Tender Times                    “The newsletter for USS Frank Cable (AS 40) crewmembers and their families.”              ...
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4                                                 Tender TimesCable Partners With Locals To Serve Subic CommunitiesBy Mass...
Tender Times                                      5                        Warior Wall                      Sailors assign...
8                                                    Tender Times       Frank Cable Welcomes Friends and Family           ...
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4th Quarter Tender Times
4th Quarter Tender Times
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4th Quarter Tender Times


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4th Quarter Tender Times

  1. 1. Tender Times “The newsletter for USS Frank Cable (AS 40) crewmembers and their families.” USS Frank Cable Pins New Chiefs By Electricians Mate 3rd Class Claire Farin, USS Frank Cable Public Affairs Marc Leos, Chief Machinery “As former first classes, it Repairman (SW/AW) Romeo will now be up to the new chiefs Menes, Chief Hull Maintenance to motivate their junior Sailors Technician (SW) Joshua Paxton, and help them reach for the next and Chief Machinists Mate level,” said Master Chief (SW) Jonathan Sarmiento. Electricians Mate Terry Hill. “You are now the person in 4th Quarter 2011 Chief petty officers serve a charge of taking care of your dual role in the Navy as both Sailors, training them to become technical experts and as leaders. better and efficient.”SANTA RITA, Guam — The submarine tender The chief petty officer rank wasUSS Frank Cable (AS 40) advanced nine Sailors first introduced in 1893. The new chiefs, whoto the rank of chief petty officer during a pinning Throughout their careers, chiefs received their anchors duringceremony at Naval Base Guam, Sept 16. have strived to motivate and the ceremony at Naval Base influence their junior Sailors. Guams theater, agree that being Frank Cables newest chiefs are Chief This tradition is passed down well-rounded is perhaps theMachinists Mate (SW/AW) Juan Abreu, Chief each year as worthy first class most important key to advance.Electricians Mate (SW/AW) Frederick Asuncion, petty officers are promoted toChief Hull Maintenance Technician (SW) Aaron the rank. “Well-rounded means youreBarnby, Chief Hull Maintenance Technician (SW) continued on pg. 2Jesse Clayton, Chief Electronics Technician (SW)Theresa Lathan, Chief Machinists Mate (SW/SS) FEATURES From the Bridge with the CO Pg. 2 From the Deckplates with the CMC Pg. 3 Cable Visits Republic Of Philippines Pg. 3 Cable Partners With Locals To Serve Pg. 4 Subic Communities Warrior Wall Pg. 5 Frank Cable Welcomes Friends and Family Pg. 8 Bravo Zulu! Pg. 9 From the Ombudsmen Pg. 10 Any Day on Cable Pg. 11 From The Family Readiness Group Pg. 12 SANTA RITA, Guam (Sept. 16, 2011) Chief Hull Maintenance Technician Jesse Clayton, assigned to the submarine tender USS Frank Cable (AS 40), TRIVIA picks up his vessel during the chief petty officer pinning ceremony held at the Naval Base Guam theater. Frank Cable conducts maintenance and support of The first Presidential Unit Citation given to a ship in submarines and surface vessels deployed in the U.S. 7th Fleet area of World War II was given to what submarine rescue ship? Answer on Pg.2 responsibility. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Jeremy Starr)
  2. 2. 2 Tender Times FromCommanding Officer With the the Bridge Hafa Adai USS Frank Cable Sailors & Families, It has been a busy crew proficiency and to work on qualifications. As I write summer for the FRANK this, we are still working the details with our operational CABLE team! After a very commanders. We will let everyone know as soon as the successful port visit to details are finalized. Subic Bay, Republic of the Philippines, the ship The Navy Ball is 14 October at 1700 at the Hyatt in returned to Guam and Tumon. This will be a great time for all to celebrate the focused on her repair Navys 237th birthday. The FRANK CABLE Holiday mission. We conducted Party will be 16 December at the Leo Palace. The MWR four simultaneous team is diligently working to ensure it is an outstanding maintenance availabilities party. Please save the date and I look forward to seeing youand had two submarines outboard FRANK CABLE. All of there.the submarine maintenance was conducted efficiently andsafely. I continue to be impressed by the dedication and I would like to thank the Family Readiness Group forresourcefulness of the FRANK CABLE team. their efforts to support the FRANK CABLE team. We recently had a successful bake sale, and will be conducting As many of you know, FRANK CABLE will enter a chili dog sale on the ship as well. There will be andrydock in February of next year. We will find out which opportunity to win a prime parking space on the pier (mine)shipyard has been awarded the contract to do the work in as well.November. Most crew members will stay in Guam tosupport the repair mission while the ship is in the shipyard. Once again, I would like to thank the FRANK CABLEWe are in the final stages of determining who will stay crew for all of their hard work. We have had a goodbehind in Guam and who will accompany the ship to the summer and the ship is doing well. Thanks!shipyard. I will keep you all advised as we continue tomake our preparations for the shipyard. We are planning an underway in October to maintain CAPT Pete Hildrethcontinued from pg.1good at your job and involved in the Lathan added that education — The nine newly-frocked chief pettycommand and the community,” said whether in-rate knowledge or college officers encourage first class pettyChief Electronics Technician Theresa studies — also makes first classes more officers to stay focused, hang in thereLathan of Killeen, Texas. viable candidates for advancement. and keep trying to advance. NAUTICAL TERM TRIVIA ANSWER MAYDAY A distress call for radios. It comes from the anglicizing of the French word “m’aidez,” (help me). USS PIGEON (ASR 6)
  3. 3. Tender Times 3 From the Deckplates With the Command Master Chief Greetings Frank Cable Sailors, Families and Friends, It was a pleasure to see communicate directly with Ombudsman. If you desire to so many FRANK CABLE receive information directly from the Command Families during our Family Ombudsman please email cableomb@yahoo.com to be Day Picnic. It was a great added to their email list. In addition to underway periods, time to meet and greet with the Ombudsman can also send important housing our new Frank Cable information including scheduled power outages, water Families. I look forward to outages, emergency disaster information and Base seeing everyone at the Navy Recreational activities. Please email our Command Ball on October 14th. We Ombudsman so you can receive this information. will be trying to confirm our ships schedule and post the Annually after October 1, everyone will have to visit the holiday stand down Navy Family Accountability and Assessment websiteschedule as soon as our mission dictates. https://www.navyfamily.navy.mil to verify your information. After you login please verify your familys We will be getting underway again soon to exercise our information including recall and address, it this informationmission capabilities and provide the crew some much is not correct make sure you constantly bug your Sailor untilneeded at-sea training. From previous experience they property fix the information. In the event of a majorcommunication between the ship and the beach can be storm the Navy will use this system to account for allchallenging. As much as possible, we try to update the families on Guam. From this website you can also list anybeach on a daily basis concerning events and projects the assistance needed.crew is working on. As always I am proud of the FRANK CABLE Crew, I want to give a congratulations and thank you to our their professionalism, accomplishments and dedication totwo Ombudsmen and I sincerely hope they enjoyed their mission accomplishment.luncheon in reference to Ombudsman Appreciation Day ofSeptember 14. During underway periods the XO and I CMDCM P. A. Kosloski Cable Visits Republic Of Philippines Story by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class (SW) Corey Hensley SUBIC BAY, Philippines – Submarine tender USS Frank Cable (AS 40) arrived in the Republic of the Philippines for external repair work and to provide tended support to the USS Santa Fe (SSN 763) during a port visit July 22. Cables mission is to conduct maintenance and support of submarines and surface vessels deployed in the U.S. 7th Fleet area of responsibility. This port visit to Subic Bay is one of many that the tender has recently made along with deployed submarines in the Western Pacific region. Frank Cable is scheduled to have various repairs madeSUBIC BAY, Philippines (July 26, 2011) The Los Angeles-class fast while in port to replace fittings, handrails and parts of theattack submarine USS Santa Fe (SSN 763) pulls alongside the hull. During this time, the Los Angeles-class attacksubmarine tender USS Frank Cable (AS 40). Frank Cable conducts submarine USS Santa Fe (SSN 763) will pull alongside, somaintenance and support of submarines and surface vessels deployed Frank Cable can provide material and preservation support.in the U.S. 7th Fleet area of responsibility. (U.S. Navy photo by MassCommunication Specialist 3rd class Corey Hensley) continued on pg. 10
  4. 4. 4 Tender TimesCable Partners With Locals To Serve Subic CommunitiesBy Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class David R. KrigbaumSUBIC BAY, Philippines -- Sailors assigned to thesubmarine tender USS Frank Cable (AS 40), completed aweek-long series of community service (COMSERV)projects July 30. The ship was in port for repairs, and provided tended tosupport for the Los Angeles-class fast-attack submarineUSS Santa Fe (SSN 763). Their duties kept them busy, butmany Sailors also dedicated their spare time helping thelocal communities in the Subic Bay Freeport Zone,Olongapo City and Subic City. The ships chaplain, Lt. Cmdr. Ronald Rinaldi, whoorganized many of the COMSERVs, said that these types of OLONGAPO CITY, Philippines (July 29, 2011) Hospital Corpsmanprojects are seen as an integral part of Navys mission while Seaman Patrick Garofalo, assigned to the submarine tender USS Frankin foreign countries, especially in this part of the world. Cable (AS 40), piles up trash on Kalaklan Beach during a community service (COMSERV) project. Frank Cable conducts maintenance and support of submarines and surface vessels deployed in the U.S. 7th “COMSERVs exist mostly, these days, as a part of larger Fleet area of responsibility. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communicationstrategy to build partnership and interaction with the people Specialist 2nd Class Jeremy Starr)of the nations whose ports we visit,” said Rinaldi. The projects ranged in scope from doing repair work in also taught the children about proper nutritional health andschools, handing out clothes to local children, organizing a exercise, which was the current topic for National Nutritionbeach clean-up and tree-planting effort to playing soccer Month in the Philippines.with the children in the community. st Hospital Corpsman 1 class Rufino Vegamora, also Sailors spent time at the International Childrens Filipino, spoke to the children at the elementary school andAdvocate Orphanage, home to 30 deaf and blind children, led them in group physical training.painting classrooms and spending time getting to know thekids. Frank Cables medical staff was on hand to conduct “It was a perfect opportunity to focus on its importance,medical and dental exams. To show appreciation, the which is basically an everyday norm and culture in thechildren sang and danced, celebrating all the hard work Navy,” said Vegamora. “Physical fitness in the Philippinesaccomplished. has suddenly become popular in the past three years, and Im hoping I can contribute to preventing it from just “It is not very often that we have this kind of becoming a trend.”opportunity,” said Hospital Corpsman 1st class Lea Devera.“I am fortunate enough that I get to serve my fellow During their stay, 182 Sailors performed over 1,000Filipinos, while at the same time doing what I do as part of hours of community service, while the medical and dentalthe Health Services Department.” teams treated hundreds of patients. Rinaldi said he was proud of the Sailors and what they accomplished with their Devera said she enjoys the sense of fulfillment she gets service.from helping the community. Like other Frank CableSailors from the Philippines, she just wanted to help make an “It was an overwhelming and special feeling to beimpact in a unique way by acting as a translator as well as a among this elite group of Sailors,” said Rinaldi. “Nevercaregiver. once did I have a thing to worry about. They understood what needed to be done, and they did it, far exceeding At Ilwas Elementary School, Frank Cables medical expectations.”staff again carried out medical and dental examinations.
  5. 5. Tender Times 5 Warior Wall Sailors assigned to the submarine tender USS Frank Cable (AS 40) have an opportu- nity to go further in their careers with the Individual Augmentee (IA) program which provides Sailors a chance to work outside their fields and with the other branches of ser- vice in places such as Guantanamo Bay, the Horn of Africa, Iraq and Afghanistan. Awaiting DepartureLT LESSNER SH3 PURUGGANAN ET3 ATKINS Currently IALT FLAHERTY RP 2 MOORE RP2 MOORE ET3 LUCEROLSCS NARVARTE HT2 BRUNER LS3 PRIDHAMETC DOHM HT2 PROCTOR HT3 RUIZGM1 FLORES EN3 CATHCART HT3SWITLIKGM2 MILTENBERGER ET3 LORICK ReturnedLS1 ALONZO PS2 SCHMIDT CS3 MOCHONMM2 WHITTON ET3 BAUMBECK EM3 MILLERET2 KOHLER SH3 LEE DC3 BUCHANANMR2 HOTMER ET3 SALZMAN MM3 LATHERSHT2 RODY MM3 HIGDON
  6. 6. 8 Tender Times Frank Cable Welcomes Friends and Family By Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class David R. Krigbaum observing a man overboard and using a fire hose. Some even got to try their hand at the Firearms Training Simulator (FATS), a simulated shooting range onboard the ship that uses gas-operated weapons. Frank Cable is one of only two submarine tenders in the Navy today, making the opportunity to come aboard a rare one. For Benjamin, who has been onboard an aircraft carrier and the battleship Missouri, this was his first time onboard a submarine tender. Capt. Benjamins wife, Bernadette, spent the day with her son, Bradley, touring the ship and participating in the activity stations as well. “Its educational for my son,” she said. “It gets toPHILIPPINE SEA (June 9, 2011) Hull Maintenance Technician 2nd show what Sailors do onboard.”Class Joshua Taylor, assigned to the submarine tender USS Frank Cable(AS 40), helps Jasmin Williams handle a fire hose in a hose handlingdemonstration during the ships family day cruise. Frank Cable conductsmaintenance and support of submarines and surface vessels deployed inU.S. 7th Fleet area of responsibility. (U.S. Navy photo by MassCommunication Specialist 1st Class David Krigbaum) POLARIS POINT -- The submarine tender USS FrankCable (AS 40) set sail for a one-day cruise June 9, 2011,bringing with it an estimated 250 extra crew members. Sailors assigned to the ship were able to bring their familymembers and friends for a Friends & Family Cruise. Theevent gave those closest to the Sailors a chance to see whatFrank Cable Sailors do on a daily basis, as well as what life islike for personnel onboard. Bradley Benjamin, son of Capt. Mark Benjamin, DeputyCommander, Submarine Squadron Fifteen (CSS 15), wasexcited to be a part of the days activities, and took fulladvantage of the opportunity. “Its unique and cool. I got to get pictures with the guns, PHILIPPINE SEA (June 9, 2011) Chief Personnel Specialisthandle a fire hose and go into a recompression chamber,” said Kenneth Luna, assigned to the submarine tender USS Frank Cable (AS 40), assists his son in putting on a firefighting helmet during aBradley. Friends and Family Day Cruise. Frank Cable conducts During the underway, the embarked friends and family maintenance and support of submarines and surface vessels deployed in the U.S. 7th Fleet area of responsibility. (U.S. Navyreceived an opportunity to earn an Honorary Enlisted Surface photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class MelvinWarfare Specialist certificate by participating in shipboard Nobeza)events. Events included knot tying from a boatswains mate,
  7. 7. Tender Times 9 Bravo Zulu! Navy & Marine Corps Commendation MedalCWO4 Ackerman ENCM Olson LSC Spaulding EMCM DepinaLCDR Brockman PSCM Lintag LCDR Kinzer MRC LuazonENS Campbell-Martin MMC Campbell LT Fitzharris Navy & Marine Corps Achievement MedalDC1 Vickers MM1 Dunn HTFN Kincaid MA1 MonsonHM2 Haynes ET1 Potter PS2 Schmidt HTC JohnsonBM1 Williams MM3 Daniels LS2 Gutierrez LTJG Navalta New ChiefsMRC(SW/AW) Romeo M. Menes ETC(SW) Theresa G. Lathan MMC(SW) Jonathan A.SarmientoMMC(SW/AW) Juan C. Abreu HTC(SW) Jesse J. Clayton HTC(SW) Aaron M. BarnbyHTC(SW) Joshua J. Paxton EMC(SW/AW) Frederick D. Asuncion MMWC(SW/SS) Marc L. Leos Newest Surface Warfare OfficersENS Elizabeth A. Cavazza ENS John J. Araiza ENS Robert Campbell-MartinENS Kenneth E. Ekhart ENS Brent E. Deering Newest Surface WarriorsMM1 Richard M. Myers GM1 Jerome M. Claybron MMFN Joshua LaiET2 Steven M. King HT3 Ethan G. Harris EN3 Antonio V. MercadoET2 Jared D. Machgan SH3 April M. Purugganan EMFN Kenneth TelloHM2 Sujit Rajendran HTFN Sarah N. Haas EMFN Amanda A. WilliamsYN2 Angelia R. Neas HTFN Johnathan M. CitizenEt3 Jacob D. Darling HTFN Corey L. Mitchell
  8. 8. 10 Tender Times Ombudsmen A note from your Command Ombudsmen….. OMBUDSMAN ROLEWe are your liaison and direct link to the Command and to will not have any negative affect on your spouses career.the Command Support Team which includes theCommanding Office, Executive Officer and the Command *Source for referrals for any assistance *DisseminateMaster Chief. official command information regarding the ship as well as other information such as happenings around Naval BaseOur role as your ombudsmen is very important especially Guam, NEX, Commissary, CDC, etc. as well as weatherduring uncertain situations with the command and with updates.your family. Our goal is to be able to provide with any andall information that will make your time here on Guam and It will be our pleasure to assist you, so please feel free toon the Frank Cable an enjoyable time. contact us with any questions or concerns.Some of the key roles that your ombudsmen can serve as As always, your Command Ombudsmen are here to helpare: you!*Primary point of contact between the command and the For additional information contact your Commandfamilies *Serve as an advocate for the command families- Ombudsmen at www.cableomb@yahoo.com ormost important element as serving your advocate is you may contact them at the following numbers:CONFIDENTIALITY. Rest assure that when we arecontacted with issues, they will be dealt with utmost and Deb Bute 687-0752 | Maria Williams 687-1644strict CONFIDENTIALITY. Contacting the ombudsmencontinued from pg. 3 Frank Cables new commanding allow us to do our WESTPAC “I know Subic is a famous libertyofficer, Capt. Pete Hildreth, said he [Western Pacific] maintenance port,” said Duque. “There are a lot ofhas many goals in mind for his first mission in other ports besides Guam.” exotic places and a lot of localport visit with this command. entertainment.” For many Sailors onboard Frank “The primary mission of the ship Cable, this is the first time they have Despite the fact that, this timewill be to support Santa Fes port visit visited the Philippines; and for others around, it will be a working a port forto Subic, to take advantage of the it is a return home. Chief Electricians the crew of the Frank Cable, Hildrethshipyard facilities available and to Mate Charlie Duque is looking does hope that during their down time,give us a chance to do some forward to seeing his parents, his Sailors will enjoy and experiencecommunity service projects.” said reconnecting with old friends and all that the area has to offer.Hildreth. “This will also give us a spending time in a place that holds a “Hopefully they will get a chancechance to further the 7th Fleet security lot of memories for him. to see Subic Bay and appreciate thecooperation mission.” “I am really excited and eager to historical significance of the efforts to Hildreth said it is important to the see my family, and because Subic is defend the Philippines from theNavys overall strategy to demonstrate really a special place where I got Japanese when they invaded in 41,”the capabilities of forward-deployed recruited almost 22 years ago,” said said Hildreth. “I hope they get thevessels, especially when those vessels Duque. “My favorite local fresh opportunity to experience the sightsare away from their home ports. dishes are something I have also been and cultural activity that Subic Bay looking forward to.” has to offer.” “First and foremost, were going tocontinue to improve Frank Cables Duque hopes that Frank Cable At sea, the ship conducted surfaceability as a team to execute our Sailors will get a lot out of their warfare, damage control, shipmission,” said Hildreth. “That experience during their time spent in handling, and qualifications.includes continuing to improve the the Philippines.ships material condition, which will
  9. 9. Tender Times 11 Any Day on CableSearch and Rescue Diver Casualty DrillPhoto by DC3 Delesia Buchanan Photo by MC1 Melvin NobezaMedical Drill SCAT Drill Orphanage VisitPhoto by MC1 David Krigbaum Photo by MCSN Christopher Salisbury Photo by MC2 Jeremy StarrGuam Wild Life Refugee JEA Boot Shinning CODEL VisitPhoto by EM3 Claire Farin Photo by MC3 Corey Hensley Photo by MC1 Ricardo Danan
  10. 10. 12 Tender Times A Word From The Frank Cable Family Readiness Group Hello to all the Frank Cable Families from the Family positions are available for election. Elections will be held inReadiness Group (FRG)! November. If you have any questions or for more information you can email the FRG board at We hope you all had a great summer! We look forward cablefrg@gmail.com.to getting back into the swing of things with all of you andhope to meet all of the new Cable spouses. Also, if you havent already or are new to the Frank Cable FRG, please register for our social roster. Feel free to For those that are new to the FRG, we are a social group email us at cablefrg@gmail.com so you can get the eventsthat plans and coordinates events for the families of Sailors and meetings sent right to you!aboard the Frank Cable. We hold several fund raisersthroughout the year to raise money for our children and teen We are excited to get back into the swing of things andEaster and Holiday parties. We have a monthly meeting to we look forward to meeting all of the new spouses!get together and discuss ideas for events and fundraisers.The dates for the meetings will be announced at a later time Thank you from your FRG Board,through facebook and email. Justine Winchell, President Heather Wilson, Vice President We will be back to our monthly meetings starting Deedee Mathis, TreasurerSeptember 14th @ 6p at the Naval Base Chapel. Please Nikki Smith, Secretarycome out and meet some wonderful people and help us tostart planning our Holiday Parties and Fundraisers! We look Join our email roster at: cablefrg@gmail.comforward to seeing you in September and meeting with you Visit our website at: www.cablefrg.yuku.comin person! <http://www.cablefrg.yuku.com/> Look us up on Facebook: USS Frank Cable Families In October, we will be taking bios for any members that Contact us via phone at: 671-929-6917are interested in running for a position on the board. All Tender Times Public Affairs Officer Commanding Officer Editor LT Craig Leonard CAPT Pete Hildreth MCC(SW/AW) Jennifer Walker Contributing Staff MC1 Melvin Nobeza MC3(SW) Gabrielle Blake MC1(AW) David Krigbaum MC3(SW) Corey Hensley MC1(AW) Ricardo Danan DC3(SW) Delesia Buchanan MC2(AW) Jeremy Starr EM3(SW) Claire Farin MC2 Waris Banks MCSA Chris Salisbury Tender Times is an authorized, unofficial publication for the crew and the family of USS FRANK CABLE (AS 40). The newsletter content is provided, prepared, and edited by FRANK CABLE personnel and does not necessarily reflect the official views of, or endorsement by the U.S. Government, Department of the Defense, or Department of the Navy. The Public Affairs Office can be found at 2-135-2-Q and may be contacted at either x7507 or e-mail the webmaster.