LocalSEOd.com Introduces Guaranteed Performance Based SEO to Maximize Clients’ Internet Presence


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LocalSEOd.com has introduced a performance-based SEO service offering to provide maximum results, and the most bang for the buck, for clients with a goal to increase their overall internet presence.

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LocalSEOd.com Introduces Guaranteed Performance Based SEO to Maximize Clients’ Internet Presence

  1. 1. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASELocalSEOd.com Introduces Guaranteed PerformanceBased SEO to Maximize Clients’ Internet PresencePerformance based SEO ranking methodology is rapidly becoming an Internetmarketing best practice. LocalSEOd.com has introduced a performance-based SEOservice offering to provide maximum results, and the most bang for the buck, forclients with a goal to increase their overall internet presence.New York City, New York, October 11, 2012- Systematically building a solid internetpresence is the goal of every e-commerce and website developer. One of thefundamental ground rules for every competitive business is the continuous striving forbetter, cheaper and faster. But when it comes to cheaper, lower cost per click throughmay not always be the best metric to use, because many clickers may not really beinterested in buying the sites products or services, and may not even be interested inreading the content for that matter.Accordingly, the pay per click through is often just wasted dollars. A much bettermetric and measurement of performance is cost per sale. However this may meanspending a little more extra within the upfront marketing mix to achieve increasedtargeted results. Surprisingly, with a much more targeted audience reading thewebsites content, this may actually have the benefit of producing lower costs per sale,and is the main reason why in some marketing circles is considered an industry bestpractice.LocalSEOd.com has introduced Performance Based SEO Plans for clients who wantto achieve overall marketing results to the bottom line, in order to stay ahead of theircompetition. Their plans along with their linking programs will obtain favorablewebsite ranking results, while still taking into consideration the latest Google Pandaand Penguin updates, which penalizes sites with poor content.Over the last year and half, hundreds of thousands of internet businesses have lost heirGoogle ranking due to recent Google Panda and Penguin updates. Along with Googleutilizing artificial intelligence, and automated algorithms to penalize once top rankingproductive sites; the recession has created a tight corporate budget environment thatmakes the need for better performance even more apparent. LocalSEOd.com providesjust the right solution to address these issues with their performance based solutionpackages, and better yet is a risk free solutionThe fact of the matter is website owners are tired of being ripped off by high pricedand so called "knowledgeable" SEO companies that take their money and scarceresources and do not produce the promised or desired results. Localseod.com not onlyis offering an effective service, but also guaranteeing results.Localseod.com is providing Guaranteed Local SEO Services that will get keywords onthe first page within 90 days of starting a campaign. If the company does not get thedesired results, the client can just stop paying their Agency and they will continue
  2. 2. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEworking without further charges for their services. If after six months, their client doesnot deliver on their first page commitment, then they will give back every penny fromthe first three monthly payments.The company has a team of Local SEO experts that will work diligently to provide anylocal business with a first page presence on the web. With guaranteed results there islittle risk to try out one of their plans.To learn more about performance based marketing local seo plans please click on thelink above.ContactLocalSEOd.com245 Park Ave. 24th and 39th floorsNew York City, New York 10167800-419-7150support@localseod.comwww.localseod.com