Jenx67 media kit june 2012


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Jenx67 media kit june 2012

  1. 1. Are you there, God? It’s Me,Generation X Media Kit | All Statistics for June 2012
  2. 2. Google Analytics All Statistics for June 2012• Page Views: June 1-30, 2012 – Visits: 7,329 – Unique Visitors: 6,228 – Pageviews: 18,139 – Pages / Visit: 2.47 – Average Visit Duration: 1 minute, 36 seconds – Bounce Rate: 52.59% – New Visits: 6,076 (82.86 percent) – Returning Visits: 1,253 (17.10 percent)
  3. 3. Google Analytics All Statistics for June 2012• Traffic Stats June 1-30, 2012 – 48.66% Search Traffic • 3,618 Visits – 38.95% Referral Traffic • 2,896 Visits – 10.07% Direct Traffic • 749 Visits – 2.31% Campaigns • 172 Visits
  4. 4. Subscriptions All Statistics for June 2012• RSS Subscribers – RSS Subscribers vary also. The last reported number by Feedburner was 384 (June 2012).• Email Subscribers – 71 as reported by Feedburner
  5. 5. Alexa Rankings All Statistics for June 2012• Worldwide 737,248• United States 165,821• Oklahoma City 614• San Francisco 20,253
  6. 6. Other Rankings All Statistics for July 2012• Google Page Rank: 4• Klout Score: 55• Website Grader – Stats for October 2011 – Score: 94 – Rank: 225,181 of the 3,970,786 websites ranked so far
  7. 7. Demographics• Demographic reporting for this site varies. I’ve provided two sources with two different Demographic sketches. Please review both; one from LIJIT and one from ALEXA (next page).• Source: LIJIT – 57.18% Gender: Male – 47.73% Young Adults: 18 – 34 – 43.96% Affluent: $60k - $100k – 37.96 % are 35-49 – 12.02% are 50+ – 98.68 % Caucasian – 85.75 % No Kids – 58.12 % College Grads – 39.56 % No College
  8. 8. Demographics• Source: ALEXA – Predominantly Female Readership – Predominantly 34-45 years of age – Predominantly College Graduates – The remaining mostly have “some college” vs. “no college” – Primary browsing location is home – 55% do not have children – 45 % have children
  9. 9. Primary Focus of Site Demographic: 30, 40 and 50-something professionals with or without children (Older Gen Y and Generation X)• Career • Family and Kids – Work-Life Balance, Career Trends – Raising Generation Z – Baby Boomers • 2001 to Present – Retirement, Economy – Raising or working with Gen Y 1982 to 1996• Pop Culture – • Parenting – Nostalgia – Marriage, Divorce – Memoirs – Blended Families – Pop Culture, Politics – Aging Parents – Holidays – Alzheimer’s • Faith – Controversies in faith for Generation X covering Protestantism, Catholicism and Judaism – Personal Faith Stories, Book Reviews, Testimonials
  10. 10. Secondary Focus of Site Oklahoma City, Oklahoma• This site has a high traffic ranking in Oklahoma City (415) Oklahoma subjects include: – Business Features – Arts and Cultural Events/Exhibits – Tourist Attractions and local Oklahoma City culture – Some coverage of current events in OKC • Some political reporting • Primarily moderate to left-leaning, but with some strong conservative views including pro-life; prayer in public schools, etc.
  11. 11. Ad Formats | Ad Rates All ads one-month minimum 50 percent required in advance of posting 728 x 90 (Banner) $100 per month (no more than one at a time) 200 x 200 (Square) $350 per month (no more than one at a time) 728 x 90 (Footer) $25 per month (no more than one at a time) This site runs up to two display ads at any given time. Ads displayed on every page.
  12. 12. Sponsored Posts Payments made via PayPal Only 50 percent required in advance.What is a sponsored post?• A sponsored post is a post that a company pays a blogger to write.Are sponsored posts unethical?• Some sponsored posts border on being unethical. Per the PRSA Code of Ethics and federal law, I provide full disclosure at the end of all sponsored posts: “I partnered with SAID MERCHANT to promote the business/product/organization (fill in the blank) highlighted in this post. For this site’s complete disclosure statement click on the ABOUT tab.”Are sponsored posts effective?• Many companies purchase sponsored posts through highly successful web-based companies like Sponsored Reviews and IZEA. It is a strategy frequently used to increase inbound links, which helps with search engine optimization. SEO is paramount to building competitive web traffic. With these goals in mind, sponsored posts can be very effective; however, such posts typically take 15 minutes to write. They frequently run counter to a site’s persona and are often annoying to a blog’s community.
  13. 13. Sponsored Posts Payments made via PayPal Only 50 percent required in advance. How are sponsored posts on jenx67 different?• Sponsored posts on jenx67 are created on a different model that builds upon the goodwill and integrity of a site that has already been providing high quality sponsored posts for free for nearly four years. Posts bout Oklahoma City retail locations, restaurants, causes and organizations are already embedded in the blog’s persona. These posts grew organically as did the blog’s traffic making sponsored reviews on this site among the most authentic any blog can host. Through social media, a high quality blog post can be shared widely across personal and professional social networks. In the not too distant past, we couldn’t even dream of this widespread and free circulation across communication channels. Today, it is available and affordable.• jenx67 will not feature more than four sponsored posts in a 30-day period. This includes pro bono sponsored posts.How much does a sponsored post on jenx67 cost?• Most public relations practitioners charge between $85 and $150 per hour. A quality sponsored posts, which includes interview, site visits and original photography, editing, writing and marketing, take between four to eight hours to produce.• One sponsored post: $200 (Time Investment: four to eight hours)• Series of three posts: $400 (Spread across 14 to 21 days) (Time Investment 12 to 24 hours).
  14. 14. Sponsored Posts ExamplesThe following are links to posts on They are examples of what a sponsored post on the site might look like.• Fall Colors in Oklahoma• Mexican Cowboy Boots/Food Truck• Tucker’s Onion Burgers• POPS on Route 66• Oklahoma City’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade• Red Prime Steak
  15. 15. Press | Publicity• has been featured in the following – KOSU Commentary, every Tuesday morning, 91.7 (Oklahoma City focus) – The Daily Oklahoman – The Tulsa World – The Washington Post – The Washington Post Leadership Playlist Blog – MSNBC, Huffington Post and many more via the National Associated Press – Journal Record Blog – Oklahoma Today Blog – Twit TV – ParentDish – She Knows – Babble – Numerous high-ranking blogs including Misadventures with Andi; The Lost Ogle and OKC Central Blog on NewsOK. – Official Blogger for the 2010 Chevy Malibu – Volunteer blogger for the OG&E Smart Hours Program
  16. 16. Social Networking• All Blog Content is shared across social networking channels – Twitter Followers: 3,420 – Facebook Friends: 600 – Blog Facebook Fans: 536 – LinkedIn Connections 500+
  17. 17. Contact Information Jennifer James McCollum, APR 405.401.1354