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Collection Development Presentation

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  • 1. The Clyfford Still Library
    Collection Development Project
    Jennifer Dibbern
    LI813•Cohort 10•2009
    Still, C. (1957). 1957-D No. 1. oil on canvas, 13 x 159 in, Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, New York.
    Retrieved from http://www.abstract-art.com/abstraction/l2_Grnfthrs_fldr/g0000_gr_inf_images/g0040a_still_1957d.jpg
  • 2. Audience Introduction
    Denver Art Museum
    The Denver Art MuseumLibrary is located in a corner of the art museums administration building on the first floor.
    It is a quant library that houses a specialized collection primarily organized for use by museum staff, volunteers, interns and researchers.
    Still, C. (1957). Untitled. oil on canvas, 113 1/4 in. x 148 in, The Clyfford Still Estate, Denver, Colorado.
    Retrieved from http://www.sfmoma.org/artwork/310.
  • 3. The Clyfford Still Museum
    In the fall of 2010, the Denver Art Museum will be opening The Clyfford Still Museum. With the opening of a museum that will be focused on one artist, it seems fitting to create a small library specific to that museum.
  • 4. The Clyfford Still Library, Envisioned
    The library collection could be developed based off of the Denver Art Museum’s current library collection, however it would be focused specifically on materials related to Clyfford Still.
    Namuth, H. (1951). Clyfford Still. Photograph.Hans Namuth Estate. Retrieved from http://www.clyffordstillmuseum.org/clyfford.html.
  • 5. The Mission
    Mission of the Denver Art Museum Library:
    In speaking with the librarian, Susan Ferrer-Vinent, there is nothing written in stone.
    It is basically: “The Denver Art Museum Library is a specialized research resource for museum staff, volunteers, and visiting scholars” (EOS International, 2009).
  • 6. Age of Clientele
    Although children may be attracted by Still’s use of bright colors, the subjects implied by abstract expressionism in art historical context, could be too theoretical for anyone under the age of 17.
    Still, C. (1964). 1964.oil on canvas, 28 x 40 in,
    Retrieved from http://raggedclothcafe.com/2007/03/28/clyfford-still-by-sandy-donabed/
  • 7. Age, cont…
    Also, since the collection is following the same guidelines as the original DAM library, it will be focused on an audience of professionals.
    Primary focus on:
    Museum Professionals
    Curious Adult Patrons
  • 8. Main Subject Areas
    Clyfford Still
    His life—Biography
    His works – Technique, Materials, etc.
    His Art Genre—Abstract Expressionism, How his works fit into the big picture – Art History
    The Museum – History of…
  • 9. Primary Formats
    Books and Art Catalogues
    These are the two formats from which museum staff glean information.
    they use internet
    • The Main use of information sought by professionals is for reference, research, exhibition design, etc.
    Still, C. (1936). PH 77. oil on canvas 45 x 53 1/2 in, Estate of Clyfford Still, Denver, Colorado.
    Retrieved from http://www.clyffordstillmuseum.org/collection.html
  • 10. Information Sources
    With consideration of an audience made up of professionals and following their patterns of reference use, the following sources were collected for recommendation to begin the Clyfford Still Museum Library collection.
    Still, C. (1953). Untitled. oil on canvas, 36 x 40 in. Retrieved from http://osabordatangerina.wordpress.com/2009/11/01/joy/
  • 11. Clyfford Still (Kellaway, 1976)
    Still, C. (1952). 1952-no.2. oil on canvas, 299.0 h x 268.5 w cm, National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, ACT.
    Retrieved from http://artsearch.nga.gov.au/Detail.cfm?IRN=101773
  • 12. Clyfford Still, cont…
  • 13. Color As Field: American Painting, 1950-1975 (Wilkin, 2007)
    Still, C. (1960). 1960-F. oil on canvas, 112 by 145 ½in.
    Retrieved from http://www.remediosvaro.biz/Auction_Results/Contemporary/sothebys_may_12_2004.html
  • 14. Color As Field, cont…
  • 15. History of Modern Art (Arnason and Prather, 1999)
    Still, C. (1950). 1950-C. oil on canvas, 299.0 h x 268.5 cm.
    Retrieved from http://www.clyffordstill.net/art/1950C.html.
  • 16. History of Modern Art, cont…
  • 17. ‘Of the Earth, the Damned, and of the Recreated’: Aspects of Clyfford Still’s Earlier Work (Anfam, 1993)
    Still, C. (1951). 1951-N. oil on canvas, 234.5 x 175.6 cm, National Gallery of Art.
    Retrieved from http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com/blogs/citydesk/category/bureaucracy/smithsonian/.
  • 18. ‘Of the Earth, the Damned, and of the Recreated’, cont…
  • 19. The Clyfford Still Museum-Webpage (Petersen, 2009)
  • 20. The Clyfford Still Museum, cont…
  • 21. Conclusions
    This collection of sources would be a good start to a library collection at the Clyfford Still Museum based on it’s many strengths…
    Mostly pulled from the original Denver Art Museum Library Collection.
    Other materials suggested because of relevance to audience’s needs.
    Supporting catalogue of San Francisco’s “sister” collection.
  • 22. Conclusions, cont…
    Strengths, cont…
    All topics covered, including biography of artist, examples of work from different collections, historical relevance of work and examples of how it all is applicable to the Clyfford Still Museum.
    The collection is small.
    There could be more supporting books specifically focused on the artist.
    It would be useful to engage younger people in Clyfford Still and abstract expressionism by providing children’s books.
  • 23. References
    Anfam, D. (1993). ‘Of the Earth, the Damned, and of the Recreated’: Aspects of Clyfford Still’s Earlier Work. The Burlington Magazine, 135 (1081), 260-269.
    Arnason, A. A. & Prather, M. F. (1998). History of modern art (4th ed.). New Jersey: Prentice-Hall, Inc.
    EOS International. (2009). Denver Art Museum Library Catalog.
    Kellaway, T. (1976). Clyfford Still. Los Angeles: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.
    Petersen, R. (2009) Clyfford Still museum webpage. From http:// www.clyffordstillmuseum.org/.
    Russell, T. (2007). Writing a book review. Retrieved from: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/704/1
    Wilkin, K. (2007). Color as Field: American Painting, 1950-1975. New Haven: Yale University Press.
    Still, C. (1951). Untitled. oil on canvas, 299.0 h x 268.5 w cm.Retrieved from http://www.clyffordstill.net/art/1951.html