWeekly Under 6,000 & Over 6,000 Divisions Combined THIRD PLACE: Laurens County Advertiser Nick Herman
  • 68. SPORTS COLUMN WRITING Weekly Under 6,000 & Over 6,000 Divisions CombinedSECOND PLACE: 48 minutes ... The Berkeley Independent BY DAN BROWN It takes 48 minutes to win a Dan Brown football game, and the Timberland coaching staff had taken up the “48 Minutes” mantra as their rallying cry throughout the playoffs. I don’t care what anybody says, this game was over in less than four minutes. At the 9:31 mark of the first quarter after Woodruff quarter- back Ryan Perkins completed six straight passes on a 60-yard march down the field into the Timberland red zone, the Wo l v e r i n e s ’ THIS game was for all intents and purposes over.
  • 69. SPORTS COLUMN WRITING Weekly Under 6,000 & Over 6,000 Divisions Combined From The PressBox By - Roger JewellFIRST PLACE: Shoeless Joe Jackson, The Inspirational Baseball Instructor The Travelers Rest Monitor Greenville’s greatest baseball player, and perhaps the great- est natural in the nation, is remembered mainly for his banish- ment from the game he loved after the famed early 1900’s Chi- cago “Black Sox” scandal. His legendary status lives, many years after his death, of the “blue darter” lightning bolt hits with his famous bat he dubbed “Black Betsy.” But at least one Roger Jewell former Greenville County resident remembers “Shoeless” Joe Jackson as a gentle man who took time to teach youngsters the art of connecting a piece of wood with horsehide. Larry Ellenburg, who recently retired from the Iredell-States- ville (NC) Schools Maintenance Department, was one of the lucky Greenville area kids to whom “Shoeless” Joe Jackson taught the fundamentals of baseball. Larry was born in Greenville in 1939 and grew up in the Jud- son Mill Village, just a short bicycle ride from JudsonMill base- ball park. Larry’s father was Joe Ellenburg who was born in 1915 and was a textile league baseball player and in his early years he played some baseball against Shoeless Joe in some of the textile league games. Larry recently told Statesville Record & Landmark newspaper sports writer, O.C. Stonestreet, “Green- ville had about 150 textile mills in the upstate area and dad, who was a weaver by trade, usually had an easier job in the mill during baseball season so he could play centerfield on the mill team. He played before I was born in 1939 and continued to play to the time the family moved to Statesville. Dad played for the Greenville Spinners and for Judson Mill, Dunean Mill, Poe Mill, Mills Mill and others but his longest affiliation with one team was with the Slater Mill Sluggers in Slater.” By the time Larry turned five years old, he was always drag- ging around a bat and throwing a baseball. “Dad took me and my brother to every game hecould and they let us sit with the team in bullpen,” he said. “When Dad was batting or on base, the other players kept an eye on us kids. I grew up surrounded by baseball. Just about every mill had an ‘A’ or ‘B’ team for the men and a Little League and a Pony League for the boys. As a boy Larry was privileged to receive instruction from the legendary Shoeless Joe Jackson himself. “Mr. Jackson told us to hit the ball between the top and the middle so as to get a grounder. If you hit the ball in the middle and the bottom it would pop up and more likely be caught,” he remembers. “He taught us the right way to hit, to catch, to slide and to field and he also taught us sportsmanship. He said to give the game all you’ve got, listen to your coach, hustle and keep your eye on the ball,” Larry recalled. Jackson’s advise always stayed with Larry. When the family moved away from Greenville County to Statesville in 1950 Larry and his brother attended Scotts High School and Larry played on the baseball and football team. “I don’t mean to brag, but when I started playing baseball at Scotts High, I was head and shoulders above most of the team because I had been taught and coached in the fundamentals by one of baseball’s greats, Shoeless Joe Jackson,” Larry said. After graduation Larry played baseball for Waverly Mills in the Tri-County League pitching against teams from Lumberton, Fairmont, Red Springs, Oxendine and Hoke County. In 1960 at the age of 21 he signedwith the Shelby Colonels in the minor league Western Carolinas League for $150 a month. He played only the home games because he worked in the mill at night to make ends meet. Sometimes he was late for work but that was fine with the management as long as he was on the town ball team. “If it hadn’t been for Joe Jackson I couldn’t have accom- plished what I did in baseball,” Larry said. “I was a lucky kid. I just happened to be one of the fortunate kids that Joe Jackson worked with. If he was teaching you, you listened. He wouldn’t
  • 70. SPORTS COLUMN WRITING Weekly 2/3 Times Division Sports TalkTHIRD PLACE: Robert Howey The Lancaster News This Bettie will Robert Howey always be special A week ago today, I was watching a Sunday morning program and a segment caught my eye. It featured the declining use of the name Betty. In a nut- shell, according to the report, the name Betty isn’t used to name baby girls these days. Think for a moment, you don’t really hear that name much now. I’m sure it’s rarer to hear, or see the name Bettie. That’s special to me because that was my mother’s name, the late Bettie Weeks Howey.
  • 71. SPORTS COLUMN WRITING Weekly 2/3 Times DivisionSECOND PLACE: The News and Reporter Travis Jenkins
  • 72. SPORTS COLUMN WRITING Weekly 2/3 Times Division FIRST PLACE: The Press & Standard Brantley Strickland
  • 73. PAGE ONE DESIGN PORTFOLIO Weekly Under 6,000 DivisionTHIRD PLACE: News and Press 2A OPINION INSIDE 4A OBITUARIES OBITUARIES 6A BOOKINGS Darlington County Spring Sports Guide for 2012 7A SPORTS SPORTS 2B PUZZLES 50¢ 5B CLASSIFIEDS 2A OPINION News&Press 4A OBITUARIES 6A BOOKINGS 6B SPORTS 2B PUZZLES 5B CLASSIFIEDS QUOTE 50¢ ‘All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.’ EDMUND BURKE News&Press Vol. 138, No. 12 Darlington, S.C. THREE SECTIONS • 36 PAGES MAY 9, 2012 ESTABLISHED 1874 Vol. 138, No. 18 Darlington, S.C. W W W. N E W S A N D P R E S S O N L I N E . C O M Lisa Chalian-Rock Keeper of the Darlington Stripe ‘All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.’ EDMUND BURKE THREE SECTIONS • 36 PAGES MARCH 2 1, 2 0 1 2 , ESTABLISHED 1874 W W W. N E W S A N D P R E S S O N L I N E . C O M By Hunter Thomas but most of them were paint- Contributing Writer ed free hand. That’s right, no District may hire 7 new teachers When you sit in the grand- stands at Darlington Raceway during pre-race ceremonies, templates, just pure measure- ment orchestrated into a flow- ing rainbow of art that makes the walls at Darlington Inside Check out the News & Press special Bojangles’ have you ever wondered how Southern 500 section that Budget figures schools to get the class size the That added revenue is ($161,680). all of those logos get painted Raceway so unique. There’s no other track on includes interviews with board wants,” Superintendent thanks mostly to the legisla- The board also has the on the wall? They are perfect the most popular drivers improving Dr. Rainey Knight said during ture’s consideration of option of increasing the mill- and look just like the logo the NASCAR schedule where and more. Look for four for school district the board’s regular monthly increasing the base student age rate, which it has not done you’d see on the Internet or on the walls become the story- pages of race coverage in meeting on March 12. cost from $1,880 to $2,012. since before 2008. Staff did a t-shirt. line before and after the the May 16 edition too! By Lisa Chalian-Rock The hiring will result in The increase will come with not include a millage increase Well, believe it or not, weekend’s events. 2A OPINION 4A OBITUARIES 14A BOOKINGS 11A SPORTS 2B PUZZLES 3B CLASSIFIEDS 6A CALENDAR Editor Jimmy Jolly paints the Royal Purple logo a few weeks before race lisa@newsandpressonline.com $420,000 of expenditures if strings attached of course. in its projections. nearly every logo at the race- all seven positions are filled. School boards will be On the expense side, Dr. weekend. PHOTO BY HUNTER THOMAS way is not only hand painted, RACEWAY PAINT 3A News&Press MAY 16, 2012 QUOTE Darlington County School No one will be hired until the required to provide an across- Knight outlined more than ‘All that is necessary for the District Board of Education budget situation becomes the-board pay increase of 2 $2 million in new expenses. triumph of evil is that clearer in the legislature, percent of base salary to all As mentioned, $1.1 million good men do nothing.’ EDMUND BURKE gave authority to the superin- tendent to begin the process to post and interview for Knight said. That cost may be some- employees. In Darlington County, that will cost more will be in increased base salary. The district will see N AT I O N A L D AY O F P R AY E R City 50¢ Vol. 138, No. 19 seven new elementary school thing the district can cover than $1.1 million. costs rise for property insur- TWO SECTIONS • 28 PAGES ESTABLISHED 1874 Darlington, S.C. Darlington County Coroner Todd Hardee teachers. The board voted unanimously to allow Knight given improving budget pro- jections. District Comptroller Other revenue increases are expected from Act 388 ance ($15,800), worker’s compensation insurance Darrin Hayes approves Race Weekend in Darlington, 7-10A Hardee to post the positions and inter- view candidates. “I would need to add seven G.C. White told the board that the district should see $2.9 million in additional revenue ($424,738), real property taxes from automobiles and manufacturing ($981,691), ($16,900) and retirement funding ($583,785). Hayes sanitation seeks teachers to the elementary above the current fiscal year. and Fee-In-Lieu-of-Taxes SCHOOL BUDGET 5A runs for changes fourth coroner By Lisa Chalian-Rock Editor lisa@newsandpressonline.com McBee Police Chief Darrin PHOTO BY HUNTER THOMAS term Hayes will run for Darlington County Coroner on the Democratic ticket. “I desire to bring the level of Gov. Nikki Haley talks with students at the S.C. Governor’s School for Science and Darlington City Council unanimously approved a pro- posed sanitation collection W W W. N E W S A N D P R E S S O N L I N E . C O M Darlington County Coroner J. Mathematics during an informal restructuring plan on May 1. law enforcement experience to Todd Hardee announced that he Smart Chat interview with The city will begin pick-up Redistricting, election mess may leave voters in the dark will run for a fourth term of office. He has served the county since 2000. the office of coroner that is expected and deserved by the citizens of Darlington County,” GSSM student Amy Chang. PHOTO BY SAMANTHA LYLES of commercial roll carts and residential recycling July 1 Hayes said. “My commitment to rather than contract with a Darlington County split amongst six state house districts Find Your District Mechanicsville and part of the Palmetto precinct will vote in S.C. House District 59. District 59’s Rep. Terry Alexander (D- Hardee admitted the initial decision to run was not easily reached. When his predeces- the citizens of Darlington County is my highest priority.” Hayes has more than 25 years Haley visits third-party vendor. The city will advertise and accept bids for all commercial front load By Lisa Chalian-Rock Editor lisa@newsandpressonline.com mary. The South Carolina Supreme Court ruling May 1 primary. Darlington County residents Residents in the Antioch and Society Hill precincts are See maps of all the state house and senate districts in Darlington County on page 16A. Florence) faces no opposition. Rep. Phillip Lowe (R- Florence) will now represent sor Eldridge Norton, who served as the county coroner for 20 years, announced his of law enforcement experience. He started his career as an intern at the Hartsville Police Governor’s containers as the city’s current contract expire June 30. The city will purchase 300 School that bumped candidates from have lamented the past 10 in S.C. House District 54, cur- Lamar 1, Lamar 2, Oates, Thanks to the gerrymander- the ballot hasn’t helped clear years about having three state rently represented by Indian Branch and parts of the intention to retire in 1999, Department in 1985 while he 96-gallon recycling contain- ing that follows each Census the air either. house representatives. Under Elizabeth Munnerlyn (D- House District 55. The only Lake Swamp and Swift Creek Hardee was approached by a attended Coker College. He ers  – the same size as the and redistricting, voters in The redistricting will impact the new maps, the county is Bennettsville). She currently choice on the ballot will be precincts. Lowe does not face group of local citizens who went on to work for the garbage roll carts – to better Darlington County may not voters for the next decade further divided with portions has no opposition. incumbent Jackie E. “Coach” opposition. asked if he would consider Gov. Nikki Haley visited regardless of the outcome of of precincts belonging to six Part of the Mechanicsville Hayes (D-Dillon). Hartsville Police Department, accommodate the change to a realize who they can choose to Hartsville last week and talked represent them in the June pri- the lawsuits from this specific house districts. precinct has shifted into S.C. The other part of making a run for the office. the Darlington County Sheriff’s 26-week recycling schedule. ELECTION INFO 16A His answer was not immedi- Department and the South with students at the S.C. Currently, fewer than 700 city ate. Hardee, who worked for the Carolina Department of Natural Governor’s School for Science Friends cheer as Carolina Paws owner Bobbie Altman and Owners attended with their best canine pals in tow and were treat- households actively recycle. Kistler (now Kistler Hardee) Resources Law Enforcement and Mathematics. During an Residents Funeral Home in Darlington at the time, said it was generally Darlington Mayor Tony Watkins cut the ceremonial red ribbon. Carolina Paws pet grooming salon held a ribbon cutting ceremony ed to a hot dog lunch. All pets received a blessing (prayers for their well-being and thanks for their love and companionship) from Rev. Division. He also trained as an investigator for hunting and informal Smart Chat interview with GSSM student Amy The proposal came after council requested information on whether the city should pri- lobby for believed that politics and the funeral business not only didn’t on Saturday, officially welcoming all four-legged friends to come in for a clip, a bath, and some TLC from the salon’s friendly staff. Andrew O’Dell. boating death investigations. “Through the years I have led Chang, Haley addressed topics ranging from overcoming one’s vate its entire sanitation sys- tem. mix well, but that the combina- and assisted in numerous death perceived personal limitations PDRTA investigations, from natural, Assistant City Manager Lee D tion could also serve as a source to the challenges of growing arlington celebrated the National Day of Prayer on of friction on occasion. accidental and intentional Bass and City Planner Rodney industry during a recession. May 3 on the Public Square by praying for strength Langley investigated the funding He was ultimately swayed by a philosophy of service dating back thousands of years: If not deaths,” Hayes said. “In the cases of suspicious deaths, this office will play a major role in “Look at South Carolina right now. We build planes, we and guidance for all members of our community, state and country. change and talked with other cities that made that shift. They By Samantha Lyles build cars, we build tires. I just Rev. Kevin Cauley, pastor of Darlington Presbyterian Staff Writer me, who? If not now, when? the initial investigation thus pro- Church and president of the Darlington Ministerial found that the other towns slyles@newsandpressonline.com left Honda, and we are the No. “I thought about that, and viding crucial evidence to help Association, led those gathered in prayer for Governor Nikki ended up returning to city-run 1 ATV producer in the world, A near capacity crowd then I decided, well, if I don’t do solve the case. Additionally, I Haley and all our state leaders. operations and that the city Tony DiLeo right here in South Carolina. packed into the courthouse it, who will?” he said. “If I chose will always show the compas- “Repair our community and our state by reminding us you could save money doing the annex on May 7 to show sup- The reason we build things, not to do this just because I was sion and respect to the families are the light of the world,” Cauley said. work itself. Longtime Multi-area completers receive special recognition at ceremony. From left are Jessica Wilson, Bradley Tolson, Dylan Purvis, Johnny Ludd, Cadejah Lowery, Domonique Jett, Jimmy Byrd, Briana Eaddy-Law, Darien Gainey, Jonathan Howle, William Ivey and Marcus McCray. port for busing services provid- ed by the Pee Dee Regional Transportation Authority worried about making some- body mad, then I was making and victims that they deserve.” Hayes seeks to unseat long- and that South Carolina is the new hot spot in manufacturing, Other ministers and pastors involved with the event included Rev. Frankie Tanner of Mechanicsville Baptist The estimated cost of opera- tion for residential recycling is that the cost of doing busi- community (PDRTA). The crowd contained many elderly citizens, several of whom told council that they the wrong decision. I needed to do my part to make Darlington time coroner Todd Hardee. As of press time, Hayes and ness is low here. Our workforce is trained and loyal, and we are Church, Rev. Mark Jones of First Baptist Church, Rev. Mike Harmon of First Church of God, Rev. Andrew O’Dell of St. will be $32,922, just 84¢ per household per month based on ride the bus to the Darlington County better for my children, Hardee are the only two candi- Matthews Episcopal Church, Rev. Cecil Bromell of Macedonia 3,021 residents. This compares leader dies Council on Aging to enjoy fel- lowship and to receive a healthy just like everybody did their part to make it better for us. Zorro, a Llhaso Apso, right, greets another dog. Zorro is owned be dates who have filed for the office of coroner. Deadline to file one of the least unionized states in the country,” said Missionary Baptist Church, Rev. Melvin Bell of Epworth United Methodist Church, Rev. Morris Waymer of St. James to approximately $2.50 per cart –  what the city currently pays By Lisa Chalian-Rock meal – a meal that sometimes Jim Welch. PHOTOS BY SAMANTHA LYLES is noon March 30. Haley, who called herself a Editor makes the difference between “My area of expertise just United Methodist Church and Rev. Tim Coker of Central Allied Waste. lisa@newsandpressonline.com Rev. Andrew O’Dell gives a blessing to Yoda, a Yorkiepoo, held by Other candidates who have “union buster.” surviving and going hungry. happened to fall into the realm Baptist Church. “There is substantial savings PDRTA Director Chuck owner Susan Becker. filed include Charles Woodle Haley also spoke to students Until you spread your wings, of what was needed in a coroner, Jeanette Harrison sings and prays during Darlington’s observation Mary Della Anderson of First Church of God provided the on recycling,” Bass said. “The McNeil said that budget short- and Wayne Byrd for sheriff, about using her uniqueness as you’ll have no idea how far you falls – mainly due to drastic cuts so I decided to do it. Has it of the National Day of Prayer on the Public Square on Thursday. music. cost is basically the same for can fly. That was Tony DiLeo. Bobby Kilgo and Billy Baldwin the first female, first Indian- See more photos and purchase prints from the event online at He flies among us no more. in Medicare funding – have always been easy? No. But I have She attended the event with her husband, Gene. commercial roll cart service.” necessitated service reductions, for Darlington County Council American, and youngest gover- www.newsandpressonline.com. Click “Photo Gallery.” Anthony “Tony” Raymond DiLeo, 88, of Darlington died surrounded by family at his home on May 13. Spencer O’Neal receives his completer cords from Instructor Jesse and more cuts are on the hori- zon. The short-lived HART bus- ing service in Hartsville has already been suspended, and never regretted that decision.” Hardee and his small staff, which includes two part-time Three officers injured responding to call District 1, Le Flowers for Darlington County Council District 5, Wilhelmina Johnson nor of South Carolina to bring attention to our state as a pro- gressive place to live and work. PHOTOS BY LISA CHALIAN-ROCK The estimated cost of opera- tions for the commercial roll cart service will be $47,123 per year. This compares to $48,000 While his contributions to deputy coroners, an administra- Darlington are varied and numerous, the World War II U.S. Navy veteran held the com- Health Science Technology student Crystal Lighty receives her completer cords from Instructor Connie Altman. Flowers while Brandon Poston waits to receive his cords. PHOTOS BY LISA CHALIAN-ROCK McNeil noted that the City of Hartsville only kicked in $2,500 toward that program. PDRTA tive worker and contracted transportation services, are pri- Three Darlington County Sheriff’s Office deputies were for Darlington County Council District 3, Robbin Brock for Darlington County Council “I want them to know we’re not who they think we are, that we are not the state we used to Locals garner state awards for support of libraries for Allied Waste to provide the service. DCIT honors students munity at his heart. has also given 90 days notice marily responsible for determin- injured Thursday afternoon No additional staff will need that it will end busing service to District 7, and Scott Suggs for be. We have a state of smart He saw no problem too big ing the time, cause and manner when their vehicle crashed By Lisa Chalian-Rock to be hired as a CDL-licensed to overcome. He never looked the Council on Aging. Clerk of Court. people who make good deci- Editor upon anything as a problem McNeil urged council to con- of death, which most often near the U.S. 52 and Harry driver is already on the payroll includes those that are sudden, sions,” said Haley. “I use that to lisa@newsandpressonline.com only an opportunity. He would sider including his $100,000 Byrd Highway interchange in the sanitation department. often say, “‘It can’t be done’ is funding request (which, he unexpected, and have no attend- sell our state.” The Darlington County Automotive Technology near Manheim Auto Auction. The employees will have the not in my vocabulary.’” His singularly dynamic, kind- ly brand of optimism propelled Institute of Technology rec- ognized award winners, completers included Travis Atkinson, Ezekial Copeland, said, represents only half the funding deficit PDRTA incurs for Darlington County opera- ing physician, and those that are suspicious or violent. Capt. Andy Locklair said the deputies were part of a Hartsville During a student Q&A ses- sion, Haley encouraged many Two Darlington County individuals have won state duties of recycling and com- mercial roll cart collection. scholarship recipients and Kyeon Hicks, John Jennings, of the graduating GSSM sen- Friends of South Carolina him through town, working to build the downtown area through a variety of projects completers during a ceremo- ny at Darlington Middle Robert Jones, Joshua Rakestraw, Jermell Scott tions) in the upcoming 2012-13 budget, and enumerated the possible consequences if local Coroners are elected every four years by the voters whom three-vehicle team respond- ing to an emergency call for moves on $1.2 iors to consider returning to Libraries awards. The Friends of South The city will have the option to take its recycling to Sonoco or they serve. South Carolina and using their assistance from the Combined including the Liberty Lane Winston Walk of Fame; the ren- ovation of the old fire station to School on May 9. The mission of the insti- tute is to create an environ- and Rontrez Wilson. Business/ Marketing com- pleters included Regina busing service is discontinued. McNeil said that cutting PDRTA bus services – including “The people are my boss,” Hardee said – and, along with Drug Unit, which had report- million bond, gifts to help elevate the state. Regarding her own future Carolina Libraries presented State Sen. Gerald Malloy USA Recycling on S.C. 151. Both companies said they would be ed gunfire during an investi- with the 2012 Outstanding glad to accept it, Bass said. house Our Pat; Christmas deco- rations and lights around the courthouse; maintenance, sign ment that will provide opportunities for our stu- dents to develop the founda- Blakeney, Taylor Bullard, Elliott Christmas, Tykerria Coe, Tobias Copeland, Dillon runs to doctor’s offices, com- muter service to Florence Darlington Tech, and loops the sheriff, the probate judge, and the clerk of court, are paid gation in the Mechanicsville area. splash pad plans to run for higher office or depart for the private sector, Public Official Award and Darlington Raceway has given the city 90 trees as part of and paint codes for commercial tion necessary to reach their through commercial districts – Haley said she has always taken Faye Griffin with the 2012 Davis, Rhanikwa Goodman, by the county. Both Capt. Locklair and By Samantha Lyles the NASCAR Green Initiative. buildings; the display of potential and become pro- Andrea Hawkins, LaShonda would lead to reduced mobility life one day at a time and has Outstanding Individual State Senator Gerald Malloy American flags on six national “My motto is, ‘We doze, but eyewitness Stacy Sturgeon Staff Writer The track will donate 10 trees ductive citizens. Fox, Quanisha Jackson, for county residents and could slyles@newsandpressonline.com no current ambitions beyond Award for their contribu- was presented with the holidays; and his assistance in DCIT Director Bert Quayshon James, Cadejah result in fewer medical appoint- we don’t close,’” Hardee said. said the accident ocurred for every time the green flag the organization, fundraising or being a good governor and tions to libraries in Outstanding Public Official Faye Griffin, center, received the Outstanding Individual Award by Guerry presented William Lowery, Christian Miller, William Atkinson, Electricity/Mechatronics student recognized as ments, less spending in area “It’s a rewarding job, but, in my around 4:15 p.m. when a drops, and last year it dropped planning of many memorials, Director’s Spirit of a Champion Award Winner by DCIT Director businesses, fewer students If all goes as planned, there growing her home state. Darlington County. Award by the Friends of South the Friends of South Carolina Libraries at their annual meeting on anniversary celebrations, Atkinson with the Spirit of a Stephen Peoples, Dylan opinion, it is also the most vehicle edged out from a side nine times. The donation repre- streetscaping and downtown Champion Award, which is Purvis, Andrew Sutphin and Bert Guerry. attending school, and could demanding job in the county. will be a new splash pad in “As much as the press wants Carolina Libraries at their April 21 in Columbia. She is pictured with Lamar Library Branch given for scholastic achieve- Ashley Stokes. impair job-seekers who lack street and the deputies’ black operation at Byerly Park on Outstanding annual meeting on April 21 in sents $9,000 to the city, City development projects. other means of transportation. We operate 24 hours a day, to say I’m going to do some- Manager Sherry Humphries, left, and Friends of the Lamar Library His leadership in Darlington ment, attendance and most Electricity/Mechatronics Chevrolet SUV swerved hard July 4, as Hartsville City Public Official Columbia. He is pictured with Manager Howard Garland said. of all leadership. completers included William “In total, the price is a signif- seven days a week, and 365 thing else, I’m not going any- President Fran Knotts. CONTRIBUTED PHOTOS will be sorely missed. icant cost to Darlington to avoid it, triggering a violent Council approved a bid con- Sen. Gerald Malloy his wife, Davita. The track plans to purchase Born in Chicago, Ill., on Dec. Agriculture program com- Atkinson, Joshua days a year.” rollover which sent their SUV PHOTO BY SAMANTHA LYLES where,” said Haley. “We’ve got pleters included James County’s economy and an ero- tract to construct the water The Public Official Award proceeds from that sale will lature and more than the trees at a local nursery and 30, 1923, he was the son of the Bedenbaugh, Spencer Boan, sion of tax revenue,” McNeil tumbling down the highway too much to accomplish and the state. In recent years, he late Joseph DiLeo and Theresa Chaplin, Cody Howle, Alex Paul Bryant, Jimmy Byrd, Reportedly, the three deputies been working on a complaint pointing the gun at the agent’s feature. The low bid came from recognizes outstanding public go to public libraries –  repre- $800,000 in local funding. install them under supervision argued. HARDEE 3A for approximately 100 yards. too many things to do.” was instrumental in channel- Manes. Marshall, Blake Miller, Josh Logan Fishburn, Brandon “What I’m looking at is an suffered lacerations and bro- of drug sales and had reported car. The agent retreated to Aqua Dynamics of Jonesboro, officials who have promoted senting $10,985 or more per Following the grand opening of the city arborist Ben Stalvey, Bradley Tolson and Gainey and James O’Neal. The first two sheriff’s office libraries through legislation, ing much-needed lottery Williamson at Williamson Park. DILEO, 4A investment in what is right for ken bones but were not more that he heard shots fired in the wait for backup to arrive. Ga., which offered a $468,980 library system. of that library in August 2011, Dustin Tyner. Engineering completers Automobile Collision the people,” said PDRTA sup- cars managed to avoid the grievously injured thanks to area. He then saw the subject After backup arrived the base construction plan. funding efforts or shown sup- funds to public libraries. Most notable in his nomi- the library’s meeting room In related news, the city has included Brandon Avant, porter Mary Wilson, who Repair Technology com- Andrew Barfield, Angel stressed that the impact of bus- vehicle and were not involved the deployment of multiple walking towards him pointing man was arrested. Anthony Additional expenses to finish port for libraries in some During 2011, he co-spon- nation was his unwavering was named in honor of Sen. received the designation of pleters included Matthew Gallegos-Pimentel, William ing cuts would be felt most in the crash. airbags and vehicle safety sys- a gun. The agent was on a dirt Heape, 37, was charged with the project will swell total costs other purposeful manner. sored a bill that authorizes the advocacy for the new Society Malloy and his wife, local edu- Tree City USA for the 15th con- Bramlette, Devon Jackson, Jordan, Ashton Nesmith and Completers are all smiles as they show off their certificates and strongly by the poor and the Locklair said the three tems. All have been released road when the armed man pointing and presenting a Sen. Malloy has had a long- sale of lottery tickets on Hill Library. Sen. Malloy cords. From left are Brittany Addison, Sha’Quetta Martin, to around $615,000. cator Davita Malloy. secutive year. William Ivey, Michael Kelly, Deyonta Robinson. elderly. Johnny Ludd and Robert Kebreanna Scott, Kadeja Baker, Marshawn Bracey and Damika deputies were taken to a local from the hospital. came from his house and firearm in connection with standing commitment to the Election Day with the stipula- secured local funding of Perritt. DCIT HONORS 3A Rayson. COUNTY COUNCIL 3A hospital for medical care. The drug unit agent had started shooting in the air and this incident. HARTSVILLE CITY 5A mission of public libraries in tion that in fiscal year 2012 all $250,000 from the S.C. legis- LIBRARY AWARDS 3A CITY COUNCIL 3A
  • 74. PAGE ONE DESIGN PORTFOLIO Weekly Under 6,000 DivisionSECOND PLACE: The Berkeley Independent Wednesday, September 12, 2012 50¢ www.berkeleyind.com ® Frank Johnson HORSEPLAY SEE PAGE 1B INDEX: Calendar 2A • Classifieds 7B • Crime 2A • Crossword 6B • Editorial 7A • Obituaries 6A • Sports 1B • St. Stephen 4B STEP CHILDREN INDEX: Calendar 2A • Classifieds 6B • Crime 2A • Macedonia Wednesday, August 15, 2012 4B • Editorial 9A • Obituaries 50¢ www.berkeleyind.com 8A • Sports ® 1B • Valentine 8A Why? Call files lawsuit SEE PAGE 4B Murders anger, bewilder community BY DAN BROWN The anger is mixed with a one- The Independent word question: Why? Wednesday, July 4, 2012 50¢ www.berkeleyind.com Different theories have been As the residents of Berkeley floating around the community ® County continue to come to terms that seek to answer that question. Callanan: Councilman’s actions ‘pathetic and shameful’ with the murder of two young women, 18-year-old Dana Woods and 22-year-old June Guerry, None of them make sense. Yet few details about the double murder do. BY DAN BROWN Councilman Bob Call has Call’s opponent Ken Gunn’s regulations. Court documents claim in Callanan was dishonest when The Independent filed a lawsuit seeking to candidacy, claiming Gunn’s Call lost to Gunn – a politi- case no. 2012CP0802329 he said that Gunn’s declara- anger towards the men charged in their killing is rising. See MURDERS Page 6A INDEX: Calendar 2A • Classifieds 6B • Crime 2A • Crossword 5B • Editorial 7A • Obituaries 6A • Sports 1B • Jamestown 3B overturn his June 12 GOP paperwork was not filed in cal newcomer – by 371 to filed Aug. 10, 2012 that tion of candidacy paperwork In a last-minute move primary defeat. accordance with South 265 votes in the GOP pri- Berkeley County Republican Drama: Budget fails, passes Berkeley County The lawsuit challenges Carolina Republican Party mary. Party Chairman Tim See LAWSUIT Page 8A Suspects face additional charges BY STEFAN ROGENMOSER appeared in bond court Friday for The Independent the second time after being arrest- Council member: ‘This vote is illegal’ June 25 session full of surprises ed Sept. 1. BY DAN BROWN passed the 2012-2013 FY On June 29, a motion was BY DAN BROWN cil denied the adoption of the the end of the fiscal year. Had Caleb Matlock and Ray Chavis, On Friday the suspects received The Independent budget during a special meet- presented by council member The Independent 2012-2013 Fiscal Year budg- council not reconsidered the ing called on Friday, June 29. et. vote and passed the budget suspects in the double murder of additional charges from the Steve Davis by phone to In a week filled with drama, The vote came days after The June 25 meeting of The budget failed by a sur- on Friday, the county would Dana Woods and June Guerry, See CHARGES Page 6A Berkeley County Council the budget was voted down in reconsider council’s previous Berkeley County Council prising 5-3 vote that started pulled an about-face and regular session. See COUNCIL Page 6A was full of surprises as coun- the clock on a countdown to See VOTE Page 7A Crime scenes revisited by BCSO Mark Hess/Special to The Independent BY STEFAN ROGENMOSER On Thursday, Sept. 6, investiga- Fire lights up the night in the early morning hours Aug. 7. The Independent tors were on the site of the area near Cordesville off Cane Gully Chief: Foul play Caleb Matlock hangs his Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office investigators were back on the Road. This is area where the body of Dana Woods, 18, was found ruled out in fire