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Audience analysis



Analysis of the results from my audience research survey.

Analysis of the results from my audience research survey.



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Audience analysis Audience analysis Document Transcript

  • 1) All participants were between the ages of 16-20, which is expected from the audience this survey was emailed to, Hartlepool 6th Form College. This will reflect in the later answers in the survey by showing the variation of music taste in modern day teens. The age range in which took the survey coincidentally are The Black Keys main audience demographic. This means that the answers given in the rest of the survey will give opinions on the alternative rock genre. This survey will come in useful when choosing a target audience when it comes to constructing my music video. 2)
  • The replies I gathered from this question specified that Rock is the most favorable genre with Alternative Rock in a very close second place out of the total of 7 genres on the survey. Taking into account the second choice below ‘love’ is ‘okay’, making Alternative a straight winner. This is respectable due to my song choice ‘Little Black Submarines’ by The Black keys is labeled under the Alternative genre. This will make my music video, which is currently under construction suitable for a good chunk of the audience. 3) Dubstep, Soul, Country, Punk, Drone Metal, Musical, Indie, Metal, Rave, Electronic, Classical, Acoustic. Not all contributors responded to this question due to it not being a required question like the previous questions. However the answers given did vary a huge amount. A positive result that came from this question is that the majority of answers from this are sub genres of Rock, supporting the previous questions in my survey. 4) The script ft. will I am hall of fame because it’s a catchy tune One Time. Justin Biebers first music video. Watching it now it shows how much he has grown up. I enjoy how it is based around a party and it’s memorable. Emily- From First to Last, past events my favourite song is R Kelly The Worlds Greatest because it inspires me and my favourite music video is JLS Billion Lights because it takes you through their journey as a band. Song - The Fox - YLVIS because it has dancing foxes. I like Jason mraz im yours video because its really relaxed and light hearted Vincent, the temple is good my favourite song is example changed the way you kiss me because its the first song I heard of him that got me into his music. my favourite music video is example, close enemies because it gets straight to the point and has a meaning behind it and tis different to anything else out there. My favourite song and music video is "Sugar, we're going down" by Fall Out Boy because it tells a story and also shows the band. It is very fitting for the song. Song: Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here Music Video: OkGo - Here It Goes Again My favourite song is Billie Holiday- Summertime. I love all her music but there are no music videos to them. Deadmau5 Ft. Gerard Way - Professional Griefers, just because it’s really cool to listen to, the video is interesting and the song is catchy. M.C. Banks - Who’s ready for the weekend I don't even know myself sorry favourite song right now would have to be 'velociraptor' by kasabian and favourite music video would have to be 'the rock show' by blink-182 Song - Gimme the loot Music Video - not sure Favourite song at the moment is 'Sweet home Chicago' by the blues brothers. My favourite music video is 'The Ballard of Mona Lisa' from Panic! at the disco. Happy when it rains - the Jesus and Mary Chain favourite band XD and I like some of their mvs... Hammer - Foals (and lots of their songs but they do shit mvs recently Take me out - franz ferdiand I don't have particular favor in mv really...there are great bands doing shit mv and shit musicians doing fun mv which doesn't matter anyway Miley Cyrus- Wrecking Ball, I like people licking sledgehammers and swinging naked on wrecking balls Somebody told me - The killers Song is really good song, the lyrics have a strong meaning and the video represents what is being said One of my favourite videos is Demi Lovato - Skyscraper. This is because it is simple but symbolic and she isn't pretending to be someone she is not. One Direction - Best Song Ever Favourite song has to be The Spill Canvas - Self Conclusion Favourite Video is Tegan and Sara - The Con Favourite music video is I Want Love by Elton John because it is all one shot and contains a good actor to sell the video. Sugar we're going
  • down by fall out boy because it is interesting and catchy Gangnam Style Song - Porter Robinson - Language Music Video - David Guetta - She-wolf I like this music video because its unusual and interesting. Also looks very cool at certain points. Not just the artist doing a few moves. I like an interesting video that actually has been made to fit the song. Sick of seeing singers just busting a few moves with lights to make a video. Godspeed you; black emperor! - Storm don't have a favourite music video don't really watch them honestly Radio Gaga-Queen. Because Freddie is the best. Chum - Earl Sweatshirt its relaxed and slow but has a lot of meaning in the lyrics 2 Guys 600 Pillows - by Rhett and Link Pendulum - Blood Sugar because it's a bouncy tune! Somebody that I used to know- Gotye Cause' creative 'Red Hands' by Walk Off The Earth. Mainly because of the way that the video has been shot and the song itself I just enjoy listening to. This question was required for the reason to see what music taste my target audience has, and also to corporate ideas and conventions from these music videos into my own, making it more successful with my target audience. This question made the audience single out a particular video and song and why they favoured it. Responses were again varied as it contrasts the previous question because these results show that a person’s favourite music video may not come from their favourite genre, giving me the option to challenge stereotypical conventions of my genre to please the target audience. I had planned to follow some form of conventions in my video, which is reflected in my initial ideas, however some of my video will subvert certain conventions to make it still recognizable and unique.
  • From question 4, all criteria were regarded relatively important. This question takes opinions from the audience to what makes a decent music video; in their opinion the most important factor is a good narrative, to make sure it follows the lyrics. I consider all the factors shown rather important regardless, however I will construct my music video more so around the opinion of the audience.
  • To relax/to fill in time/escape from reality, which ruled the chat with a great 57% of responses given. I intend to create a music video to fit this factor, so the audience will feel that they can just relax when watching it. I will also take it the other opinions of the audience, to ensure I fill all criteria.