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Writing for young adults


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The definition of Young Adult Literature has extended from the 12 +

The definition of Young Adult Literature has extended from the 12 +

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  • 1. Writing for Young Adults Jeni Mawter
  • 2. What is a Young Adult?• The Teenage Years (12 + )
  • 3. What is a Young Adult?The five milestones of transition to adulthood:1) completing school
  • 4. What is a Young Adult?2) leaving home / gaining independence
  • 5. What is Young Adult?3) becoming financially independent
  • 6. What is a Young Adult?4) marrying
  • 7. What is a Young Adult?5) having children
  • 8. Young Adults Today…
  • 9. Young Adults Today…
  • 10. YA Texts – Some Examples• Eugenides, Jeffrey. The Virgin Suicides. Warner, 1993• Rosoff, Meg. How I Live Now. Penguin, 2004• Pullman, Philip. Northern Lights. Point Fiction (Ashton Scholastic), 1997• Zusak, Markus. The Book Thief. Picador, 2005• Haddon, Mark. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time. David Fickling, 2003• Gwynne, Phillip. Deadly, Unna? 1998• Tan, Shaun. The Arrival. 2006• Gaiman, Neil. The Graveyard Book. Pan Macmillan, 2008
  • 11. Features of a Young Adult Text• Young adult protagonist• Often a coming-of-age story• The reader/audience has to care about the story and characters• Issues relevant to age group
  • 12. Young Adult Issues• self-definition and subjectivity
  • 13. Young Adult Issues• self-definition and subjectivity with doubts
  • 14. Young Adult Issues• exploring sexuality and writing the body
  • 15. Young Adult Issuessocial power social responsibility
  • 16. Young Adult Issues• representations of self and society
  • 17. Young Adult Issues• dominant ideologies
  • 18. Young Adult Issues• multiculturalism and assimilation
  • 19. Young Adult Issues Glocal
  • 20. Young Adult Issues• relationships – social networks, driven by social media
  • 21. Young Adult Issues• other relationships
  • 22. Young Adult Issues• social media
  • 23. Young Adult Issues• technology
  • 24. Young Adult Issues• 24/7/365 access
  • 25. Young Adult Issues• religion and spirituality
  • 26. Young Adult Issues• risk taking
  • 27. Young Adult Issues• drugs and alcohol
  • 28. Young Adult Issues• aggression
  • 29. Young Adult Issues• stress and anxiety
  • 30. Young Adult Issues• high expectations
  • 31. Young Adult Issues• high achievers
  • 32. Young Adult Issues• job prospects
  • 33. Young Adult Issues• celebrity
  • 34. Young Adult Issues• Harry Potter generation
  • 35. Young Adult Issues• reality shows
  • 36. Young Adult Issues• narcissism
  • 37. Young Adult Issues
  • 38. Young Adult Issues• playing it safe
  • 39. Young Adult Issues• rise in conservatism
  • 40. Young Adult Issues• Conservatism reflected in YA literature- Rise in Fantasy - Less Realistic Fiction
  • 41. Young Adult Issuesmortality immortality
  • 42. Young Adult Issues• role reversals and blurred boundaries
  • 43. Young Adult Issues• the environment• climate change
  • 44. Publisher’s Wish List • young adult appeal • morally acceptable • innovative • characters you can’t forget • original voice • a fresh use of language • a story that moves its reader
  • 45. Voice• Who is telling the story and why?• First-person perspective (intimate, limited POV)• Omniscient third-person (less personal, multiple POV)• Must be authentic• Avoid clichés, stereotypes and contrivances
  • 46. Style Considerations for Voice • word choice • paragraph size • sentence length • rhythm of sentences • sentence structure • information given • tense • colloquial language • emotions • metaphor • humour • lyrical language • point of view • formal grammar, • attitudes punctuation, spelling
  • 47. Voice Exercise
  • 48. Challenge: Different Voices
  • 49. Planning Exercise• Who is the main character?• What does the character desire?• What gets in the way of achieving this?• What tactics might the character use?• Does the character succeed or fail?• How is the character’s world changed as a result of the struggle?• How might our world be changed?
  • 50. New Media Literacies• traditional literacy (print culture) + mass and digital media literacy• the ability to think across platforms• social literacy• community affiliation• interactive• collaborative• Transmedia navigation involves the ability to read and write across all available modes of expression
  • 51. New Media Literacies• Kress (2003) stresses that modern literacy requires the ability to express ideas across a broad range of different systems of representation and signification including words, spoken or written; image, still and moving; musical; 3D models etcKress, G. (2003). Literacy in the New MediaAge. New York: Routledge.
  • 52. New Media ExerciseToday by The Smashing Pumpkins • Pink ribbon scars• Today is the greatest That never forget Day I ’ve ever known I’ve tried so hard Can’t live for tomorrow To cleanse these regrets My angel wings Tomorrow’s much too long Were bruised and restrained I burn my eyes out My belly stings Before I get out Today is Today is I wanted more Today is Than life could ever grant The greatest day Bored by the chore That I have ever known Of saving face I want to turn you on I want to turn you round Today is the greatest I want to turn you on Day I have ever known I want to turn you Can’t wait for tomorrow Today is the greatest I might not have that long Today is the greatest day I’ll tear my heart out Today is the greatest day Before I get out That I have ever known
  • 53. New Media ExerciseUse these lyrics to write • Acceptance speech3 different texts. • Personal narrative • Newspaper/magazine• Blog article • MySpace page• Parable • Dialogue• Diary entry • Comic strip• Speech • Photo essay• Interview • Eulogy• Letter • Glog• Song lyric• Poem How could you make them interactive?• memoir
  • 54. New Media ExerciseExtensionSmashing Pumpkins Live in concert Pumpkins Video Clip YouTube