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interactive powerpoint



Published in Education , Technology
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  • 1. Parts of Speech An Interactive Presentation By: Jenny Wustman
  • 2. Main Slide Parts of Speech
    • Nouns
    • Types of Nouns
    • More Types of Nouns
    • Pronouns
    • Types of Pronouns
    • Types of Pronouns Continued
    • Verbs
    • Types of Verbs
    • Adjectives
    • Adverbs
    • Adverbs Continued
    • Author’s slide
    • Resources
  • 3. Nouns:words that name:
    • People: grandfather,Serena,Tiger Woods
    • Places: home, bridge, Chicago, Washington
    • Things: computer, Internet, parade, mailbox
    • Ideas: love, happiness, fear, justice
    • What’s a noun video
  • 4. Types of Nouns
    • Abstract used when writing/speaking about feelings or characteristics
    • Abstract nouns: courage, intelligence, theme
    • Concrete name things that you can see, hear, taste, smell or touch
    • Concrete nouns: lemon,snow,sand,puppy
    • Proper name particular persons, places ,things or ideas.
    • Proper nouns: Texas, Empire State Building, Mexico
  • 5. More Types of Nouns
    • Common name general words
    • Common nouns: state, building, country
    • Collective name a group of people or things
    • Collective nouns: family, team, troop, herd
    • Compound consist of two or more words
    • Compound nouns: great-uncle,fire fighter,paperweight
  • 6. Pronouns
    • Words that take place of a noun
    • example: Billy likes to skate in the park.
    • He likes to skate in the park.
    • Billy=a noun
    • He=pronoun
  • 7. Types of Pronouns
    • Personal/Possessive : used the most
    • I went to the movies (personal)
    • Watch and listen to a personal pronouns song!
    • My cat licks her nose. (possessive)
    • Indefinite: express an amount or refer to an unspecified person/thing
    • Most of us studied. Somebody sneezed
    • Demonstrative: point to specific people/things
    • That is Billy's cousin.
  • 8. Types of Pronouns Continued
    • Interrogative: begin a question
    • Who has the keys? What is the problem?
    • Reflexive: end in –self or –selves
    • I cut myself slicing an onion.
  • 9. Verbs
    • Definition: words that express an action or a state of being.
    • Example: The boys ate cookies before dinner.
  • 10. Types of Verbs
    • Action : expresses an action that you can observe…
    • Example: slide, giggle, carry
    • Or an action you can’t see
    • Example: worry, dislike, love
    • Linking : joins the subject of the sentence with a a word that describes it.
    • Example: The milk tastes sour.
  • 11. Adjectives
    • Definition: words that are used to describe a thing, a person or a place.
    • Answers the questions:
    • What kind? Gray clouds
    • How many? Three weeks
    • How much? More dessert
    • Which one? First answer
  • 12. Adverbs
    • Definition: a word that describes or modifies a verb, an adjective or another adverb.
    • Answers the questions:
    • How?
    • Where?
    • When?
    • To what extent?
    • They walked slowly .
    • They are over there .
    • The test is tomorrow .
    • It is too cold outside.
  • 13. Adverbs Continued
    • Examples:
    • Modifies a verb: We happily visited Adam
    • Modifies an adjective: The extremely graceful swan swims.
    • Modifies an adverb: Jackie ran very quickly.
    • Watch and listen to an adverb music video Quit
  • 14. About The Author
    • My name is Jenny Wustman and I am currently a student at Grand Valley. I will be graduating in 2012 and hope to become an elementary school teacher.I’m majoring in English and I’ll have a minor in elementary education. If you have any comments or questions please feel free to
    • e-mail me: wustmanj @student. gvsu . edu
  • 15. Resources
    • Youtube:
    • Nouns: http://www. youtube .com/watch?v= Tc -ukN1Rvb8
    • Pronouns: http://www. youtube .com/watch?v=zApm7GfRtNw
    • Adverbs: http://www. youtube .com/watch?v= FWYmEICNgOQ