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Thomas J Rooney for Congressman of Florida/REPUBLICAN

Thomas J Rooney for Congressman of Florida/REPUBLICAN



Thomas Rooney on the Issues for Congressman of Florida ...

Thomas Rooney on the Issues for Congressman of Florida
Personal History of Candidate

Presented by The Highlands Tea Party http://thehighlandsteaparty.com /

Prepared by John Nelson



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    Thomas J Rooney for Congressman of Florida/REPUBLICAN Thomas J Rooney for Congressman of Florida/REPUBLICAN Presentation Transcript

    • THE HIGHLANDS TEA PARTY Sebring, Florida http://thehighlandsteaparty.com/
    • Thomas J Rooney Congressman Florida District 16 Party Affiliation Republican http://rooney.house.gov/index.cfm?sectionid=3&sectiontree=3
    • Thomas J Rooney
    • About Thomas J Rooney
      • Tom Rooney was raised in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.  Following high school, Tom went on to play college football at Syracuse University and Washington and Jefferson College.  After receiving his BA in English Literature, Tom worked for Senator Connie Mack in Washington, DC. 
      • Tom returned home to Florida to attend the University of Florida where he received a Masters Degree and the University of Miami, School of Law where he earned his J.D. and met his wife Tara.
    • About Thomas J Rooney
      • After graduation, Tom and Tara spent over four years in the United States Army JAG Corps.  Most notably he served as Special Assistant U.S. Attorney on Fort Hood, TX prosecuting all civilian crimes on post.  In 2002, Tom was selected to teach Constitutional and Criminal Law at the United States Military Academy at West Point. 
    • About Thomas J Rooney
      • In 2004, Tom returned to Florida and went to work as an Assistant Attorney General under Charlie Crist.  After leaving the Attorney General’s office, Tom became CEO of “The Children’s Place at Home Safe,” a home for abused and neglected children.  Tom was later appointed by Governor Bush to the Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach County Board of Directors.  In 2006, Tom entered private practice and joined a Stuart law firm. 
    • About Thomas J Rooney
      • On November 4th 2008, Tom was elected to represent Florida’s 16th Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives.  Tom currently serves on the House Armed Services Committee, the Judiciary Committee, and the Agriculture Committee. 
      • Tom and Tara currently reside in Tequesta and with their three young sons: Tommy Jr., Sean, and Seamus. 
      • Protecting our nation is a top priority for Congressman Rooney. He believes the federal government has a firm duty to protect her citizens. With that philosophy he is fighting to secure our borders to crack down on illegal alien criminals and fighting for our intelligence agencies to have the tools they need to keep us safe. 
      • Congressman Rooney believes we should do a better job enforcing current immigration laws, we need to continue to work to secure our borders and crack down on illegal aliens. Rooney supports the continued construction of the fence on the Southwest border.
      • Rooney is a member of the prestigious House Judiciary Committee and the Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security Subcommittee .
      • Keeping America safe is Congressman Rooney’s top priority. The enemy America faces today is ever changing and unconventional; the only constant is their desire to harm Americans. Congressman Rooney has the honor and privilege of serving on the House Armed Service Committee. As an Army veteran the Congressman understands the importance of ensuring that the men and women of the military have the support they need to achieve their mission.
      • One of the first bills Tom introduced would prevent Guantanamo Bay detainees from being transferred into Florida.
      • He believes we have the most professional and talented fighting force in the world.
      • Supporting the families of our Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen is essential to preserving a robust and effective all volunteer force.
      • Reforming and modernizing our health care system is a top priority for South Floridians and citizens across the country. With over 40 million uninsured Americans, this is not a partisan issue, rather, it is one that Americans must come together to solve .
      • Of the different plans being considered. One in particular that Congressman Rooney supports and has cosponsored is appropriately named the “Empowering Patients First Act”.
      • The bill provides real affordable solutions such as:
      • Making the purchase of health care financially feasible for all Americans by incentivizing private insurers to cover those with pre-existing conditions, protecting employer-sponsored insurance, and shining light on existing health care plans.
      • Granting greater choice and portability to the patient by expanding the individual market by creating several insurance pooling mechanisms .
      • Establishing doctor-led quality measures, ensuring that you get the quality care you need. The plan reimburses physicians to ensure the stability of your care, and encourages healthier lifestyles by allowing employers to offer discounts for healthy habits through wellness and prevention programs.
      • Finally, the bill addresses tort reform, one of the driving reasons for increased medical costs.
    • Health Care
      • Many people are pointing to “universal” health care or the “government option” as the answer. If a government option is implemented, bureaucrats, not doctors will be making medical decisions for patients.
      • Medical decisions should be determined by doctors and patients, and that is why the Congressman supports a market-based health care system that would better serve Americans. 
      • We currently out-pace the national average in unemployment and home foreclosures
      • Congressman Rooney is a vocal proponent of policies to help us get back on our feet, not through increased spending and debt, but incentivizing growth with fewer government intrusions and lower taxes.
      • Congressman Rooney has long advocated reducing the tax burden on Americans at the individual and the corporate level in order to spur investment back into our economy.
      • Unemployment in Florida and the 16th district is higher than the national average, with counties like St. Lucie reporting over 14%. These numbers are startling, and drive home how important it is that we get our economy going again. 
      • Congressman Rooney works everyday to foster the economic growth of South Florida and is a tireless advocate for getting people back to work.
    • ENERGY
      • Establishing our energy independence is Congressman Rooney’s top priority for any national energy policy. This is necessary for both our national and economic security.
      • The Congressman supports alternative energy tax credits for solar, wind and hydrogen projects and further nuclear power development to help reduce our dependence on traditional forms of energy.
    • ENERGY
      • This spring the majority offered their “Cap-and-Trade” bill. This bill does nothing to help us obtain our energy independence yet promises to slow economic growth, penalize employers, reduce job opportunities and ultimately increase taxes and costs for American families.
      • Rooney supported an alternative plan to the “Cap-and-Trade” bill that would incentivize development and investment into new clean alternatives.
    • ENERGY
      • Investment in clean energy from these renewable sources is important for both our economy and our environment .
      • Tom firmly believes, we have a responsibility to our children to take control of our energy future and work for real solutions.
      • Penalizing industry and consumers will not help us in obtaining this goal, and the American family deserves a better plan
      • President George Washington once said, “The willingness with which our young people are likely to serve in any war, no matter how justified, shall be directly proportional to how they perceive veterans of early wars were treated and appreciated by our nation."
      • As an Army veteran and a member of the House Armed Services Committee, Congressman Rooney is dedicated to ensuring our service members and veterans receive the benefits they have earned and deserve.
      • Congressman Rooney has been a tireless advocate bringing awareness to the growing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) crisis facing our soldiers . 
      • Congressman Rooney firmly believes we have a moral obligation to care for those who were wounded while serving to protect our Country and continues to fight to protect that commitment.
      • Congressman Rooney will never vote to raise the retirement age, privatize Social Security, or reduce Social Security benefits to retirees and near retirees. He firmly believes Social Security is a contract Congress has made with our retirees and has an obligation to uphold.
      • In Florida’s 16th District alone, roughly 186 thousand seniors are receiving Social Security benefits.  
      • A significant gap between what the government promises to pay in benefits and what it expects to collect in Social Security taxes is growing.
      • Administration announced in March that Social Security recipients would not receive a COLA for 2010. This only reiterates the need for seniors to have stability and consistency in their yearly benefit.
      • To that end, Congressman Rooney cosponsored H.R. 2365, the Consumer Price Index for Elderly Consumers Act.
      • Seniors need a pricing index that takes into account the unique goods and services they purchase, such as healthcare and prescription drugs, and H.R. 2365 does just that.
      • Florida’s 16th district is one of the largest agriculture producing areas in the country.   With dairy, sugar, citrus, beef, fruit  and vegetable farmers South Florida’s agriculture community is richly diverse and a great economic engine for the region.
      • Congressman Rooney is an ardent defender of our agriculture community and a strong voice for their needs in Washington.
      • Unfortunately, there are some in Washington who want to regulate, and tax agriculture and small business into extinction.
      • Rooney strongly believes the federal government should be a partner with agriculture, and not weigh it down with unnecessary restrictions and bureaucratic red tape
      • Rooney is committed to once and for all eliminating the federal death tax that threatens family farms and small businesses.  
      • There has been no “SPIN” put on this information by the creator or any member of the Tea Party.
      • All information is obtained from the web site “ON THE ISSUES” at issues2000.org and from the Candidates own web sites.