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  • 1. News Without the Ink: Typifying New Online Journalism Models
    By Jennifer Brannock Cox
  • 2. The Problem
    Journalism once easy to identify
    Online news sites prompt changing definitions
    Need to figure out what is journalism, who is a journalist
  • 3. The Purpose
    Define “journalism” & “journalists” from existing literature
    Examine innovations in collaboration and content focus
    Propose a typology categorizing individual news websites
    A normative stance regarding innovation versus tradition
  • 4. Who is a Journalist?
    Journalism produced by journalists
    Journalists as professionals
    Adhering to codes of ethics
    Journalism norms
    Training and skills
    Those who provide “news”
    Information that is in the “public interest”
    Information that helps citizens be “free and self-governing”
  • 5. Innovation Versus Tradition
    New technologies have always shaped journalism practices
    Innovation – the process of adoption and diffusion
    Newspapers slow to innovate – shovelware
  • 6. Innovation Versus Tradition
    Online start-ups have embraced what traditional newspapers have not
    Interactivity with the audience
    Audience participation in newsmaking
    Breaking down the gatekeeping function
    Specialized content
  • 7. Contributors
    Audience members contribute stories, photos, videos
    Reporters open the process, asking readers to help guide the story
    A conversation emerges, guiding the news
  • 8. Barriers to Contribution Innovation
    Reporters’ professional norms
    Professional status
    Newsroom socialization
  • 9. Niche Content
    Identifying and targeting specific audiences
    “Market-driven journalism”
    Speaking to a community and fostering its growth
  • 10. Barriers to Niche Innovation
    Profitability desires
    Journalism roles
    Passive observer versus active participant
    Gatekeeping – failure to listen to or know the audience
  • 11. Typology
  • 12. Typology
  • 13. Normative Conclusions
    News sites should embrace innovations in contribution and niche content in order to thrive
    News producers should involve audience members in news making
    News producers should seek to serve the audience to fulfill their public service charge
  • 14. Consequences of Failure to Innovate
    Traditional newspapers will lose:
    Online news sites without “professional” commitments will guide public opinion
    Dangers of “pandering”
  • 15. Future Research
    Categorizations will help guide researchers seeking to distinguish “innovators” from “laggards”
    Normative prescriptions need empirical testing