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Facebook Marketing For Business
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Facebook Marketing For Business


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A Presentation on Facebook Marketing For Business by: …

A Presentation on Facebook Marketing For Business by:

Jenius, LLC‎
3440 Avenue E
Council Bluffs, IA 51501
(712) 314-1536‎

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. 1Facebook Marketing for Business 2012 Joe Luna Jenius, LLC Phone: 712.314.1536 Email: Website: www.marketingjenius.comCopyright © 2012 Jenius, LLCLLC Copyright © 2012 Jenius,
  • 2. Introduction: Presentation Overview 2 • Why Facebook? • 3 Phases of Facebook Marketing • Creating Your Presence • What is a Facebook Fan Page • Components of a Successful Fan Page • Engaging Fans And Driving Repeat Business • The Power of the Facebook Newsfeed • Amplifying Exposure • What to do Next: Getting Started Copyright © 2012 Jenius, LLCLLC Copyright © 2012 Jenius,
  • 3. Why Facebook? The Stats are overwhelming 3• Over 750 Million Users• ½ of Them Log in Everyday• People Spend over 700 Billion Minutes on Facebook per month• The Average User is Connected to 80 Community Pages, groups & Events• 48% of 18-34 Year Olds Check Facebook Right When They wake up.• 28% Check Facebook on Their Smart Phones Before Even Getting out of Bed• 71.2% of the U.S. Web Audience is on Facebook Copyright © 2012 Jenius, LLCLLC Copyright © 2012 Jenius,
  • 4. Why Facebook? All The Major Brands Are Using It 4Copyright © 2012 Jenius, LLC
  • 5. Why Facebook? It’s the Fastest Growing Network in the World. 5 Copyright © 2012 Jenius, LLC
  • 6. Why Facebook? Connect & Communicate 6• Easily Connect with your customers through ‘liking’• Communicate with customers by simply updating your status• Allow users to ‘share’ your business with friends• Spread your brand virally throughout Facebook• Build an engaging community around your business Copyright © 2012 Jenius, LLC
  • 7. Why Facebook? Building Your Brand 7 • Build, expand and solidify your brand • Create an engaging community around your brand • Integrate your brand with your customers daily life Copyright © 2012 Jenius, LLC
  • 8. 8Copyright © 2012 Jenius, LLC
  • 9. Creating a Presence: Facebook Fan Page 9• Create your Facebook fan page• Decide on a purpose and direction for the page• Customize the page to clearly communicate your brands image and marketing messages• Build your initial user base through existing advertising channels and the Facebook Ad Platform Copyright © 2012 Jenius, LLC
  • 10. What is a Facebook Fan Page? 10• A Facebook Fan Page is a miniature website within Facebook that contains massive marketing power.• Users can become ‘Fans’ of a fan page by simply pressing the ‘like’ button.• Once a user is a ‘fan’ of the page any updates made to the page are shown in the users newsfeed on the homepage of their individual Facebook.• Facebook fan pages are highly customizable to fit the needs of any brand or business Copyright © 2012 Jenius, LLC
  • 11. 11 Basic Fan Page VS. Custom Branded Fan Page Basic Fan Page Customized Fan PageCopyright © 2012 Jenius, LLC
  • 12. 12 See The Difference?So what exactly goes into a successfulFan Page then… Copyright © 2012 Jenius, LLC
  • 13. Components of a Successful Fan Page 13• Properly Branded Images That Clearly Define and Communicate Marketing Messages• Properly Optimized Information Sections• Proper Utilization of Applications and Tabs• Active Posting of Quality Branded Content• Maintaining an Engaging and Active User base Copyright © 2012 Jenius, LLC
  • 14. Building The Initial Fan Base 14• Integrate the Facebook fan page link with existing marketing channels• Send out an email or text to existing customers letting them know about your new Facebook fan page• Place a QR Like Sticker in high traffic areas with an incentive encouraging customers to ‘like’ the page• Use the Facebook Advertising Platform to drive targeted traffic to the page Copyright © 2012 Jenius, LLC
  • 15. Engaging with Your Fans and Driving Repeat Business 15Engaging with your customers on a regular basis throughbranded content, polls, quizzes, contests, and giveawaysis the absolute best thing you can do for your fan page. Copyright © 2012 Jenius, LLC
  • 16. The Power of the Facebook Newsfeed 16• Whatever you post on your fan page wall automatically shows up in your fans newsfeed• Posts with more engagement stay in the newsfeed longer and get exposed to the ‘friends’ of ‘fans• Users are 40-150 times more likely to consume branded content in the Newsfeed than to visit the Fan Page itself. Copyright © 2012 Jenius, LLC
  • 17. The Power of the Facebook Newsfeed 17• Facebook users spend more than a quarter of their time on the site consuming and interacting with the Facebook Newsfeed• This activity represents 4 percent of all time spent online in the U.S.• 48% of young Americans reported that they get their news through Facebook Copyright © 2012 Jenius, LLC
  • 18. The Power of the Facebook Newsfeed 18 Copyright © 2012 Jenius, LLC
  • 19. Engaging With Your Fans: Best Practices 19• Post Several Times a Day at Peak Activity Times• Post Attractive Images & Video• Use Questions to Drive Response• Run Polls or Quizzes to Survey Customers• Run Contests & Giveaways to Drive Engagement and Encourage Sharing• DON’T SELL (this is the quickest way to get blocked by your fans)• Post Relevant Industry Content or Updates (Provide Value) Copyright © 2012 Jenius, LLC
  • 20. Amplify Exposure: Regular Posting 20• A Facebook analysis suggests that each incremental day of publishing branded content from the Facebook Page increases the reach among Fans by approximately 2.5 percent.• Publishing branded content exposes your content to friends of fans.• A Facebook analysis of the top 100 brand pages suggests that for every Fan, there are an additional 34 Friends of Fans that can be reached with branded content. Copyright © 2012 Jenius, LLC
  • 21. Amplify Exposure: Sponsored Stories 21• Sponsored stories amplify the organic engagement by informing friends of fans about your page and activity.• Drive new likes, expand you brand, spread your web throughout Facebook.• Combining regular posting with sponsored stories has been proven to drastically increase a brands reach. Copyright © 2012 Jenius, LLC
  • 22. Conclusion: Connecting The Dots 22• Facebook is a golden opportunity for businesses to promote their brand.• It starts with a custom fan page designed to fit your brands needs• Engaging Fans is critical to the success of any Facebook campaign.• Facebook is a great way to bring your brand into the everyday lives of your customers.• Regular posting and sponsored stories will increase reach and spread your web throughout Facebook. Copyright © 2012 Jenius, LLC
  • 23. 23 Are You Ready to GetYour Custom Fan Page? What to do Next…Copyright © 2012 Jenius, LLC
  • 24. Claim Your Facebook Page Setup For Only $97 - Today! 24• CALL Joe Luna @ (712)314-1536• Ask about: – Facebook Page Optimization – Facebook Coupon Promotions – Custom Pages and Custom Graphics – Facebook Marketing Campaigns – Custom Copywriting Copyright © 2012 Jenius, LLC