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Deck master presentation 2014 v3
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Deck master presentation 2014 v3


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  • 1. Secret Fixed Decking / Pre Oiled P.R. Decking Hardwood Cladding / DPR Hardwood Machining / Oiling / Priming THE ULTIMATE DECKING SYSTEM
  • 2. Who Is Deck Master? • Deck Master is an Australian Company that Produces Secret Fix Grooved & End Matched Decking, Pre Oiled Pencil Round Decking, Hardwood Cladding / Lining Boards & DPR Hardwood. We also provide services such as custom machining, oiling and priming. We distribute to Timber & Hardware Merchants throughout Australia. All imported hardwoods have either FSC or Chain of Custody Certification. • Deck Master evolved after the directors tirelessly searched the world to solve the problems related to the short lengths contained within Australian Hardwood Decking.
  • 3. What do we do? Concealed Fix Decking Grooved & End Matched Resort Style Decking Pre Oiled 110 x 22 Pencil Round
  • 4. What else do we do? Hardwood End Matched Chamfer & V/J Cladding DPR F17 Hardwood
  • 5. Yes there is more? Primed H3 LVL’s Don’t Void your Warranty! Custom Machining and Oiling
  • 6. What Is The Deck Master Decking System? • Secret Fixed Pre Oiled Decking System • Gun Fired Screws Attaching Stainless Steel Clip • Pre Grooved & End Matched Decking Boards • DeckBone End Matched Joiners • Weather Strip Joist Protection
  • 7. Advantages • Secret Fixed No More nails popping • Safer Surface No More Trip Hazards • Increased Deck Life No More Deck Splitting & Rotting Around Fasteners Stores The Carbon For A Longer Period Of Time • End Matched Deck Boards Join Decking Boards Off the Joist – Saves Time
  • 8. More Advantages • Less Waste – Save Up To 70% Waste Saves Money & Reduces Strain On Our Valuable Resources • 62% Faster Installation Than Screw Gun (Not Including Pre Drilling Time) Please View The Time Saving Video On Our Website • Superior Finish More Appealing Appearance
  • 9. Traditional Deck Issues • • • • Splitting Twisting Nails Popping Deck Deterioration Around Fasteners
  • 10. How Does The System Work? • Firstly the rubber Weather Strip Joist protection is installed over the joists. • 3mm Riser Protects the Underside of the Deck
  • 11. Installing The First Board • Fasten the Stainless Steel Top Fix Clips • Slide the Pre Grooved Board into position
  • 12. Fastening The TCG Clip # 1 • The 304 Stainless Steel TCG Clip is Inserted onto the end of the Tiger Claw Gun.
  • 13. Fastening The TCG Clip # 2 • The Gun is positioned into the grooved board allowing the hooked tabs to engage the top of the groove.
  • 14. Fastening The TCG Clip # 3 • The Gun Fires a Pneumatic Screw fastening the TCG Clip to the Joist without Penetrating the Decking Board.
  • 15. Butt Joining The Decking • DeckBone Joiners Designed for Joining the Decking Boards OFF the Joist! • Fast Installation • Precise Factory Cut End Matched Joint • Undercut For a Tight Fit on the Top Surface
  • 16. Fastening the last board • • • • End / Side Fix Clips Repairing & Replacing Boards 304 Stainless Steel Screws Black Enamel Square Drive Heads
  • 17. Trim Top Screws • Providing other fastening options for the first and last Board. Also used for fascia boards. • 304 Stainless Steel Screws • Coloured Square Drive Heads
  • 18. The Pre Grooved Deck Board • Pencil Round Decking With Angled Groove To Disperse Moisture • Available in Kiln Dried Hardwood and Composite Decking
  • 19. Pre Oiled Boards • Pre Oiled Deck / Cladding Boards are preferable • It is advised to pre oil all surfaces of any timber deck board or cladding board prior to installation • Refer Timber Queensland External Timber Use and Finishes Presentation November 2013 • Feast Watson Tradition Decking Oil is used to keep the boards dimensionally stable and to prevent weathering • A final top coat with either an oil based or water based product is required after acclimatization • A grey look can also be achieved if required
  • 20. The TCG Clip Installed 304 Stainless Steel Clip *25 Year Warranty*
  • 21. The TCG 150 Clip Standard TCG150 Clip •304 Stainless Steel •Black Oxide Finish •Horned Retention Tabs •Gap Setting Tab •Gun Fix Butt Seam Reverse Clip •304 Stainless Steel •Blue Oxide Finish •Horned Retention Tabs •Gap Setting Tab •Manual Screw Fix Clips allow for 3.2mm Expansion & 4.7mm Contraction
  • 22. Clip Function • Please Note the Hooked Tabs engaging the groove This ensures that the board gaps will remain consistent as the boards are held back to one side managing boards that naturally expand and contract • Also Note the Gap being set by the Gap Tab This tab sets gap between the deck boards perfectly every time
  • 23. The TCG150 Clip A bearing load applied across a decking board (14.5 x 5.5 inches - area of a single board on 16” ctr. joists) can demonstrate what natural forces the fastener is capable of withstanding. The TCG150 fasteners are calculated to withstand a load of 240.2 lbf for that area. A category 5 hurricane for this same area is calculated to exhibit a force of 157.4 lbf. A category 5 hurricane would require more than 80 lbf in addition to its force in order to cause failure in the fastener. Upheaval Load Comparisons TCG150 Fastener Stress Test
  • 24. Fasteners - Scrails • Scrails are a Screw / Nail that are fired by the Tiger Claw Gun through the TCG Clip into your joist at a skewed angle for added strength. • The Scrail has a Phillips Head for any needed adjustments or removal. • Fascoat provides excellent durability.
  • 25. • Fighting Gravity • Stronger & Faster • Four 75mm Scrails • Lift this 1500kg Car
  • 26. The DeckBone • • • • • Strong and Durable Nylon Fibreglass UV Stabilized Ribbed Air Flow Design 500kg + Load Capacity 450mm Mid Span
  • 27. Decking Clamps • Easy To Use Quick Grip Decking Clamps
  • 28. Router Slot Cutter • Slot ends that have been cut on an angle • Slot boards that aren’t pre grooved • Slot boards that have been ripped down
  • 29. Price Comparison Chart • Figures Below are based on a average 35M2 Deck Calculations allow for 90mm Merbau Decking with fasteners spaced @450mm Centres. Labour savings are only calculated at a conservative 50%. (Oct 2011)
  • 30. Pricing Comparison Chart • Deck Systems Comparisons / M2 With The Deck Master System you can create a better looking, longer lasting and safer deck at an affordable price.
  • 31. Suitable for Kiln Dried Hardwood & Composite Decking
  • 32. Photos
  • 33. Thank You!