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    Gprs franchisee projected income Gprs franchisee projected income Document Transcript

    • “GLOBAL PINOY REMITTANCE AND SERVICES INC. ARE NOW OPEN FOR FRANCHISE!!” 4 IN 1 SERVICES Remittance GPRS offers fund remittance transfer services to its broad-based group of customers including OFWs, businesses, cooperatives, and individuals. The vision of the company is to be one of the leading Remittance Service Provider in the country and a mission to become a truly global money service company which consistently exceeds customers expectations. GPRS is able to accomplish that by employing on its own IT system software, UNLITECH INC. or UNLIMITED TECHNOLOGIES INC., which serves as a portal for all its transactions between its network of branches. This provides the company the edge to deliver fast, accurate and efficient remittance and fund transfer facilities. Ø GPRS to GPRS Outlet Can send and receive money locally through GPRS outlets all over the Philippines. You can earn 35% of the service charge of sending and pay-out. PROJECTED INCOME Assuming: Service Charge: P100.00, the 35% of 100.00 is 35.00 P35.00 x 10 Transaction/day = P10, 500.00/day 10, 500 x 30 Days = P315, 000.00/month Ø GPRS to NON-GPRS OUTLETS GPRS to CREDIT TO BANK This enables you to send your remittance in any GPRS outlet and remit to any bank account and to any BANC NET or MEGA LINK supported ATM. You can send money to your LOVE ONES through GPRS and you can earn 30% of the service charge. PROJECTED INCOME Assuming: Service Charge is P150.00.00; the 30% of 150.00 is 45.00 P45.00 x 40 transaction/month = P1, 800.00/ month
    •  GPRS to SMART PADALA You can send money using Smart Padala. The receiver will get a text message on their phone confirming the transaction has been completed. You can earn P10.00 up to P155.00. PROJECTED INCOME Assuming: Service Charge is P40.00 – P15.00 for GPRS = P25.00 The remaining 25.00 in service charge is the income of the outlet. 500 transactions/month x P25.00 = P12, 500.00 income/month GPRS to GCASH You can send money via GCASH. The receiver will get a text message on their phone confirming the transaction has been completed. You can earn P9.00 up to P150.00. PROJECTED INCOME Assuming: Service Charge is P40.00 – P11.00 for GPRS = P29.00 The remaining 29.00 in service charge is the income of the outlet. 200 transactions/month x P29.00 = P5, 800.00 income/month GPRS to KWARTAGRAM You can send money using KWARTAGRAM. You can earn 25% of the service charge. Assuming: Service Charge is P150.00; the 25% of P150.00 is P37.50 P37.50 x 30 transaction/month = P1, 125.00/month GPRS to CEBUANA LHUILLIER Partnership with Cebuana Lhuillier (Pera Padala), is bringing the Pick Up service to the Global Filipino community. The remittance is claimed by the beneficiary over the counter through all Cebuana Lhuillier’s branches nationwide. You can earn 18% of the service charge. PROJECTED INCOME Assuming: Service Charge is P150.00; the 18% of P150.00 is P27.00 P27.00 x 100 transactions/month = P2, 700.00 income/month GPRS to INTERNATIONAL REMITTANCE PARTNERS You can now pick-up money remitted with our international partners in any of our GPRS outlets nationwide. You can earn P50.00 in every pay-out transaction. Assuming: Service Charge is P50.00 30 transactions x 50.00 = P1, 500.00 income/month
    • Bills Payment You can now pay your bills in any GPRS Outlets nationwide. You can earn P3.00 to P5.00 in every transaction. PROJECTED INCOME Assuming: You have at least 5,000 Households under the vicinity of the area. Each household have at least 3 to 4 bills. 5,000 Households x 3 Bills = 15, 000 Bills 15, 000 Bills x P4.00 = P60, 000.00 income/month Ticketing/Booking You can also avail our ticketing services at GPRS. We offer local and international ticketing and booking. One can avail of cheap airfare and seafare deals to different destinations worldwide. Experience the comfort of booking your flights at GPRS and save time and money on your travel. AIRLINES  LOCAL/DOMESTIC Outlets can earn Service Charge of P150.00 to P500.00 per ticket. Assuming: Oneway 30 tickets sold x P300.00 Service Charge = P9, 000.00/month Roundtrip 15 tickets sold x P600.00 Service Charge = P18, 000.00/month  INTERNATIONAL Outlets can earn Service Charge of P750.00 to P1,500.00 per ticket. Assuming: 20 tickets sold x P1,000.00 Service Charge = P20, 000.00 income/month SHIPPING LINES Outlets can earn P50.00 to P150.00 per ticket. PROJECTED INCOME Assuming: 50 tickets sold x P100.00 Service Charge = P5, 000.00 income/month
    •  TRAVEL PACKAGE You can earn P1, 000.00 to 2, 000.00 per fare. 10 transactions x P1, 000.00 service charge = P 10, 000.00 income/month Loading Dealership Our Company started as an airtime loading company (VIP Loading) last 2006. VIP LOADING successfully saturated the market nationwide. It has its own system of loading - Unified system or the One Sim, One Load Send to all network system. The lines of products are e-loads, call cards and game cards. RATES: RBC (Registered Business Center) 2.5% OVER RIDE INCOME 12.5% to 13.5% E-Loader DEALER- 0.05% SUB-DEALER-1.5% RETAILER-2.5% DEALER 2% OVER RIDE INCOME 12% to 13% E-Loader SUBDEALER 1% OVER RIDE INCOME 11% to 12% E-Loader RETAILER 10% to 11% E-Loader PROJECTED INCOME (in 1 year operation) - Assuming that we have 50 DEALERS in our 1 year operation. 50 Dealers x P10, 000 Load Wallet = P500, 000.00 P500, 000 x 0.05% = P2, 500.00 INCOME PER DAY P2,500.00 x 30 DAYS = P75, 000.00 INCOME PER MONTH - Assuming that we have 25 SUB-DEALERS in our 1 year operation. 25 Sub-dealers x P5, 000 Load Wallet = P125, 000.00 P125, 000 x 1.5% = P1, 875.00 INCOME PER DAY P1, 875.00 x 30 DAYS = P56, 250.00 INCOME PER MONTH - Assuming that we have 50 RETAILERS in our 1 year operation. 50 Retailers x 1, 000 Load Wallet = P50, 000.00 P50, 000 x 2.5% = P1, 250.00 INCOME PER DAY P1, 250.00 x 30 DAYS = P37, 500.00 INCOME PER MONTH
    • CUSTOMER OR THE E-LOADERGLOBE P1, 000.00 x 12.5% =P125.00 INCOME/DAY P125.00 x 30 DAYS = P3, 750.00 INCOME/MONTHSMART P1, 000.00 x 12.5% =P125.00 INCOME/DAY P125.00 x 30 DAYS = P3, 750.00 INCOME/MONTHSUN P1, 000.00 x 13.5% =P135.00 INCOME/DAY P135.00 x 30 DAYS = P4,050.00 INCOME/MONTH Investment: Php. 596,000.00 total investment for franchise package of Global Pinoy Remittance and Services Incorporated.Franchise Package BreakdownFranchise Fee: Php. 300,000 + 12% VATSystem Fee: Php. 100,000 + 12% VAT (Renewable for 5 years)Security Deposit: Php. 100 ,000 (Refundable)Revolving Fund: Php. 40,000GPRS Visa Card: Php. 8,000 (12pcs. Visa Card)TOTAL: 596,000.00phpInclusion of Franchise Package and Marketing Collaterals● Marketing flyers and forms● Tarpaulin (Billers Tarp, Loading, Remittance and Ticketing)● 1 Signboard with lights (single or double face)● Marketing support, training and 24/7 helpdesk.“If you are interested in franchising, simply contact or visit us at our office. There are many ways of generating money and all you need to do is to ask us for details. “Karen DG Reyeg0910497468909234589120