Emotional And Social Intelligence Workshop Brochure


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Hay Group Emotional and Social Intelligence workshop

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Emotional And Social Intelligence Workshop Brochure

  1. 1. Driving performance together Emotional and Social Intelligence workshop Developing emotionally and socially intelligent managers and key contributors. In today’s fast, fickle business environment effective leadership and collaboration are critical. Yet achieving the results you want, and need, under such conditions can be frustrating and success fleeting www.haygroup.com
  2. 2. Self-aware, organizationally adept… and performance driven
  3. 3. Developing emotionally and socially intelligent managers and key contributors In today’s fast, fickle business environment effective leadership and collaboration are critical. Yet achieving the results you want, and need, under such conditions can be frustrating and success fleeting. Effective managers and key contributors know that their impact comes not just from their professional skills and knowledge, but also from their ability to manage their emotions, understand and influence others, and successfully navigate through the jungle of organizational culture, politics, structures and processes. Hay Group can help develop managers and key contributors with the emotional and social intelligence required to drive your organization forward and achieve the results you need, when you need them, regardless of the situation. The good news: it’s never too late to develop emotional and social competencies Daniel Goleman
  4. 4. Emotional and Social Intelligence workshop A critical ingredient in improving results Combining 60 years of Hay Group research linking leadership behavior and business results and the ground breaking work of Daniel Goleman, a pioneer in the study of emotional and social intelligence, our one- day workshop will equip your managers and key contributors with the insights and actions they need to be more effective in their particular roles. How effective? n Hay Group research shows that emotional intelligence is twice as important as cognitive abilities in predicting outstanding employee performance, and accounts for more than 85 per cent of star performance in top leaders n In one client company, divisions managed by leaders with strong emotional intelligence outperformed earnings’ goals by 20 per cent n In another organization the performance of highly emotionally and socially intelligent sales representatives was more than double that of their less effective peers. our research reflects a significant performance advantage for managers who display high levels of emotional intelligence
  5. 5. www.haygroup.com A journey of growth and development that starts with awareness Our studies show that once they are made aware of their abilities, limitations and issues, individuals can increase their emotional and social intelligence by following a clear step-by-step process and personal development plan – exactly what they receive from the Hay Group workshop. Participants are assessed using the Boyatzis, Goleman and Hay Group Emotional and Social Competency Inventory, a proven 360 assessment tool which is used by thousands of managers in hundreds of organizations around the globe. They receive feedback, including verbatim comments from their managers, peers, direct reports, and even clients and customers if they wish. During the workshop participants will be provided with individual coaching on these results, gain practice in new behaviors they need to develop, and create a personal improvement plan. They also receive a year’s subscription to Pathfinder, Hay Group’s online development tool.
  6. 6. Tying personal behavior to business results Led by expert Hay Group facilitators, our Emotional and Social Intelligence Workshop focuses on those insights and behaviors that today’s managers and key contributors must have if they are to successfully drive or achieve your desired business results. Through e-learning, group discussion, videos and exercises, participants quickly learn how their individual emotions and behavior impacts both their performance and that of their team or group. Workshop participants will: n develop practical techniques to manage themselves and their teams productively in the face of challenges or stress n identify personal perspectives, beliefs and bias that hamper their effectiveness in working with others n learn the importance of resilience and adaptability in driving performance n gain an understanding of the importance of empathy in understanding and motivating others n learn how to leverage their own emotions, their understanding of others, and their knowledge of the organization’s culture, politics, and processes to collaborate across boundaries, and increase their impact and influence in today’s flatter, matrixed organization.
  7. 7. A platform for better leadership and collaboration At first glance, emotional / social intelligence may appear to be a soft, superficial aspect of leadership and performance. But as workshop participants and their organizations quickly learn, it is actually a crucial element in managing and collaborating effectively, to drive results. Participants walk away with not only a new understanding of themselves and why they tend to ‘do what they do,’ but also an increased confidence in their ability to work with others, to manage and lead, and ultimately to increase their contribution to the growth and success of the organization. Organizations find that those who have attended this workshop are more capable of managing the stress of today’s business environment, more adept at adapting to continually changing business dynamics, and – most importantly – are more effective when it comes to executing on business goals and driving results… no matter what the situation. the only way you can manage well under stress is to rely on emotional intelligence Daniel Goleman
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