CLIP | OCCLA Directors' Meeting


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CLIP update given to OCCLA Directors on 4/30/10.

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  • Creating sharable, open-source info lit tutorials Planning members from WOU, CCC, OSU, WU Help to plan project, review materials We welcome participation and feedback from all
  • Create tools that help many institutions to embed IL into class curriculum CCs forming strategies to address JBAC mandate to embed IL. CLIP striving to produce tools that will help. Maximize resources At the same time, striving to produce flexible materials that can be used in many circumstances Create materials that are relevant and usable Respond to your needs Create a community that is interested and invested in the project. By creating relevant materials and establishing the project’s value, hope to open avenues to continually support the project.
  • Tutorials Address “big” common IL ideas, critical thinking skills Many flash, video tutorials with audio, some website-style aids All video tutorials have optional closed-captioning, and .doc text-only script also provided Encourage you to make both versions available Source files provided, tutorials can be customized Quizzes Simple, 4-question, multiple choice quizzes Designed so that instructors can assess whether students have viewed and absorbed tutorial content .doc scripts Can be distributed via paper, or copied into LMS, Survey Monkey Can be edited, added to, etc. Password protected Guidance Use suggestions, descriptions, examples FAQ answers to some pedagogical questions, etc. Expand this area in the future
  • Can link to tutorials on page on your website Can provide access to them through course or subject guides (LibGuide template) Can be embedded in LMS- Blackboard, Moodle, etc. Good way to incorporate quizzes and help instructors to embed tutorials into class assignments Compliment face-to-face library instruction, or stand alone Example from Chemeketa
  • Analytics showing tutorial visits Users from all over the world 7,100 visits over the past 6 mo 1,645 last month (a little longer) Highest usage is in Oregon Map from past 6 mo usage Larger circles = higher usage Indicated the institutions
  • From present until July 2011 when current LSTA grant funding will end Continue to create, edit maintain CLIP materials geared towards students including tutorials, aids, quizzes July of this year- New CLIP website Second phase of grant: Expand guidance material geared towards librarians and instructors (How can these materials be used?) Workshops around the state, will talk more about that in a minute Goal is to produce relevant materials that are being used, interest in the project , value so that project can be supported beyond grant
  • In progress: map the up-to-date AA/OT IL outcomes to CLIP tutorials Display & promote these connections on website Allow CLIP users to easily find tools that address specific outcomes
  • CLIP workshops around the state to help librarians and instructors effectively use CLIP materials Also to garner feedback on materials Show examples of how CLIP can be incorporated into classes Virtual presentation component as well. Beginning to plan, feedback from you: Regional or institution-specific? Geared towards librarians, instructors, both? What would be most helpful?
  • CLIP | OCCLA Directors' Meeting

    1. 1. Jen Klaudinyi CLIP Coordinator [email_address] Western Oregon
    2. 2. Jen Klaudinyi Project Goals address IL outcomes (AA/OT requirements) embed IL into class curricula flexible, relevant interest , community of support, sustainability
    3. 3. Jen Klaudinyi Current Content Quizzes Guidance Use Suggestions CLIP FAQ Developing a Topic What is a Library Database? Generating Search Terms Evaluating Internet Sources APA/MLA Style Aids and more…. Tutorials
    4. 4. Jen Klaudinyi Uses What is a library database? Websites Course guides, LibGuides LMS Class assignment
    5. 5. Jen Klaudinyi CLIP Tutorial Visits 6 months 10/01/09 – 4/27/10 7,100 visits internationally Last month 3/10/09 – 4/22/10 1,645 visits internationally Oregon, 10/01/09 - 4/27/10 by geography:
    6. 6. Jen Klaudinyi Grant Timeline July 2011 Present July 2010 New CLIP website goes live Second phase of grant begins CLIP workshops Expand guidance materials geared towards librarians, instructors Create, edit, maintain CLIP materials geared towards students: tutorials, aids, quizzes LSTA grant funding ends
    7. 7. What is a library database? Evaluating Internet Sources Jen Klaudinyi Future: IL outcome mapping
    8. 8. Jen Klaudinyi Future: CLIP workshops
    9. 9. Jen Klaudinyi Interested in hosting a CLIP workshop?
    10. 10. Jen Klaudinyi Who can help embed CLIP materials at your institution?
    11. 11. / Jen Klaudinyi [email_address] Presentation available at: Jen Klaudinyi 503.838.8657