The reddest rose in the garden


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The reddest rose in the garden

  1. 1. The reddest rose in the garden July 9 2013 Daniel attempts to reach his greatest dreams while his friends give him the courage, but is he too early? Did he mess up? Has he lost all hope of ever attaining his dream? Oh Josie she truly is the reddest rose in the garden.
  2. 2. The reddest rose in the garden CHAPTER 1 MEETING JOSIE In the mist of the king’s garden there was this precious rose, nothing could deter Daniel from his craving. He wanted to give this precious rose to the girl he loves because it reminded him so much of her. It was beyond beautiful and rear. This precious rose was the best of all roses that ever grew in the king’s garden. Every day since this rose was a bud Daniel would watch it, it was the most shining bud in the garden, then the rose peeped out ,red victorious and sweet. It was truly the richest and sweetest rose that ever grew in the King’s garden. “I must get it!” he sighed, Josie deserves the best. He stood up on the tall tree from which he pierced down at the castle, just then he saw Josie passing with her water pot, he held his breath. She was the most beautiful girl in the village. Her beautiful brown curls bounced down her shoulders as she sang in the most wonderful voice, “Oh what a beautiful morning...” “How could I ever speak to her he taught?” then he stretched out his hand as if to grasp a hold on her but only grasped the air as she disappeared true the trees,with her long beautiful blue dress trailing behind her. I will never be able to talk to her he taught I’m just a gardener, there are 2
  3. 3. so much nice boys who do the fishing, hunting, building and travelling all I do for fun is cut trees for firewood or prune plants he signed again then climbed down the tree and went on his way. As Daniel crept in his cottage his little brother jumped on him, “hi oooh!” he snarled, Daniel smiled. “Who is the cutest baby?” “Me -me –me!” “Correct, Daniel said lifting him high into the air and swinging him around, hurrah!” Meanwhile there was a little whisper from the back, it was Strummer, the village’s musician he was a young boy just about the age of fourteen, I have a plan he whispered, Daniel slipped out the back door after distracting Frizzle(his little brother). As soon as Daniel reached outside Strummer blindfold him and tied his hands behind his back, stop it Daniel said trying to release himself. But Strummer just pushed him into the nearby barrel with the help of Daniels other friends. The kicked him deep into the woods-far where he never went before. When they finally reach their destination they released him and he sank to the ground in pain. She passes here every day the four boys said in usion. Daniel stood up finally forgetting his painful trip. Who he said Josie, Strummer said, our plan is that you go over and tell her how you feel they pushed him on. How would she ever know if you don’t tell her? Strummer continued. Daniel still found the time isn’t correct, no guys, he was about to say but he turned and saw her coming. She danced on with a brown basket in her hand, she then released the ribbon that laced the back of her beautiful red dress, she is undressing whispered one of the boys and they scampered off. She then parted some bushes that lead to the river. Daniel waited for a little while then his curiosity over took him and he climbed the nearby tree which put her in plain view. He was amazed at what he saw and was even baffled as she walked into the river in her 3
  4. 4. transparent white slip. as her hair touched the water it coiled and curled, she truly looked as the roses in the garden after they were watered, “Josie” he said to himself. At the same time she looked up-looked him straight in the eye and ran out the river, her thin white dress was soaked, water raced down her back and rolled down to the ground. She pulled a blanket from the basket around her and looked up again Daniel still stood there, he swung down near her and jumped, I am sorry he said I just wanted to tell you, then he realised how stupid it all looked so he just stood there mouth open from speaking. She picked up stones from the edge of the river bank and started throwing them at him. “Aaahhhhhhh!” he sang as one landed on his forehead and blood streamed down his face, he curled up on the ground not because of the pain but because of the shame he felt. 4
  5. 5. CHAPTER 2 ALL HOPE IS LOST The following week Daniel finally crawled out of bed and hurried through his clothes, he was about to leave the house for work when his little brother called, “Danny Dan-ny!” “Bye baby, Danny’s on the run.” DANIEL collected his tools for work jumped on his donkey and went on his way. As he approached his first costumer, Mrs MacLean she stepped out into her front porch and spoke very loudly, “Aye garden boy!” I taught I would never see you again you were supposed to see my garden since Saturday.” “Sorry Mrs MacLean” “What did I ever tell you about being late?” “If I can’t do the job on time don’t do it at all..” “Hummmuuh” She crossed her eyes and screwed up her nose turned then she left and went inside. As Daniel went from house to house his lock was the same. By the time he reached the kings castle gates he was exhausted. He pierced in desperate to see how much work he had cut out for him. All his fatigue and exhaustion left him as he pierced in and saw another gardener; most of the roses were gone. The next gardener probably did not take pride in roses for only a few roses could be seen in a decorative pattern, the garden looked like a play ground with plants in the shapes of swings and slides he even brought in real white benches. Daniel peered down the centre of the garden looking for the reddest rose but it was nowhere to be found. Out of desperation he speedily went up to the mister. 5
  6. 6. “Sir!” Daniel said. “Yeah, oh are you the garden boy?” “My name’s Daniel. Yes I do gardening” “Well garden boy I am to tell you that your services are no longer needed.” “Oh ok but-t” The man turned off. Chapter 3A strike of hope CHAPTER 4 victory at last CHAPTER5 a new spring 6