Senior Golf Clubs - Spectacular Innovations For Senior Golfers


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If you are a golfer and happen to be a senior, you might want to experience courses the way they are instead of having improvements. Not all
courses are designed the same and there are reasons for this, the top one being different playing fields allows the senior golfer to practice different techniques.

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Senior Golf Clubs - Spectacular Innovations For Senior Golfers

  1. 1. ==== ====Age does not hinder you from the golfing profession. Check out this great video ====It eventually sinks in...the reality is that we need to purchase "senior golf clubs" and golfequipment.We need to face the fact that strength and suppleness, once taken for granted, is receding andthat the Golden Years brings with it a certain stiffness of the joints, loss of power and theoccasional twinge as we swing the golf club.Do not fight it...enjoy it. With the ability to play off "senior" tee boxes comes a new fad; GolfEquipment designed exclusively for Seniors.OK, if we want to be cynical about it, golf manufacturers are exploiting this new and very profitableniche in the golf market. The upside is that most golf manufacturers are in this niche and thecompetition for your dollar is keeping prices fairly reasonable, well at least among most retailers.Another plus is that the golf manufacturers need to be on our side and must want to help us toimprove our game. It is quite gratifying to walk into some golf outlets and find a senior golfer withthe necessary training and experience to assist you with your senior golf clubs in a section of theshop dedicated solely to senior golf.Senior Professional Golf tours now take place all over the world. These tours are becoming moreand more popular with the viewing public, testimony to the excellent quality of golf. Many golfinggreats, colourful personalities, and characters add to the entertainment. This Golf spectacle isworth watching. Senior tours have spawned an industry niche which is becoming one of the fastestgrowth areas in sport.The Senior Pros obviously want equipment that suits their age group (same as ours) thereforeforcing manufacturers to invest in the seniors equipment. The Senior Pro tests, approves theequipment and then goes on to win a tournament using a specific manufacturers senior golf clubs.The result is of course that we seniors also want to improve our game, therefore we buy themanufacturers senior golf clubs and equipment. This market is huge.The full range of exclusively senior golf equipment is available to the senior golfer, drivers, ironsets, putters, fairway woods, balls, bags, shoes, and the most popular hybrid clubs are alldesigned for us Golden Oldies. This range of equipment can also be custom fit for us as withregular golf equipment. In fact the possibility of out-playing the youngsters, driving, chipping,putting with the new equipment at our disposal is a highly agreeable thought!What constitutes a senior Personally, playing off the seniorstee box gives me the feeling of letting myself down, who wants to beat his sons off the seniors tee
  2. 2. box. I do believe however with the proliferation of new technology of senior golf clubs andequipment most seniors will feel comfortable playing off the regular tee box for much longer.Conversely you could win a few bets by utilizing the new technology and playing off the seniorstee box...but this is up to you!The Bottom Line.Getting older is a fact of life. Your Golden Years, coupled with new technology and a positive,relaxed "retirement" mental attitude could very well find you playing the best golf of your life."Carpe Diem""The reason the pro tells you to keep your head down is so you cant see him laughing. ~PhyllisDiller"35 years striving to become a 10 handicap golfer (I made it!) the articles at are the result of my experience, professional coaching and mistakes corrected. Read,Apply and Practice the tips, the articles will certainly help you to improve your game.Improve in your own time! Download and work through these 4 FREE eBOOKS packed withvaluable information for golfers at all levels plus receive an email series of tips and instruction bytour pros guaranteed to reduce your scores.Article Source: ====Age does not hinder you from the golfing profession. Check out this great video ====