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Weekly Awards Presentation - Part 3 of 4
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Weekly Awards Presentation - Part 3 of 4


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PDFs and images of the 2011 S.C. Press Association Weekly and Associate Member News Contest winners. Part 3 of 4.

PDFs and images of the 2011 S.C. Press Association Weekly and Associate Member News Contest winners. Part 3 of 4.

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  • 1. HUMOR COLUMN WRITING Weekly Under 6,000 DivisionTHIRD PLACE Ask not for whom the horn blows ... Beep! Beep! No such thing as a free lunch "Theres a sucker born every minute" Honk! - P.T. Barnum Beep! It began innocently enough.Union County News The blare of car horns reverberates between the glass windows that flank the entrance to our I was browsing my Facebook page when I ran office on Main Street. Patsy Eubanks turns and across a posting for Subway sandwiches looks back at me from her desk coupons. Never one to turn down free food, I and grins; she knows how much clicked on it and was instructed to type "I love the noise irritates me. It bothers Subway" on my Facebook wall. Next, I clicked her, too, but not as much as it on the Subway icon, thinking I does me. might gain access to $100 worthGraham Williams Some of the horn blowing is of coupons for chicken, bacon, necessary -- people sometimes ranch sandwiches and other back out of their parking spaces favorites. Instead, I found myself without looking and oncoming staring at a page full of promo- Graham traffic has to alert them. tions for Wal-Mart gift cards, Occasionally, a vehicles anti- insurance, on-line college degrees Williams theft alarm will be triggered and and the list went on and on. the horn will honk and honk and I clicked on the return button, honk until the owner disables it. Graham attempting to back out of this Other times, however, people honk their horns to get someones attention -- either a pedestrian or another driver, in which case that person h Williams maze of special offers, but the harder I tried, the worse things H honks their horn in return. got. Beep! Beep! I cant recall exactly what I did to escape, but g within minutes after doing so, my phone began s Honk! a f Beep! to alert me to incoming text messages. One recent Friday afternoon Patsy and I must "Want a Wal-Mart gift card? Text yes" was i have heard about a dozen horns honk during a the first one. I texted no. four-hour period. No sooner would I reply no to one offer, Youll never hear my honking my car horn -- I Another would appear. I spent several embar- had it disconnected earlier this year because it rassing minutes at my desk, trying to stop those wouldnt stop blowing. bothersome messages while explaining to my At first it was just a nuisance -- the horn co-workers why my phone was making so would blow with the slightest touch and I had much noise. to hit it really hard to make it stop. Then it Just when I thought the problem was solved, began blowing at all hours of the night, espe- the phone rang. It was someone calling to ask cially when I was sound asleep. me if I wanted insurance. They said they were I I would run down the hall, race down the replying to my Internet request. I explained to stairs and out the front door to the car before them that all I was trying to do was get a slamming my fist on the middle of the steering B coupon for a Subway sandwich - that I wasnt wheel. By this time, every dog in the neighbor- o interested in getting insurance. They accepted hood was barking. N my explanation and hung up, but that wasnt the h The final straw came last year when I was on r end of it. vacation at Pawleys Island. The car was parked t beneath the house, right below my bedroom. Ill bet Ive received at least one call a day r from someone asking me if I am interested in Around 3:30 a.m., those dual horns began blar- o b ing, snatching me out of a deep sleep. I ran an online degree or insurance. Its really getting o on my nerves. through the house and out the front door, t hopped down the front steps and danced across Just last week, I was driving through i t t the gravel to my car, hit the steering wheel and w Spartanburg when my phone rang. stopped the horn. T “Graham Williams? I understand you are It was then I realized the door had locked a interested in an online degree,” the caller said. behind me and I was wearing nothing by my t “No, I already have a degree,” I replied. “I b h t j tt i t t f f y
  • 2. HUMOR COLUMN WRITING Weekly Under 6,000 Division Stone Stew BY DAN BROWN My first thought, “Holy crud, they aren’t kidding. I visited a small town coun- There are rocks in this stew.” try restaurant recently Very discreetly I wipe my offering rural Southern mouth and spit the offending fare. I noticed what looked to gravel into my napkin. I take be beef stew simmering in a a peek. pot under the counter. There aren’t any stones, butSECOND PLACE “What’s that?” I inquire instead… with a curious waggle of an Vertebrae. index finger, wanting to I regard my plate and notice appear open minded in regard lots more vertebrae, almost an to the local cuisine as I was entire spinal column of tiny not a local and this was my vertebrae in fact. first visit. Something in my stomach In fact, I was probably the starts to first non-local to visit this fine curdle at establishment since the thought Reconstruction, but I wasn’t that I’m going to let that stop me. eating the “Stone Stew,” the guy backbone behind the counter says. of a small- Driving in Dayton Interesting name. Looks like beef stew to me, but who was I to argue ish animal. I poke BY DAN BROWN panel or two, a side view mirror around the and definitely a coat of paint. semantics? So I order up a bed of rice and notice some double heaping of Stone I wouldn’t wish driving in I just close my eyes and floor spinal column matter, bone Dayton, Ohio on my worst it. Stew. marrow, a little fat for flavor, “You sure?” the guy behind Surviving an enemy. Talk about a recurring night- The tractor-trailer next to me is so close the counter asks with a sur- and I calculate how fast I can run out of here before theyThe Berkeley Independent mare. There is lots of asphalt, the driver is prised frown. sitting in Which should have served notice I’m gone. lots of orange cones, lots of alien attack orange drums, retaining walls, dump trucks, shovels, front-end loaders and ODOT road work- my front passenger seat. as my first warning, but me being of the obtuse discipline did not recognize his inquiry I can’t eat this. It’s back- bone. “You enjoying your Stone BY DAN BROWN the blinds to see. You will be ers standing around in the sum- Up ahead Stew, sugar?” the proprietor as such. vaporized into powder. mer sun, but nobody’s working. I see anoth- asks in the sweetest Southern Those lights mask alien “You ever eat Stone Stew I remember watching the Talking to Dayton residents, er caution grandmamma tone of voice roiling gray clouds collide probes and those alien probes before?” not much has happened on this sign posted That should have served as imaginable. overhead as storm systems are looking for something on 10-mile stretch of Interstate 75 above the converged over downtown which to complete their my second warning. For this woman I’d eat for the past 30 years. Road highway. It reads: WARNING: “Okay,” he says and ladles asphalt. Atlanta during the Braves’ assigned function in the inva- crews have been working (or NEEDMORE ROAD exit? game on Father’s Day week- sion: TO PROBE. on two heaping spoonfuls of And I did. I ate it all. To be not working) on widening this mile. end. Which means, you. the Stone Stew. “Since this is honest it didn’t taste bad. stretch of I-75 since I moved Now that’s the most intelli-Dan Brown My daughter made the They are the PROBERS. You from Indiana to Georgia back in gent thing I’ve read all day. your first time I’ll give you “So, what’s in this Stone remark that it reminded her of are the PROBEE. 1981 and they look no closer to No kidding, they need more lots.” Stew anyway?” I inquire as I the movie Independence Day, R u l e being done now than they were road. He chuckles a little. sop up the last of the broth when the gigantic alien ships Number 3: back then. I do, though, see a road below It’s the chuckle that you’d with a biscuit. “I want to try emerged from the cloudbanks Do not… As traffic approaches down- the fray. It’s called Third Street. hear following a good joke, this recipe at home.” to begin their invasion of and I repeat town Dayton, a sign advises us It’s beautiful, like a mirage in only I didn’t tell any joke. Genuine surprise registers Earth. … Do not that the current three lanes in the desert almost, with wide I’m thinking the stew looks on the woman’s face, which That’s when it hit me. If get on that which we are driving would lanes, painted lines, landscaping a little thin as he pours it over rescue heli- should have served as my Earth is ever invaded, could we split off, with one lane veering and working stoplights. It the rice, but hey, who am I to survive an alien attack? copter. third and final warning. off indiscriminately to the left shows motorists what a real scoff at this establishment’s “Well,” she begins with a As if. I don’t while the other two lanes head Dayton, Ohio road should look fine food? When in Rome, nod that says, I did ask. “The We’d be in some deep trou- care how right. Not sure why we did that, like. This road definitely has you know? key is to get fine quality pig- ble. Basically, toast. many bones other than maybe to give the edge lines. are protruding from your leg. As I start to eat I notice there Aliens from outer space have people driving in the far left It’s also closed. tail and to do that you need to invaded Earth for years and No sooner than that chopper are lots of eyes watching me. lane a nice little tour of town You can’t get there from here. go straight to the slaughter- they didn’t travel all this way lifts off it will get shot out of Perhaps it had been a while while the rest of us languish on I can hear the distant screams house…” to shop at Stuckey’s. They the sky. It will blow up. since they had seen a city boy the right side of the road. of motorists begging to drive on I didn’t hear anymore after came to take over and you Whoever was inside is now this far out in the country. Or Eventually we rejoin and are that road. It haunts us. that. stand in their way. toast. Burnt toast. maybe my fly was open welcomed with a pair of caution As I clear downtown Dayton I visualized the pigtail, and The big question remains, Rule Number 4: Leave the again. I check as discreetly as signs reading, “RIGHT LANE I’m presented with a wonder- then I remembered growing how do we survive an alien exoskeleton alone. ENDS,” and “NO EDGE fully landscaped four-leafed- possible and discover the fly attack? Do not examine the exoskele- option is engaged. up and how I’m coming in LINES.” clover interchange intersecting from a day playing outside The answer has evaded ton. Do not try to pry open the No edge what? with I-70 that sends me into a I have no reason to doubt the humans since the War of the exoskeleton to get a peek at the tasty goodness of their Stone and my mom tells me to be What’s an edge line anyway? 400-degree turn. Afterwards, I Worlds’ radio broadcast on withered and dying little alien Stew so I dig in. sure to wipe my feet on the And why aren’t there any? emerge pointed in the same Oct. 30, 1938 that sent the inside. Yes, he is butt-ugly. If I soon find out what an edge direction I had started. That’s when I bite down on back porch doormat. world into a frenzy, horrified he weren’t would he be wear- line isn’t as the three lanes of I- For comparative purposes just something hard. Then I do the math … that a Martian invasion was ing an exoskeleton? 75 bottleneck into about a lane spin around in a circle two or happening right before their He will also rip out your and a half and there is just a three times and you’ll know eyes – I mean, ears. brain at the stem if given the crooked white stripe designat- what I mean. Dizzy yet? Nazi Germany stood poised chance. ing lane assignments. This is like NASCAR. to invade Poland and start Rule Number 5: Who made And for fun ODOT threw in a Hey, if you’re going to World War II and Americans you ambassador to the stars? pair of high retaining walls on corkscrew me like the least you were freaking out over No one designated you as each side to serve as de facto can do is bank the turn. invaders from Mars. See why Earth’s personal welcoming edge lines. As I leave the great state of we are in need of some guide- committee so why would you I have to pass through that? Ohio 24 miles later I am pre- lines here? be the moron to approach the You got to be kidding. There’s sented with a wonderfully sce- These basic rules will help spaceship that just landed in the no way. nic arch spanning the interstate you survive in the event of an park to welcome these strangers That’s like handing me a pair wishing me safe travels and to alien attack. Read them. Learn from afar in the name of peace? of size 36-inch pants and say- come back soon. them. Know them. Isn’t the swirling mist and ing, “Here, put these on.” To me this arch screams, “The Rule Number 1: This is not strange lights enough of a warn- Not going to happen, at least reasons our roads stink is E.T. ing? Did you not read and heed not without the Jaws of Life. because we blew all our DOT He is not cute. He is not a Rule Number 2? You are mere- The only way I fit through that money on this stupid archway.” toy. And you are not named opening is minus a quarter Figures. ly an opportunity to test their Elliott. He is an alien and he death ray to see if it actually will dine on your entrails for works. sure. This is the Mutant Horde Alien Number One: from the Ninth Galactic Humanoid subject at three Swarm we’re talking about o’clock. here not some Yoda looking Alien Number Two: What a dwarf with a glow in the dark moron. Shall we test the death chest that says “E.T. phone ray? home,” when you pull the Alien Number One: We string, on sale at Toys R Us for need to if this invasion is going $29.99. to work. Fire up the dilitheum This foreign gnome will zap crystals, Xorak. you with his death ray at the You: We welcome you in the first available opportunity, so name of pea— grab that shovel and pitchfork Death Ray: ZZZZZZZZZA- and make like an angry mob. APPPPPPP! Rule Number 2: If you see You: Toast. swirling flashing lights outside Mutant Horde of the Ninth your window in the middle of Galactic Swarm: Let the inva- the night, do not peek between sion begin!
  • 3. HUMOR COLUMN WRITING A8 | Thursday, August 25, 2011 Weekly Under 6,000 Division An accident of geography? There are it appears certain inci- from the dents that can JIM McGOWAN paperwork only occur in that we specific places. have a bar If the State of owner who California is believes in |FIRST PLACE mentioned the HARMONY COUNTY _ the power word, ‘weird’ of prayer, comes immedi- and an en- ately to mind followed by a tire church congregation shrug that seems to mean, that now does not.” ‘What did you expect’. Say So what is your guess? New Jersey and scenes from You are right, it happened in the TV program, “Sopranos” Mt. Vernon, Texas. and heavily accented “Youse You have to admire your guys” remarks are mentally residents of the Lone Star heard. State. When it comes to out- Lexington County Chronicle After you read the story landish, the Texans seemed below see if you can figure to have cornered the mar- out where it occurred. ket. “Drummond’s Bar began So let me leave you with a construction on expansion good Texas joke. of their building to increase A Texas millionaire had their business. fallen ill. The doctors con- & The Dispatch News In response, the local sulted did not seem to un- Baptist Church started a derstand what ailed him. campaign to block the bar The millionaire let it be from expanding with peti- known that any doctor who tions and prayers. Work pro- could heal him could have gressed right up until the whatever he desired. A week before the grand re- country doctor was finally Jim McGowan opening when a huge thun- able to cure him, and as the derstorm came up, lightning doctor was leaving after a struck the bar, and it burned week’s stay, the Texan said, to the ground. “Doc! I am a man of my “After the bar burning to word. You name it, and if it the ground by a lightning is humanly possible, I will strike, the church folks were get it for you.” rather smug in their out- “‘Well,” said the doctor, “I look, bragging about “the love to play golf, so if I could power of prayer”, until the have a matching set of golf bar owner sued the church clubs, that would be fine.” on the grounds that the With that, the physician church “was ultimately re- left. The doctor did not hear sponsible for the demise of from the Texan millionaire his building, either through for some months. Then, direct or indirect actions or one day, he got a phone call means.” from the millionaire. In its reply to the court, “Doc, I bet you thought the church vehemently de- that I had gone back on my nied all responsibility or any word. I have your matching connection to the building’s set of golf clubs. The rea- demise. son it took so long is that The judge read the plain- two of them did not have tiff’s complaint and the de- swimming pools, and I did fendant’s reply, and at the not think they were good opening hearing he com- enough for y’all. So I had mented “I don’t know how pools installed and they’re I’m going to decide this, but ready for you now!”
  • 4. HUMOR COLUMN WRITING Weekly Over 6,000 Division THIRD PLACE The Columbia Star Mike Maddock
  • 5. HUMOR COLUMN WRITING Weekly Over 6,000 Division The hips don’t lie hakira’s got noth- So far, as I’ve chronicled seconds. I’ve found that out and find out if your S ing on me. “I’m on tonight. You know my hips don’t lie,” she my workouts, I have yet to use the word Tabata. The exercises we do are the program works for me. Shake up your work- “hips don’t lie” too. sang in her hit single of named after Izumi Tabata 2006. After assessing my of Japan, who created theSECOND PLACE measurements last week process. The basic idea is at the halfway point of my to do an exercise for 20 Vance Campbell fitness program at Greer seconds as hard as you Athletic Club, my hips are can go, then rest for 10 and an inch smaller. seconds and start all over again. Charlene Waddell Campbell When we do the LIFE’S planned circuit in After- were married on burn, we usually go for A JOURNEY five minutes completing two different exercises: August ,  for example push-ups for KRISTA 20 seconds, 10 seconds GIBSON of rest, then directly into reverse lunges for 20 seconds, 10 seconds rest. After five minutes, weThe Greer Citizen I may not have Shakira’s rest for one minute and Not the pet I imagined moves, but it’s nice to feel move to the next circuit. a little room in my pants There are variations, but and dresses. There is less that is the premise. Each tugging going on and you workout is started with might even catch me tuck- a dynamic warm-up and never thought that de- ing in my shirt once in a while. I also have smaller thighs and my percent- age of body fat has come followed by a metabolic boost, or as Lowcavage loves to say, a “bonus round”. The total session I priving my two boys of a dog while they were growing up would lead down. My arms have takes less than an hour, There will be a drop in reception the predicament I find to on myself in today. definitely become more but your body continues August 27, 2011 I had my reasons for theKrista Gibson defined and muscular. to burn calories long after moratorium on dogs as The scale continues to it’s over. at Washington Baptist Church pets in my home. First of hover in the same range, Even if you aren’t ready 3500 N. Hwy 14, Greer, SC 29651 moved too often all, we but trainer Don Lowcav- to tackle the full workout, in the parlor. with my husband’s job age isn’t worried. I can’t experiment the next time to provide the stability say I’m worried either, but you are on the stationary This event will be from 2-4PM. needed. Also, they acted the girl in me would love bike or elliptical machine. too much like puppies to see lower numbers. At the end of your normal themselves to make me No gifts please. Instead, give funds It’s how us southern girls workout, take four min- to Washington Baptist Church Building Fundloss. My sons feel the were raised even if the utes and do eight sets of or Greer Community Ministries. found their own ways to facts don’t back up our 20 seconds as hard as you damage furniture, pee on All who want to attend are invited. Bless Your Heart myth. can go, then rest for 10 floors and dirty the walls, Access denied Let’s revisit my goals: toning up, working on my metabolic rate, and weight all classic pet problems. Don’t get me wrong; I Engravable total pet Scrooge. wasn’t a MANDY FERGUSON | THE GREER CITIZEN watched former loss. Bottom line: getting into the best shape pos- NEW from Bracelet, Earrings three gerbils We housed and a guinea pig along LANDSCAPING BY PEANUT: Peanut the pigmy goat frolicks through the back- I Olympian Cathy Rigby fly through the Peace Center last week as she LIFE’S sible. With that in mind, I set out on this journey. A JOURNEY Using high intensity “Southern Gates” and Rings the way, each adding a measure of pleasure to our lives. But attending yard, left, and stretches in an attempt to reach the top leaves of the bushes in the yard. The lower halves of the bushes are leaf-free because Peanut has eaten them all. played the lead role in “Peter Pan.” The effortless workouts with a mix of and presiding over their KRISTA weights and cardio, I’m movement of the 59-year- old was breathtaking. GIBSON on my way after only six small boxed funerals was traumatic enough, I didn’t LIFE’S A In fact, I wanted to be sprinkled with fairy dust weeks. need the loss of a beloved JOURNEY and head to Never Never kicking along the way and dog added to the mix Land with her. I’d get a double workout of constantly changing in on the way. If hanging out with If I didn’t have to grow elementary schools and KRISTA friends. up, I could still write, but GIBSON the Lost Boys and not have to punch a clock One Thursday night in to do it. I could take the October, my youngest Wendy help me afternoon off to go to the son headed to the Tooter clippers later anyway. I park and play. Town live animal auction give him treats when he regain the rigors of But wait, when Peter with friends. He came knocks his hoof against took Wendy to Never youth, I’m ready to Never Land, he asked if home with a pygmy goat. the door and looks at me she would be his mother. Peanut the pygmy goat with his little goat eyes fly. The Lost Boys, though now lives in our backyard while chewing his cud. I free from growing up, still in a “dog” house. He graz- found an old blanket in wanted to be tucked in at If hanging out with the night. They also wanted es on grass and weeds the garage and told my Lost Boys and Wendy help pockets sewn onto their and shrubs. He even ate son to put it in his house me regain the rigors of clothes. all of those nasty little for him. I also wash the youth, I’m ready to fly. I’m starting to think onion weeds that tend to blanket regularly. Heck, I’ll even wear green Never Never Land is right tights and pointy shoes. here in the south some- sprout in droves in my I’m not looking forward And maybe a little green where. After tucking all yard. I call it Landscaping to a hot summer and hat to cover up those the boys in and sewing all by Peanut. the smells of the farm white strands in my hair. the pockets, I wonder if He is not a dog. that will waft from the In Never Never Land, there would be any time He cannot stay inside, goat domain that is our no one ages. Perhaps it is left for me to stay young. MANDY FERGUSON | THE GREER CITIZEN although he has made it backyard. I don’t think my because the leader of the island, Peter Pan, refuses And think of all the crit- ters and trinkets they in on several occasions. son really planned that LOVING PET: Krista Gibson pats Peanut on the head. to grow up. He is very would put in their pock- He poops with unquali- far ahead. He fixed the Peanut can be just as affectionate as any other pet. happy with his life and ets. They would all end fied regularity and in gate and found the house, loves to crow about it. up in the laundry where I enormous amounts. bought food and filled up I think we could all would have to keep them learn a little from that. from drowning in the I’ve done my best not my Tupperware with it, Of course it might be water and put them in a to get attached and, yet, I but beyond that, I guess easier to like who we are place where they could be was the one who bought he figured it would work if we could fly and had found again. him a sweater when the itself out. By the way, I a place where we didn’t That sounds a little too temperatures dipped into replaced my plastic bowls have to grow up. much like real life. But I Flying would help solve think I’d take a chance the teens for the first with metal ones because a world of ills. Gather up if the opportunity came time. Peanut promptly if I know one thing about all those lovely thoughts my way. Hopefully, they peed all over his warm, goats, it’s this: they don’t and off I would go to wouldn’t look at me and navy pullover. discriminate much when work, leaving $3 a gallon assess the damage of ag- gas behind. I wouldn’t ing and stamp my ticket I’ve made him a “salad” it comes to putting things have to wait for the train Access Denied. What from the leaves atop the in their mouth. right outside our office would I have to crow bushes that he cannot Stay tuned. I feel sure when I’m running late. A about then? reach and would have that more goat stories are little arm flapping and leg been fodder for the hedge on the way.
  • 6. HUMOR COLUMN WRITING Weekly Over 6,000 DivisionFIRST PLACE The Moultrie News Robin O’Bryant 10A.MOULTRIE NEWS ___________________________________ ______________________________ Wednesday, March 2, 2011 Nothing sinks spirits faster than a floater L ast week my husband chubby little finger in the ter… then it happened. faster than a floater. ing,” he said. and I attempted to middle of my fillet and say- A blood curdling scream I looked hopefully at my I ate the rest of my din- celebrate our 13th ROBIN’S ing, “What’s that Momma? I echoed out of the bathroom. husband, who looked back ner alone and cleaned the anniversary. The date of our CHICKS wanna bite”. My husband and I stopped and forth from me to his kitchen while he dressed actual anniversary fell on a Robin O’Bryant The girls were playing eating and locked eyes in a dripping daughters, to his our daughters in pajamas Monday, so on Sunday night happily in the tub, the look that said clearly, “Yep, last bite of steak. and voluntarily had the Zeb suggested cooking a without constant adult steaks were plated and this is our life.” Our two old- “I’ll go,” he said, “but I’m most unpleasant task of couple of steaks on the grill supervision. My plan was to butter was melting on the est daughters came tum- finishing my steak first.” cleaning out the bathtub. for dinner. It sounded like let the girls play with their potatoes. Zeb and I sat bling out of the bathroom in I shooed the big girls into It may not be a dinner at a great idea to me, so I stra- mermaid Barbies until their down to eat in relative their birthday suits, sopping the bathroom to get towels the fanciest restaurant in tegically fed the kids dinner fingers and toes wrinkled silence. (I’m not counting wet. Water pooled at their and followed behind them town, a dozen roses or a earlier than normal. while Zeb and I ate dinner, all the “HEY! That’s mines!” feet as they stood beside to retrieve my little trouble- shiny new ring, but a man Right before the steaks interrupted only by an occa- that were coming from the me at the table, hysterically maker. I scooped Sadie out who is willing to clean poop were ready, I got all three of sional trip to the bathroom bathroom.) We ate, trying talking at the same time and of the tub, careful to avoid out of the bathtub while you our daughters ready for the to make sure their splash- to pace ourselves and to not trying to tell us what had the present she’d given the eat a fillet is worth keeping. bathtub. We are in a sweet ing wasn’t getting out of shovel food in our mouths happened. entire family. By the time I spot right now--our girls control. like Marines at chow time “Sadie pooped in the tub!” had towel dried each of the (Robin O’Bryant is a for- are all still young enough I was excited by the idea in the middle of boot camp. They were finally able to girls, Zeb was in the bath- mer Mount Pleasant resi- to bathe together but old of eating an entire meal The food was perfect and articulate. room. dent and mother of three. enough to play in the tub without anyone poking their the company was even bet- Nothing kills a mood “I’ve got this, go finish eat- Visit
  • 7. HUMOR COLUMN WRITING L EDGER C OLUMNIST Weekly 2/3 Times Division A view of the world from my front porch When was the last time you sat on your front porch with family or friends and just talked? For that matter, do you even have a front porch? In 2007, 62 percent of new homes had porches, upTHIRD PLACE from 50 percent in 1999, according to the National Association of Home Builders. The South and West are the most porch-crazy regions, with the Midwest close behind.The front porch ranked higher than the patio and rear porch on buyers’ wish lists in the NAHB’s “The New Home in 2015” report. Front porch scenes were common on the Andy Griffith Show. Andy, Opie, Aunt Bea, Barney and a myriad of othersThe Gaffney Ledger often spent time on Andy’s front porch talking about everything and nothing. Their conversa- tions usually started with something rather innocu- ous and drifted to some- thing even less profound.Cody Sossamon Barney: “Hot, ain’t it.” Andy: “Yes sirree. Can’t remember it being this hot.” Barney: “Back in ’48 it CODY SOSSAMON was hotter than this. You PUBLISHER remember, Ange. We had to buy fans so Otis wouldn’t have a heat stroke whilst he was locked up. Don’t know what we’d do without fans.” They then proceeded to discuss one thing or another, drifting from one topic to another, with periods of silence in between. Occasionally Opie would chime in, asking a simple question such as “What’s a fan, pa?” Remember, this was in the days before air condition- ing so people sat outside on their porches where it was cooler than inside the house. Television was in its infan- cy, so folks found other ways to entertain themselves. My parents used to spend a good bit of time sitting on their front porch at 701 S. Petty St. and also when they built a new home across the street at 602 S. Petty. Front porch conversations in those days were not much different that the ones Andy and Aunt Bea had. Being on South Petty though, one could expect to see a fair amount of traffic — drivers and walkers. Depending on who drove or walked by, the conversa- tion could change quickly. Not that I ever heard any mali- cious gossip on our They then proceeded front porch, but seeing to discuss one thing a person could spark some discourse about or another, drifting them or a family mem- from one topic ber. to another, Or a neighbor could with periods be out working in their of silence in between. yard and drop by dur- Occasionally Opie ing a break to join in whatever happened to would chime in, be the topic at the asking a simple time. question such as We’ve been sitting “Whatʼs a fan, pa?” on our front porch a fair amount lately. i i i h ‘ ’
  • 8. HUMOR COLUMN WRITING Weekly 2/3 Times DivisionSECOND PLACEThe Cherokee Chronicle
  • 9. HUMOR COLUMN WRITING Weekly 2/3 Times DivisionFIRST PLACE The Hartsville Messenger Bob Sloan
  • 10. SERIES OF ARTICLES Weekly Under 6,000 Division Kyle Carpenter, a Marine through and through Wyman King Academy graduate continues to fight and win BY BILL WEST ChronicleBill@Yahoo.comTHIRD PLACE Jim Carpenter talks freely about his son’s progress. LCpl. Kyle Carpenter re- mains at Bethesda Medical Center in Maryland. He con- tinues to undergo surger- ies and treatment for cata- strophic wounds suffered in November while fighting in Afghanistan. “He was in awe when a Four Star General took time to visit and present him with the Purple Heart,” said his proud dad. Gen. James AmosLexington County and Sgt. Major Carlton Kent presented Carpenter with the Purple Heart and took time to visit with the young Ma- rine and his family during the Christmas holidays. Photos of the event show Operation Kyle the wounded warrior with the Purple Heart taped to his Operation Kyle has opened a lot of eyes bare chest. BY BILL WEST — it is a real and genuineChronicle The proud father said his ChronicleBill@Yahoo.Com call to action.” Amazed, but not sur- Describing the concern son is ‘Fighting like a Marine prised is how Scott and prayers of so many as “A to get better.” But the battle Vaughn described his re- marathon — not a sprint,” will be a long one with more More major surgeries in store for wounded Marine surgeries to go, followed by action to the response to Vaughn said, “Our journey the wounding of Marine alongside the Carpenters, LCpl. Kyle Carpenter. specifically, will be a long extensive rehab. BY BILL WEST and how worried they are Vaughn is leader of one, and we’ve got to pace ChronicleBill@Yahoo.Com The family hopes he will about Kyle, their mom and the “V” Sunday School ourselves for the journey. We People, literally around dad.” be moved to Richmond, Va., Class at Lexington Bap- can’t afford to burn out on the world, are keeping the rehabilitation facility “I know one thing — tist Church, the Carpen- the front end of the journey.” posted on Lance Cpl. Kyle they have learned the love LCpl. Car- closest to home. ter’s home church. The concern is not just lo-& The Dispatch News Carpenter’s progress at the of God, family and “The Operation Kyle cal, Vaughn said, “We’ve also National Naval Medical friends.”penter could be transferred Facebook page, established learned that the family of Center in Bethesda, Mary- to another facility, including Paternal grandmother by the class, has 21,226 dai- God is larger than our local ‘I’M NOT GOING TO DIE’, MARINE TOLD BUDDY land. Barbaraone in California. “We want Carpenter said ly visitors.” church, denomination, or The young Lexington she andthe one that is best for Kyle,” Robin’s parents The Operation Kyle fund even community of church- County Marine was seri- are “tending to home at Lexington Baptist Church es. Those who follow Jesus said his father, “we can deal ously wounded last month fires” with regular phone continues to receive gifts are bound together across BY BILL WEST to amputate it, but through in Afghanistan. updateswith the progress. on Kyle’s distance.” to offset family expenses. geography and demogra- surgeries, therapy and his He has undergone mul- “We are Everyone in the family re- amazed and Marine Lance Corporal Vaughn told the Chronicle, phy.” own Marine determination, tiple surgeries since arriv- strengthened by the out- ports the wounded warrior, William Kyle Carpenter is “Coming alongside a family “We get so busy in our he is beginning to regain ing at Bethesda, and will pouring of love and sup- home convalescing until with a real connection to Af- dailyFAMILY we begin see- PHOTOS COURTESY OF lives that “ready and eager” to do what it takes to win. Aftersome use, even in the fin- major surger- even when in severe pain, have many more before he port from the community, time of healing.” Cutlines clockwise fromwas when he will re- mid-March LCpl. Carpenter top. 1.) LCpl. Kylehas opened a lot ghanistan Carpenter with Marine asies home, torso, legs, arms and face, he is eager to participate in ing our world our to his gers.Bill West returns home. especially the church fami- the part of a Nikki Haley continues to act Gov.-Elect turn to Bethesda Naval Hos- and hearts. scheduled for more sur- Commandant, Gen. James Amos and Sgt. Major Afghani- Kent. daily routine,” he of eyes Carlton street and rehab. “I’m trained to fight, and these wounds are the enemy,” he Would he do it all over pital in Maryland. The Lex- again? “It may sound crazy,” His parents, Jim and Marine. His father expressed concern andLexington this week, including Marine stan Purpleplace, and 2.) Surround- lies around the world.” said each The geries hero was awarded the is a real Heart. our ington County was said. he said, “but, yes. I am a Ma- Robin Carpenter, remain Congressman Joe Wil- ready to get the wounded support for more surgeriescriticallyright to his wounded in Af- Armed Services are in real told one family member. 4.) Robin Carpenter is all smiles as she “This project has remind- morning he is ed by family and caring hospital staff, LCpl. Kylein Af- Carpenter smiles as poses with her wounded warrior Marine son, LCpl.rine and serving our country Kyle Carpen- at his bedside. His broth- son told the Chronicle, “My warrior. arm. ghanistan on Nov. 21 when — not just danger ed us that we believers is what we do.” out of bed, whether to sit in ers, twins, Price and Pey- office is in regular contact “Michael and I and grunts Surgeries to repair “ma-direct blast are pray- a big “Ooo-rah” giving everyone athroughout he iscalled to have a greater has left her son’s bedside for just a few hours since encourage he received a ghanistan but sign that are in ter. She Would you he a chair, go for more surgery, ton, “seem to be fine,” said with the family and have ing for healing for thisbattle jor” win. Medicalgrenade from Taliban indicate there could be a world. We’ve the to wounds tofromface ap- his a professionals the world. We’ve learned vision of the was flown from Germany last month. She has onlyyour brothers, twins Price the highest Robin, “But I can’t imagine offered to assist in halls or endure South Carolina he- more surgeries and rehabilitation before he can come walk the any young rebels. year of pear to have been success- that ‘supporting our troops’ certainly learned about the the care her son is getting at the National Naval students at Lex- praise for and Peyton, Hospi- Since the incident, Car- ington High School to join what this is doing to them painful rehabilitation exer- way necessary during this ro,” she said. ful thus far. home to Lexington. 3.) Ashas undergone is not just a LCpl. Kyle Carpenter prayer.” in Maryland. penter any true 30 Marine, patriotic cliché power of is tal the Marines? “If that is what cises. He wants to do what it major surgeries to repair they want and feel called to hab, and the surgeries. multiple breaks in brothers visited with His his right After observing Christmas came urgent. There is a calling.” serve, yes. But it takes to win the battle. arm, significant surgeries to Fishing rival at Walter Reed in No- were What is in store for Car- ‘We have been given one more day with Kyle’ Girlfriend Jordan Gleaton has dropped out of USC for “She is a gift from God,” face, his mouth, his eyes, Lexington’s Marine hero continuesThe Lexington High personnel with his recovery after receiving the full complications on his his their older brother for Christ- vember. to amaze family and medical as a family, they posted: “We some penter now? “I will first fin- said Jim Carpenter. “She is as mas. Peyton and Priceawere blasttournament with his his torso, and his legs. His right arm alone sustained impact of grenade students helped to in Afghanistan. help Kyle you had an awesome day. Kyle the next semester to help the tough as a Marine while she than 30 fractures and the improve- to being Lance his rehab move- loss ofhas kept us laughing cognitive tests continue family Iposted on go to more excited to see Marines were close exercises, Corporal Jared Lilly an eye, multiple But the last right arm. my therapy then, since I ish can’t return to the active The Corps, would like to Fa- Excerpts from a posting woundedgirlfriend JordanisGleaton on the OperationKyle Facebook page fresh Lexington Baptistdie, don’t as mouth and gum surgeries,opened pres- young Ma- OpertionKyleaSun- by his warrior through encouraging Kyle during one point doctors were al- given a break by some ments, joked and shared at ment made since the last saying, “Don’t two days. We to improve. The cebook school to become high most convinced that ampu- troops. We had begun to you die.” Later he told me, I and almost too many skin rine hero has been dubbed school teacher and football the healing process, the re- the rehab.” tation was the only alterna- him on histhe new only brothers can. to die.” time they saw make way for ar- Church will hold the Op- said, “I’m not going graftsents and someone“One of the fastest healersevening, I have a story to tell, to count. provided day coach. “Everything -Thursday, Dec. 8 at 8:17 p.m. body. you back to a place of simplicity. He gle. It is not oftentroops,yousaid, and they erationMedical reports indicate tive. that he see such Kyle Fishing Tour- “But, what I do remember on his floor at Bethesda.” Togreat in surgery!I I us with a Christmas meal. went and with gratitude, want “Unless you have walked the “We live between OR visits. Suc- has always known what mattered the great effort given quickly found themselves nament Carpenter flat lined18 But, total loss of one to something so that Saturday, Dec. is waking up in Bethesda Much to be thankful for!” his family he know how people that, Kyle and don’t to repay the many kindness- halls of Bethesda Naval Hospital, or cessfully completing one operation, most, kindness. eye, and most of his teeth, seemingly natural. targeted by Taliban sniperson Lake Murray. Check-in three times during the heli- and seeing my mom, dad credit the excellent care es this community, the multiple skin grafts and with rockets and hand gre- copter flight from the battle and girlfriend.New Years Day, they the battlefieldbelieve inand this countryof On I heard them received from don’t churches, the power something like it, you cannot imag- rolls into the anxiety of completing painful “Piece by piece, Kyle is being “I would never wish a visit to this rehabilitation proce- nades and bullets. for the event begins at field to the first of several pray and I knewon Facebook: “Kyleand now at the His skin grafts have ine the incredible and simultaneous the next. place on anyone. You treat people the Lance Corporal together. The journey patched back 6:45medical facilities where he a.m. and weigh-in posted I was going to Bethesda prayer! have shown to me and my durs, The graduate of Wyman to be all right.” Lexington Medical Center family.” grief and hope that fills its halls. “Our goals for now are simple. differently up here; you never he is blessed. long but worth it for certain. a roof be at 2 p.m. atbefore says will be King Academy was on will was to be treated the Jim Carpenter remembers where he is receiving physi- and Aftergot his wound is doing much better. Last taken he ending his first “It is a place of great tragedy and Getting from one step to the next, know at any given moment what “Blessed to“Though the days are long, weNick Eu-South Shore Marina. The be alive, top with Corporal coming home to America. seeing his son hethe first night for insisted on watch- to his doc- off!physical threpy session in cal therapy and vacs We feel covered tremendous healing. and then to the next. great battle they are fighting. blessed to be a part of a lov- placingwhen a grenade land- One open to anyone. are continually frazio him in the event is flat line situation often time in the ER at Bethesda. tors at the VA hospital where while back home, Kyle “Someone’s best day is another’s “We joke daily about graduating ing family, with a loving One ed next to them. “I was Costmeant death, but three “We have in just one short week hands of the who first formed of the event is $50 literally had to help he will visit prayers!” “Theying the ball drop in Times twice a week un- wanted to stop for lunch at worse and progress is measured in to Fifth Floor. That’s where the sweetheart, blessed to be the about a foot away from it, already seen life fade from the bod- his body. We believe that nothing is times, surely was an omni- per team (two-person Square.” Cards one of his favorite to: me out,” he said. “I thought I til he returns to Bethesda. may be sent restau- part of the Christian family on my knees looking down.” ous sign. “God had some- was losing my son.” He said weeks not days. non-critical inpatients go. But, all in ies of warriors. And we will never beyond the effect ofCarpenter took the major thing else for me to do,” he at Lexington Baptist Church, our fervent teams), make checks pay- Kyle’s mother was much have been so LCpl. rants. Astheyfamilytold Sunday morning the Ma-constant that Carpenter, Williamthat “That and the prayers from leaving, his were was “Kyle occupies a small room in good time. be able to erase those visions Ifrom blessed.” am truly prayer. able saidLexington Baptist force of the blast. Tragically, to during an extended in- stronger than he, “but then surgery. rine was back in the members of Lexington National Naval Medical Kyle, a Lexington County Sheriff’s the ICU of the National Naval Med- “The stories you hear put life in our minds. “We are constantly overwhelmed His 20-year-old girlfriend, a piece of shrapnel hit Eu- Church, designated for terview with the Chronicle. the way skin graft Baptist Church,” Center, 8901 Rockville his that’s Thosemothers are,” procedures said the Deputy had paid for Pike, ical Center. perspective here. Mouthing a word, “But bigger than the death we Geaton, is never far have been shown. Jordan by the love we frazio in the forehead. Operation wounded MarineThe Kyle. Dona- he told the Chronicle. “Now wounded hero’s mom, who lunch. “Isn’t this a great “The room is filled with different eating a solid meal, breathing on have witnessed, is the life that so his side. “It is a different world up here, white, I said he doesn’t remember from She dropped “Everything went tions are not tax deduct- whenthat had beenmy says the members of the “V” I look at him, I feel scheduled for Bethesda, MD he said, with an ev- county,” 20889, c/o medical supplies and the sounds of your own, wiggling your toes. des- every moment heard a loud ringing, then ible. much more of the next three son isthe followingcon- Sunday School Class have many of these are fighting so out of studies at USC to be revolves around I All proceeds go to back and ready to Tuesday be- Marine Liaison Office. was er broading smile that with Kyle and his parents passed out.” Carpenter was weeks. Once back in the tinue his life as God intend- truly been faithful in every so present during the inter- ventilation and titration. At any giv- These are our joys. perately for. Kyle fights for every the long days and and divine healing. during Kyle’s sweet unconscious for about twoOperation Kyle Fund. For states at Bethesda, he under- ed.” respect. view. en time, Kyle has a dozen different “I lived my first real Thanksgiving beat of his heart. nights of pain“So we are here for now, living in came and questions. minutes, but when he more information contact went surgery every other The doctors have told Carpenter continues to “America is a great place leads trailing from his body. this year. And through Kyle, I think “Every breath is a task and I Looking the sweetness that every day, we back at that day to, he felt blood runnning Edgar Alewine his torn face, day to repair at Lance Corporal Carpenter amaze doctors, especially to live and I owe it so “We are watching him heal daily, a lot of other people did too. He’s doubt I will ever witness something have been given one more day withheard last November, Kyle remem- over his body, and he dislocated jaw, an arm that and his family that on paper with his right arm. They had much,” the Purple Heart re- but the process is not easy on his always been good at that, bringing bers he andKyle.” more heartbreaking than his strug- his company of another Marine buddy, or (803) 238-1725. sustained 30 fractures, the his brain should not work. originally expected to have cipient said.
  • 11. SERIES OF ARTICLES Weekly Under 6,000 Division Thursday September 8, 2011 COASTAL OBSERVER Pawleys Island, South CarolinaSECOND PLACECoastal ObserverJackie Broach BY JACKIE R. BROACH COASTAL OBSERVER TEN YEARS LATER The cops: Mike Milne, above left, Mike Fanning and Brendan O’Connor. Photos by Tanya Ackerman/Coastal Observer The firefighter BY JACKIE R. BROACH COASTAL OBSERVER On the morning terrorists destroyed the World Trade Center, killing thousands In 30 years as a firefighter, Troy and turning Sept. 11 into a national day Hutchinson has seen his share of devas- of grieving, Mike Fanning was supposed tation. to be in court, just around the corner from From fires at businesses, houses and where the twin towers stood. apartments to plane crashes and explo- “I couldn’t get a baby sitter,” said Fan- sions, he responded to them all while ning, 45, who was a sergeant in the New working in the metropolitan area of Mary- York Police Department’s hate crimes land and Washington, D.C. unit. But nothing he witnessed before or af- His wife, Donna, had just gone back to ter Sept. 11, 2001, compares to the attack work and Fanning was at their home on on the Pentagon that day. Long Beach taking care of their 2-year- “The way the fireballs would travel old daughter, Brenna. He had to call one through the building being fed by jet fuel, of the city attorneys and ask if he could it was amazing,” he said. They traveled push his appointment back to noon. Be- from office to office, passing through one cause she agreed, he was sitting at home and leaving it unharmed only to destroy with the police radio on, feeding his lit- another. tle girl breakfast when American Airlines Hutchinson, of Murrells Inlet, is a fire- Flight 11 crashed into the north tower at fighter/EMT at Midway Fire and Rescue, 8:46 a.m. He watched on TV as the second but during the attacks he worked for the plane, United Airlines Flight 175, hit the The firefighter: Troy Hutchinson. fire and rescue department of the Metro- south tower 17 minutes later. politan Washington Airports Authority. “She probably saved my life,” said Fan- He was one of the first responders at the ning, now a corporal with the Pawleys Is- Pentagon, helping put out the flames and land Police Department. later being assigned to search and rescue On the 10th anniversary of the attacks, efforts. He stayed on the scene for nine people are being reminded of the horrors days, sleeping on the grounds in one of the of that day — the shock and fear, the stag- tents set up for rescue workers. gering losses, the mourning. CONTINUED ON PAGE 17 But for Fanning and others who saw the devastation first-hand, who dug through the rubble for the remains of friends and co-workers, the memories are always with them, as clear and devastating as if no time had passed. “For me, every day is the same,” said Mike Milne, 55, of Ricefields. “One year, two years, nine years, today, tomorrow; it doesn’t change.” The civilians He spent 20 years with the NYPD and worked midtown Manhattan. On Sept. 11, BY JACKIE R. BROACH 2001, he was at his home on Long Island COASTAL OBSERVER getting ready for work. He saw the reports on TV, got in his car and reported for duty As a young girl, Angie Shoemaker as quickly as he could. watched as the twin towers went up and “I got there shortly after the buildings remembers hearing the pounding of con- fell and I was there for the next three struction that sounded throughout Man- weeks straight, without going home,” hattan as workers started the project. Milne said. “When they were finished, I remem- He and a longtime friend, Brendan ber it just added to the whole skyline,” she O’Connor, 43, were assigned to the transit said. “It was a special vision. I used to lean division and commuted to work together my cheek up against the side of the build- most days. They’re both retired now and ing and just look straight up. The sight O’Connor lives in Myrtle Beach. was magnificent. I can’t describe it.” On the morning of the attacks, O’Connor The civilians: Bob and Angie Shoemak- It was a practice she kept up into adult- was already at work. He remembers it as er. hood. a sunny morning with clear, blue skies. Angie and her husband, Bob, worked It was just a normal day on the job until on Wall Street as municipal bond traders one of the female officers started yelling for more than 25 years each before they that something had hit the tower. Then it retired and moved to the Pawleys Island turned to chaos. area 14 years ago. They live in Willbrook “I remember somebody wheeling a TV Plantation. set out by the front desk and we just start- Angie spent six years at Cantor Fitzger- ed watching it unfold,” O’Connor said. ald on the 105th floor of the World Trade “Then the phones started ringing off the Center and was the company’s first female hook, with people wanting to know if vice president, heading its short-term CONTINUED ON PAGE 16 CONTINUED ON PAGE 17
  • 12. SERIES OF ARTICLES Weekly Under 6,000 DivisionFIRST PLACE By the numbers Domestic violence cases Unsafe through Sept. 30 Georgetown: 151 Waccamaw Neck: 98 Coastal Observer at home Andrews: 32 Pleasant Hill: 25 Photo illustration by Tanya Ackerman/Coastal Observer County 6th in S.C. in domestic violence Jackie Broach BY JACKIE R. BROACH COASTAL OBSERVER Jennifer looked nervous as she wait- ed for a taxi on a recent afternoon. When it arrived, it would take her and her young First in a series The names of victims have been changed to protect their privacy. Jennifer is one of more than 36,000 vic- tims who report a domestic violence inci- dent to law enforcement agencies in South Carolina every year, according to informa- tion from the state attorney general’s office. Many others — estimated to be about 75 daughter, Molly, away from Georgetown percent – go unreported. County and the life they had made here. Georgetown County ranks sixth in the f Jennifer, who is in her mid 30s, was flee- causing trouble for her there, and very near- state for the most cases reported, with more ing an abuser, a man she had already found ly getting her fired from her job on the Wac- than 500 last year. the strength to split from, but who continued camaw Neck, where she worked in the hos- South Carolina ranks ninth in the na- to track her down after she left, threatening pitality industry. tion for homicides caused by domestic vio- her safety and that of those around her. “I didn’t want anybody to know what was lence. Over the last 13 years, an average of “He knew my job, my family, my friends, going on, but I had to tell them in order to 33 women have been killed annually in the the places I go,” she said. She told friends keep my job,” Jennifer said. She turned to state by their intimate partner. As of Sep- and neighbors not to give him any infor- the Family Justice Center in Georgetown tember, 23 had been murdered this year, a mation about her. She changed her rou- for help and they assisted her in getting out statistic Joan Meacham, interim executive tine, shopping in different stores and go- of the county and starting a new life. director at the Family Justice Center, de- ing to different gas stations, and she closed “I’ve been in a safe house and a shelter,” scribes as “chilling.” her accounts on social networking sites to she said. At first she stayed with family. Statistics from the center show that, na- keep him from learning anything about her “Georgetown’s just not that big; it’s too easy tionwide, battering is the single largest whereabouts that way. to be seen, so I’m here today trying to leave cause of injury to women, affecting more So he started going to see her at work, altogether. I don’t know what else to do.” SEE “STIGMA,” PAGE 4 Family Justice Center works for solutions BY JACKIE R. BROACH sion into a reality and both now COASTAL OBSERVER serve on its board. “It’s heartening,” Carol said. Looking around the Family “The reason I can say that Justice Center in Georgetown, is we received an estimate it Garvey and Carol Winans can’t would cost $365,000 to get Linda help but feel happy — and per- that building presentable. We Collins haps a little awed. did it for $65,000 and the rea- and Carol The center, which opened son is tradespeople in this area its doors in January and will stepped up to the plate. Many Winans, have a ribbon cutting today, of them worked for nothing and in the in honor of Domestic Violence supply houses gave materials center’s Awareness Month, was years at cost or less.” mediation in the making. The couple were It’s a sign of how much sup- room. part of a dedicated and persis- port for the center exists in the Tanya Ackerman/ tent team that turned the vi- SEE “JUSTICE,” PAGE 5 Coastal Observer
  • 13. SERIES OF ARTICLES Weekly Over 6,000 Division Citizen NewsTHIRD PLACE Citizen NewsClarendon Citizen /Clarendon Citizen Citizen NewsSharron Haley /Clarendon Citizen /Clarendon Citizen Prayer from page 1 Calendar from page 1 Vietnam Veterans of America. Saturday with the Mayor
  • 14. SERIES OF ARTICLES Weekly Over 6,000 Division Jewish families prepare for Hanukkah photo courtesy of ELISSA BOYET Elissa Boyet and her dog, Frankie, pose for her annual Hanukkah card. JULIE GRAHAM The eight-day holiday com- pancakes, also known as lat- For Carolina Gateway memorating the rededication kes, matzo ball soup and Chal- of the Holy Temple in Jerusa- lah bread. Holiday traditions – it just lem is an important ritual for The dreidel is a favoriteSECOND PLACE Holiday doesn’t feel like December without them. Boyet and her boyfriend, Jeff Miller. party game – the four-sided top is spun and competition Traditions For local families with con- This year, Hanukkah starts goes on until the last person nections to different parts of at sundown on Dec. 1 and wins the pot. the world or observing reli- ends Dec. 9. As a child, Boyet enjoyed gious rituals, ‘tis the season to “It’s small and intimate getting gifts each night of the Part 1 of a four-part series bring their customs to life. here,” she said. “Each night, holiday. Now she focuses on From lighting the Menorah to gifts Elissa Boyet, 41, of Indian we light the electric Menorah preparing delicious food for from Jesus and Christmas pudding, Land is Jewish and celebrates and say prayers.” her family. area families celebrate the season Hanukkah, known as the Fes- The traditional Hanukkah with customs from around the world tival of Lights. Sabbath meal includes potato See TRADITIONS, Page 2 See PANTRY, Page 2 day as Maggie Davis and food pantry volunteer Harold McDonald look on. research, things like that,” See MULVANEY, Page 2Carolina Gateway Russian family enjoys double holidays photo courtesy of RADMILA ZAMANSKA Radmila Zamanska and her son, Alexei, and their cat, JULIE GRAHAM Russian Orthodox Christmas reinvented New Year’s cele- Catalina, celebrate For Carolina Gateway Eve and Christmas on Jan. 6 brations to include many one of their four and 7, and Old New Year on Christmas traditions. Christ- winter holidays in In Radmila Zamanska’s Jan. 13. mas has since been observed in 2009. The family, which has its roots Holiday Indian Land home, the holiday “We celebrate two Christ- the country, but New Year’s is still the larger event. season is truly festive with two mases,” she said. “For us, the in Russia, celebrates Traditions Christmases and two New New Year is a way bigger holi- On Dec. 31, Zamanska, 33, Christmas and New Year’s celebrations. day. New Year’s Eve is getting usually joins other Russian- Year’s according to born area locals for a night ofJulie Graham Zamanska moved to the around the table with good both the Gregorian United States from Russia in friends and family, dressing fun. She enjoys seeing the and Julian calendars, Part 2 of a four-part series 1999. up, dancing, eating and drink- New Year’s Eve broadcasts which makes for From lighting the Menorah to gifts ing.” from Russia, eating home- double holidays. She and her son, Alexei, 10, cooked foods and drinking from Jesus and Christmas pudding, observe Christmas Eve and After the 1917 Revolution, vodka. area families celebrate the season Christmas on Dec. 24 and 25, all religious celebrations were with customs from around the world. New Year’s Eve on Dec. 31, banned in Russia so the people See TRADITIONS, Page 2 Feliz Navidad from South America photo courtesy of LINA VASQUEZ Lina and Cesar Vasquez brought their holiday traditions with JULIE GRAHAM photo courtesy of LINA VASQUEZ them from Colombia, For Carolina Gateway where Christmas is Lina and Cesar primarily a birthday Parties for the Vasquez fam- Vasquez’ holiday involves the celebration for Jesus. Here, their children – Holiday ily of Indian Land begin Dec. 16 with Novena, a nine-day nine-day Sebastian, 9, Andres, 11, and Jennifer 15 – Traditions prayer ritual to prepare for Christ’s birth. Novena prayer ritual, which pose in front of a Christmas celebrations in begins Dec. 16. Christmas tree with Lina and Cesar’s home coun- their cousins (the Part 3 of a four-part series try of Colombia, South Amer- three girls in the mid- ica, are shaped around religion, dle). From lighting the Menorah to gifts where almost everyone is pray and share Christmas each night, with a grand party from Jesus and Christmas pudding, Roman Catholic. foods like homemade breads on Christmas Eve. area families celebrate the season During Novena, family and and puddings. It is typically with customs from around the world. friends gather each night to hosted in a different home See TRADITIONS, Page 2 English traditions at home here photo courtesy of EMILY LEYLAND Emily and Daniel Leyland’s three chil- dren – Connor, Chloe JULIE GRAHAM The 32-year-old photogra- so her children experience her and Annabelle – pose For Carolina Gateway pher and mother of three who husband’s home culture and for a Christmas por- lived in England for a decade the traditions she came to love trait. Because Daniel is At the home of Emily Ley- cannot imagine Christmas when she moved to England at from England, where Emily also spent many Holiday land of Indian Land, Christ- mas dinner would not, could without crackers, if for no other reason than to see every- age 14. “I was born American, but I of her formative years, the family enjoys many Traditions not, happen without the joyful sound of Christmas crackers – one at the table wearing silly paper hats. feel very English,” she said. “My husband (Daniel) is Eng- English holiday tradi- a cardboard tube wrapped in “It’s so fun,” Leyland said. lish. I want to show the tradi- tions, such as colorful paper that is pulled by “The English have a wonderful tions to our children and share Christmas crackers Part 4 of a four-part series two people to make a small spirit about them. It starts the our heritage.” and Christmas bang. meal off fun and it becomes a On Christmas Eve, Grand- pudding. From lighting the Menorah to gifts An English tradition since celebration. It’s a little thing dad Ken Leyland reads Clem- from Jesus and Christmas pudding, 1847, the contents consist of a that means so much.” ent Moore’s “Twas the Night area families celebrate the season hat or crown, a small toy and a Leyland loves to bring Eng- with customs from around the world. joke. lish traditions into her home See TRADITIONS, Page 16
  • 15. SERIES OF ARTICLES Weekly Over 6,000 DivisionFIRST PLACE Carolina Forest CHRONICLE CAROLINA FOREST POSTAL PATRON PRESORTED STANDARD U.S.POSTAGE PAID Chronicle CONWAY, S.C. Thursday, January 6, 2011, Vol. IV, No. 11 PERMIT NO. 44 Michael Smith Waccamaw Publishers, Inc. 2510 Main St., Conway, SC 29526 Attention: Delivery DAVID CHRISTIAN | FOR THE CHRONICLE The S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) hasn’t performed routine health inspections of S.C. hotel rooms in nearly two decades, public records show. CHRONICLE SPECIAL REPORT ROOMS AT RISK DHEC hasn’t performed routine hotel inspections in 16 years BY MICHAEL SMITH I Next week residents flipped their mattress before EDITOR going to sleep. DHEC delegates health inspection re- “I always sleep better when the mat- PHOTO PROVIDED BY MYRTLE BEACH POLICE DEPARTMENT Brenda Agner will still visit Myrtle sponsibility to cities and counties, but tress has been flipped,” Brenda Agner Beach. neither have the resources to per- said, explaining she has back problems. Would you sleep here? But because of a mattress stain that contaminated her last vacation, when form routine health checks. “Not to mention, with the bed bug problem that has been going around, I Brenda Agner of Graham, N.C. photographed this mattress she returns she’ll be packing her own want to make sure we are okay.” stain during a recent stay at a Myrtle Beach resort. Because pillows, sheets and alcohol wipes. checked into a Myrtle Beach hotel Oct. What the Agners saw under the bed of budget cuts, DHEC no longer performs health inspections Regular visitors to the Grand Strand, 1, 2010. that used to screen for mattress stains such as this one. Brenda and her husband, Brian, As they always do, the Graham, N.C. DHEC, A2
  • 16. SERIES OF ARTICLES Weekly 2/3 Times Division Landfill axed? County PHOTOS BY REECE MURPHY/REPORTERTHIRD PLACE LEFT: Angie Hunter of Primus, and her son, reverses Eli, 3, protest a proposed Waste Management change landfill at Tuesday night’s crowded Lancaster County in landfill Council meeting. BELOW: Many people could not get into the cham- buffers bers and had to stand in the hall-The Lancaster News way.Christopher Sardelli Vote unanimous for change Christopher Sardelli The amendment comes only months BZA Meeting after council changed the buffer to 1,000 feet in county ordinance 1073. With a show of hands, Lancaster County Council members voted unani- Canceled The new ordinance also states that A county Board of Zoning Appeals the amendment can be used immedi- mously Tuesday night on an ordinance meeting planned for Thursday night was ately by the county’s Board of Zoning that could hamper plans for a proposed canceled. Mike Griffin, of Griffin Brothers Appeals, even though ordinances usu- solid waste landfill in the county. Enterprises, withdrew his application by ally don’t become official until after Only minutes before the start of approval of third reading. It also directs council’s meeting, copies of the last- e-mail on Thursday afternoon. A public the planning department to hire a li- minute ordinance circulated through hearing had been scheduled to hear censed environmental engineer to de- the crowd of more than 150 residents comments on the expansion of Mining termine a scientific reason for the buf- who turned out for the meeting. Road Landfill, off S.C. 903. fer distance of 1 mile. Seats were at a premium and quickly Once the vote was cast, Council re- filled up as the room reached its maxi- ceived a standing ovation from many of mum occupancy for the second time in decided to reverse a change it made the people in attendance. two weeks. Latecomers, many who several months ago in regards to land- In a rare deviation from the meeting, were decked out in white as a sign of fill buffers. The new ordinance, which Council Chairwoman Kathy Sistare ex- solidarity against a proposed landfill council voted to approve at the begin- plained the meaning behind the new near S.C. 903, watched from the door- ning of its meeting, amends the coun- ordinance before moving on. way of council chambers. In their ty’s Unified Development Ordinance to “County Council based this on fur- hands, some people held glossy fliers, change landfill buffers from 1,000 feet ther investigation about the landfill created by members of the Lancaster to 1 mile. and discussions with DHEC (S.C. De- County Action Council, opposing the Under the county’s new requirement, partment of Health and Environmental landfill. landfills would not be allowed within 1 Control) and looking at the Lee County Council had not originally planned mile of residences and structures such landfill,” Sistare told the crowd. “Con- any action on the landfill, but with as day-care centers, churches, schools, versation should have been taking mounting vocal opposition from resi- hospitals or publicly owned recreation- dents throughout the county, council- al parks. See REVERSES | Page 8A
  • 17. SERIES OF ARTICLES Weekly 2/3 Times Division What killed Christ CentralSECOND PLACE project? The demise of ambitiousThe Herald-Independent Jenkinsville development Part 2: died from thirst, Brown reflected on the processJames Denton that left his client, Christ A Matter Central, high and dry. “It’s been kind of dis- of Capacity heartening,” Brown said. “We went from $15 mil- lion in investment to JAMES DENTON –––––––––– zero. Now, the property is n Editor back on the market and we’ll probably end up It was a big dream – a with a filling station out development that could there that will be empty r change the face of Fair- field County, particularly its more rural and less af- in 10 years.” Brown never hid the fact that, during the d fluent Western region. process, he was repre- - David Brown, Chair- senting the buyer, Christ - man of the Fairfield Central, in the purchase County Council, was in- of the land. ” volved in the project “I disclosed that from g from the beginning, in a day one,” he said. “I sat in e private capacity as the the audience every time r real estate agent repre- it came up before Coun- k senting Christ Central in cil.” - the land deal. Although standing to Now, three months after the project literally See CAPACITY Page 3
  • 18. SERIES OF ARTICLES Weekly 2/3 Times Division THE SOUNDTRACK OF Black AmericaFIRST PLACE CROSSING BASELINES PavingThe Lancaster News the The Fifth Dimension, led by original member Florence LaRue, second from left, per- formed here on Feb. 7, 2009, as part of the See Lancaster SC Performing Arts Series. Locals discuss significance, FILE PHOTOS way impact of music on black cultureJesef Williams, YOUNG BLACK M ALES Jesef Williams BLACK HISTORY MONTH black artists such as Earth, Wind & Fire and Stevie t’s hard for Dennis 2011 Wonder, whose musical in- fluence is still felt today. Jones to explain the Issues, dreams and realities From jazz, gospel and concept of chords and blues to modern day R&B octaves. He’d rather spend and rap, Jones said music that time trying to convey has always been a huge the immac- part of the black experi- ulate feeling ence and continues to help soul music shape the habits and atti- gives him. tudes of that community. Jones, aRobert Howey and He and a few other Lan- Lancaster caster County natives re- native who’s cently took time out to dis- played the Jones cuss the dynamics and im- keyboard pact of black music past for more William Mobley sings and present and also what than 30 years, breaks out “I’ll Always Serve Him,” the future may hold. into a rhythmic clap and a song he wrote that was ‘It was a blessing’ in a crisis dance routine on the spot. considered for a Grammy With no radio or instru- Jones, 50, started playing Award nomination in 2010. ments around, he imag- the keyboard when he was ines an upbeat drum ca- Mobley is the guitarist for 13 or 14 years old. He found dence while pretending to Voices of Praizz. music as something else play a piano melody at theReece Murphy REECE MURPHY/ en back to the sights and fun to do when the weather same time. sounds of James Brown, the didn’t allow him to play Adopt A Leader participants recite the “Seven Principles” in preparation for a Black FILE PHOTO He says there’s nothing late soul singer whom Jones outside. History Month program at Clinton Elementary School in Lancaster. History was made in 1967 when Bennie McMurray and some other classmates from the He started playing at else in life that can give said ushered in the “funky” then all-black Barr Street High School were asked to join the Lancaster Post 31 American him such a thrill. side of R&B. He’s then church and also began Legion baseball program. Jones is immediately tak- quickly reminded of other See MUSIC | Page 3A Black Achievement Gap is a collective challenge McMurray, Barr Street teammates Reece Murphy BLACK HISTORY MONTH “The greatest challenge to a diverse society is the proved they belonged magine walking into school on your first day 2011 inability for some of its participants to reach cer- Robert Howey BLACK HISTORY MONTH with a reputation for ath- letic excellence no matter Issues, dreams and realities tain standards,” retired the season, was coming off of first grade and al- ready being at a disadvan- some grow out of your educator and Adopt A Leader Director Bobby Back in the late spring of 1967, Bennie McMurray 2011 a 19-4 Class AAAA state championship season in tage just because of your community and home life; saw the invitation from the Issues, dreams and realities Bailey said. “The educa- baseball. race, gender and economic and some are placed upon Lancaster Post 31 American tional challenges of Afri- McMurray, then a mere background. you by the educational Legion baseball program as Back in 1967, McMurray’s can-American boys are 16-year-old, recalls getting Of course you don’t real- system itself. just a chance to play. senior year at the then all- some of the greatest in this a call to the office along ize it, since you’re only a Though you may not be Today – some 44 years black Barr Street High country. with three other Barr Street 6-year-old boy, but accord- aware of what it’s called, later – he sees a greater sig- School in Lancaster, the ace “In almost every city and Golden Tigers’ baseball ing to statistics you’re al- you find yourself caught nificance. left-handed pitcher and his school district across the standouts – catcher Dennis ready behind in your vo- up in the achievement gap “We went down to Eggle- Golden Tigers’ teammates nation, scores on stan- Bailey, shortstop Elroy Dun- cabulary. – a force that’s all too real ton Field and history was were making a name for dardized tests are lowest can and outfielder Lydie By the time you’re in the for those affected by it and made,” said McMurray, now themselves on the dia- for black boys – in every Porter. fourth grade, you’re al- often elusive for those try- the head football coach at mond. category except sports and ready nearly three years, ing to close it. Lancaster High School. Barr Street High, a school See PAVING | Page 2A P.E.,” he said. “The girls on average, behind your Generally defined as the need help too, but the boys white peers academically, “disparity in academic per- are just in crisis.” according to some ex- formance between groups Bailey, an acknowledged perts. of students,” the achieve- expert in the subject who When graduation rolls ment gap in the United heads up the Lancaster around, there’s a good States most commonly ap- County School District’s chance – statistically plies to the difference in Closing the Achievement speaking – that you might academic performance Gap initiative, said the not even be in school any- between minority and dis- long-term effects manifest more, having given up and advantaged students and in many ways, including dropped out sometime be- their white peers. joblessness, crime, drug tween the eighth and 12th While the gap is evident and alcohol abuse and grades. in several student popula- poverty. The forces acting against tion groups, virtually no He said the effects of the you are legion: Some are of other group has been af- problem fall most immedi- your own making; some fected so much, for so long, See CRISIS | Page 2A emanate from your friends; as black males.
  • 19. REPORTING IN DEPTH Weekly Under 6,000 DivisionTHIRD PLACE The Berkeley Independent Dan Brown Wednesday, July 13, 2011 50¢ ® INDEX: Calendar 2A • Classifieds 6B • Crime 2A • Crossword 4B • Editorial 7A • Obituaries 6A • Sports 1B • Education 5B Next Week: Roper St. Francis and Trident CEOs make their caseHospital standoff No end in sight for dispute ‘Berkeley ... needs a hospital’BY DAN BROWN is preventing any hospital from In June of 2009, the South BY DAN BROWN building Berkeley County its Berkeley County,” he said.The Independent being constructed in the coun- Carolina Department of Health The Independent first hospital in 34 years. “There are comparable coun- ty. The second anniversary of and Environmental Control Rep. Joe Jefferson, whose ties in South Carolina that have Can Berkeley County support the dispute recently passed granted Certificates of Need to Local elected officials say 102nd State House District rep- two hospitals and Berkeleytwo hospitals? with both sides vowing to see both Roper St. Francis Hospital they would like to see Roper resents almost all of rural County can certainly support That question is at the heart of the fight through to the end. and Trident Health Systems to St. Francis Health Care and Berkeley County, feels his con- two hospitals.a dispute between Roper St. It has been 34 years since build hospitals in Berkeley Trident Health System resolve stituents have gone without “I believe Trident is underes-Francis Healthcare and Trident Berkeley County had a hospi- their philosophical differences long enough.Health System – a dispute that tal. See DISPUTE Page 6A and get on with the business of “We need a hospital in See HOSPITAL Page 6A
  • 20. REPORTING IN DEPTH Weekly Under 6,000 Division SECOND PLACE The Clinton Chronicle Larry Franklin Healthcare in Laurens County
  • 21. REPORTING IN DEPTH Weekly Under 6,000 Division Is Project ASAP?FIRST PLACE BY VICKI SHEALY The company may be be made on Dec. 7 at 5 p.m. nalize the deal with the once negotiations are final. AND JERRY BELLUNE looking for space for a ma- at the Lexngton County Ad- new company, known only Details on the industry jor distribution center near ministration Building. as Project ASAP . and its investment in Lex- Is bringing the UPS hub at Columbia Council also will hold a The company will be the ington County will be re- more than 1,000 jobs to Metropolitan Airport. public hearing at 6 p.m. on first recruited industry to leased during the meeting. Lexington County? Lexington County will a fee-in-lieu of taxes agree- locate in the Saxe Gotha In- The meetings will take Confidential sources told identify the new industry ment for the company, dustrial Park near I-77 and place in Lexington County the Chronicle the company that is bringing more than which will bring new jobs the 12th Street Extension. Council Chambers at the secretly negotiating with 1,000 new jobs to the coun- and investment dollars into The project is on the fast county administration Lexington County may be ty at a special council meet- Lexington County. track because company offi- building at 212 S. Lake, the powerful ing next week. State and county leaders cials are ready to begin Drive in Lexington. internet retailer. The announcement will are working together to fi- work on the new facility, Editorial, Page A10 Lexington County Company X to bring 1,000+ jobs Chronicle BY VICKI SHEALY A new company, bringing more than 1,000 jobs, may be coming to the county. County Council gave ini- the amount of investment the company makes in Lex- ington County. “This will be a great thing for everybody,” said County Council Chairman Jim Kinard. the company have to be fi- nalized, he said. County leaders are work- ing with state commerce de- partment officials to finalize the deal. track because company of- ficials are ready to begin work on the new facility, once negotiations are final- ized with the county, offi- cials said. public hearing on the fee agreement is held on Dec. 7 at 6 p.m. More information on the company will be available at a special County Council tial approval to a fee-in- “It’s a great fit for the The company will be the That could come as soon meeting, which will be held & The Dispatch News lieu of taxes agreement last week for the new firm, iden- tified only as Project ASAP The value of that agree- ment will be determined by . county industrial park” and will bring a substantial num- ber and variety of jobs to the county, Kinard said. But first, negotiations with first recruited industry to locate in the Saxe Gotha In- dustrial Park near I-77 and the 12th Street Extension. The project is on the fast as mid-December. The county has not re- leased the name of the new company. Details will be kept confidential until a at 5 p.m. before the public hearing. Final approval of the agreement is set for coun- cil’s Dec. 14 meeting. Vicki Shealy, Jerry Bellune, Mark Bellune and Bill West
  • 22. REPORTING IN DEPTH Weekly Over 6,000 DivisionTHIRD PLACECharleston City PaperErica Jackson Curran COPYRIGHT AND WRONG Charleston Ballet Theatre accused of using works without permission BY ERICA JACKSON CURRAN and GERVASE CAYCEDOand Gervase Caycedo he Charleston Ballet Theatre is celebrating the launch of its 25th season, a major milestone for a company that’s struggled with budget cuts in recent years. They’re touting a shining silver anniversary season and a fresh new home in Mt. Pleasant, yet out of the public eye, the company has been dealing with claims of improper use of copyrighted material by international choreographers Eddy Toussaint and Jiri Kylian. FEATURE | Resident Choreographer and CEO Jill dealt with appropriately at the time. We Eathorne Bahr and the CBT’s board of understood at the time that the owner of Scott Suchy photo illustration directors say the issues have been resolved. the original material and all parties involved According to a statement released in August, were satisfied with the action that was taken “The board of directors was made aware that to remedy the situation.” Yet a number of some dances used at our events contained current and former dancers have stood up works for which we did not have licenses to complain about poor management and to perform or for which the original owner improper handling of the issues. disputed the terms of licensing agreements. The events happened months ago and were continued on page 24 23
  • 23. REPORTING IN DEPTH Weekly Over 6,000 Division 02 ISLAND NEWS The Daniel Island News ■ Oct. 20 - Oct. 26, 2011 Cases of credit/debit card fraud on DI slow Merchants stay vigilant or anywhere else,” he said. “It could be hap- payment processing systems are safe from pening at a place where all of this informa- hackers. Credit Card theft is a local and national problem tion is stored…I know people (on Daniel “If somebody has databases of people’s Island) are worried, but I don’t believe it’s credit cards on hand, keeping cards on research on it, I think I’m a lot more aware going to be a restaurant or a grocery store file…their software could be breached andSECOND PLACE of ways my credit card numbers can be CREDIT CARD From nobody would really know it. Basically, doing this. It’s a little bit more sophisticated PAGE 02 stolen….And there is really no way you can than that.” all the card holder data is exposed….It’s completely sonal credit card against it.” protect yourself hacked during the same While Agent them all the more difficult. Whenimportant for merchants to understand what ing Kenney didn’t feel it would the When the investigation on Daniel Island were further the investigation to global, thingsthe even more time the cases into the Daniel Is- occur- playing field is comment on get their responsibilities are, because they are land cases began“There is a reports initially there…but nature of the breach, Agent Kenney. ring. last April, lot of crime out specific complicated, said he did report the front line of defense.” were filed withhaveCity of Charlestonhere….Forthat there are several fraudulent tactics they have to business owners end up being the we the had no problems Police “To commit the crime, you don’t Often, Department. About 24 cases of credit or deb-there. As consumers, the fear shouldn’t be be here,” he added. “You can be sitting invictims in these types of cases. While have ruled out. true it card fraud on Daniel Island were reported It’s“It is not Moscow or Kiev…and you’re getting the typically reimburse consumers for a consumer, you are well protected. the a skimming case, where an banks individual employee want… …You have two points, one charges, and issue new cards, to police, and another sixhave to handle the repercus- vendors who were reported in data you has a device that takes fraudulent other partssions.” city, according to Sgt. of the credit card numbers…It’s not dumpster the server is, the don’t fare as well financially. is the actual business where div- merchants ELIZABETH BUSH Donald Daquigan of the department’sWine and ing. This is other is the person on theand they With fines, forensic audit charges, records At nearby Daniel Island white Spirits, high-tech cyber stealing keyboard…your Store Manager Patty Hoare said her store faults in the software that companieseither loca- and other charges, the fraud tab to collar crimes division. Later, the Charleston utilize venue for the crime could be at research, office of the U.S. Secret Service (USSS) tion.” has been spared any trouble as well. use to process their payments. This is one of merchants could reach more than $10,000, As the old slogan for a popular credit card cases, but continued to work the many To report new credit or debit card fraud took over the “Because of the nature of the business, we ways that people are stealing credit said Vosburgh. goes, “it’s everywhere you want to be.” But and other authorities. A “point card numbers in cyber world and it soPolice at (843) very expensive,” he added. “But for with police get signatures for every single transaction,” cases, contact Charleston hap- “It’s that also means the risks are everywhere as added Hoaré, who said her store’s payments this particular caselocal Secret Service less than $8 or $9 a month, they can have of compromise” was identified on Daniel pens that 577-7434 or the happened on office Island, saidare processed over the phone, not through a Island,(843) 388-0305. For additional informa- protection…They should be contact- at but every community that hasDaniel Island News well. Even on Daniel Island. USSS Resident Agent-in-Charge Daniel breach About one in three consumers in the computer. “We never had any calls (relatingto the cyber protecting yourself against credittheir credit card providers…and making John Kenney, and steps were immediately access tion on world can be impacted.” ing United States have reported credit card fraud taken to shut down the breach. card problems)…A lot where folks likefraud, visit the Federal sure they have done their compliance…Ev- to the debit and credit That’s or debit card Daniel Island Trade in the last year, according to a National “We feel of our customers, we get to know them. We Dana Vosburgh come in. Vosburgh theft at that the cyber breach that oc- resident Commission’s website on identity erybody has to do their part.” Public Radio report. Last summer, Daniel curred was have been very fortunate.” closed and if people are still is the senior vice president of sales for Mer- Vosburgh warned that any business utiliz- Island residents Lora and Pat Connelly were “I came on compromised at since then United, LLC, a company that helps getting their credit cards (staff) in May, and chants ELIZABETH BUSH ing a wireless transmission system needs to Patty Hoaré, store manager at Daniel Island reluctantly added to those statistics when this time, that’shave had no problems,” added Linda we a separate occurrence,” said businesses with secure payment processing take extra steps to ensure it is secure. Wine & Spirits, runs a customer’s credit card Saccomagno, manager at the Island Market/ He estimates that as many as half they joined a growing list of island residents Kenney, who did not disclose the business solutions. “Any business that has wi-fi, that system through a machine beside the register. No to be impacted by the crime. impacted. “…That merchant has taken PCI compliant.” Kangaroo Express. “We are of all businesses on Daniel Island may not has to be specifically addressed so it can’t cases of credit or debit card fraud have been “We have had that account for over two very specific steps thatcriminals committing credit fully protected against credit or debit card be hacked into,” he added. “….If it’s not Still, the the industry de- be and debit card costlyare constantly evolving their reported at the business, but Hoaré and her the proper way, records can be ac- fraud steps, to repairElizabeth Bush decades and never had any trouble,” said mands…and they are fraud. secured staff continue to be vigilant about closely Lora. “Our son noted the irony that he lives that breach.”game, hoping to find new ways to tap into “Credit card industry compliance is fairly cessed….crooks can actually go around with monitoring transactions. in the inner city of Baltimore and we live in According to Sgt. Daquigan, the cases on track- and a lot of merchants don’t realize it,” accounts – something that makes new, scanners and look for access.” a nicer, overall safer area. We had credit card Daniel Island are similar to others that have said Vosburgh, who had his own personal Honeycomb Café on Daniel Island is al- troubles and he has not.” been reported in Columbia, S.C., as well as credit card compromised back in May. ready “PCI” (Payment Card Industry) com- Jeanette Henderson, another Daniel Island in Alabama and other states. He believes the “…You have to be compliant with rules, and pliant, said owner Oang Dang, who reported resident, had two cards breached, one in breach, not your typical credit or debit card the rules vary depending on the volume of no recent transaction or data breaches. Still, March and another in September. theft, may have taken place in another loca- transactions you do and the type of system Dang recognizes the need for merchants to “There is still a risk,” said Henderson. tion altogether. you use.” stay on guard at all times. “…Even if this data was stolen four months “With the time period we’re talking about, Vosburgh recommends merchants visit the “You have to be vigilant as a business ago, they could just be getting around to we’re not even sure if the compromised website his company uses,, owner,” said Dang, who had her own per- Island Residents Victims of printing the cards….Because I did a little cases were on Daniel Island or in Charleston to test their compliance and make sure their See CREDIT CARD on PAGE 07 DEBIT CARD FRAUD PREVENTION TIPS DEBIT/CREDIT CARD FRAUD ELIZABETH BUSH 02 ISLAND NEWS his business debit card and was making unauthorized charges on The following tips were provided by Consumer Reports at their website, More debit/credit fraud cases his account. The Daniel Island News ■ typing 23 your PIN at the pump • Avoid June in - June 29, 2011 asked if both cards were in my possession, and I said yes.” we do have on hand, there is no correlation whatsoever.” DI debit/credit card breach thwarted “It was crazy,” said Reed, who runs his own construction contracting company. “I said (to the bank), ‘I have no idea what The suspect(s) attempted two other large purchases on Smith’s In each of the cases outlined here, the cards remained in – Experts say it is best to use a credit card I f you were to check Kevin Reed’s debit account, but fortunately they did not go through. Smith has since the possession of their owners, leading victims to believe the of time (days or even weeks),” Kenney period card statement earlier this month, it looked you’re talking about.’” received a tentative credit and new cards. suspects created new cards using their account numbers. In a at a pump, or other retail locations, but if you practice known as “skimming,” account information is literally “The end users ofdebit stolen numbers “credit added. the The bank representative asked Reed if he had recently booked as though he was enjoying a little shopping any airline flights or hotels, to which he responded “no.” The Center Park resident Karen Szlosek’s case is a bit more far- must use a card, enter it as a spree in Florida. The Daniel Island resident account was immediately frozen, the money was put back into reaching. Someone tried to use her credit card account in Malay- may hold them for a time as well or re-sell downloaded off the magnetic strip on the card and onto a device ELIZABETH BUSH appeared to be racking up more than a thou- sia for a purchase worth several thousand dollars. attached to a credit card swipe machine at a gas station pump, card” when the screen prompts you. That ELIZABETH Reed’s account within 48 hours and he was issued new cards. BUSH the numbers to other criminals.” sand dollars in charges in the Sunshine State at a variety of retail outlets, including Wal-Mart, Foot But two days later, his personal accounts, managed by another “The company was very prompt about informing us that there was suspicious activity,” said Szlosek. restaurant, retail outlet, or at an or ATM machine. way you will not have to enter a PIN. “Card swipe information can be obtained several ways,Always careful to review his accounts each includ- The list of victims of debit/credit card fraud on Daniel Island is growing. Locker and Radio Shack. The only problem was, bank, were also compromised. This time it was a credit card and Just because small swipe devices in anare in your (or) skimmers Once the credit card case was resolved, Szlosek got hit again - ing your credit cards apron or pocket, this time with her debit card account. An unknown person tapped attached to thetheyof an ATM,” said Sgt. Trevor Shelor, crime Law plans to ATMs extra vigilant in–the month, stay a debit card. Both island residents and island employees have been affected. City of Reed wasn’t anywhere near Florida at the time. “Neither card had left my wallet,” he said. “So it was kind wallet, doesn’t mean front are safe…U.S. • Use located at banks Machines Charleston Police and the Charleston office of the United States Secret He was home on Daniel Island with The Daniel Island business that served as his family. His bank alerted him that someone had compro- of weird… I’m 44 years old and I’ve never had any fraudulent S.C. on May 14. Secret Service agentsthen recorded, to Charleston Police Department. his credit card opposed goes into her account for a $240 purchase at a Wal-Mart in Rock Hill, continue downloaded onto a computer and prevention officer for the City of “…The info is inves- wake of located at banks, He now to those the “point of compromise” in a that!” of debit/ “The whole thing is incredibly frustrating,” added Szlosek. a string of credit/debit card fraud tigate transmitted to someone else, usually in another state, and used to least twice a week to check recent online at charges or anything like rash Service are now investigating the string of cases. After an article on mised Again, the cards were cancelled. Other Daniel Island residents in convenience stores, airports, or other credit card fraud cases has taken steps to shut the same time “…I am still waiting to see if we are liable for the charges…The Daniel Island, even though the cases on produce counterfeit cards.” charges. the subject appeared in last week’s Daniel Island News, multiple new were experiencing similar problems around “Unfortunately, I thought are less likely to be targeted isolated areas, we did every- woman on the phone from the fraud department (at my bank) Recently, “skimming” attracted national attention when it was cases have been reported to the paper via phone, email and Facebook down the breach, according to anwho lives in Center Park, got a call period. Molly May, investigator alleged “point of compromised”Michaels Arts and Crafts stores said that it has gotten really bad lately with desperate people out determined that more than 80 has been identified and shut had been the victim of “PIN pad tampering” (South could by card thieves. earlier this month that someone in California had used with the Charleston office of debit card at Secretand a Safeway, with in 20 states down. thing we to keep this from occurring,” her husband’s the U.S. a Target there doing anything they can for some money.” postings. Approximately 30 people have notified the paper about their It was both a debit card and a credit card for Smythe Park Carolina was not listed as one of the affected states). debit or credit card numbers being compromised in recent weeks. Un- Service. charges totaling over $400. Her husband’s card was still in resident Tanya Murphy, who said both accounts were shut down said Law. “For these instances on Daniel When asked if there might be a possible skimmer device in • “The point of compromise has been identi- and run the gamut within a week of each other. Her debit card was used in Califor- use on Daniel Island, both Sgt. Shelor and Lt. Middleton said it’sit appearsKeep a close eye on your bank his possession here. authorized charges continue to be posted all across the United “It prompted us to do a credit check Island, that we have been had by some sophisticated professional operators.” regularly accounts -- Monitor transactions nia, but the charges did not go through. According to Murphy, the hard to determine that information without more data. States and at international locations. fied and that business has taken clear had been compromised,” said to find out if our identities steps to prior to that activity, another account held by their banks and credit card account was tapped for purchases both locally and in “The majority (of victims) just work through Law was hitdon’t discussunauthorized charge inexplained. “Not that said by checking your accounts online. This May. Blackbaud sent out an email alert to rectify the situation so Cooper, whocompromisethe corner from May, Spain.can’t comment further,” Jo that that lives just around with an it with their neighbors,” Shelor Kenney the U.S. Secret Service would New York. on a particular ATM or a criminally connected cashier, but every to work with you more Charleston will give City of immediate information, A mysterious $222 purchase at a Wal-Mart store in Fort Worth, there isn’t a common thread – sometimes there is, like a skimmer employees last week about the fraud is no longer availablean email alert a couple of weeks ago from her bank got to the cyber criminals,” added Kenney. “ISchilling’s debit card account on April 19. He Texas, hit Bob know there are many continue about some suspicious purchases made in Wisconsin using cases. According to Blackbaud spokes- said John Kenney, her debit cardAgent In Charge. Resident account. questions, but one wife, Ronda, areshare not that we their card for any completely compromised,” said informationPolice and other law enforcement agencies to and his thing I can careful is to ever use “I feel person probably had several avenues their could instead of waiting for your monthly statement online or kiosk transactions, said Schilling. have been taken.” person Melania Mathos, twenty employ- While Agent Kenney did not releaseitthe “I was amazed they caught and are working the case and continue to work this happen before,” now feel uneasy with every electronic at any one par- the Daniel Island credit and debit “We’ve never had Law. “I “There is nothing to indicate there is a problem investigate to arrive. it was very painless to me,” explained ees were identified as potential victims. name of the business, or whentothewas shred my Cooper. “All I had do breach was it. We advise people to be cautious with their the transaction he explained. “…Luckily, ticular establishment (on Daniel Island) use transaction I make. While I still need to or any potential suspects card cases. A City of Charleston Police officer came was denied so no money was taken from to indicate that we have fraudulent activity occurring or devices identified, he did report that ainvestigators are card and wait for new one to arrive.” debit and credit cards. This is not a problem is thatmyisland cards to do used to retrieve banking information or credit cardwork in concert with our police my account…My guess an credit that are being what is necessary, I am “We If going to a to the Daniel Island facility on May 19 to Island resident Melissa McCorkle dis- restaurant still working the cases involved. The U.S. covered that unauthorized charges to her that is unique to Daniel Island. It’shas had their database compro- of all involved: merchants, card business very nor- now leery information.” partners here, but when a case begins to cross the where take reports from affected employees. Secret Servicedebit card account were made in Maryland began looking into reports of mised. Just seems too coincidental that this For now, police are urging residents to take a few extra safety mal. Cases where networks are compromisedarea were hit with precautions when it comes to using your debit and credit cards. we either work with other Secret waitress take processors, banks, etc.” borders many people in a small Special Agent David Cockrell of the U.S. and Georgia at around the same time. debit and credit “We looked at the bank statement and card fraud cases on Daniel happen very routinely and that’s in a one to two week timeframe.” asked how an effort to make sureoccur not allow your card to agents or international partners,” heyour card, pl fraud just part of When First, make new cases can you do even Service Secret Service said his office was working Is there a common thread in these leave your sight. ahead and ta Island last month, after dozens of island said saw that over $1000 had been taken,” the cyber world we live in.” and other cases involving Daniel Island suspected Daniel Island threat has takes your card,“And with cyber crime, it can become cash. after the “If going to a restaurant where the waitress said. with police to determine if there is a “com- McCorkle. “The purchases were made at residents and or employees beganMotels…” Sears, Macy’s, and Super 8 contacting Over the last week, additional new Daniel plan ahead and Kenney said the po- been eliminated, Agenttake cash or you should still be allowed to just residents? So far, The Daniel Island News international very quickly.” mon point of origin” on Daniel Island for the has learned of about a dozen victims in the got to the register (to pay),” said Shelor. “(Also), be wary of The Daniel Island News and local me around “My bank contacted authorities Island debit/credit card fraud cases have con- listed above. stolen credit or debit card numbers cards usually community, including those tential for buying anything online with a debit card. Credit Anyone who suspects their credit or debit cases. Anyone who suspects their the third or fourth of May and about unauthorized charges that were being said ‘did you authorize tinued to pop up. Island resident Chip LawChristine to be used is still a possibility both now and use, and a person have been compromised is asked to But according to Lt. Middleton, have more legal protections against fraudulent accounts card numbers have been compro- commanding officer for Daniel Island- using a debit card can clean you out instantly, causing all of your posted to their accounts bothpurchase at Ikea and a nationally in was contacted by his bank on Friday 5, only a couple of cases have legitimate transactions to bounce.” based Team when in the future. contact Special Agent David Cockrell of the mised is asked to contact City of New Jersey for $400?’” internationally. added Codner’s Ferry a charge was attempted on his credit card been reported to police. “Cyber criminals often, and it appearsor scams to police, add- Report all possible fraudulent activity Charleston office of the U.S. Secret Service at Charleston Police at (843) 577- “It’s important for people to notify the ed Shelor. He also suggested residents contact the Federal Trade “We have an ongoing investigation and I Park resident Caroline account from a location in Pakistan. Ten days the incidents case here, ‘dump’ numbers over a 388-0805. police so we can investigate to be the Commission at 1-877-IDTHEFT or online at (843) 7434 or Agent Cockrell (843) Smith, yet another debit to see whether or not we have a developing Identity theft information is also available on the Charleston Po- and credit card fraud vic- 388-0305. tim on the island. “…She problem,” she said. “Otherwise, we have lice Department website at under “crime no way of knowing….For the incidents that prevention.”
  • 24. REPORTING IN DEPTH Weekly Over 6,000 DivisionFIRST PLACE Carolina Forest Chronicle Michael Smith CHRONICLE SPECIAL REPORTState probes veteran’s groupAttorney general, secretary of state I Breaking News swer basic questions about their military background or The Carolina Forest Chronicle broke this story online where the money was going.looking into non-profit’s activities March 29 at 10:05 a.m. Visit the Chronicle’s website at www.thecarolinaforest “A military guy wouldn’t do that. He’d have his own uni- forms,” Soucy said. “WhatBY MICHAEL SMITH But the Veterans Support tax records. Soucy, a Carolina Forest resi- gets me is the person collect-EDITOR Organization (VSO) spent Toting buckets bearing dent and 22-year Air Force ing the money gets 30 cents less than 7 percent of the American flags, VSO volun- veteran. out of every dollar, and that’s They spent all week can- money it collected in 2009- teers dressed in camouflage Soucy said he filed a com- going to someone’s boss.”vassing Carolina Forest for 2010 to directly benefit veter- scoured Carolina Forest plaint with the S.C. Attorney Mark Plowden, spokesmandonations to benefit veter- ans groups, according to a Boulevard last week, captur- General’s office after he saidans. Chronicle review of federal ing the attention of Paul VSO volunteers couldn’t an- VETERANS, A5
  • 25. REPORTING IN DEPTH Weekly 2/3 Times DivisionTHIRD PLACEThe Hartsville MessengerJim Faile
  • 26. REPORTING IN DEPTH Weekly 2/3 Times Division Park outing turns tragic 6-year-oldSECOND PLACE dies when train derails By JOE L. HUGHES II Ledger Staff Writer A beautiful afternoon at Spartanburg’s Cleveland Park took a tragic turn Saturday when a popular children’s train ride derailed, killing a local child and injuring many more. Spartanburg Public Safety officials worked well into Sunday morning hoping to find answers as to why the miniature train ride calledThe Gaffney Ledger “Sparkles” overturned near a trestle shortly before 1 p.m. Approximately 28 people, most of whom were children, were aboard the train when it crashed, said Spartanburg Public Safety Capt. Art A HEART-WRENCHING GOODBYE Littlejohn. Two medical helicopters were deployed to transport the injured to children’s hos- pitals in Greenville, while others were sent to Spartanburg Regional andJoe L. Hughes II Mary Black hospitals. Efforts to save 6-year old Benjamin “Benji” Samuel Easler unfortunately were futile. The Gaffney child died about an hour after the acci- dent, Littlejohn said. Both of the child’s parents and his two siblings were also aboard the train when it derailed. His father, Dr. Dwight Easler, pastor of Corinth Baptist Church and assistant fire chief at the Corinth Volunteer Fire Department, Emergency workers pull victims from the scene of a Saturday afternoon accident in which a popular children s train reportedly suffered a broken derailed, killing a 6-year-old boy and leaving many more people injured. (Photo courtesy TIM KIMZEY / Spartanburg Herald-Journal) leg, internal injuries and a number of cuts and bruises. Church whose daughter Both of Benji’s brothers suf- Marigrace suffered a broken A large crowd gathers around the grave site during services Thursday for Benjamin “Benji” Samuel Easler. fered broken arms. arm in the crash. “As I Benji’s mother, Tabitha, focused in on my camera, was taken to Spartanburg Regional Medical Center for observation but was later released. they went around the curve and all of a sudden we heard a loud pop. When this hap- pened half the train fell off Hundreds attend funeral of 6-year-old boy “Each Sunday when the pastor would ask whether vis- itors were present and whether they would like to be the tracks. There was no forewarning. It happened in the blink of an eye.” Ellis said she then heard killed when miniature train at park crashed given a pamphlet from one of children screaming and the deacons, Benji would yelling. always raise his hand. Not a “All I heard was scream- By JOE L. HUGHES II Sunday would go by without ing,” she said. “My first Ledger Staff Writer him doing this,” said a tearful instinct was to look for my Corinth Baptist Church dea- child. So I got down on all con at a prayer service held fours, pulling rocks out try- for grieving church members ing to find her. Once I was The aches and pains of Rev. Dwight Saturday night at Central able to find her, then we went Easler’s body compared little to the pain Baptist Church. “And now about the task of finding oth- the Corinth Baptist Church pastor felt in that he’s gone, that little hand ers who were affected. It his heart Thursday afternoon. will not raise requesting a would seem as if it were pamphlet anymore. ... When I chaotic, but a lot of angels Typically accustomed to looking down heard of the devastation, I were present there.” Some of the injured are treated at the crash scene. Officials said more than two dozen peo- from his pulpit and seeing his three sons questioned God, ‘Why? Why?’ Corinth Baptist Church ple were aboard the train when it derailed. (Photo courtesy TIM KIMZEY / Spartanburg Herald-Journal) focused intently as he delivered the But only He knows the pur- members held a prayer serv- morning sermon, the local clergyman pose, only He knows the ice Sunday, lifting up in group for our youths, one for pat on the shoulder means a caused the crash. The S.C. answer. All we can do is prayer all of the families children and another for par- lot, lets you know people are Highway Patrol’s Multi-disci- was in the same place doing his best to thank God for Benji’s life, affected. They also offered ents involved in the wreck. there. We all know those who plinary Investigation Team fight back tears, struggling to find words and thank Him for being counseling to those who felt “It is very reassuring and survived are blessed and (MAIT) spent much of in the wake of his family’s tragic loss. God.” they needed it. comforting to know you have lucky, but it will take some Sunday afternoon at His family did not grieve alone, howev- “No one knew what was “No doubt, it was one of the such a loving church and time before things get back Cleveland Park reconstruct- going on until it actually hap- more difficult church services community to rely on. to normal.” ing the disaster. er, as scores of county residents packed pened,” said Leslie Ellis, a many of us have ever attend- Actions speak more than Meanwhile, an investiga- According to information the rural Cherokee County church to say member of Corinth Baptist ed,” Ellis said. “There was a words and a simple hug or tion continues into what G See TRAIN, Page 5 goodbye to 6-year-old Benjamin “Benji” Samuel Easler, who died last Saturday afternoon from injuries suffered after the miniature train ride “Sparkles” derailed at Cleveland Park in Spartanburg. Injured in the same crash that took the life of his young son, Rev. Easler was unable to move more than a few steps at a time without the use of a wheelchair. The pastor tried his best to convey the pain of separation he and his family were experiencing. Benji s mother, Tabitha (background), watches as her son Matthew releases “Like Elisha did when his mentor Elijah doves with the assistance of funeral director Ashby Blakely during the graveside was called to heaven, I currently am G portion of the funeral service Thursday. (Ledger photos / JOE L. HUGHES II) G See HUNDREDS, Page 5A
  • 27. REPORTING IN DEPTH Weekly 2/3 Times DivisionFIRST PLACE The News & Reporter Denyse Clark and Travis Jenkins NEWS&REPORTER THE HE C HESTER C OUNTY ’ S H OMETOWN N EWSPAPER SINCE 1869Issue 33, 2 Sections, 18 pages WEDNESDAY, APRIL 27, 2011 75 CentsPhone vote on super sparks debateSchool Board’s Attorney: Press Association: No it wasn’tPhone vote ‘appropriate’ BY TRAVIS JENKINS administrative leave with pay. Three board members has a specific by-law which allows board members to were absent from the meet- vote in that manner. The BY DENYSE MIDDLETON mitted a “Letter to the A representative of the ing, but board member Gene Chester County Editor” to address the phone South Carolina Press Boyd was allowed to partici- District has no such by-law. participation. Association disagrees with pate in the executive ses- The board’s attorney, Questions about a board On Monday, April 18 at the opinion of a Chester sion portion of the meeting Allison Hanna of the firmmember’s phone participa- 7 a.m., four members of the County School Board attor- and vote over the phone. Childs and Halligan, toldtion have arisen in the past board, Maggie James, ney regarding the ability of According to Robert’s The News & Reporter thatweek since the Chester Denise Lawson, Dr. Laurens board members to cast votes Rules of Order, the book in this state, school boardCounty Board of School W. Fort, Jr. and the Rev. over the telephone. that details parliamentary members may vote by phoneTrustees voted to place it’s Bill Stringfellow, met at the At a meeting held last procedures for governing if they deem the practicesuperintendent on paid district office on Hinton Monday morning, the board bodies and boards, voting necessary. In fact, Hannaadministrative leave. voted to place superinten- over the telephone is not One board member sub- See BOARD, Page 2-A Dr. Graves dent Dr. Thomas Graves on permissible unless a board See PRESS, Page 2-A
  • 28. BEAT REPORTING Weekly Under 6,000 Division Politics More candidates line up for runTHIRD PLACE in District 108 BY JACKIE R. BROACH COASTAL OBSERVER It was expected that the field of candidates for the new 7th Congressional District would be crowded, but the roster of candidates for state House Dis-Coastal Observer trict 108 might end up being just as long. Randy Hollister, 58, of Paw- leys Plantation, and Joey Smith, 29, of Hagley, said this week they will run for the seat, adding their names to a grow- Hollister, left, and Smith ing list of Republicans who finch has registered with theJackie Broach have expressed interest. Hollis- state Ethics Commission. ter has been in the real estate New lines for the district re- business since the 1970s and ceived preclearance from the last year teamed up with John- U.S. Department of Justice on ny Weaver to open a commer- Wednesday, meaning more offi- cial and investment real estate cial announcements of candida- brokerage firm in the Pawleys cy are probably on the way. Island area. Incumbent Rep. Kevin Ryan, Smith helps run his family’s elected in 2010, announced industrial pressure washing last month he won’t run again. company and said he has want- That’s when Hollister decided ed to run for office for 10 years. it was time for him to get in- Alan Walters, a county mag- volved in politics again. istrate and judge for the town “My wife and I looked at each of Pawleys Island; David Du- other and said, you know, this Rant, attorney for the town; is the time. Instead of scream- and Stephen Goldfinch, a Mur- ing at the news every night, I rells Inlet attorney, all say they need to make something hap- are considering a run. Gold- pen,” he said. SEE “HOUSE,” PAGE 3 GOP members in no rush to pick presidential nominee BY JACKIE R. BROACH Ted Quantz of DeBordieu. COASTAL OBSERVER Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and Texas Gov. Herman Cain’s front and Rick Perry have been clear center placement at this week’s frontrunners in the race and GOP presidential debate is Perry, with his straight talk, proof of something Wacca- seemed to be a favorite locally. maw Neck Republicans already But Cain, a businessman who know: It’s far too early in the hails from Atlanta and was game to count anybody out. once relegated to the fringe of “You have to look back on the debate stage, joined them 2008. John McCain was stuck in the top tier after a surge that in third place, but ultimately followed his straw poll win in he won the nomination,” said SEE “GOP,” PAGE 3
  • 29. BEAT REPORTINGWeekly Under 6,000 Division SECOND PLACE Lee County Observer Gee Atkinson
  • 30. BEAT REPORTINGWeekly Under 6,000 Division FIRST PLACE Myrtle Beach Herald Amanda KelleyStrand fishermen reeling from latest regulation
  • 31. BEAT REPORTING Weekly Over 6,000 DivisionTHIRD PLACE Indian Land Voice explores incorporation Panhandle’s population dense enough to become a city now REECE MURPHY of Indian Land,” ILV member Community remembers coach Kersey Beloved teacher/coach died last week after ATV accident REECE MURPHY The Indian Land communi- ty was stunned last week by the death of a beloved coach and teacher. Mike Kersey suffered a severe head injury shortly before 6 p.m. Saturday, Oct. Kersey School Dis- trict. Land mentary He taught physi- cal education at Indian School and Ele- had coached wrestling at Michael, 3. Indian Land Elementary Principal Beth Blum said she and other staff members were stunned and heartbroken to hear the news. ILES announced Kersey’s death to parents Oct. 4 with e-mails and ConnectEd phone calls, sad news many had kind of take the kids where they are with their grief. “They tell me, ‘I miss Coach Kersey,’ I tell them, ‘I know. Mrs. Blum misses him too,’” she said. “We all do.” Students placed a ring of flowers, hand-lettered cards and star-shaped balloons at the base of the school’s flagpole in 1, when he was thrown from Lancaster already heard as word spread Kersey’s memory. The flag Michael Koshis said in kicking an ATV at his home on Dirt and Indian Land high schools. quickly to schools and com- hung solemnly at half-staff in off the meeting. “We want to Road in the Van Wyck com- In a move many said was munities across the county. his memory Oct. 5. Fed up with unchecked engage the support of the munity. indicative of the deep com- Blum said the school called Trying to be strong, but community, that’s why we’reCarolina Gateway growth in Lancaster County’s Kersey, 39, died Oct. 4, at mitment he had to his family, in grief counselors from all overcome occasionally by fastest growing region, a group having these meetings. We Carolinas Medical Center, Kersey had put his coaching over the district to help stu- tears, ILES fifth-grader Baile- of Panhandle residents have want to gauge what you guys where he was flown after the duties on hold this year and dents cope with losing Kersey. igh Sizemore said she felt bad joined forces to explore incor- think.” accident. next to help care for his chil- She said students were dealing for Kersey’s family, especially poration for Indian Land. This is not the first time “Coach Kersey” as he was To buy this photo, visit REECE MURPHY/reporter dren while his wife, Erin, pur- with it in different ways, as her classmate, Madeline Grace Calling themselves Indian incorporation has been dis- almost universally known Indian Land Elementary School first-graders Perla Sanchez and Matthew sued her master’s degree. was the staff and faculty. Kersey, one of Kersey’s daugh- Land Voice (ILV), the group cussed by Indian Land resi- among students, peers and the Bowling add their cards to the stack of cards, flowers and balloons left under The couple has three chil- “It’s been a tough day – a lot ters. met publicly for the first time dents, though before the area community, was a 17-year vet- the school’s flag pole in memory of Mike Kersey, who died Oct. 4. The dren, Madeline Grace, 10, of crying, a lot of heartache,” Aug. 17 at the Del Webb lacked the statutory popula- eran of the Lancaster County school’s flag was also at half-staff. For obituary information, see page 8. Julianna Rose, 6, and Lowdan Blum said Oct. 5. “You just See KERSEY, Page 2 Library. About a dozen resi- tion density to support the dents attended the meeting, move. not counting organizers. But all that’s changed now in an area that saw its popula- Having organized and begun tion nearly double over the the exploratory process about last decade to 19,729, accord- two months ago, members say ing to the 2010 Census, almost it’s now time to take their all of it north of WaxhawReece Murphy ideas to the public. Highway (S.C. 75). “We are a group of citizens ILMS robotics team going to state interested in the incorporation See INCORPORATION, Page 3 Incredible GRALCs take on much ONE IN 20 MILLION MIRACLE larger teams Stormwater floods Sun City REECE MURPHY Man finds IL kidney donor through Facebook They’re young. They’re smart. They’re small but REECE MURPHY mighty. They’re the Incredible GRALCs of Indian Land – As the old saying goes, the and they’re gunning for world Lord works in mysterious domination in the internation- ways. al First Lego League (FLL) So it shouldn’t come as annual robotics competition. any surprise that he’d keep Or maybe just a Blizzard up with the times and occa- from Dairy Queen. sionally work through Face- Made up of five Indian book as well. Land Middle School students, That’s the gist of what can the team recently ranked sev- only be called the miraculous enth out of 17 teams at the story of David Ensley of To buy this photo, visit AARON MORRISON/staff photographer regional FLL competition held Stallings, N.C., and Amy at York Technical College in LEFT: Indian Land’s Incredible GRALCs 4-H robotics club, along with Cunningham of Indian December. The showing coach P Krause, are heading to the First Lego League (FLL) state .J. Land. earned the team a spot in the championship in March. Lisa Krause, front, holds the club’s robot. It was through the social state competition March 5 in Other members are, from left, Greg Millett, Alex Boggess, Chris networking site that the two Columbia, and hopefully, a Nahum and Rodney Hubbard. ABOVE: Chris Nahum, Lisa Krause and strangers met and became chance to compete in the Greg Millett reprogram their robot as team members Alex Boggess bound by more than just a FLL’s World Festival in St. and Rodney Hubbard set up pieces of the practice board. In competi- Facebook friendship after Louis, Mo., in April. tions, the robot must maneuver around the board by itself and suc- Cunningham, a 20-million- The team name is an acro- to-1, near-perfect match, cessfully complete as many tasks as it can in two minutes. nym of the first letter of each photo courtesy of LARRY CAMPBELL donated her kidney to save member’s name: Greg Mil- Ensley’s life. lett, Rodney Hubbard, Alex ...and they said, ‘Lucky No. 7. “You have to research all take them to a Lego patient working and the rest just Stormwater rushes over silt fences and a retaining wall into Larry Campbell’s yard at 4009 Yosemite Way in Sun City Carolina Lakes “Amy told me that from Boggess, Lisa Krause and We’re getting Blizzards! the different treatments and area, just to name a few. standing around.” after a July 14 storm. Representatives from the county and state S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control visited the site the get-go she knew her kid- Chris Nahum. “I’m telling you, those kids then think of a treatment that Team members use a host Chris’ dad, Mike Nahum, Thursday, July 28, at Campbell’s request. ney would match,” Ensley “We wanted to be tough walked right in there and took might work,” Lisa said. “What of skills, from geometry to said he originally wanted his said from his hospital room and geeky at the same time,” on those larger teams like it we found was that sunlight mathematics to reading, in son to play football, since he DHEC looking at runoff issues at Carolinas Medical Center club president Chris Nahum was nothing,” Krause said. produces more energy, so it’s building and programming himself is a coach. But Chris on Friday. “She’s such a close said of the team name. “So “And they had a blast.” best that you have more artifi- their robot. took to robotics instead, match that she could be my we put it together and it’s The First Lego League cial light (if you have “It’s a basic ‘tribot’ design,” Nahum said, and he’s been sister. kind of like a geeky Hulk – competition is fairly intense. ADHD). Greg said. “We got Design rooting for his son and the “There’s not even 20 mil- The Incredible GRALCs.” Each year, organizers release “Plus, it’s been proven that Quality (at the regional com- GRALCs ever since. REECE MURPHY his yard covered in puddles of field manager Greg Coffey, who, lion people living in North Team coach P Krause said .J. a scientific topic-based theme. having artificial light in a class- petition) because our robot Nahum said he appreciates muddy silt at times an inch and a while sympathetic to the problem photo courtesy of CHUCK CUNNINGHAM and South Carolina both, so the FLL challenge was found- This year’s theme is “Body room helps students concen- was the simplest. It was sim- that fact that, like sports, FLL quarter deep. and helpful in cleaning it up, and I’d say that pretty much David Ensley sits in his hospital bed, holding the hand of his kidney donor, Amy Cunningham. Ensley found Cun- ed by American entrepreneur Forward” and deals with bio- trate,” she said. ple, but it took us months to teaches kids how to work A Sun City Carolina Lakes resi- Flowing together with more repairing and installing more silt makes it a miracle,” he said. ningham through the Internet networking site Facebook. and inventor Dean L. Kamen, medical sciences. Past years’ For the robotics portion of build.” together as a team. dent says he is frustrated and get- stormwater runoff from down the fencing, has not been able to cor- For the whole story, you better known as the inventor themes have included the sci- the challenge, students design, “Yeah, and the program got “Teamwork is the No. 1 ting nowhere fast trying to find street, Campbell said the silty rect the problem. have to go back to 2001 Dialysis at home became die in weeks if I didn’t get a Kidney for My Brother of the Segway. entific study of climate, nano build and program an autono- wiped out the night before reason they’re able to go and someone to help him with flooding water clogs storm drains and turns Coffey did not return calls from when doctors diagnosed Ens- dialysis at a kidney center, anything done.” David Ensley.” Krause said as a 4-H team, technology and the oceans, mous Lego computer to con- the competition, so they were compete,” Nahum said. “Each issues on his property and the the cul-de-sac in front of his home the paper by presstime. ley with polycystic kidney the medication increased and “I looked like a dead man Scoggins said the response the GRALCs took on and among others. duct a series of challenges on literally programming on the member has an assignment, street in front of his home. into a pond of standing water for Pulte site supervisor Brian Fis- disease, a genetic disorder Ensley started losing weight, when I walked by the mir- and support for her brother beat school teams that were The challenge has two a themed playing field. The fly,” P Krause said. “They .J. and to win, they’re going to Larry Campbell of Yosemite days. He said it also covers surfaces cher said he was unfamiliar with that causes multiple cysts to settling at 133 pounds earlier ror.” was great right from the not only much bigger, but parts, a project and a robot robot has two minutes to were truly the little team that have to work together. I think Way lives in an area of the immense with a muddy glaze. the situation and directed ques- form on the kidneys causing this year, a shadow of his After more than three start. But as the weeks wore with better funded, curricu- game, which the kids take on automatically conduct as could.” they’re doing awesome.” active adult community that is still “It’s been about three weeks tions to his supervisor, Cisco Gar- them to become enlarged, former 223-pound self. years of her brother being on on, there was still no donor. lum-based programs. and complete by themselves. many tasks as it can, earning Which brings up another Most of all, though, being under development. His home is since I started trying to find some- cia, who did not return calls from among other problems. “My doctor told me, ‘You the donor’s list with no “I figured it would take a She said the team’s confi- Krause said her role is simply points as it goes. Students lose point – more than anything, on the team is fun, members located near several vacant proper- one to help me, and then I find out the paper by presstime. Over the years, Ensley’s need to have a consultation matches, Ensley’s sister, Jen- while,” Scoggins said. “And if dence level flagged a bit when to act as a “motivator.” points if they have to touch the Incredible GRALCs are a say, and they can’t wait for ties and home sites under con- that nobody was really doing any- Campbell said he also turned to kidneys continued to degrade with your wife; we may have nifer Scoggins, decided to set not, at least we were try- they saw the larger teams at For the project portion, the robot outside the safe team: Greg is chief builder, the state competition. The struction. thing,” Campbell said. “It’s been a Carolina Lakes Homeowners Asso- until finally, in 2009, they to do something drastic,’” up a Facebook page on March regionals, but the Incredible team members research a area. Rodney is a builder/designer, Incredible GRALCs think Campbell said during heavy series of false starts, misdirections ciation chairwoman Carol James failed. Ensley said. “He said I could 9. She called it “Looking for See DONOR, Page 2 GRALCs persevered. topic and come up with a new The tasks are impressive: Alex is a builder, Lisa chief they stand a good chance. rains, muddy stormwater pours and denials of responsibility.” and HOA board member, Darrell over a retention wall from the Campbell said the first person “They actually started off solution related to the sub- Pull a Lego hand onto your researcher, programmer and “I think it would be great if properties above his home, leaving he spoke with was Pulte Homes’ saying, ‘We get Blizzards when ject. side of the board for extra robot operator and Chris is we make it to the Interna- See SUN CITY, Page 2 we win,’ then it was ... ‘if Then the team has to make points; insert a stint in a Lego president and programmer. tional,” Chris said. “I would we’re the top 10,’ and then it a presentation before judges artery; cast a broken Lego “That was one thing I freak so much. It would be was ‘OK, if we don’t come in of their findings and solution. bone; put a pacemaker into a noticed,” Lisa said. “When we awesome.” dead last,” Krause said. This year, the IL team chose Lego heart; and make a medi- went in there, we all worked “Yeah, we want a Blizzard!” “When they called their ADHD as their research proj- cine dispenser dispense only together. A lot of the larger Lisa adds. names, Greg fell to his knees ect. blue and white Lego pills and teams had one or two people They all cheer.
  • 32. BEAT REPORTINGWeekly Over 6,000 Division SECOND PLACE Charleston City Paper Paul Bowers 2011 Elections
  • 33. BEAT REPORTING Weekly Over 6,000 Division FIRST PLACE Free Times Eva MooreColumbia city government
  • 34. BEAT REPORTING Weekly 2/3 Times Division THIRD PLACE The Press & Standard George Salsberry Criminal Courts
  • 35. BEAT REPORTING Weekly 2/3 Times Division SECOND PLACE The Gaffney Ledger Tim Gulla Police
  • 36. BEAT REPORTING Weekly 2/3 Times Division FIRST PLACE The Gaffney Ledger Tim Gulla Courts
  • 37. SPOT SPORTS STORY Weekly Under 6,000 DivisionTHIRD PLACEThe Berkeley r e a d Showdown!Independent l e l d n r d yDan Brown - f r d o s e - e g e - BY DAN BROWN more. Wolves and their juggernaut defense The 2011 edition of the r The Independent It was Berkeley who last defeated trying to make it two in a row over a Timberland Wolves return 17 h the Timberland Wolves in a regular young Stags team. starters and a defense coach Art t Call it an uncivil, civil war. season game and that was back in The 2011 season finds both teams Craig calls perhaps the fastest and - Friday’s football game matching 2007. The teams did not meet again at complete opposites of the spec- best defense he’s ever coached. e visiting Timberland against host until last year, leaving Wolves’ fans trum, with the young and inexperi- “We have to play within our pro- A Berkeley almost pits brother against to gnash their teeth in anticipation of enced Stags struggling to find their gram to be successful,” he said. “We y brother. The players filling out both revenge for the better part of three legs under new coach Jeff Cruce’s are so fast that our biggest problem V rosters have grown up playing with years. spread offense. The team has gone on defense is that we overrun the s and against each other in Park and Last fall the Wolves notched their eight quarters without a touchdown play. We have to play a controlled e Rec leagues in Moncks Corner, St. first win ever against the Stags, a 24- in the young season, while game to be successful.” Stephen and Bonneau. 21thriller in St. Stephen. Timberland’s veteran team is run- Last Friday the Stags were shut out o They love to play each other, and On Friday they have at it again, ning a modified “Pistol” offense and for the second week in a row, 13-0 , they love to beat each other even this time in Moncks Corner with the scoring almost at will. See SHOWDOWN Page 2B s - Photo by Dan Brown/Independent f
  • 38. SPOT SPORTS STORY Weekly Under 6,000 Division NEWS-CHRONICLE - November 17, 2010 - Page 5 Bears blow past Cyclones, advance to Elite 8 HONEA PATH -- The Bears he rushed for two first downs and for a 14-yard TD and a 30-7 lead, created a storm of their own Friday scored on a 24-yard pass from the Cyclone watch was cancelled. night as they defeated the Cyclones Spence. McGill’s two-yard TD run at 37-7 to advance to the AAA Elite “It felt good to run the ball,” 7:12 in the fourth ended the scor- Eight. said D. Williams. “I had perfect ing.SECOND PLACE For the first time since 2004 blocking and it gave us motivation. Martin intercepted Chester’s and only the third time in school Knowing this could have been my fourth-down, desperation pass and history, BHP made it past the sec- last game made me fight harder for the Bears ran off the last five min- ond round. the extra yards.” utes of the clock. “We’re in the Elite 8,” came the The Bears stayed on the ground “We had our most complete yell from the team during the post- on their next drive. D. Williams, week of practice this week and it game huddle. Markell Johnson and Tyler McGill translated to our most complete The accomplishment is just led the rushing and a still-injured game,” said Blackston. “We’ve another step in a string of goals set Charles Lindsey scored from two- always had good practices, but early in the season. yards out. haven’t always been sharp for two “We’re one game away from “We knew going into the game hours.” one big one,” said head coach that Charles was not 100%,” said The Bears, who ran 68 offensive Russell Blackston referring to the Blackston. “We knew there were plays, accumulated 442 yards with Upper-State Championship, which certain things he would be able 204 coming through the air. will be played Nov. 26. to do. When we got close to the The BHP defense held Ches- The Bears wasted little time in goal line, we wanted him to have ter to 146 yards on 33 offensive proving they weren’t afraid of an the ball because he is so good at plays. anticipated storm. finding the end zone and getting “I am so proud of our defense After Matt Williams’ punt rolled first downs on short yardage. He is shutting them down and shutting dead at the 20, Jermale Turner in- such a warrior.” them out the last three quarters,” tercepted Chester’s first pass and Following a red zone defensive said Blackston. returned it past midfield. stand led by McGill, Corey White Chester came into the game Dajun Martin completed the and William Miles, Martin leaped averaging 34 points. Despite their drive three plays later with a 42- over the line and blocked Chester’s bigger offensive and defensive yard touchdown reception from 30-yard field goal attempt. lines, the Cyclones were no match quarterback Cody Spence. The Cyclone warning was for the stronger, faster and better Julio Gomez first of three PAT downgraded to a watch. conditioned Bears. NEWS CHRONICLE PHOTO - Debbie Rogers kicks gave BHP a 7-0 lead with The Bears took a 24-7 lead “Our strength and conditioning MARKELL JOHNSON, RIGHT, RUNS BEHIND during Friday’s football game against Chester. 8:44 left in the first quarter. to the locker room when Gomez showed at the end,” said Blackston. the block of sophomore Dillon Coleman, center, Johnson, a junior, rushed for 72 yards for BHP. After both teams exchanged connected for a 28-yard field goal “Our young men took over in theNews-Chronicle punts, the Cyclones went to the with 3.9 seconds left on the clock. second half. ends its season 7-5. School League passes will be ac- in the first quarter. air; covered 58 yards in just over a It was the junior’s and Bears’ first “It was an unbelievable win. I Due to Fairfield-Central’s 20-7 cepted throughout the playoffs. BHP: Charles Lindsey, 3-yd. run (Gomez minute and tied the game. field goal of the season. told the team it goes to those coach- upset win over Union, BHP (12-0) Scoring Summary kick) with 7:50 left in the second. It was the last time the Cyclones The Bears controlled the clock es getting them ready to play. BHP: Dajun Martin, 42-yd. pass from BHP: Gomez, 23-yd. field goal with :03.9 received an unexpected home game left in the second quarter. found the end zone. Meanwhile for just over 18 minutes in the “I am so proud of them. Now I this week. Kickoff is scheduled for Cody Spence (Julio Gomez kick) with 7:44 left in the first quarter. BHP: Keinan Lewis, 14-yd. pass from BHP (12-0) scored on its next five second half and finished the game get to coach my 21 seniors, whom 7:30 p.m. Spence (kick failed) with 3:26 left in possessions. with 34:35 minutes of possession, I’ve been with for so long, for one CHS: Julius Pendergrass, 9-yd. run (Joey Fans are reminded that BHP Ford kick) with 3:25 left in the first. the third. After defensive lineman Dar- while Chester had 13:25. more week.” season passes cannot be used for BHP: Tyler McGill, 2-yd. run (Gomez BHP: Darrius Williams, 24-yd. pass from rius Williams entered on offense, When Spence hit Keinan Lewis Chester, the Region 5 third seed, playoff games. Only S.C. High Spence (Cameron Park kick) with :09 left kick) with 7;12 left in the fourth quarter. Individual Statistics OFFENSE: Rushing (rushes-yards-TDs): Charles Lindsey 4-12-1, Corey White 1-3, Tyler McGill 7-34-1, Dajun Martin 1-4, Markell Johnson 16-72, Darrius Williams 6-77, Eric Taylor 6-27, Mark Hill 1-4. Passing (completions-attempts- interceptions-yards-TDs: Cody Spence 13-21-0-204-3. Receiving (catches-Debbie Rogers yards-TDs): Martin 3-58-1, Keinan Lewis 3-45, Matt Williams 4-28, Corey White 1-42, D. Williams 1-24-1, Jarius Scott 1-7. Punt Returns (attempts, yards, TDs): Lewis 1-2, Martin 1-11. Kickoff Returns (attempts, yards, TDs): Martin 2-29 (longest 20), Kori Cooley 1-2. Punts (attempts, yard average): M. Williams 2-34. Kickoffs (attempts, yard average): D. Williams 4-44 (longest 57). Linemen- Drew Greer 85%; Kevin Roper 85%, knockdown; Myles Agnew 93%, 2 KDs; Brandon Schortgen 85%, 3 KDs; Nathan Plank 82%. DEFENSE: Linemen - NEWS-CHRONICLE PHOTO - Debbie Rogers D. Williams 81%, 1 solo tackle, 2 hurries, SENIOR DARRIUS WILLIAMS (22) FOLLOWS THE BLOCK of sack; Plank 75%, 3 tackles (2), hurry; O’Shea Robinson 2 tackles (0); William fellow senior Jarad Jennings, left, as he runs for a Bear first down. Miles 71%, 2 tackles (1 for loss), Tyler Normally defensive players, the duo has seen a lot of offense in the Brock 78%, 1 tackle (0); Hill 2 tackles playoffs. (1). Backs-White 4 solo tackles, pass breakup; Martin 1 solo tackle, blocked kick, INT; M. Williams 1 tackle (0), PBU; Jermale Turner 4 tackles (1), INT; Tyler McGill 8 tackles (3), PBU; Johnson 1 tackle (0); Malik Robinson 1 tackle (0); Taylor 1 tackle (0). Linebackers-Jarad Jennings 8 tackles (7 solo, TFL), sack, PBU; Shaheem Starks 11 tackles (5); Kendall Joseph 1 solo tackle; Ben Major 2 solo tackles. Tackle Points - Jennings 27, Starks 18, McGill 17, White 14, Martin 13, D. Williams 12, Turner 11. Game Stats: BHP vs. Chester Score by Quarters 1st 2nd 3rd 4th F BHP 14 10 6 7 37 NEWS-CHRONICLE PHOTO - Debbie Rogers TYLER MCGILL (47) TACKLES A CHESTER RECEIVER after he CHS 7 0 0 0 7 makes a catch. The Bear defense allowed no passing TDs Friday. Team Statistics NEWS-CHRONICLE PHOTO - Debbie Rogers NEWS-CHRONICLE PHOTO - Debbie Rogers Bears Cyclones QUARTERBACK CODY SPENCE PREPARES 19 First Downs 8 JERMALE TURNER RETURNS AN INTERCEPTION 47-238-2 Rushes-Yards-TDs 14-30-1 during first-quarter action of Friday’s playoff football game to hand the ball off to a running back during 13-21-0-204-3 Passes comp.att-int-Yds-TDs 10-19-3-116-0 with Chester. The INT sparked the Bear offense which cov- Friday’s football game. The senior has broken 2-0 Fumbles - Lost 0-0 2-34 Punts-Average 3-31 ered 60 yards on two passes to take the early lead. nearly every BHP passing record this season. 7-53 Penalties - yds penalized 5-50 Friday Night Football Third Round of Playoffs F-C @ BHP 7:30 p.m. kickoff Anderson TD Club Honorees for week #11 Offensive Player: Dajun Mar- tin, BHP; Co-Defensive Play- ers: Tyler McGill, BHP & Jonah Frady, Palmetto; Lineman: Matt Aleruchi, Hanna; Coach: Kenya Fouch, Hanna. NEWS-CHRONICLE PHOTO - Debbie Rogers BHP’S DREW GREER (61) SPRINTS TO MAKE A BLOCK for running back Markell Johnson, center back. Thanks for reading NEWS CHRONICLE PHOTO - Debbie Rogers SHAHEEM STARKS (33 LEFT) RUNS THROUGH Schortgen (79) the News-Chronicle an opening created by offensive linemen Brandon and Myles Ag- Social Security Sports Calendar Disability Cases Football Nov. 19 Fairfield-Central @ BHP 7:30 Private State Quarterfinals Arbitration • Mediation Competitive Cheer DR. JOHN C. NEEL IV Nov. 20 State Meet @ Bi-Lo Center 2:40 @ Greenville Professional CHIROPRACTIC PHYSICIAN Basketball Consulting Services Business •Personal Walk-ins welcome Nov. 22-23 Lady Bear Invitational 22 Clinton vs Pendleton 6:00 BHP vs Crescent 7:30 23 Losers from Nov. 22 6:00 Notary Public Winners from Nov. 22 7:30 Capt. Leonardo Ortiz Massage Therapy and Biofreeze available 29 BMS @ Gray Court-Owings 5:30 Wrestling Jd • Dd • Msd Nov. 20 BHP JV/MS @ Hillcrest 9 a.m. 27 Team Bear at Ft. Dorchester TBA @ North Charleston (864) 202-8634 Phone 864-338-BACK (2225)
  • 39. SPOT SPORTS STORY Weekly Under 6,000 DivisionFIRST PLACE Spartanburg County News Jed Blackwell
  • 40. SPOT SPORTS STORY Weekly Over 6,000 Division WRESTLING CHAMPS: Snodgrass, SinicropeTHIRD PLACEFort Mill Times PHOTOS BY MAC BANKS/FORT MILL TIMES Fort Mill’s Nick Sinicrope goes for the pin over North Myrtle Beach’s Jared Michael Fort Mill, Nation Ford have S.C. title winnersMac Banks By Mac Banks FORT MILL — Two local wrestlers captured individual state titles at the 3A state tournament as Nation Ford High’s Stewart Snodgrass and Fort Mill High’s Nick Sinicrope both won their weight classes. Snodgrass pinned Chester High School’s Dominick Davis, who was No. 1 in the state at 145-pounds, in the third period in dramatic fashion after trailing the majority of the contest. Sinicrope pinned North Myrtle Beach’s Jared Michael to win the 189-pound title. The only local 2A wrestler at the tournament was Indian Land’s Rondreas Truesdale, who took second place at 160 pounds after losing a heartbreaking, 3-2 double overtime decision to Marion High School’s Dondre Ethridge. Snodgrass, who was ranked second in the state behind Davis, had lost to the Chester wrestler in the last two tourna- ments, but he didn’t think about that this time around. “I knew if I wore him down, everything I worked for would come true,” Snodgrass said. Snodgrass had been losing to Davis until he surprised the Chester wrestler and had his shoulders to the mat before the Cyclone knew what hit him. Snodgrass won with just 18 Nation Ford’s Stewart Snodgrass has his hand raised in seconds left in the match. victory after defeating Chester’s Dominick Davis. The Nation Ford win was the first state wrestling champi- onship for the school. Falcons head coach Paul Richardson said Snodgrass slightly changed his approach this week in wrestling Davis by working him inside. “Stewart works at it,” Richardson said. “He really works his butt off.” Snodgrass, the school’s most winning wrestler, finished the season at 41-4. His career record is 130-26. Sinicrope had a similar experience to Snodgrass in the finals as he was losing to Michael before staging a dramatic comeback and getting the pin fall with just 30 seconds left in the match. “There were definitely some nerves,” Sinicrope said. “He was a good kid. He was pretty strong.” His coach wasn’t surprised at how Sinicrope was able to turn the tables as time was running out. Indian Land’s Rondreas Truesdale wrestles Marion High School’s Dondre Ethridge in the finals. “Nick has a knack for catching people and pinning them,” said Fort Mill head coach Chris Brock. “It’s always good to Miskelly, who won a state title in 2009, finished his career have a state champion in the program. at Fort Mill with a 154-31 record, the second most wins ever Fort Mill had two wrestlers fall in the finals at 130 pounds by a Yellow Jacket. and at 152 pounds. At 130, the Jackets’ Ryan Dugas lost to Both of Nation Ford’s wrestlers at the state competition Eastside’s Jacob Simmons 14-4 and at 152 Fort Mill’s Jona- made it to the finals. At 160 pounds, Markevis Duncan fell to than Miskelly lost to Chapin’s Scott Swindell 12-2. Greenville’s Duncan Benson 4-3 in double overtime. Brock said he felt for his wrestlers. Fort Mill brought six wrestlers to the state finals tourna- “Things don’t always work out the way you planned,” he ment, but three of them – Seth Frase, Ryan Cass and Nick said “There are a lot of broken hearts here ” Leitten were knocked out without placing
  • 41. SPOT SPORTS STORY Weekly Over 6,000 Division CHAMPIONS: Fort Mill lacrosse teamSECOND PLACEFort Mill TimesMac Banks MAC BANKS/FORT MILL TIMES Fort Mill lacrosse players Patrick McDowell, left, and Cody Harris race downfield after winning the state title on Saturday. Fourth quarter surge decisive in title game By Mac Banks S.C. championship for the past five The team includes players from both years. Fort Mill and Nation Ford high schools. “That was our quarter today,” Fort It was back and forth scoring for the LEXINGTON — F-Q-O! Mill head coach Jim Van Blarcom said majority of the game until the Jackets Three letters embodied a whole sea- after Saturday’s title game. “It is excit- dominated the fourth quarter. Junior son for the Fort Mill High boy’s lacrosse ing for our team. I am so proud for our goalie D.J. Quill made seven of his 16 team. With their team trailing 11-10 af- kids. The kids played a heck of a game.” saves in the final period. The Jackets ter the third quarter, the Jackets’ faith- Fort Mill finished the season 15-2, were led by senior Steve Blanchard, ful who showed up at White Knoll High with one of their losses being to Green- who scored five goals and freshman School for the state championship ville earlier in the season. This was just Mitch Russell, who scored three. game started chanting, “F-Q-O!, F- the second year the state High School Russell said playing for his team- Q-O!” League has recognized the sport, but it mates inspired him in the game. The letters stand for “fourth quarter has been played as part of the South “I wanted to do this for the seniors,” ours” and that is exactly what it was as Carolina Lacrosse League for the past he said. “They have worked hard for Fort Mill outscored Greenville High 6-1 several years with local high schools this for so long. I wanted to give this to in the final quarter to get a 16-12 win sponsoring teams. Fort Mill has had a them. It feels great.” and its first state lacrosse title, ripping team for the past five years. The seniors Greenville stayed focused on senior the title out of the hands of the Red Raid- on the Jackets squad have been part of ers, who have had a death grip on the the program since it began. Please see TITLE 2B
  • 42. SPOT SPORTS STORY Weekly Over 6,000 DivisionFIRST PLACE Carolina Forest CHRONICLE CAROLINA FOREST Chronicle Michael Smith PHOTOS BY MICHAEL SMITH | THE CHRONICLE Carolina Forest lineman Thadeus Edge (center) and the rest of the football team storm the field Friday after the Panthers defeated rival Conway for the first time in school history. POSTAL PATRON THEY WON IT FOR ‘EA’ PRESORTED STANDARD U.S.POSTAGE PAID CONWAY, S.C. PERMIT NO. 44 Carolina Forest dedicates victory over Conway to fallen coach BY MICHAEL SMITH feat the Panthers have never ac- of an apparent heart attack, the THIS WEEK’S EDITOR complished in their previous 11 at- Carolina Forest Panthers matched tempts. Conway score for score, eventually EDITION: Edward “Allen” Armstrong On Friday night, Carolina Forest emerging victorious 46-42. would’ve smiled. finally achieved that goal. “What can you say? I can’t say FOUR SECTIONS, It’s always been the goal of the Inspired by the memory of Arm- enough about the community and Buttons for sale at Friday night’s game Carolina Forest football team to strong, the team’s running backs 34 PAGES pay tribute to the late Edward Armstrong. defeat cross-town rival Conway, a coach who died late Tuesday night PANTHERS, A6
  • 43. SPOT SPORTS STORY Weekly 2/3 Times Division THIRD PLACE The Press & Standard Brantley StricklandNJCAA Hands Out Punishment for Brawl
  • 44. SPOT SPORTS STORY Weekly 2/3 Times DivisionSECOND PLACE File Austin Edwards was the winning pitcher against Wando Friday but may not return to the hill this season due to an injury sus- tained during the game. Summerville 8 Wando 4 Edwards liftsThe Summerville Green Wave over WandoJournal Scene BY ROGER LEE The Journal Scene Green Wave pitcher Austin Edwards picked up one of the biggest wins of his career Friday but it came at a hefty price. Edwards was solid on the hill for four andRoger Lee two-thirds innings but he had to leave the game in the fifth after being hit in the mouth with a line drive. Edwards was taken immedi- ately for dental surgery so he didn’t get to see the fruits of his labor, an 8-4 victory over Wando that is Summerville’s first over the diamond Warriors in some time. “It was a hard hit right back at him,” Summerville coach Burt Bazzle said. “He didn’t have time to react and it hit him right in the face.” The pitcher is at home recovering this week, but missed Saturday’s prom and will likely miss the rest of his senior season. “We sure hope he will get well soon,” Bazzle said. “Austin had kind of just found his rhythm. We dedicate this win to him. As he walked off he said just one thing and that was ‘just win.’ The team took that to heart. Wando has kind of had our number the last few years, but we found ways to hit the ball tonight.” Wando scored two runs in the first inning off an error and two earned runs in the second, but then Edwards shut them down. The Green Wave scored two runs in the third inning and three in the fourth to take a 5-4 lead. Brian Peagler came in for Edwards with two outs in the top of the fifth and kept See WAVE Page 2B
  • 45. SPOT SPORTS STORY Weekly 2/3 Times DivisionFIRST PLACE The Summerville Journal Scene Roger Lee Roger Lee/Journal Scene Ashley Ridge midfielder Michael Sauter kicks a ball past a Colleton County defender. Foxes earn first region win Ashley Ridge boys gain confidence in spectacle of a match BY ROGER LEE Swamp, the Ashley Ridge boys’ Nate Harris said. “It’s been hard Blanchard and the Fox defense The Journal Scene soccer team earned a 4-1 victory transitioning to Class 4-A and held the Cougars (5-4, 0-3) to over Colleton County. A stutter Colleton has vastly improved one goal, scored by Jarrod Ritter In between warnings to fans step on a penalty kick cost Scott lately so this is a good win for us. 66 minutes into the contest. about their behavior and bouts of Jones a hat trick, but his two Hopefully this means we are The game was very physical shouting involving the referee goals were enough to lift the starting to get acclimated to 4-A. right from the start as members and coaches, the Swamp Foxes Swamp Foxes to their first region It was a great team effort.” of both teams went full out in scored four goals Tuesday to win of the season. Sean Siehl and Ben Justice also their efforts to make plays. This notch a big victory. “Our kids just needed some scored for Ashley Ridge (8-8, 1- drew frequent whistles by the In a spectacle of a match at The confidence,” Ashley Ridge coach 3) while keeper Stockton See FOXES Page 2B
  • 46. SPORTS FEATURE STORY Weekly Under 6,000 DivisionTHIRD PLACESpartanburg County NewsLeon Russ
  • 47. SPORTS FEATURE STORY Weekly Under 6,000 DivisionSECOND PLACEMyrtle Beach HeraldAmanda Kelley
  • 48. SPORTS FEATURE STORY Weekly Under 6,000 DivisionBEST OF THE BEST The Chesnee Tribune Jed Blackwell
  • 49. SPORTS FEATURE STORY Weekly Over 6,000 DivisionTHIRD PLACE GRIDIRON GIRLCarolina Forest ChronicleMichael Smith PHOTOS BY MICHAEL SMITH | THE CHRONICLE Black Water Middle School football player Hayley Taylor-Cox (right) participates in the halftime huddle in Monday’s game against Conway Middle Seventh grade athlete becomes second female to play Carolina Forest football BY MICHAEL SMITH drew her inspiration from her brother EDITOR Thomas, who’s in eighth grade. “My older brother loves football and he C helsea Thomas was the first to taught me some stuff about football,” she try it. Now Hayley Taylor-Cox is said. “We used to play it in the yard a lot. following in the Carolina Forest He influenced me.” High School alumni’s footsteps Taylor-Cox plays mainly defensive back by trying her hand at football. and safety for Black Water, and has seen Taylor-Cox, a seventh grader at Black considerable playing time. Water Middle School, said she knew about In Monday night’s game against Conway Thomas, who played a season for the var- Middle, she lined up for four plays, the first Hayley Taylor-Cox prepares to take the field in the third sity team last year. quarter. She plays defensive back and safety. Instead, the BWMS student said she BLACK WATER, A10
  • 50. SPORTS FEATURE STORY Weekly Over 6,000 Division THE SWEEZERS: Making every second count Brothers rebound fromSECOND PLACE tragedy to chance at title By Mac Banks FORT MILL — In the sport of swimming, just like in life, everyFort Mill Times second counts. One second you can be ahead and winning, the other you can be trailing even by a 10th, 100th or 1,000th of a second and end up losing. The whole idea behindMac Banks the sport isn’t just to swim, but swim fast – at least, faster than the person in the lane beside you. To get off the block fast, to make it to the other end of the pool fast, to turn around fast, and get back to where you started from… fast. The whole time, a clock is running and everyone there knows who’s making every sec- ond count. Swimmers know this instinc- tively, and it certainly isn’t some- thing you have to remind Nation Ford High School swimmers Brandon and David Sweezer about. They also know that the rule doesn’t just apply in the pool, but in life as well. Just seven months after their life was changed forever, the brothers will be competing for a state title Saturday in the state High School League swimming MAC BANKS/FORT MILL TIMES finals in Columbia. The stretch Brandon (standing) and David Sweezer have been standouts for the between March and October Nation Ford High swim team this season. Together, the brothers overcame big obstacles. might not seem all that long to some, but for the Sweezers it the Sweezer boys – Brandon, 15, they were involved in a car acci- might as well be a lifetime ago. and David, who turns 14 this dent on I-277. Another car be- In March, while on their way week – were riding with their to a swim meet in Charlotte as parents, Bobette and Bill, when members of the Rock Hill Rays, Please see SWEEZERS 4B
  • 51. SPORTS FEATURE STORY Weekly Over 6,000 Division ‘My dad will probably bring it ‘We have never been on the up at home, but it’s not that same team...’ big of a deal for us.’ Jordan Mathis Ross Mathis Greer High basketball player Blue Ridge basketball playerFIRST PLACE SIBLING RIVALRY The Greer Citizen , Joel FitzPatrick f n h a n y s - , r s e , d e s o f y n n e - MANDY FERGUSON | THE GREER CITIZEN l FAMILY FEUD: Ross Mathis, left, and her older sister, Jordan, were on opposing sides last Tuesday at Blue Ridge. The sisters will meet at least one more time this season. - - Sisters face off for first time - y , d t y BY JOEL FITZPATRICK one that she knew quite well. It was rights. Greer dominated last week’s SPORTS EDITOR her sister, Ross, a freshman at Blue game, 79-41. Ross finished with 18 a Ridge. points, while Jordan tallied 12. y Greer senior basketball player Jor- The sisters have never played on “It was definitely a new experi- . dan Mathis will never be the tallest the same team, and until last week ence,” Jordan said. “I wasn’t expect- - player on the basketball court, but had never played against one anoth- ing us (Greer) to do as well as we did. she will usually be the one with the er. Because Blue Ridge and Greer are We had been getting off to a slow o biggest heart and most desire. in the same region, they will play at start in most of our games, but to- s When she stepped on the court last least twice this season. night we came out and played really s week against Blue Ridge, she saw a Until that second game, Feb. 4 at well from the start.” y player with the same characteristics, Greer, Jordan will have bragging SEE SISTERS | B6 -
  • 52. SPORTS FEATURE STORY Weekly 2/3 Times Division 9:30 a.m. Tory Knight tackles middle school football MasTHIRD PLACE rid & to h Buford player out HO Gregory AThe Lancaster News gsummers@th to prove a point A group of lo do-gooders are fingers crossed nation of Carolin Robert Howey a temperatures upper-80s this T he element of surprise was not a factor when Buford Middle hold up.Robert Howey School opened football practice in August for the 2011 sea- The Widow son. Not for BMS veteran football coach Greg Caskey, who Riders Associ among his new players was Tory Knight, 12. local Maso Knight, a Buford Middle seventh-grader, is a girl. joining forc Still for Caskey, it wasn’t stunning to see Knight out for the ever HOPE team. Saturday. “I wasn’t surprised in the least bit,” Caskey said. “She had “It looks li told me as a sixth-grader in my physical education class she really going t was coming out for the team. everything is “It was the same for our assistant coach John Grey Taylor, a Bundy when Tory was in elementary school,” Widow Sons. “W Caskey said of the BMS end. “Tory told him ing forward the same thing.” promises fro Doug Deese, who coached Knight in groups like th recreation softball and basketball, said Riders and S he also had a strong idea of Knight’s in- The six- tentions to play a sport, which draws few at 9:30 a.m females. sonic L “That’s all she’s talked about,” Springs a Deese said. “That’s all she wanted in Lanca to do.” Tory’s parents had mixed feel- Lodges i ings about her playing at BMS. ron, Camp C Her father, Phillip, admits he was Indian Land, somewhat hesitant. donia in Jeffers maker. Taylor See FOOTBALL | Page 2B planned at each “We’ve gotten “Tory’s not a girlie girl, she’s response and a been working a tomboy. She doesn’t mind working hard, “Some have do getting dirty. Tory played catcher others have don So far, Taylor in softball, so that kind of gives have raised a l $3,000. They a collection barre you an idea about her.” lobby. The charity r – Doug Deese, who coached Tory Knight cash donation in recreation softball and basketball Photo by food. Everythin AARON MORRISON donated to HO See CHARIT
  • 53. SPORTS FEATURE STORY Weekly 2/3 Times DivisionSECOND PLACEThe Press & StandardBrantley Strickland
  • 54. SPORTS FEATURE STORY Weekly 2/3 Times DivisionFIRST PLACE The Hartsville Messenger Bob Sloan
  • 55. SPORTS COLUMN WRITING Weekly Under 6,000 DivisionTHIRD PLACEThe Woodruff NewsJed Blackwell
  • 56. SPORTS COLUMN WRITING Weekly Under 6,000 Division Football is on the way ISECOND PLACE ’m so excited about football right Tony Nelson, John Williams and now, I just couldn’t help myself Jimmy Vereen have prepared teams to let the world know. well before I was kid roaming the After weeks of being down in the halls and they’re still at it. dumps with the threat of not seeing Mullins lost a hefty frontline, but my five-time Super Bowl champion return players that can make things San Francisco 49ers on the field, the happen when they get their hands owners and NFL Players Associa- on the football. Speedster D.J. tion are on the verge of finalizing Naeem McFadden Johnson will make plays, and senior Ramblin’ Man a 10-year collective bargaining running back Rembert Timmons agreement. I’m saved, the season is which has ushered in the last four is a human highlight reel, drag-Marion Star & Mullins saved and we football fans may not have to worry about another NFL lockout for another decade. Now my football jones is amplified, eager to see what free agency moves are national champions. In my opinion, wide receiver Alshon Jeffery was the best player in the nation the prior season and remains at the top in 2011 as the ging and fighting off defenders. Big 6-foot-4 lineman Charles Lacy will be a force, while sophomore Justin Elliott, already a top run support- ing cover corner, takes the helm at about to be made. Personally, I’m clear front-runner for the Heisman quarterback.Enterprise pulling for my squad to land either a premier cornerback like Nnamdi Asomugha or signal caller in Dono- van McNabb. My football craving doesn’t stop Trophy. The Ol’ Ball Coach Steve Spur- rier has recruited well over the years, and say what you will about Stephen Garcia, he’s the best Donald Cribb takes over as the Swamp Foxes football coach. Cribb inherits a solid coaching staff also and may have the top rusher in the area in Lue Clemmons. The senior there. I know how crazy your Caro- quarterback the school has landed tailback has game-breaking abilityNaeem McFadden lina vs Clemson fans are but I’m a fanatic for all of our in-state college football teams. My alma mater South Carolina State has been on tear the past five years. since the accurate Steve Taneyhill. Marcus Lattimore is a once in a generation running back and now on the defensive line. with speed and the toughness to run between the tackles. Splinter Spivey did an awesome they have the nation’s top freshman job replacing his father Lon Spivey as the Pee Dee Academy Golden I’m looking forward to rooting for If these guys remain confident Eagles head coach. I expect anotherFootball is on the way my boys Arnette James and Avery Grant leading the mighty Bulldogs to another NCAA Division II playoff berth. I’m also looking forward to seeing Grant and Mullins Auction- and play like the meanest team on the planet, that killer instinct will serve them well. So with the pros and college stars arriving soon, I still get treated to solid year from the squad, led by seniors Nick Ammons, Brian Davis and quarterback Will Daniels. Creek Bridge coach Al Calcutt is surrounded by a great coaching eers teammate Lester Smith Jr. most entertaining brand of football staff. I expect the Warriors to chal- hit the field. Smith is heading to — high school gridiron action. lenge teams in that tough region. I Savannah State and will play Grant’s Teams start their full practices certainly want to see more of their Bulldog team in the fall. next week and I’m excited to see burner at wide receiver, Rashawn Clemson should be fun to watch what our two first-year coaches at Rogers. and my eye is on Coastal Carolina Mullins and Marion are up to. I’m sure most of you football fans and my favorite wideout on the Brian Hennecy leads an Auction- are as excited as I am. Mark your squad, Dushawn Davis from Mul- eer squad that he had the opportu- calendars for Aug. 19, as the Golden lins. nity to lead on an interim basis last Eagles open the season hosting Dil- However, the big storyline and the season. lon Christian. huge expectations are on the Game- I’ve grown up with the founda- You can expect to see our annual cocks. This team has the weapons tion of this coaching staff and their football preview, starting Aug. 10, to mount a return trip to the South- contributions have made a huge followed by an in-depth look at our eastern Conference championship, difference for the program. Coaches local teams on Aug. 17.
  • 57. SPORTS COLUMN WRITING Weekly Under 6,000 DivisionFIRST PLACE The Berkeley Independent Dan Brown g y ‘Everybody is just numb’ Stags’ White remembered Rahkeem as larger than life BY DAN BROWN White didn’t owe a guy like BY DAN BROWN Cruce knew White from the oppo- The Independent me the time of day, but he took The Independent site sideline. the time. Just like DJ. “I knew how he was an amazing It’s been nine months since If I shook hands with one, the For someone so soft spoken football player who could beat the Berkeley family lost the other would be next in line. If Rahkeem White wielded a larger you in so many ways, and that he heart of I talked to one about the touch- than life personality. had become such a role model for its 2010 down he just scored, I talked to The Berkeley Stags family and a lot of these kids after DJ football the other right afterwards the Moncks Corner community Weathers died,” Cruce said. “I team in about the key block that set up continues to reel from the shock didn’t know him that well but I D J the touchdown. of White’s tragic death last week. know he was a remarkable young Weathers. In fact, shaking hands with “Everybody is just numb,” said man. L a s t Stags players along the side- Stags baseball coach and football “Rahkeem was a popular kid and week, the lines is something of a new assistant Landy Cox. “With DJ it he’ll be missed. Stags lost tradition started by these guys. was shock that something like this “Not a lot places where you can their soul They took the lead … and the happened. With Rahkeem every- go to where you’ve had two in Rah- rest followed. body is just stunned with what tragedies this close together. keem White. Rahkeem would find me on happened being so close to DJ. These kids are upset … it’s so My relationship with the sidelines, especially after uRr p l og e S ia o Dg / c t os e e h T e d In d n e p t n e Numb is the word of the day close to DJ and his passing.” Rahkeem was a lot like my Rahkeem White was set to play college football here.” relationship with DJ. Rahkeem See MUDVILLE Page 2B for St. Augustine in the fall. New BHS football coach Jeff See WHITE Page 2B
  • 58. SPORTS COLUMN WRITING Weekly Over 6,000 Division The end-of- CAGLE Continued from 1B year Cagle pectations placed at his feet go a bit deeper than that. The a chance to win on the Na- awards entering 2010, and while he didn’t make the Chase, he quote of the year for 2010 has to go to Richard Childress tionwide Series side next year driving for Kevin Harvick. had a heck of a year. after Denny Hamlin took Bobby Labonte goes from the Andy Of course the winner is shots at Clint Bowyer’s team after the team was penalized Nos. 71 and 09 to the No. 47 next year – upgrade(ish). Bill Jamie McMurray. After being CagleTHIRD PLACE jettisoned from Roush-Fen- following their win at Loudon Elliott says he will run full- NASCAR way Racing so that team in September: time with the Wood Brothers Columnist could get under NASCAR’s “You can’t win a pissing next year if sponsorship can four-team cap, McMurray contest with a skunk.” be found even though, despite ast weekend, the landed at Earnhardt Ganassi That’s comedy gold. being awesome, he doesn’t L NASCAR Las Vegas and Cup boys got together in doled out all of their awards Racing where he won three races in 2010. Well, not just three races, three big races: The Kyle Busch Acting Like A Baby Award. seem too interested in run- ning up front. Ken Schrader- worthy all. But they pale in and feel-goods and crowned the Daytona 500, the Brick- For his body of work, it comparison to Paul Menard, themselves a five-time yard 400 and the fall Char- goes to: Kyle Busch. The this year’s driver of the year. champion. lotte race. highlight was the Martinsville Menard did improve his ac- I hear it was on my televi- rant on the radio against tual performance this year sion, but I hate awards Not bad for a castoff. shows, banquets and Rascal Johnson. It would make under the Richard Petty Mo- Flats, so I stuck with football The “Yes, You Are Bold, Richard Pryor and George torsports banner – finishing and avoided listening to Jim- But Are You Daring?” Carlin proud. 23rd in the final points run- mie Johnson talk about him- Award And finally… down, but six top-tens does self and the crowning of this I do love a bold move. This not warrant moving to an or-The Link year’s Raybestos Rookie of The Ken Schrader/Andy ganization that placed three the Year (anyone?, any- award goes to the driver or one?). team that makes the boldest - Cagle Memorial/Honorary drivers in the Chase this year. Since I didn’t tune in to dare I say daring - move of Driver Of The Year But that’s where Menard the festivities, I can give you the year. There were a lot of This award goes to the finds himself in 2011. He will my unbiased, unfettered choices this year, but you driver who betters their lot be piloting a fourth car for awards for the 2010 season. despite the fact that they Richard Childress Racing. While these aren’t coming to have to really get to the one you from fabulous Las that had the greatest risk-re- haven’t sniffed victory lane in That beats the uncertainty Vegas – they are coming to ward associated with it, and years and years, a la Ken that he went through at Petty you directly from my couch, there is no greater reward Schrader. this year. again – and they come with than winning a champi- This year, the nominations God bless Daddy’s money.Andy Cagle absolutely no accolades, just are a bit thin. I am going to shame, and absolutely no onship. Therefore this has to money, they are still as pres- go to the No. 48 team, crew blame it on the economy. El- Andy Cagle may be tigious as the Rookie of the chief Chad Knaus and owner liott Sadler is up for consider- reached at andycagle@earth- Year Award. And have about Rick Hendrick for sacking his ation because he actually has the same impact on your ca- entire crew during the race at reer. Texas – the seventh race of The Jeremy Mayfield the Chase – and replacing Award them with crew members Merr y Christmas from This one has nothing to do from Jeff Gordon’s team. The with being (allegedly) meth- move was very risky that addled or having run-ins with stepmothers who may deep in the Chase, but in the or may not have killed your end it proved to be the right father. This is the award that move, and the 48 won its fifth goes to the driver who had straight championship. Since 1985 the most litigious season – lawsuits followed him Christmas Special! The “Have At It Boys” everywhere he went – much Mantra Was A Bad Idea $20 off New Services Only like Mayfield’s 2009 cam- Be prepared against rodent problems this winter! paign. Award This year’s winner is I appreciate the intention Have you checked your crawlspace lately...? Kevin Conway. Conway Moisture Inspection (underneath home) • Termite Inspection when Robin Pemberton took was the centerpiece of Ex- the gloves off of the drivers 843-658-7547 • tenZe’s motorsports efforts that kept coming up short in with those four little words. 2010. The not-so-dynamic NASCAR fans had com- duo of Conway and the “nat- plained about the utter ural male enhancement” vanilla-ness of the sport over started the year with Front Row Motorsports. The sepa- the last few years. But telling 17 Christmases ration of Conway and Ex- a bunch of guys in 3500- by Dandi Daley MacKall tenZe from Front Row pound stock cars to “have at resulted in a lawsuit over it” is bound to be problem- Wonderful story about a non-payment of promised atic. So the NASCAR-sanc- young childs Christmas sponsorship dollars. Then it road trip to see family & was on to Robby Gordon’s tioned beating and banging team for Conway and the ensued. friends from Alaska to purveyors of better loving Again, many things to pick Maine and everywhere through pharmaceuticals. from, but the winner has to be Published by in between. And now Gordon is suing the Carl Edwards-Brad Ke- ExtenZe for roughly $700K for unpaid sponsorship dol- lars. selowski dust up at Atlanta that ended up sending Brad Come check out our So congratulations to Kevin Conway. I wish the airborne roof-first into the outside retaining wall. Great Christmas Merchandise! award came with some drama, but bad if your goal is money to help y’all with Christmas Boxed Cards 50% OFF! to finish the day with all of those legal fees. Oh yeah, he was also the your competitors alive. Christmas Gift Bags 50% OFF! 2010 Raybestos Rookie of Christmas individual cards 50% OFF! the Year. The Quote Of The Year There were many memo- 2011 Calendars (large selection) 50% OFF! The Michael Vick rable quotes from the 2010 Award This one has nothing to do with dog fighting or spend- ing time in the federal peni- season. Who can forget Kevin Harvick’s “horseshoe” com- ments regarding Johnson or Burry Bookstore tentiary. It is the comeback 130 West Carolina Avenue, Hartsville, SC 29550 • 843-332-2511 Joey Logano’s questioning driver of the year. Much like Shop Online at: who wore the fire suit in the Vick, this year’s winner of this award had very low ex- Harvick family? But I had to
  • 59. SPORTS COLUMN WRITING Weekly Over 6,000 DivisionSECOND PLACE Coaches’ outbursts tarnish pledge When players and coaches come out to start every Little League baseball game, they are asked to take the Little League NICK HERMANLaurens County Advertiser Pledge. In part, that pledge asks players and coaches to say they will “play fair and strive to win. sports editor But win or lose, I will always do my best.” Considering the behavior of should’ve been called safe, the some of Laurens’ coaches during coaches in the dugout reacted by this past weekend’s Little throwing their hats in the air and League Coaches Pitch Upper the coach who was pitching forNick Herman State tournament, another line might need to be added: “I will act like a mature adult when things don’t go my team’s way.” Coaches are expected to teach the proper way of playing the game to the younger players, to Laurens threw his glove toward the dugout fence. It was such a disappointing chain of events that it led Little League District Administrator Chip Brownlee to mutter aloud in the press box above the field instruct them on how to hit and that something should be written field, and how to play the game about the spectacle. His wish has in a sportsman-like manner. The been granted. players did that and the coaches Why overreact that way in — most of the time — did the front of the children, the same same as well. But there were sev- ones the coaches are trying to eral times when Laurens coaches show the right way of handling became so upset with calls that both the good and bad breaks in didn’t go their way that it a game? That’s when the coaches seemed they would respond by need to be pulled aside and told taking their bats and balls and their actions will not be tolerat- going home. ed. It’s one thing when a Little The coaches’ love for the n League coach on the field is so game and their players can’t be t frustrated on Saturday with a call denied. Yet before returning next that he is pointing his finger season, the coaches should toward the source of his anger, or pledge not to repeat such behav- even when on Sunday after a call ior again. After all, when coach- s was mistakenly made but later reversed, the team’s head coach ing kids about baseball, there is one lesson that should be taught went all the way out to the field above anything related to hitting - in front of the pitcher’s mound to the ball to the opposite field or . argue the call. Why walk all the hitting the cutoff man with a a way onto the field? Instead, call throw from the outfield to pre- n time calmly, walk to the closest vent opposing runners from tak- n umpire and ask for a clarifica- ing an extra base. When you do tion about the call, then walk something wrong, admit your - back to the dugout. mistake, say you’re sorry, and go a But the “lowlight” of the forward. t weekend was when the coaching That will certainly help vali- - staff threw a temper tantrum the date that last part of the Little likes of which I haven’t seen League pledge — to always do e since I was their players’ ages. your best — more than nicely - After a field umpire signaled fielding a ground ball or getting . a timely hit could ever do. d one of the players out when he -
  • 60. SPORTS COLUMN WRITING Weekly Over 6,000 DivisionFIRST PLACE Alumni game brings laughter, reality and pain in the joints Old age takes away what the mid- Alumni football game. we’ve inherited and gives us 1980s. “Everyone always says if I The Horry Independent what we’ve earned. Thomas had the chance to go back That was one of the best traveled and do it one more time, and quotes heard this past week- from North this was an opportunity to end at Conway High School Carolina go back, dress out and play where 40 former Tigers re- for the football one more time,” turned to participate in the Conway- Rowell said. school’s first alumni base- Myrtle There are former athletes Robert Anderson ball game. With several of the former players approaching the half-century mark, reminisc- ing about the good old days was naturally a favorite SPORTS TALK Beach Alumni Football Game in December, and was who can read the handwrit- ing on the wall. “I figured out a long time ago I can’t play anymore,” said former Tiger and cur- rent CHS assistant football topic. Robert back for coach Kelly Andreucci, who “Boys, I’m sitting here Saturday’s dressed out for the first half wondering where 28 years Anderson baseball of the football game before have gone,” said Russell Gra- game. switching to street clothes ham, a member of the Class He said and reverting to coaching. of 1983. “Your mind tells you prior to the “Just getting together and that you can do it, but your football game his goal was to seeing everyone again and body brings you back to real- make it to work Monday enjoying the camaraderie is ity.” morning. Reliving the past the big thing for me,” he Player-coach Richie was a blast for Thomas, who said. Causey said before the game said his high school years As Henry David Thoreau his plan was to see what flew by. once said, “None are so old everyone wanted to do and “It was a blur,” he said. “It as those who have outlived what their bodies would went by so fast. When you’re enthusiasm.” allow them to do. going through it you really Enthusiasm wasn’t “The funniest thing will don’t realize they are some enough for 47-year-old Bud probably be seeing these of the best times of your life. Parker who wanted to give guys like myself who still They really do fly by.” the alumni football game the think they can do it, trying to After the football game, Al old college try. do it,” he said. Bease said he felt like he was “Your heart says yes but When some players start 17 all over again. your mind and body say no,” to see the proverbial hand- “I’m like a kid in a choco- Parker said. “I went to some writing being scrawled on late factory,” he said. practices and my shoulder the wall, they look the other Although he was a week started bothering me and my way. away from being 44, Tracy knee flared up.” One of them is Mike Rowell didn’t hesitate to sign As everyone will attest, it’s Thomas, who played base- up when he heard about the better to be over the hill than ball and football at CHS in first Conway-Myrtle Beach under it.
  • 61. SPORTS COLUMN WRITING Weekly 2/3 Times DivisionTHIRD PLACEThe Press & StandardBrantley Strickland
  • 62. SPORTS COLUMN WRITING Weekly 2/3 Times Division Level the SSECOND PLACE playing field T here are a lot of benefits to organized ath- letics. Players make friends they’ll have forThe News & Reporter life, they get exercise and learn a lot of life lessons. The primary reason anyone competes in an athletic event, though, is to win. Except maybe in Class A soccer. Soccer is still a relatively new sport to theTravisJ enkins prep ranks in this state. Many schools that com- pete in Class A, the state’s smallest athletic clas- sification, don’t even have soccer teams. Locally, Lewisville High School does. In fact, Lewisville had very good boys and girls teams this year. Both had winning records, both were among the most productive in terms of goal- scoring in the school’s history, both beat larger schools during the regular season and neither had a snowball’s chance once the playoffs began. Class A has been crowning state champions in boys soccer for 11 years. During that time, teams not named “Christ Church” have Talking won exactly zero titles. Christ Church, a private school in Sports Greenville County, has claimed every Class A boys soccer title. Travis Jenkins That level of dominance is so pro- found, it has actually set a national record. No other boys prep soccer team in our country’s his- tory has won 11 straight state titles. Our state has had dominant programs in many sports, from our own Great Falls High in boys basketball to Byrnes Gaffney and Woodruff
  • 63. SPORTS COLUMN WRITING Weekly 2/3 Times Division Too hot? Give me a break.FIRST PLACE The Press & Standard Drew Tripp Drew TRIPP Football Be thankful for state of local football practice has start- ed in early TRIPP Continued from 1B August for decades. Appar- ently, that doesn’t it
  • 64. PAGE ONE DESIGN PORTFOLIO Weekly Under 6,000 DivisionTHIRD PLACEWATCH GROUP HOLDS EVENT FOR NEIGHBORS TO MINGLE IN BELVEDERE 1BThe Star ug ugusta NAHS Huddle House murder to be featured on | 5A Bennett takes job with Santee Cooper The Star Aug. 11-17, 2011 • Vol. XVIII, No. 49 • 50¢ The Star May 12 - 18, 2011 | Vol. XVIII, No. 36 | 50¢ APOLOGIZES FOR YEARBOOK OMISSION2B IN THE SPOTLIGHT this RETIRING Augusta Baptist pastor See who was center stage at Longtime North year’s North Augusta Idol. | 1B REDDING retires after 40 years in ministry. | 3B INSIDE North Au ugusta By PHYLLIS BRITT North Augusta City Adminis- The City Administrator for 41⁄2 years in North Augusta, Bennett admitted he wasn’t really looking for a new job, but the position Monck’s Corner, not far from where Bennett and his family spent seven years when he was the assistant city administra- they enjoyed living before and where they were involved in a close-knit church, said Ben- nett. people, it’s not a surprise that they get other opportunities.” The mayor said he hates to lose Bennett. “I hoped he’d be PROFILE LOOK The StarBrandon trator Sam Bennett has accepted with the state-owned electric and tor in Goose Creek – and Acknowledging he has an here longer,” said Jones, who a position as the manager of eco- water utility offered opportunities among his responsibilities extremely good working rela- called the situation “regretfully nomic development with Santee for Bennett and his family that he was economic development. tionship with Bennett, North understandable.” March 31 - April 6, 2011 | Vol. XVIII, No. 30 | 50¢ Cooper and will leave the City’s could not ignore. It is likely that they will move Augusta Mayor Lark Jones BENNETT employment Sept. 30. Santee Cooper is located in back to Goose Creek, where said, “When you hire good SEE BENNETT, 5A WOMAN OVERCOMES CONDITION, SUCCEEDS IN SEE WHAT AREA KIDS IN THE NEWS Forklift thief fails in ATM heist attempt COMING UP OBTAINING EDUCATION 8B ARE DOING IN SCHOOL 1B By KAREN DAILY Staff writer Citizens Bank on Knox Avenue before the man could get away, During the early morning investigation, the officers tracked it had been driven around the school and out the front gates to Friday, Aug. 12 police said. down the forklift and learned it Old Edgefield Road. North Augusta police are Shortly before 4 a.m. Sunday, was stolen from a construction Investigators said photos from Running out cancer School kindergarten orientation grades 1 through 5, Merriwether Ele- ‘HOW’S THAT?’ searching for a man who stole a forklift from a North Augusta middle school, took it to a bank an officer responded to the alarm and found the ATM flipped on its back with both doors open and a site at North Augusta Middle School, 725 Old Edgefield Road. The equipment belonged to an the surveillance cameras at the bank show that a black male between 25 to 35 years old was mentary School and then attempted to steal an large JCB forklift still running, Anderson company. operating the forklift. entire ATM. police said. The company’s representa- There was also a 1988-1998 - Although the man was suc- The ATM was destroyed; tive who spoke with police said Chevy truck in the area during cessful in loading the machine, however, police said the suspect the forklift had been parked and the attempted ATM theft, police middle schools North Augusta Public Safety didn’t get any of the cash in the locked at the middle school. said.Lockett ROAD CHANGES received an alarm at the First machine. Police said it appeared as if The case is under investigation. - Are you being affected mentary schools by the renumbering on Saturday, Aug. 13 - - Atomic Road? | 3A Living in 2011 MISS NASH Monday, Aug. 15 Edgiefield counties featuring SmartKids SEE INSIDE TODAY Almost 6,000 Star file photos 30 YEARS FOR MURDER faith By PHYLLIS BRITT Staff writer “For some churches, this is it – serve us, rather than in City to attend What are you looking forward to in the new school year? COMPILED BY BILL BENGTSON Sarah Beth Vaughn, 9, donates her hair to Locks of Love last weekend at Relay for Life. Photos by Mike Adams Man pleads guilty to 2009 murder case, sentenced to 30 years in prison. | 3A D rive down Georgia or Carolina avenues on a Sunday morning, and you’ll immedi- ately know where service, but it is Fairview’s desire to be a ‘troop-carrier’ rather than a ‘luxury liner.’” DR, BOB FULLER, County’s schools Event raises about $35K for research most North Augustans spend their “day of rest” – in church. Or try to do business on a Wednesday afternoon or eve- ning and you’ll find many of Fairview Presbyterian Church pastor Photo by Kevin Wilson Tears of joy flowed down Lacey Ferguson’s face when By ROB NOVIT the local establishments closed working to keep the church message By PHYLLIS BRITT Midland Valley Relay for the day at noon. There’s current. Participating in the discus- she was sashed and crowned as the 2011 Miss NASH and PHYLLIS BRITT The hours for each local school are: News editor last Saturday night. “I’m looking forward to getting “I’m looking forward to meeting For Life was held at the even still one restaurant that sion were Pastor Jim Glander of School works to end ready for academics, and hope- my teacher and my classmates. closes early so the owners Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, the NAHS names H undreds North Augusta High and employees have time to Revs. Jim Dennis of Grace United bullying for students Schools in North Augusta will fully we’ll have a good year and I’m looking forward to seeing how get to church on Wednesday Methodist Church, Josh Edwards of welcome back nearly 6,000 of the all the other activities are good, my teacher looks, and my class- of folks School stadium. When students return to school Aiken County school district’s 23,000 night. Belvedere First Baptist Church and next week at Mossy Creek Ele- students next Monday when school too.” room.” gathered Introducing the But what does that mean Dr. Bob Fuller of Fairview Presby- JACOB ATTAWAY, for the church in 2011? terian Church. And to conclude the Ferguson as mentary School, they will be begins. last Friday evening’s festivities greeted by teachers and staff who Things are a little different in what 13, eighth grade, C.T. Walker Traditional Magnet School (Augusta) 7, second grade, Merriwether Elementary School night for a little fun, was Glenn Nichols, REVAMPING SCHOOLS Members of Leadership North Augusta recently got conversation was Dr. Curt Watke, who described the bigger picture of are primed to provide a safe atmo- was Area 2, along with the other four attendance areas. There is no longer food and camaraderie in who with his wife Erin Photo by Bill Bengtson Aiken County BOE a glimpse into the answer religion throughout the CSRA. sphere designed to help improve Kindergartner Zoey Owens provides a back-scratch for her votes to move with the help of some of Pastor Glander suggested today’s an assistant superintendent specifi- the name of one cause: mom, Emily Owens, during the “spa day” held Friday morning Miss NASH student academic performance. cally charged with overseeing the four co-chaired the event. Joe Hillary and family put on a wonderful performance of five assistant the city’s church leaders. congregation must be focused on elementary schools, two middle fighting cancer. gospel music at the Relay For Life at North Augusta High at Mossy Creek Elementary School, offering a little extra hands- superintendents into And the answer they looking ahead, “not building num- SEE LOCAL NEWS, 3A schools and one high school in the The North Augusta/ Please see RELAY, page 11A School Stadium. on affection in advance of Mother’s Day. new roles at Aiken heard was clear: If bers, but ministering to the needs North Augusta. Instead parents will churches are to be rele- of others,” he said, as he pointed to office. | 2A vant in a modern world, his church’s motto, “Christ’s work; By BILL BENGTSON look mainly to the principals at the INDEX they must look outside Our hands.” To do that Holy Trinity Staff writer Bookings .....................................6A Classifieds ..................................5B Editorials ...................................13A individual schools, as well as to the two elected school board officials who represent the North Augusta schools – now one of two assistant superinten- Ray Fleming and Keith Liner. The district administration estab- dents for elementary education, and her office is located at the district “My best friend’s going to be there.” “I’d like to play basketball, and I’d really like to be in the band, Bookings Classifieds INDEX 6A 5B Program discusses what it means to lead INDEX themselves. Several local minis- ters shared where their churches are headed Lutheran has added a contemporary service, “Craze 4 Praze,” twice a month and has done a great deal more toward reaching outside the March has been a big month for Lacey Ferguson over the past four years, and the tradition reached a new high point Saturday evening at North Augusta with Mr. Workman.” Bookings 6A By PHYLLIS BRITT Obituaries ...................................4A Profile .........................................8B Religion.......................................3B lished an organizational rede- sign this year, moving the office in Aiken. School administrators and five area assistant superinten- INSIDE ON the district office are still 5, kindergarten, Merriwether Elementary School , 13, seventh grade, Paul Knox Middle Editorials Obituaries Profile 15A 4A 8B News editor Local leaders hope to Classifieds Editorials 4B 13A in North Augusta and how the congrega- tions are church. Please see FAITH, page 5A High School, as she won top honors overall at the Miss NASH pageant. Obituaries 4A Social ..........................................4B Sports ....................................... 11A Through my Eyes dents into the district office with new titles and duties. Four of them are serving as working out the hierarchy under the new plan that no BACK TO longer includes attendance School Religion Social 3B 4B What does it take to be an effective leader in today’s world? focus on cooperation, Profile Religion 8B 3B Please see NASH, page 14A YELLOW JESSAMINE FESTIVAL by Charley Britt.....................................12A Email your praise or critique of academic officers; the fifth, Dr. Randy Stowe, has the 10A,4B areas. In addition to the major Sports Through my Eyes 13A That was the question before a gathering of partici- pants in the various Leader- economic development Social Through my Eyes 5B Festival blossoms new position of director of organizational change, the by Charley Britt 15A by Charley Britt 12A news events happening around administration. school district entered into ship programs throughout the By PHYLLIS BRITT leadership programs (Lead- our community to editor@ “It’s going well,” Davidson said an agreement with Veracity Payment Email your praise or critique CSRA. News editor ership North Augusta, of the changes. “Everybody seems solutions, allowing parents and/or of news events happening Representatives of Leader- Leadership Aiken County, Email your praise or critique to be adjusting. The principals are handling things like school transfers. students with available credit to use a charge card for payment for a variety If it’s across grade levels, Dr. Stowe is of obligations – school matriculation handling that.” fees and costs, band fees and rentals, “I’m looking forward to being in Mrs. Adamson’s class (for “My best friend.” , around our community to ship North Augusta, which hosted the daylong 2011 Regional Leadership Forum, were joined by those from Local government lead- ers agreed that economic development, coopera- tion and regionalism were Leadership Columbia County, etc.) had the opportunity to hear from and ask questions of a of news events happening around our community to despite the rain math) and Coach Andrews’ (for 8, kindergarten, Merriwether Aiken County, Augusta/ among the top things a panel of CSRA leaders. On By SUZANNE R. STONE At last week’s meeting of the Area certain athletic charges, lost or dam- Photo by Phyllis Britt social studies) and basketball.” Richmond County, Columbia leader in the CSRA must hand to share their thoughts Staff writer 2 Advisory Council, former Area 2 aged book fees, parking fees, year- Elementary School Leadership North Augusta classmate Toi Bowie, left is one County, McDuffy County focus on. were Mayor Lark Jones of assistant superintendent Peggy Trive- book costs and other fee requirements. and Lincolnton County, as of 12 volunteers to participate in a teamwork exercise During a leadership con- North Augusta, Mayor Fred Come rain or come las was still handling the district side 13, eighth grade, Paul Knox Middle under the direction of speaker Charles Nickell during a of the meeting; however, Trivelas is SEE , 7A they were led through a ference held last week in Cavanaugh of Aiken, Aiken shine, the fifth annual Yel- School Leadership North Augusta-sponsored conference on lead- low Jessamine Festival North Augusta, representa- Please see LEADER, page 12A ership held last week. tives of a number of local Please see PANEL, page 12A took root in downtown North Augusta on Satur- McDowells: ‘We’re two miracles’ after collision day. The festival opened on Georgia Avenue at 11 a.m. Saturday, with plans By BILL BENGTSON on a 2005 Harley-Davidson which “We’re two miracles,” Donna had come to a stop in the turn lane, said in a Monday interview, report- to remain open until 4 facing west. They were approached ing that her husband was in surgery p.m. despite cloudy skies. Two North Augusta residents by Martinez resident Jack Hudson, at the time at Georgia Health Sci- Rains did begin at 1 p.m., were injured in a Saturday wreck 58, in a 2002 Dodge truck. ences University. “That’s exactly but the festival continued on West Martintown Road, when The truck struck the motor- what we are, and we’ve had people on with some alterations. their motorcycle was struck by a cycle’s front and Hudson, who was tell us that, and we’re glad we’re “We’ve moved a cou- pickup truck near the I-20 inter- not injured, was charged with fail- still here. We apparently have some ple of acts up a couple of ADDRESS LABEL change, according to a report ure to yield the right of way. work to do.” Photo by Bill Bengtson hours hoping to beat the next rain. But the crowds from the South Carolina Highway The troopers’ report indicated She described her husband as Crosby Broadwater dem- have been steadily pick- Patrol. D. MCDOWELL K. MCDOWELL that the McDowells were not “pretty beat-up” adding, “I’ve got onstrates the bo-staff as ing up this morning,” said Ken McDowell, 57, and his wife, wearing helmets, and Hudson was lots of bruises and scrapes and part of a presentation by John Felak of the City of ADDRESS LABEL Donna, 54, were hurt in the colli- non-life-threatening by the agen- wearing a seat belt. Several observ- scratches and stuff.” ADDRESS LABEL Premier Martial Arts dur- North Augusta Depart- AS04-529084 sion that occurred about 10 a.m. cy’s report. ers reported being surprised that Their injuries were described as The McDowells were reportedly the McDowells survived. ing Friday’s Yellow Jessa- ment of Parks, Recreation SEE MCDOWELLS, 5A mine Festival gathering at and Leisure Services. Stock photo Jackson Square. See JESSAMINE, page 14A
  • 65. PAGE ONE DESIGN PORTFOLIO Weekly Under 6,000 DivisionSECOND PLACEMyrtle Beach HeraldBetty Moses
  • 66. PAGE ONE DESIGN PORTFOLIO Weekly Under 6,000 DivisionBEST OF THE BEST Myrtle Beach Herald Chris Mowder
  • 67. PAGE ONE DESIGN PORTFOLIO Weekly Over 6,000 DivisionTHIRD PLACEThe Greer Citizen Merry Christmas IN BLOOM: Spring Home & Garden 2011 INSIDE MY FAIR LADY: Area performers star in musical C1JulieH olcombe WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 22, 2010 WWW.GREERCITIZEN.COM GREER, SOUTH CAROLINA VOL. 97 NO. 51 50 CENTS Hospital WEDNESDAY, APRIL 6, 2011 LIVING DOLL WWW.GREERCITIZEN.COM GREER, SOUTH CAROLINA VOL. 98 NO.14 50 CENTS Greer woman WEDNESDAY, JUNE 1, 2011 MEMORIAL DAY SALUTE WWW.GREERCITIZEN.COM GREER, SOUTH CAROLINA VOL. 98 NO.22 50 CENTS Council holds special killed sale brings MANDY FERGUSON | THE GREER CITIZEN CRIME SCENE: The bodies of two people were found Rushton charged meeting inside this duplex on E. Lee Road Sunday morning. with murder 150 jobs BY ADAM KELLEY STAFF WRITER Authorities BY ADAM KELLEY STAFF WRITER James Byron Rushton Greer city council held a special scheduled meeting last night to discuss the redistricting process and $14 million action Tuesday at a press find bodies was arrested and charged the general election origi- conference in the former Monday for murdering nally scheduled for this hospital. The city will re- investment April Dawn Smith by vio- November. ceive $1.4 million for the lent sexual assault. Mayor Rick Danner said sale of the campus, and Approxi- the results from the 2010 Cardinal Real Estate will mately 4:45 census triggered the meet- at residence BY MATTHEW BURDICK invest an additional $14.2 a.m. Sunday ing. The census results for STAFF WRITER million in redevelopment morning, the city of Greer revealed efforts expected to be Greenville a population of 25,515 The city of Greer has completed by Nov. 2011. C o u n t y people; a 51.5 percent in- sold the Allen Bennett Me- The city completed the Sheriff’s Of- crease from 2000, adding morial Hospital campus to sale approximately two BY ADAM KELLEY of four. Daniel is from fice (GCSO) 2.6 persons per day. Love a Washington, D.C.-based months after negotiations STAFF WRITER Greer and a former stu- responded Bobby Bowers, director group with plans to rede- broke down with another MANDY FERGUSON | THE GREER CITIZEN dent of Greer High School. to a 911 call Rushton MANDY FERGUSON | THE GREER CITIZEN of the office of research velop the 10-acre property prospective buyer, locally- Last Sunday morning Monday afternoon their from the statistics for South Caro- into a retirement commu- based Bennett Place De- TEAM KATIE: Nurse Maria Hayes (right) and mom Lynn Doll always get a smile from Katie when they shake her was not restful for resi- deaths were classified as 50-year-old SHARED EXPERIENCE: Vietnam and Gulf War veteran Bobby Sauer, of Spartanburg, left, greets Luu Hai, of lina budget and control CHRISTMAS GIFTS nity and a national call velopers, because they re- dents on East Lee Road in homicide, with an ongo- hand and joke around with her. Rushton to his residence board, spoke at the meet- center. portedly could not secure Taylors. Two bodies were ing investigation into their South Vietnam Marine Corps, during the Memorial Day ceremony at Victor Memorial Veteran’s Park Saturday. at 2054 Edwards Lake ing and explained to the found inside a burning death and fire that fol- Tigerville teenager defies the odds City officials closed on the funding to redevelop Road in Greer in reference council what to expect in Fallen soldiers the deal with Cardinal Real the property. Cardinal home at 2004 E. Lee Road, lowed. to unresponsive 33-year- the redistricting process. Estate Group Thursday, Real Estate CEO Garrick Unit A. Sunday at 10:30 a.m., old Smith. Bowers recommended and announced the trans- SEE SALE | A10 An autopsy performed the Taylors Fire Depart- According to the inci- the city adopt three main Monday morning identi- ment responded to a call dent report, medics from criteria when redrawing E very person has a story that reflects McKeeman finds it spiritual as he comforts BY JULIE HOLCOMBE teacher Louise Harris, and Lynn fied the bodies as Christo- and rushed to a brick du- honored at the fire department and the lines for the new dis- STAFF WRITER reads healing scriptures every day, pher Paul Porcoro, 30, and plex across the street from Auction raises on the true meaning of Christmas. people in the twilight of their lives. Amanda EMS arrived on the scene tricts. Lonnie McGee (above) has Greer’s Roberts made one of life’s most difficult convinced that God can accomplish Amber Christine Daniel, Brook Glenn Elementary and pronounced Smith “The first criteria is court unconditional love. Tim Bright will celebrate decisions with her unborn child but found The bright pink, purple and blue what doctors can not. 18. School. When they arrived, dead. ordered constitutional Christmas with the hopes of many more to peace with the result. walls, the Nickelodeon program “I haven’t been sick, haven’t had Porcoro lived at the du- neighbors were beating on When GCSO arrived, requirement of equal dis- Veterans Park come with his wife, Jenny. Theresa Williams We commend your attention to the stories, flashing from a flat screen, and the a cold or anything since I brought plex, is married and father SEE HOMICIDE | A10 $825 for GCM they observed Rushton at- tricts,” said Bowers. “That has followed a calling to bridge families pages A11-12, and hope that throughout neon pink guitar clock all scream this child home,” said Lynn, who tempting to perform CPR is one person, one vote.” separated by prisons and bringing joy to the holidays the true meaning of Christmas typical teenage girl. The physical sleeps vigil in a bunk bed beside on Smith. Rushton initial- He explained it is recom- Southwest is their children during the holidays. Rick resonates with you and your families. therapy machine, hospital bed, and her daughter each night to care for ly advised deputies that mended that districts do wheelchair around the perimeter her needs. Smith might have suffered BY ADAM KELLEY ACTIVE 50th anni- not deviate beyond two to The Good Sports charity The final amount was suggest otherwise. Doll has undergone numerous Now 13 years old, Katie Doll is surgeries including a tracheotomy, from a possible drug over- STAFF WRITER DAY PAYS versary of four percent and are com- sports memorabilia auc- much higher. dose, said GCSO Master TRIBUTE | the Vietnam paratively equal in popula- tion ended on Monday, “I just want to thank the proving through fight and deter- shunt, G-tube, and removal of the Deputy Sam Cureton. The Greer chapter 39 A12 War, a newly tion. The target population back on track with the month-long event people generous enough to mination that she is so much more front left lobe of her brain. It was Rushton told investiga- of Disabled American constructed to equally divide the six raising $825 for Greer donate the items, and the than typical. only when a second skull plate tors he retrieved Smith Veterans (DAV) honored fountain in the park was districts is 4,253 residents Community Ministries. people who bid on them was replaced that her progress im- from her boyfriend’s house fallen soldiers Saturday dedicated to memory of for each district. “The auction went better for this worthy cause.” FIGHTING CHANCE proved. Saturday evening after the morning at Victor Memo- Ronnie Eugene Norris. Under the current dis- than I could have ever ex- Two of the items had Three years ago, Doll’s life mir- “She started smiling and hand two were involved in a ver- rial Veterans Park. Norris was killed in ac- trict zones, District 6 pected,” said Sports Editor bids of over $100. A rored that of most of her peers–full playing. She would take the tooth- BY ADAM KELLEY descent. bal altercation, at which “We assemble here tion in 1966 during his positively deviates 97.81 Joel FitzPatrick, who had poster signed by the Duke of days dancing, playing with her brush and hairbrush from me,” STAFF WRITER Since the incident last point he brought Smith to to recount the glori- tour of duty in Vietnam. percent, while Districts 2, been planning the auction men’s 2007-08 basketball animals, and running in the woods. MANDY FERGUSON | THE GREER CITIZEN Lynn said. Friday, Southwest has his home in Greer. ous character of their He was born and raised 3 and 5 have a negative for several years. “With team sold for $150, and On March 27, 2008, all of that “This hand (of hers) expresses ev- Southwest Airlines an- worked with the Federal Greenville County Depu- achievements,” said in Greer, graduated from deviation from the target this being the first one, I a poster signed by Mar- changed. Doll, her younger brother NO WORDS: Katie’s left hand is erything that’s going on with her.” nounced Tuesday morn- Aviation Administration ty Coroner Kent Dill identi- Preston Johnson, DAV Greer High School in population. had an amount in mind cus Lattimore, named the Brandon, and friend Carson were her best source of communication. Today Doll can lift her head, help ing that it has resumed (FAA), the National Trans- fied Smith after an autopsy commander, during the 1965 and then joined the The second criteria of Peace Comf ort Hope Joy that I was hoping to raise. SEE AUCTION | A10 riding a go-cart when it flipped and ejected her. She suffered a traumat- feisty 10-year-old grabbed the nam- scoot herself to the edge of a thera- py table, and walk a few steps with regularly scheduled opera- tions. portation Safety Board (NTSB), and the Boeing Monday morning and de- termined her death was a memorial “Language ceremony. fails and army. The Norris family donated the fountain to compliance entails the Voting Rights Act of 1965, ic brain injury that left her fighting etag off his coat, and when he later assistance. She laughs at the antics Due to an opening in the Company to investigate direct cause of a traumatic forms are nothing when the park and attended specifically the Section 5 for her life. insisted she would never do any- of her brother and enjoys teen cul- roof of the aircraft, Flight the problematic aircrafts. MANDY FERGUSON | THE GREER CITIZEN and violent sexual assault someone is gone, but the ceremony. preclearance process that On a ventilator and in a coma, thing independently, she laughed ture. 812 departing from Phoe- Approximately 600 flights Spirit of Christmas Past visits Victor Mill residents by Rushton. memories will help us “In the book of St. John, requires certain states and she was not expected to make it out loud at him. From the sidelines, she cheers nix to Sacramento had were cancelled over the Dill said Smith was the never forget them.” the Bible says no greater TO THE REPUBLIC: Veteran Richard Boyles salutes through the night. Doll and her “Somehow I latched onto faith on her older sister Lynzie as a Blue an emergency landing in weekend, and 70 were can- the American flag during the Pledge of Allegiance. SEE MURDER | A10 In observance of the SEE PROGRAM | A6 SEE REDISTRICTING | A6 dedicated team of family, friends, that night, and that’s what I’ve Ridge High wrestler and member of Yuma, Ariz, on April 1. celled Monday. therapists, and nurses had other held onto,” Katie’s mom, Lynn Doll, the cross country and track teams None of the 118 travel- Rosylin Weston, Vice- plans. said. or Brandon as a baseball and foot- ers on board were injured President of Communica- ‘We’d have an apple, orange or tangerine, a handful When a doctor said she would Her daughter holds onto a prayer ball player. despite the cabin losing tion at GSP International Hughes leaves Mountain View BY KRISTA GIBSON TAFF WRITER never come off the ventilator, the cloth given to her by clogging SEE DOLL | A10 pressuring, forcing a rapid SEE SOUTHWEST | A7 of real nuts still in the shell, a handful of hard ‘Are you the Spirit, sir, candy or big peppermint balls that melt in your Hennett replaces Harper at Greer State Bank whose coming was foretold to me.’ asked Scrooge. ‘I am.’ The voice was soft and mouth. And we would get a silver dollar.’ Gibson years of academic service. Hughes will hand his keys over to Jennifer Gib- DID YOU KNOW? | takes over gentle. Singularly low, as if son on Friday. Gibson has • Earned the Red Carpet Award three times (2003, 2006 and nstead of being so close beside Rebecca Justice worked at Mountain View him, it were at a distance. BY JOEL FITZPATRICK since 1988. He previously ‘We thank him, and we wish him the very for eight years as an assis- 2009) – the only school in Greenville County to do so. • He maintains Mountain View as a community school, making it as principal ‘Who, and what are you.’ Spirit of Christmas Past and 34 years, staying in the office STAFF WRITER served as president of the tant principal. Scrooge demanded. it came to visit three ladies in even when the mill changed company until July 1, 2004 best. This was a very painful experience “This school is really full a welcoming place for everyone. • Reunion each fall for Mountain View High School ‘I am the Ghost of Christmas Greer. hands making her total service Ken Harper resigned as and as CEO until his retire- of gifted people. We have a Past.’ Rebecca Justice’s father 47 years. She remembers the President and Chief Ex- ment on Feb. 1, 2008. for us.’ BY KRISTA GIBSON veteran group of teachers. • Known for the multi-age classes and looping – visitors come from other states regularly to how it is done ‘Long Past.’ inquired Scrooge: worked for 26 years at Victor Sunday before Christmas when ecutive Officer of Greer “Ken came here in July STAFF WRITER That’s going to help Jen- • Character education before it was district wide or mandated observant of its dwarfish stat- Mill as a weaver, loom fixer and the mill was closed and all the Bancshares Incorporated of 2004,” Hennett said. Dennis Hennett nifer Gibson. She knows • Safe Schools award the last four years ure. trainer. children under 14 received and Greer State Bank last “Over the last two or three Principal Tommy Hughes them,” Hughes said. “I • Met AYP the last three years ‘No. Your past.’” “My daddy, James Fred Rol- shopping bags filled with fruit week. He also resigned as years, he has been con- On outgoing CEO Ken Harper wiped a tear from his feel great about leaving it lins, worked at Victor Mill. At and toys. All the employees also director. fronted with several chal- eye as he hugged his way where it is.” When dump trucks rolled Christmastime, once a year, we got a gift. The boards of the com- lenges. the titles again. like to see the people who through the Blue Ridge He is also leaving Gibson talized. Being diverse is a idea by him first and if it through the rubbish of the old would get to visit Victor Mill. “As each person came in, pany and the bank elected “We thank him, and we “I have given 22 years of are here now have the MANDY FERGUSON | THE GREER CITIZEN High Class of 2011. He’s a unique variety of learn- way to have programs that doesn’t work, let it go. Victor Mill plant, they must have They would open it up and we they went and picked up their MANDY FERGUSON | THE GREER CITIZEN Dennis Hennett to succeed wish him the very best. my life to this bank,” Hen- same opportunity. not only saying goodbye ing programs like multi- reach all learning styles, “I’ve ignored a lot of the stirred up some powerful dust. could actually tour where daddy gift. They had a photographer Harper as president and This was a very painful ex- nett said. “It has been nice “The Greer community The soil and bricks and mortar worked,” Rebecca said. to take pictures of the children MEMORIES: Lila WIlson looks through mementos from her Victor CEO. perience for us.” to spend the last 20 years has been good to us, and I EMOTIONAL DEPARTURE: Tommy Hughes, to the students who start- age teaching, team teach- he said. He let his teachers edicts to give my teach- center, embraces Blue Ridge graduate Chas Williams and ed their academic career ing, looping from one know from day one that he ers time to do what they mixed together to call out the Lila Wilson worked there for SEE VICTOR | A6 Mill days. Hennett, 68, has been a Before last week, Hen- of my career in an environ- feel that the bank has been Dennis Hennett at Mountain View Elemen- grade to the next with the expects them to be innova- have to do. I expect that director of the company nett didn’t expect to hold ment like this, and I would SEE BANK | A6 Ken Harper his mother, Deb. Hughes is retiring as Mountain View tary under his watch, he’s same teacher and a fifth tive. There were only two when they walk across Elementary School principal. saying goodbye to over 40 grade that is departmen- rules for change: pass the SEE HUGHES | A5 NDEX | DEATHS | SPORTS | NOTABLE | DEAR SANTA | INDEX | DEATHS | SPORTS | NOTABLE | LIVING HERE | TO SUBSCRIBE | | BUSINESS CLASSIFIEDS A9 B6-7 Ruth W. Bishop, 94 Mabel H. Dill, 82 Community hosts BUSINESS A5 Waverly L. Brown, 66 TO SUBSCRIBE INDEX | DEATHS | INSIDE NOTABLE SPORTS | Deadline extended TO SUBSCRIBE CLASSIFIEDS B5-6 Carlton B. Fuller, 71 COMMUNITY CALENDAR/NEWS A2-3 Thalia H. Duncan, 86 FOOD ENTERTAINMENT C4 C6 Carolyn A. McManus, 61 balloon launch TO THE COMMUNITY CALENDAR/NEWS A2 CRIME A9 Jeanette T. Lynn, 102 Gwendolyn M. Smart, 91 The deadline to enter the Greer Family TO THE BUSINESS CLASSIFIEDS A5 B6-7 Christine H. Davidson, 89 George the Train awaits COMMUNITY CALENDAR/NEWS A2-3 Catherine L. Poole, 81 inspection ENTERTAINMENT C6 OBITUARIES A6 Timothy A. Savage, 60 OPINION A4 Marilyn Styles is organizing Sunnyside OBITUARIES A6 Fest Bass Tournament at Lake Robinson CRIME A10 Peggy Rogers, 54 TO THE residents in a group called Neighbors Unit- GREER CITIZEN, OPINION A4 has been extended to April 11. Presented ENTERTAINMENT C6 Leo B. Smith, 86 OUR SCHOOLS RELIGION C5 A7-8 ed Against Violence. OUR SCHOOLS C4 by CPW, the fishing tournament will be GREER CITIZEN, OBITUARIES A6 Nevaeha Sprouse, 1 With the South Carolina Department of Styles held candlelight vigils after two re- held Saturday, April 16. OPINION A4 SPORTS B1-6, B8 DINING OUT C5 RELIGION A7-9 Caroline S. Talbert, 81 Labor, Licensing and Regulation (LLR) ban GREER CITIZEN, WEATHER A6 cent shooting deaths in Greer, but wants to CALL US SPORTS B1-5 Applications are available through lifted, the Pavilion’s popular ride George the branch out and bring the people together when the community is not enduring a pe- WEATHER A6 under the tournament link. The cost is $125 per boat and top CALL US SPORTS WEATHER B1-5 A6 Train could be back on track in the next few AREA’S BEST riod of adversity. Thursday, she’s hoping to LETTERS FAMILIAR FOES prize is $1,000. The top 10 spots earn cash weeks. LLR is requiring all mini-trains to add CALL US TODAY AT a speed-limiting device before an inspec- PUBLISHED IN GREER Griffin named top take a step in that direction with a 4 p.m. balloon launch in Greer City Park in memo- Students write PUBLISHED IN GREER Riverside hosts and special $500 prizes will be awarded to the fisherman snagging the biggest fish RODEO RIDER TODAY AT INSPIRED tion, which could take place this week. MEETING A HERO “Once they inspect, assuming everything is football player ry of loved ones who have passed on. their wish lists EHS in opener and the smallest fish. The entry fee also Leah Hunter races TODAY AT FOR LUCY WILSON AND ALL The public is invited to bring a balloon 877-2076 FOR FRED EDGE AND ALL covers the cost of a t-shirt and a banquet. PUBLISHED IN GREER Greer family good, we’ll open,” said Mike Teachey, Green- Local boy hangs DEVOTED READERS OF THE D,E DEVOTED READERS OF THE 877-2076 FOR BETTY HART AND ALL ville County Recreation District director of GREER CITIZEN B1 and attach a note written to a deceased friend or relative to release into the sky. GREER CITIZEN B1 to the top C1 DEVOTED READERS OF THE gives back A3 community relations. GCRD still plans a out with Michael 877-2076 third party inspection to go over the entire GREER CITIZEN operation. Phelps B1
  • 68. PAGE ONE DESIGN PORTFOLIO Weekly Over 6,000 Division Thursday POSTAL PATRON July 21, 2011 PRESORTED VOL IV, No. 38 STANDARD U.S.POSTAGE PAID 843-236-4810 CONWAY, S.C. PERMIT NO. 44 Waccamaw Publishers, Inc. 2510 Main St., Conway, SC 29526 Attention: Delivery THIS WEEK’S EDITION:SECOND PLACE 75 Cents FOUR SECTIONS, 32 PAGES Station empty during fire | OUTSIDE | THURSDAY Volunteers not on duty in Orchards fire Fund created for Orchards fire victim Mostly Sunny BY MICHAEL SMITH 11, according to Horry County Fire- BY MICHAEL SMITH there not knowing what to do,” High 96, Low 76 EDITOR Rescue. EDITOR Armstrong said. “I’m an involved FRIDAY Station 45 is 1.28 miles from 1124 Christian and you have to take the Mostly Sunny Nobody was on duty at a nearby Harvester Circle, site of the town Allen Armstrong never knew next step in a crisis like this. I went fire station when flames consumed a house fire, according to Brian Kratz before Monday. in there and started praying with High 96, Low 78 Carolina Forest town house. A tanker from the Now Kratz’s well-being is all him.” SATURDAY HCFR Station 45 on International City of Myrtle Beach’s Station 6 was Armstrong can think of following a Armstrong’s prayers have turned Hot Drive, an all-volunteer station, was the first unit on scene. Station 6, fire that destroyed Kratz’s town- to action, as he and others have High 97, Low 78 unmanned and didn’t respond when home in The Orchards on Monday. a fire erupted at The Orchards on July VOLUNTEERS, A2 “There were hundreds of people FUND, A3 SUNDAY Sunny High 95, Low 76Carolina Forest Chronicle | INSIDE |Michael Smith HORNET FIRE STILL BURNING Wildfire contained, but continues to smolder. A3 FINEST OF SOURCE: HORRY COUNTY FIRE-RESCUE ILLUSTRATION BY MICHAEL SMITH | THE CHRONICLE THE FOREST Baseball standouts helped turn season around. A9 Ad hoc committee looking into county fire operations BY MICHAEL SMITH members say, are to find mittee. A critical compo- EDITOR ways to improve how Horry nent of the review includes County Fire-Rescue oper- a re-examination of the Horry County is taking a ates. county’s fire department ef- second look at how its fire “My biggest [desire] is to ficiency study. and EMS departments are be more efficient, effective Completed in 2008, the operating. and do things in a more $95,000 study listed 72 rec- ED PARSONS | FOR THE CHRONICLE The goals of the county’s professional manner,” said ommendations for improv- ad hoc fire study commit- Councilman Paul Prince, R- A firefighter responds to The Orchards fire that erupted tee, Horry County Council Loris, a member of the com- STUDY, A5 Monday, July 11, in The Farm in Carolina Forest. APARTMENTS REJUVENATED Halyard Bend gets $3.4 Board fields $3.3 million in road requests million facellift. BY MICHAEL SMITH approve $437,000 for other at its most recent meeting that I have a $4 million • $600,000 from the City of C1 EDITOR road-related projects in the Loris area, including July 12. The CTC’s entire an- nual budget is about $3.8 agenda to deal with tonight,” said CTC chairman George Myrtle Beach for a connector road linking Farrow Parkway At least $130,000 for side- $188,000 requested by an million. “Rayford” Vereen. “We’re not and Harrelson Boulevard, walks in a Carolina Forest Horry County Council mem- Some CTC committee a $100 million agency. We • $486,064 from Horry area community have been ber. members displayed frustra- cannot address $4 million in County Department of Air- put on hold for at least an- Altogether, the Horry tion with the large number of one meeting.” ports for Harrelson Boule- other month by an Horry County Transportation Com- requests at last Tuesday Among the other notable vard, County committee. mittee (CTC) fielded more night’s meeting. requests appearing on Tues- The group did, however, than $3.3 million in requests “I am somewhat dismayed day’s agenda were: CTC, A5 Auction License # 2905F
  • 69. Hardwood and Laminate Flooring, Tile, Sinks, Solid Wood 1st Quality Kitchen Cabinet Sets, Vanities, Jacuzzis, 3325 Waccamaw Blvd. Saunas, Name Brand Tools 100’s More Remodeling Items Myrtle Beach, SC 29579 843-828-4601 All Items Sold Cost Plus 10%
  • 70. PAGE ONE DESIGN PORTFOLIO Weekly Over 6,000 DivisionFIRST PLACE Carolina Gateway Jane Alford Serving the Indian Land community Serving the Indian Land community Serving the Indian Land community Inside this issue Newcomers guide Best of the Best Wednesday, March 30, 2011 Volume 8, Issue 13 Home Garden Section 10-12 ILHS girls win three region titles 6 Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2011 Volume 8, Issue 42 goes online 7 a publication of The Lancaster News Do try these ideas at home Girls win crowns in tennis, volleyball, cross country a publication of The Lancaster News 75 cents WHO YOU GONNA CALL? Honoring our vets County veterans parade IL schools honor vets 4 6 Wednesday, Nov. 17, 2010 a publication of The Lancaster News Volume 7, Issue 46 Traveling back in time Life in the Waxhaws lantern tour revisits historic events 16 Lancaster fifth fastest-growing county in S.C. Van Wyck ghost hunter seeks local spooks County grew fastest growing in the state population growth rate of 24.9 people weren’t moving in as the Van Wyck census track, county’s population by race Council Mobley over the last decade. percent between 2000 and fast as they were in the past.” which includes the Panhandle and ethnicity: REECE MURPHY Webber, 22, is a ghost hunt- “So I got Hunting Paranorms.” and a female ghost haunting an the big house’s bedrooms as he er, or rather, a paranormal interested As an investigator-in-train- old mill house. and Paranorms founder Eddie 24.9 percent The data also provides a 2010 and places Lancaster Among the county’s muni- area north of Waxhaw Creek, Among the census findings: preliminary snapshot of popu- County fifth on the state’s list cipalities, the city of Lancaster is shown as having a popula- 54,844 Lancaster County investigator, a hobby at which and started ing, Webber has been on two How? Huntley and another member When most people hear he’s still relatively new, but doing a lot of investigations with the group Webber said they asked the investigated. action lation growth in the county of fastest-growing counties, was the largest with a popula- tion of 19,729. residents identified themselves in 10 years to run that will reshape Lancaster behind Dorchester, York, Hor- tion of 8,526, followed by “We’ve been kind of expect- as “white alone” about hauntings, they either eager to explore more. background so far – Latta Plantation in spirits to light up the detector “My shirt got tugged; tugged County Council districts in ry and Beaufort. Kershaw with a population of ing that, based on building 18,278 identified them- scoff or steer clear. Not Van Webber said he became investigat- Huntersville, N.C., and Camp- once if male, twice if female really hard like this,” Webber Wyck resident Ben Webber. interested in paranormal inves- ing,” Webber bell Creek Greenway in Char- and three times if a child. It lit said pulling at his left T-shirt may save REECE MURPHY coming months. County Administrator Steve 1,803 and Heath Springs with permit trends and other things, selves as “black or African- American alone” When Webber hears talk of tigations shortly after moving said. “I start- lotte. up once, then twice, Webber sleeve. for S.C. According to census data for Willis said the population is 790. but the census has pretty actually lower than expected. much borne it out that that 3,384 identified them- ghosts, ghouls and demons, he to Van Wyck from Syracuse, ed looking During the Campbell Creek said. “It almost pulled me down South Carolina released The most populated part of wants to check it out. He’s got N.Y., in 2008, inspired by around, but investigation, Webber said the But it was during the Latta and I was struggling to get church The U.S. Census Bureau Wednesday, Lancaster Coun- “That’s about 1,000 under the county, as was expected, is area is the fastest growing in selves as “Hispanic or Latino” Webber the county,” Willis said. 1,815 identified them- his flashlights, cameras, com- shows like “Ghost Adven- nobody in team used an EMF (electro- Plantation trip that Webber back up so I wouldn’t get has released population figures ty’s official population is now what they estimated,” Willis Indian Land. Senate selves as “some other race pass and voice recorder packed tures,” “Ghost Lab” and “Para- South Carolina would join me, magnetic field) detector to had his most significant for Lancaster County that 76,652. said. “I can only speculate that While there was no listing Additional data released and ready to roll. normal State.” so I joined Charlotte Ghost determine there were a male encounter, upstairs in one of See GHOST HUNTER, Page 12 place the county among the The number represents a with the economic downturn, for “Indian Land” specifically, Thursday breaks down the See CENSUS, Page 2 Rezoning to allow Trinity Baptist to Lancaster pharmacist to ILHS gets Kudzu ILHS band sixth at Upper State IL man stay in former cabinet shop seek seat held by Mulvaney ‘excellent’ bugs dies in CHRISTOPHER SARDELLI To buy these photos, visit photos by MARY BROWN/for Carolina Gateway ABOVE: Indian Land Volunteer Fire Department firefighters, from left, Joshua Benson, Steven Piotrowski, Brandon Greene, Allen Walker, Benji Moore, Johnny Helms, J.O. McCorkle, Capt. Tom Pickard, Fire Chief Raymond Griffin, Assistant Chief Mike Magette and Christina Potter break ground Sunday CHRISTOPHER SARDELLI news about invade wreck A potential zoning change afternoon for the $1.67 million expansion project that will double the size of the fire station. BELOW: Cole Russell, 2, looks out the window of one of Lancaster pharmacy owner has one local congregation CHRISTOPHER SARDELLI report card area the fire trucks on display. Cole is the son of Morris Russell, Lancaster County Fire Service director, who is reflected in the window of the truck. Hugh Mobley became the first breathing a sigh of relief. person to officially throw his More than 30 members of ILVFD breaks ground for hat into the ring for the Dis- Trinity Baptist Church, who A motorcyclist died Satur- trict 16 state Senate seat last are in the process of relocating day night after colliding with a week. their church from Fort Mill to GAS PRICES Mobley, a pharmacist and pickup truck in Indian Land. a former Van Wyck cabinet Rounding correction owner of Mobley Drugs, said JULIE GRAHAM Rusell Eugene Mangrum, 47, shop on Steele Hill Road, For Carolina Gateway he will run for who lived in the Indian Land packed the audience during $1.7M station expansion leads to rating upgrade the seat, area, was driving his 2008 Lancaster County Council’s Mighty in number and which will be Yamaha motorcycle south on Nov. 9 meeting hoping to save their new home. vacant after stench, the kudzu bug is the U.S. 521 when the accident Republican REECE MURPHY new pest in Van Wyck that ON THE RISE The congregation recently happened, said S.C. Highway Mick Mulva- residents just can’t seem to discovered that a county zon- Patrol Lance Cpl. Billy Elder. ney of Indian shake off. ing law, pro- Mangrum was driving at Renovation Land assumes The S.C. Department of Education upgraded Indian Farms and homes near soy- hibiting reli- about 9:40 p.m. when another his duties in Land High School’s report card after officials discov- beans and kudzu, its plants of gious organiza- Indian Land man, who was the U.S. Con- ered inaccuracies in their ratings. tions in indus- choice, have been invaded by driving a 1999 Toyota pickup gress. Mulva- Mobley trially-zoned The change, which also affected 14 other state high thousands, if not millions, of should be ney bested CHRISTOPHER SARDELLI truck north on the road, buildings, schools and four school districts, raised ILHS’s abso- the bugs that resemble lady- could halt Democratic incumbent John attempted to make a left-hand Spratt of York for the 5th Dis- lute rating from “good” to “excellent.” bugs, but are muddy in color. turn, Elder said. their progress. Absolute ratings are a measure of overall student They are attracted to light col- trict congressional seat in the Tina Miller sighed as she That’s when the two vehi- complete by They learned performance on standardized tests. ors – everything from T-shirts midterm elections. Spratt has watched the digital readout climb cles collided. Cope of the prob- held the seat since 1983. from $5 to $15 to $30. The upgrade means ILHS joins to cars to vinyl siding. The accident scene is about lem after try- To buy these photos, visit ing to acquire a building per- Mobley will be seeking the Filling up her tank at Murphy’s Lancaster’s Discovery Charter School “The kudzu bugs were defi- BRANDY DANDRIDGE/for Carolina Gateway 2.5 miles south of Fort Mill. spring 2011 Republican nomination for the as the only schools in the district to nitely very numerous. I had Indian Land High School’s Lori McKay plays the flute during the ILHS Warrior marching band’s performance of its 2011 show, Vision Quest, at the mit for the church’s new stee- Express on S.C. 9 Bypass, Miller shook Lancaster County Deputy