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Oltd 507 articulation_nov30

  1. 1. Vancouver Island University Faculty of Education Course Code: OLTD 507 Course Title: Special Topics - Cloud Computing Course Start Date: Nov. 4, 2013 Course Outline ___________________________________Calendar Description:Leveraging the use of the cloud for education is the focus of this course. Students willexplore what cloud computing can offer, investigate the educational applications,consider pros and cons, have confidence with some of the tools, while understanding thelegal and privacy protection issues surrounding cloud computing.Learning Outcomes:Through course activities, online discussions, readings and research it is expected that studentswill: Be familiar with common terms, definitions and elements related to cloud computing environments. Demonstrate basic competency with design and implementation within cloud computing environments. Plan learning opportunities most suitable to the strengths and challenges of cloud computing environments. Develop and design intentional learning activities suitable for the appropriate cloud environment and the learner o Incorporation of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles o Selection of strategies and resources appropriate for cloud environments, learners and learning outcomes. Critically assess and evaluate resources for best practice within cloud computing environments. Create assessment and evaluation methods/tools most suitable to the strengths and challenges of the cloud. Develop practical and technical skills in all phases of development, design, and implementation within the cloud. Develop skills to optimize learning experiences through personalization Page 1 Vancouver Island University 900 - Fifth St., Nanaimo, BC Canada V9R 5S5
  2. 2. o based on characteristics, needs, stages of development, current personalized learning mandates, misconceptions etc.Course Prerequisites: Successful completion of OLTD 506Course Particulars:Lecture hours/week:Lab hours/week: 7.5 (fully online)Seminar hours/week:Duration: 6 weeksTotal credits: 3Student Evaluation:Evaluation is based on the following components: All classes will be conducted online and students will engage in all activities. Students will collect and select formative ePortfolio contributions. Students will engage in collaborative online discussions in support of course topics. A glossary of terms will be developed regarding Cloud Computing environments. Students will develop a directory or social bookmarking list of cloud resources tagged by relevant terms (i.e. grade level, topic, subject, technology) Working in small design groups, students will develop an instructional unit using cloud platforms and resources, including assessment and evaluation. Unit will address UDL considerations. An appendix or addendum with suggested adaptations will be included. Students will individually reflect on cloud tool selection (e.g. why particular tools were selected or rejected during development and design to support learning.)Grade Scale: The evaluation of each course assignment will be considered on a “Credit/Non- Credit” basis. Page 2 Vancouver Island University 900 - Fifth St., Nanaimo, BC Canada V9R 5S5
  3. 3. Required Textbooks and Materials: It is recommended that students use one of the following browsers: Operating System Web Browsers Windows 1. Google Chrome 2. Mozilla Firefox 3. Safari 4. Microsoft Internet Explorer Macintosh 1. Google Chrome 2. Mozilla Firefox 3. Safari Reliable Internet connection Further system requirements available here http://www.viu.ca/iel/elearn/system.asp Other resources (including text) as determined by the instructor.Schedule of Topics or Syllabus: Review of course outline and learning outcomes Consideration for FIPPA and Security/Privacy Issues (consent forms/waivers etc.) Comparisons between large clouds and small clouds Implications for application and document sharing (Google Apps, Google Docs, etc.) File Management, sharing and storage issues (iCloud, Live Folder, etc.) Tools for presentation of learning (Prezi, VoiceThread, Evernote, Slideshare etc.) eBooks for instruction (Google Books, Kindle etc.) Additional Information: The following applies to all Education courses. Breach of any aspect of these course regulations may be considered as academic misconduct. Full details of the institutional policy on Student Academic Code of Conduct may be viewed at Page 3 Vancouver Island University 900 - Fifth St., Nanaimo, BC Canada V9R 5S5
  4. 4. http://www.mala.ca/policies/procedure.asp?rdPolicyNumber=99.01&rdProcedureNumber=001ACADEMIC INTEGRITY ISSUESAcademic integrity issues such as plagiarism, cheating on an exam, etc, arereferred to the Dean and follow the institutions guidelines. Please refer to “What isAcademic Integrity and Why Is It Important?” from VIU Student Services. Seehttp://www.viu.ca/studentservices/academicintegrity.aspSTUDENT DISABILITY POLICY AND PROCEDUREFurther details on Institutional Policy regarding students with disabilities may beviewed at http://www.viu.ca/policies/policy.asp?rdPolicyNumber=32.02.APPEALS PROCESSESFull details of the Institutional Appeals Policy may be viewed athttp://www.viu.ca/policies/policy.asp?rdPolicyNumber=99.02.Student appeal forms and final grade appeal forms for students are also availableon this website. Page 4 Vancouver Island University 900 - Fifth St., Nanaimo, BC Canada V9R 5S5