The Senior Golf Swing - Golf Driver Tips


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If you are a golfer and happen to be a senior, you might want to experience courses the way they are instead of having improvements. Not all
courses are designed the same and there are reasons for this, the top one being different playing fields allows the senior golfer to practice different techniques.

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The Senior Golf Swing - Golf Driver Tips

  1. 1. ==== ====Age does not hinder you from the golfing profession. Check out this great video ====Imagine that little white ball soaring, straight as an arrow, down the centre of the fairway...Great!You will find Golf Driver Tips everywhere, both online and offline. This particular club can bedifficult to master, its size and length can be intimidating, especially for beginners. Golf Driver Tipsare aplenty, and here are some of the best and most effective for the senior golf swing.A solid, reliable drive off the tee is a key element to a lower score. Hook or slice and its bye byebirdie. A few wayward drives off the tee will ruin your score for the entire game, and probably yourday.Conversely, Senior Golfers (and others) who are prepared to review these Golf Driver Tips willoften see lower scores if they apply them to a senior golf swing.A great drive, combining both distance and accuracy will have your ball end up closer to yourtarget, the green. You now have an advantage; a shorter shot to the green makes the possibility ofa birdie or even an eagle easier. A few of these shots will certainly help to lower your scoresignificantly.Golf Driver Tip #1 - "Relax".This is extremely important and requires you to practice patience and concentration. Master it andyou will enjoy your game to the full. You have heard it before "let the club head do the work"Muscling your way through a tee shot is a sure way for you to wind up looking for your ball in thewoods. Trying to Rip the ball down the fairway will almost always result in a hook or a slice. TheSenior Golf Swing should be a thing of grace and beauty.Golf Driver Tip #2 - "Clear your Head"The last hole is gone. If you had a poor showing do not take the baggage with you to the next tee.Anger and Frustration over a bad score on the previous hole will almost certainly lead to a baddrive. Before addressing your ball, or even before your it is your turn to tee-off, take time to calmdown, breathe deeply, and most importantly, go through your pre-shot routine.Golf Driver Tip #3 -"Practice"The Golf driving range is the place to hone your skills. Repeated practice of the senior golf swing,especially with the modern great big oversized drivers is the key...Why?• Oversized clubs can be difficult to square up at first. To find the "sweet spot" with theheavier and larger head requires plenty patience and practice.
  2. 2. • Gaining confidence to use these big drivers is essential and golf practice is the only way toget it• Oversized clubs require the ball to be teed up higher. The best place to test and practiceusing the correct height is on the range...not on the first tee!Golf Driver Tip #4 -"The Grip"Resist the urge to strangle the club when you take it into your hands. Chances of slicing the ballmultiply in direct proportion to the force of the "death grip" Golf 101 teaches various grips but all ofthem teach you to use "light pressure"...Why?• Light pressure enhances the wrist hinge which is a vital power source in the swing.• Light pressure increases club face rotation resulting in improved square contact.This Tip also applies to all the other clubs in the golf bag, and more importantly to a senior golfswing.Sam Snead - "Hold the club as if you had a little baby bird in your hand."Practicing these golf driver tips will result in Senior Golfers achieving better distance and accuracywith your drives off the tee. Remember: the only way to learn new skills is to get out there andpractice.Gary Player - "The harder you work the luckier you get""Carpe Diem"35 years striving to become a 10 handicap golfer (I made it!) the articles at are the result of my experience, professional coaching and mistakes corrected. Read,Apply and Practice the tips, the articles will certainly help you to improve your game.Improve in your own time! Download and work through these 4 FREE eBOOKS packed withvaluable information for golfers at all levels plus receive an email series of tips and instruction bytour pros guaranteed to reduce your scores.Article Source:
  3. 3. ==== ====Age does not hinder you from the golfing profession. Check out this great video ====