Online Jobs From Home - Why Not Create Your Own Job


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Don't fall victim to the countless online scams. Discover the proven strategies to finding legitimate, high paying opportunities! Get this free report.

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Online Jobs From Home - Why Not Create Your Own Job

  1. 1. ==== ====Dont fall victim to the countless online scams. Discover the proven strategies to finding legitimate,high paying opportunities! Get this free ====Looking for online jobs from home? How great would it be to not fight traffic, get baby sitters, wakethe little kiddies up early, be in a mad rush all the time and fight exhaustion every day? Hey, whystop there? Youve read of some people making a fantastic living from home. Why settle for thecrumbs? Why not dream of long vacations, a beautiful paid for home and all the rest?The facts are these:Do a Google search and you find there are almost millions of places offering jobs from home. Ifyou get excited, I dont blame you. The prospect is an exciting one and a possible one. You areentitled to the good life, but we were sorely prepared in school for it. Your dreams of online jobsfrom home can and will be yours. Read on.Some of the offerings might include stuffing envelopes, doing surveys, entering data and a millionother things. "How come nobody else is taking advantage of these offers?" you ask.The answer is that many people do. They quickly find that there is much more involved than justsigning up. Many are led into a quicksand of spending. For just another $6.95, we will send youthis or that. Once thats done, you ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO HAVE this other thing. And so it goeson and on.In many of these so called offerings, there is no money to be made except by those who areselling you all these programs or whatever. Dont give up on your dreams of finding online jobsfrom home just yet.Another favorite tactic uses a very glitzy sales page which describes a reasonably priced ebook orcourse which they say covers everything. These places offer some value, but the thing is that thejob or whatever requires so much, that you quickly see, as you read and study what you havebought that your information and training is very incomplete.Right about this time, they will send you their latest add-on product guaranteed to fill in the gaps inyour knowledge. This can go on for quite a while because you can see that you are learningsomething useful about the net or some business that might lead you to online jobs from home.Another favorite is the "one time offer". You are buying something, you enter your paymentinformation and press enter. Up on your screen comes a "one time offer" of some extra book orwhatever to complement what you just bought. These offers are very enticing. You already spent afew dollars, why not spend just a few more? And, oh, by the way, this is a limited time offer so youmust hurry!Its an electronic book, boys and girls. There is no limit to the number of times it can bedownloaded. There is no hurry.So, whats the answer to finding online jobs from home?
  2. 2. First, dont give up. Many people succeed online. You are not alone in your dreams and desires. Ifyour job is in jeapourdy, you can thank Wall Street greed. Schools never prepared us for this kindof commerce so being a little scared of it is ok. Again, please remember that the news is not allbad. There are some legitimate online jobs from home and many people have done well. The bestthing is to create your own job. Build your own online business.In the meantime, I strongly advise you to check with the Better Business Bureau online. They willadvise of really scammy places. An excellent place to find out what an "opportunity" is really like isto do a search for a forum that has people on it that have dealt with this company or offering. Agood way of typing in your search is (yes, in quotes, EXACTLY as shown) "forums+the name ofthe outfit you are considering". This should yield you a number of places to visit. These forums willbe full of information for you. It wont take long to find out if the offering you are looking at is worthanything.Warning! Be ready to bear a little heartbreak. I know how much it means to you to be free of theboss, traffic, the economy and all the rest, but you will find many stories of heartbreak on theseforums; broken promises, outright lying and cheating and any number of other deceptions. Youwill, however, get the straight goods most of the time, but be wary here too.I have seen times when a collection agency is on a forum acting like they are one of the victimsand imploring people to not go through what they went through and PLEASE deal with thecollection agency.If I sound too negative, I apologize. The internet can be a river of honest, legitimate gold. Likeanything else, buyer beware as you seek online jobs from home.The real key to success and happiness on YOUR TERMS is to build your own business online.There are some legitimate jobs online, but most of them require a special education or training. Anexample is one of my sons who makes exceptional money as a computer consultant for a largeinternational company. He works from home and makes a considerable income.The idea of working from home is so appealing and the promises made are so fabulous that itbreaks your heart when you find it is all smoke and mirrors. By all means, take your time, checkthings out and, when you are sure, do whatever you looked at.The best of all is to slowly build an online business of your own. The beauty of the internet is thatbasically, ONCE YOU KNOW HOW IT WORKS, you can slowly, cautiously and carefully build ahighly successful enterprise of your own. Most of the information to do so is free. There are even(legitimate) places that encourage you to build a site for free on their sites! (No, they are not crazy.Once you understand the system, you will understand their reasonning).What you need is desire, KNOWLEDGE and patience. The get rich quick crowd dont like articleslike this one about online jobs from home. There is no get rich quick secret formula. You have tolearn how commerce on the web works.When you do a search on any subject, you end up with 10 sites on your first results page. Theyare supposed to be the most relevant to your query. How did they get to the top 10? Did somecomputer somewhere toss an electronic coin to decide who is number 1? No. You have to earnyour way to the top You cant buy your way there. It is free!Ill leave you here to figure out how they got there.Octavien Remillard has been building his internet businesses for 5 years. He brings a great varietyof experiences to his writing along with a wry wit. For a much more detailed description of theways to make money on the "River Of Gold", the World Wide Web and how to make it withoutrisking a cent, click through to his home page and download the free world class ebook on affiliate
  3. 3. marketing: Online Jobs From Home.Article Source: ====Dont fall victim to the countless online scams. Discover the proven strategies to finding legitimate,high paying opportunities! Get this free ====