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  • The second link is an index of videos. The one that best showcases Razer’s presence at a gaming convention is “Razer at gamecon 2010”
  • Digi tek project fiona presentation may 1st

    1. 1. Cultural Context•Niche Market of tech savvy gamers.•Demand for high quality products.•Well versed in social media and online communities.•Culturally diverse gamers from all over the globe.•Competitive characteristics
    2. 2. Historical Context•Founded in 1998 in San Diego,California by Min-Liang Tan(CEO) and Robert “Razerguy”Krakoff (President).•They create products in their ownlabs and test them in pro-leveltournaments. Gamers givefeedback on the products andRazer refines them per theircomments.•“No marketing BS and no hype”(About Razer)
    3. 3. Historical Context•Team Razer is a group ofprofessional gamers who notonly compete on a globalscale but strive to createastounding gamingperipherals .•Razer collaborates withgamers to develop,manufacture and market newtechnologies.•Investing and partneringwith gaming tournamentsaround the world.•Press releases on Razer’swebsite.
    4. 4. Historical Context•Razer’s ecommerce sitehas full product categoriesfrom t-shirts to gamingmice.•Little marketing is done•They are actively involvedin sponsoring events andtournaments like;Electronic Sports WorldCup, Intel ExtremeMasters, Dreamhack, TheWorld Cyber Games, theIGN Pro League, theTeamLiquid Star Leagueand many others
    5. 5. SWOT ANALYSISStrengths Weaknesses• Strong and active current market • Little advertising done outside gaming• Collaborating with consumers to create community new products • Consumer outside of gaming sphere• Very active in the gaming community have little interaction with Razer productsOpportunities Threats• Expand consumer market by • Larger companies with broader reach advertising on TV, the internet, direct may enter market mail and through interactive feeds. • May not be accepted by general• Sell product in stores such as Best Buy consumer• Market other features of tablet to be just as important as the gaming aspect
    6. 6. Introducing the Project FionaTablet
    7. 7. Industry Analysis• Tablets are becoming more main stream allowing for an open door for Razer to introduce this new type of tablet to the general public.• Although the Fiona Tablet is more inclined for mobile game play, it can also be used as a normal functioning tablet.• The Fiona allows for a more exhilarating tablet experience.• This tablet will blow the door open for mobile gaming and create an even larger market for video game companies.
    8. 8. Market Analysis•Target market advantageous because of how specific itis•The downfall is that it relates to interests, making itdifficult to gain precise demographic data•Opportunities to broaden market with the release ofthe new Fiona tablet
    9. 9. Market Analysis• Mass media left out of current strategy• Sponsorship of gaming tournaments and the integration of Team Razer• Utilizing multiple social media platforms- forums, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube• Heavy presence at trade shows• The challenge now is to expand this market with the launch of the Fiona tablet in a way that remains consistent with their brand image but reaches greater, more general audiences.
    10. 10. Competitor Analysis• Apple leading the tablet market• Over 55 million tablets sold globally as of last quarter• Launch of the iPad3 saw sales hit 3 million in the first three days• Apple currently holds 58% of the tablet market
    11. 11. However…• Microsoft has claimed that, though Apple has stated that many companies are making use of the iPad in their businesses, the device is not exactly suited for this• CNN has also voiced concerns about the functionality as far as deeply integrating with social networks in the way that some android products have done• Productivity has come into question, as there “are apps which allow you to edit word documents and create basic presentations, but none provide the same experience a working with a traditional computer” (Dillon, 2011).
    12. 12. Some other statistics in relations to the overall current tablet market:• It has been estimated that the less popular android tablets make up39% of the tablet market, with Apple’s iPad ahead at 58% (Arthur,2012).• Additionally, Amazon and Barnes and Noble’s own media tabletsgenerated 7.5 million in sales combined in 2011, accounting for 11%of the tablet market. (Tofel, 2012).• The Kindle Fire has also become the number two best-selling tablet,second to Apple’s iPad who could potentially lose ground in thecoming years (Perez, 2011).• Prognosticators at IDC have also estimated that, by 2015, othertablets will dominate the market ahead of the currently unbeatableiPad (Kingsley-Huges, 2012).
    13. 13. ObjectivesWith these statistics in mind, the objectives of thepromotional campaign are:• To expand our target market to a broader audience and increase brand awareness by 30% a year from the release date for the Fiona tablet• To see sales of the Fiona tablet reach 2 to 2.5 million units during this time and to quickly gain ground as a top competitor with other tablets, specifically the iPad, currently on the market
    14. 14. Market SegmentationFor the Fiona tablet, on of the best repositioned targetmarkets would be Generation Y.• 1979 to 1997, diverse from other generations• Open minded, often self-righteous, tech savvy, and typically have disposable income• Heavily influenced by social media• A generation that grew up primarily using Windows, the base platform for the Fiona tablet
    15. 15. Positioning Strategy: The Fiona The iPad New to Market point-of-entry Market SaturationPremium Brand Offering/ Premium Price Premium Brand Offering/ Premium Price Advanced peripheral applications Standard Industry Applications Versioned for Windows 8 Runs exclusively on Safari browser Functions as a mobile PC Functions solely as a Tablet platform Niche Demographic Brand Awareness Entire Tablet Market/ Brand Awareness Intel Core i7 – Live Gaming Experience Quad Core GPU – Retina Display
    16. 16. Fiona Tablet Positioning Map Premium Status Fiona iPad Kindle FireInconspicuous Conspicuous Androids Economy Status
    17. 17. Brand Communication: Project Fiona’s New CBBE ModelPerformance Imagery Salience
    18. 18. Direct Mail• Sending out interactive CDs that are essentially a mini game with information about the Fiona tablet and its benefits• Introduction of the company before the story line begins• Razer needs the user to act as a “spy” in the game and try to gain information to help Razer get secret company information and the blueprints for the Fiona tablet back from malicious imitators. Upon retrieving the lost information the user will then be briefed on the specs and details of the tablet and how it will benefit them.
    19. 19. Sponsorships• Sponsorship deal with World of Warcraft (WoW) to improve reach• Utilizing a banner ad at FanCon, a virtual convention hosted by WoW that connects 70,000 different virtual worlds• Features seminars, classes and discussions• Benefits could include: a banner on www.wowfancon.com, company name on all FanCon registration emails to users, online exhibit booth, and an opportunity to make a speech to attendees.
    20. 20. Live Streaming Interviews and Game Play LIVE STREAMING VIDEO CONFERENCES WITH: DATE:
    21. 21. T.V. AdvertisementsPROJECT
    22. 22. Event Appearances • Team Appearances bySpecial Guest Line up for June 6th Pro Razer teams • Could increase fan base (utilize eWOM and reachability) • Autograph signings by team members • Giveaways of Fiona Tablet to “lucky attendees” • “Hanging VIP with Razer” contests.
    23. 23. Brand Awareness:Business WeekTimeThe Wall Street JournalScience MagazineMicrosoft.comG4TV.comTechmonitorForbesFortuneThe Harvard Business ReviewInc MagazineFast CompanyTradePub.comInternet RetailerTrans TechIT Weekworldscientific.com