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  1. 1. The rescuing hug of life
  2. 2. It has been verified that all we needed physical contact to feel well, and one of the important forms but of physical contact is the hug.
  3. 3. When we affect and embrace one another, we live a life full of meaning and we reaffirm the confidence in our own feelings. Sometimes words just can’t express our emotions, and a hug is the best way.
  4. 4. There are times, that we don’t dare to say what we feel, whether of shyness or because our feelings overwhelm us, in those cases we can count on the language of hugs.
  5. 5. Hugs apart from making us feel well, helps to alleviate the pain, the depression and the anxiety. It causes positive physiological alterations in whom initiates the hug and whom receives it.
  6. 6. . Increases the will to live for those who are sick. Therefore you should know that FOUR hugs al day are necessary to survive, EIGHT to be maintained and TWELVE to grow as a person.
  7. 7. What does a Hug Offer?
  8. 8. To feel protected is important for all, but it's more for children and elders, who depend on the love of those who surround them. PROTECTION
  9. 9. We all need to feel secure. If we do not obtain it, we act inefficiently, and our interpersonal relationships decline. SECURITY
  10. 10. Trust can cause us to move forward when fear imposes on our desire to participate with enthusiasm in when faced with life's challenges. TRUST
  11. 11. When we transmit our energy with a hug, it increases our own inner strengths. FORTITUDE
  12. 12. Physical contact and a hug give that vital energy to heal or to alleviate lesser pains. HEALTH
  13. 13. By means of a hug we are able to imply a message of recognition, value, and the excellence of each individual. APPRECIATION
  14. 14. This is a photo of a selected article entitled “The Rescuing Hug” it refers to the life of twin girls who were born each placed in a separate incubator with one of the twins with little hope of surviving. The head nurse in the hospital came up with an idea and strived with the existing hospital rules so the twin newborn girls would be together in one incubator. The most beautiful incident was when they were placed together. The baby that was healthy hugged her little sister regulating with the warmth of her body the temperature and pulse of her twin. It was this that achieved to stabilize the cardiac rhythm of her sister. Let’s not forget the importance of what a hug does to the ones we love, and the good it does for all of us with how it encompasses the heart with it’s warmth.
  15. 15. A HUG... It does and says a lot. Hug your friend, hug your spouse, hug your children, hug your elders, hug your pet... EMBRACE ALL… And this big hug is for all of you…. ENJOY IT!!