Evaluation Q3


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Evaluation Q3

  1. 1. Evaluation Q3 What have you learnt from your audience feedback?
  2. 2. Film
  3. 3. Q: “Did you enjoy the film?” I was very happy that 100% of people that I asked enjoyed my film.
  4. 4. Q: “What did you like most about the film?” I really liked the shot where the t-shirt the boy was wearing matched up with the writing on the wall Just the music in general I liked the feeling of symmetry. The fact that the victim becomes the killer. Even though there wasn’t any dialogue I still understood the story I liked the way that emotion was built up through the music It was really different I liked the use of different shots
  5. 5. Q: “Would you have changed anything?” I would have made the change of days more obvious I would have had a gunshot at the end so that you know what happened Maybe the music at the beginning The transition between the two pieces of music
  6. 6. Review
  7. 7. Q: Did you like the review? <ul><li>As can be seen from my results, out of the 12 people asked 100% said that they liked my review. </li></ul>
  8. 8. Q: What did you like most about the review? I liked the comparison with the last film The explanation about silent films because I wouldn’t normally want to watch one but I think I’d watch this one. The screenshots – they’ve made me want to know more about the film I like the things about the music because you don’t always get that from film magazines I liked the way it was laid out – I didn’t feel over faced by all the writing.
  9. 9. Q: Is there anything else you would have done ? I think there could have been more media language used. I think that there could have been more said about the film rather than the people involved I would have made the text smaller, I think it’s a bit too big I’m still unsure about the idea of a silent film.
  10. 10. Radio Trailer
  11. 11. Q: “Did you like the trailer?”
  12. 12. Q: “What did you like most about the trailer?” I thought the voice was really creepy, but in a good way! I liked it because I think if I was in the car or something it’d make me pay attention I thought the music was good I thought the scream and the gunshot were really effective
  13. 13. Q: “Is there any other information you would have included?” I’d have said who was in it rather than just who directed it I’d have used different music
  14. 14. To conclude…
  15. 15. Marks out of 5… Film Review Radio Trailer
  16. 16. Thank you for listening, if you would like to see any more graphs, on each page there is a breakdown of the questionnaires of each product.