How to maintain and keep clean your glass awards and crystal trophies

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Crystal awards and glass awards from Silver Trophy, ideal corporate awards for your business or organization. Glass & crystal awards make great corporate awards and trophies …

Crystal awards and glass awards from Silver Trophy, ideal corporate awards for your business or organization. Glass & crystal awards make great corporate awards and trophies

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  • 1. How to Maintain andkeep clean Your Glass Awards and Crystal Trophies
  • 2. Looking at an exhibition of glass awards andcrystal trophies always invokes feeling of prideinside recipient. When those hard-earned glassawards and crystal trophies are dirty or showindications of damage and wear, however, youshould consider cleaning them.
  • 3. It isnt really difficult to restore the glass awardsand crystal trophies with their original luster,however, or otherwise make sure they are shineand sparkle again. It takes only a few elementarycleaning supplies and repair materials. Tocompletely clean them, have a soft rag (a classict-shirt will be perfect). Usually do not apply anycleaner towards the rag yet; rather, utilize onethe main dry rag to remove the counter dirt fromthe trophies themselves and also the base, ifthere is one.
  • 4. Now, take your still-dry rag and vigorously shake itout. This will likely remove any loose dust and dirtthat accumulated through the "dry run". Then, goto a completely clean the main rag. Now, you areprepared to use your cleaner. However, you do notbe using the cleaner right to your glass awardsand crystal trophies. Rather, you will spray thecleaner directly on the cloth, and then wipe it ontop of the Corporate Awards.
  • 5. A commercial glass cleaner for example Windexis fine, however it should not be multi-surfacecleaner, set up label says it can be streak-freeand can be used on glass. In this case, it mayharm the etching. If you need to consider usinga multi-surface cleaner, however, execute aspot-test first, both about the glass awards andcrystal trophies and also the engraving.
  • 6. Plain white wine vinegar combined with water isa good cleaner. It can be slightly acidic, soensure you dilute it. If you utilize a spraycontainer to use it, put going to 1/3 cup ofvinegar inside the bottle, then finish filling thecontainer with water. Shake it well, and thensquirt it about 2-3 times in a trash can. This canensure that the vinegar and water havethoroughly mixed together.
  • 7. Should your glass awards and crystal trophies areplaced on wooden bases; utilize same cleaner tocarefully clean them. When the bases are gettingto be scratched or nicked, a furniture scratchremover, such as Old English, should pay for itnicely. If you’re made of a similar material as theaward itself and has been nicked or scratched,professional repairing may be required. So, avoidbeing shy. In the end, you earned each one fromthe glass awards and crystal trophies you mighthave.
  • 8. Your professional glass awards and crystaltrophies designer would be wise to provideproofs of your respective design before theengraving process. Examining the proofs closelyas well as in a timely fashion is the responsibilityand in what way youll be able to keep your finalproduct meets your expectations.
  • 9. Often times, the structure company will not likelymove ahead without your approval in the proofs,so and soon you provide word; your order wontbe completed. It is advisable to execute the proofapproval process in order to have your glassawards and crystal trophies carried out in timefor the event.
  • 10. By working this closely with you, an award designcompany proves their commitment to excellenceand professional service. By working this closelyusing your award design company, you providethe crooks to perform the best when producingyour custom glass awards and crystal trophies.
  • 11. PICTURES