New media initiative 2011


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USS NIMITZ's New Media Initiative plan and assessment for 2011.

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New media initiative 2011

  1. 1. USS NIMITZ (CVN 68)New Media Initiative 2011USS NIMITZ (CVN 68) FPO, AP 96620 T 619.545.8474
  2. 2. USS NIMITZ (CVN 68)Table of ContentsCommunicating while in Dry Dock 1 O P E R AT I O N A L E N V I R O N M E N T 1 C O M M U N I C AT I O N C H A L L E N G E S 1 P U B L I C A F FA I R S O B J E C T I V E S A N D P L A N 2 AUDIENCES 2 NEW MEDIA GOALS 3New Media Overview 3 N E W M E D I A S T R AT E G Y 4 NEW MEDIA METRICS 4 FA C E B O O K 5 TWITTER 6 YOUTUBE 7 iTUNES 7 FLICKR 8 ISSUU 8 O L D S A LT B L O G 9New Media Screen Shots 10 FA C E B O O K 10 TWITTER 11 YOUTUBE 12 iTUNES 13 FLICKR 14 ISSUU 15 O L D S A LT B L O G 1N e w M e d i a 2 0 11 A s s e s s m e n t 2 P U B L I C A F FA I R S O B J E C T I V E S A S S E S S M E N T 2 NEW MEDIA GOALS ASSESSMENT 2New Media Initiative 2011 i
  3. 3. USS NIMITZ (CVN 68)Communicating while in Dry DockOPERATIONAL ENVIRONMENTThe aircraft carrier USS Nimitz (CVN 68) conducted its scheduled docking-planned incremental availability (DPIA)at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility throughout 2011. This extensive main-tenance period began when Nimitz entered dry-dock Dec. 16, 2010. The 95,000-ton aircraft carrier sat on blocksout of the water until Sept. 29, 2011 as PSNSand contract workers performed preservationwork and installed major upgrades to the ship’scombat, self-defense, navigation, potable watersystems and other components.During the dry-dock period, most of the ship’screw worked out-of-rate to facilitate the ship’smaintenance schedule. The ship was an indus-trial environment. Hard hats and safety goggleswere required components of the uniform of theday. The crew conducted preservation work onwatertight doors, decks throughout the ship andfully rehabilitated berthing and office spaces.Sailors not assigned to these in-house mainte-nance teams were assigned fire-watch duties to ensure the ship’s safety, were sent on temporary assignments toassist other carriers and obtain required qualifications, or worked in-rate to continue to support the crew and theship’s mission.All administration, medical and service-related functions normally conducted on the ship were relocated to amessing and berthing barge near the dry dock. Many dental services were conducted in a mobile dental van sta-tioned on the pier.After shifting piers from dry-dock at PSNS to Naval Base Kitsap-Bremerton on Sept.29, 2011 Nimitz’ DPIA continued until Dec. 10, 2011.COMMUNICATION CHALLENGES SAILORS DISPERSEMENTAs Nimitz entered the yards, the ship faced numerous communica- OFtion challenges. The biggest internal information challenge was how PERSONNELto reach a dispersed audience. Sailors worked outside their divi-sions, off the ship and were on temporary assignment to other ships LIMITED FAMILIES DPIAand locations. Families were dispersed across the country and in STORYLINEthe ship’s former homeport of San Diego. Others moved to theBremerton area and some made the move to the Everett area -- OPSEC RESOURCESthe ship’s next homeport in 2012. PSNSThis dispersement of Sailors and families posed an additionalcommunication challenge -- keeping them informed while maintainingoperational security. Additionally, OPSEC was an important element in determiningwhat, how and when maintenance and dry dock stories, images and videos could bereleased.Due to maintenance and a scheduled upgrade of ship’s computer and local area network, releasing stories, im-ages and video was a challenge as well. The ship installed a temporary LAN that provided email and basic inter-net services but struggled and/or was unable to handle media releases.New Media Initiative 2011 1
  4. 4. USS NIMITZ (CVN 68) Even with those challenges, the biggest chal- lenge Nimitz faced was the limited storyline. A ship conducting a year-long maintenance over- haul is not necessarily the most exciting story and it does not typically provide the best oppor- tunity to shoot compelling images or video. Ad- ditionally, since many Sailors were working out- side their ratings and were performing mainte- nance work, their individual stories were all very similar. Another challenge CVN 76 Nimitz faced was gar- JAPAN nering the interest of the general public withODYSSEY CVN 77 DAWN 1ST DEP the maintenance/dry COMPETING dock storyline. The STORYLINES Navy had many engag- CVN 65 CVN 70BIN LADEN ’50 ing stories throughout HONORS 2011 -- Operation Tomodachi, Operation Odyssey Dawn, Captain Honors, SEALs kill Bin CONA Laden and USS Carl Vinson buries him at sea. Each of those storylines were newswor- BIOFUEL thy and compelling and the challenge Nimitz faced was how to interest the public in its limited storyline about being in dry dock for at least one year. PUBLIC AFFAIRS OBJECTIVES AND PLAN PUBLIC AFFAIRS OBJECTIVES 1. Communicate importance of maintenance period 2. Build community relations/ties with Bremerton and NW area 3. Maintain visibility and relevance while in dry-dock PUBLIC AFFAIRS PLAN 1. Produce weekly shipboard newspaper in support of PA objectives 2. Produce web-based documentary in support of PA objectives 3. Maximize social media to reach targeted audiences in support of PA objectives AUDIENCES PRIMARY FAMILY AND FRIENDS With so much change occurring in a short amount of time - homeport change in 2010 and again in 2011, the shift from operations to maintenance and a large turnover of per- sonnel - it was most important for Nimitz to communicate with Family and Friends so they could understand what their Sailor was doing and the importance of the work. SECONDARY PACIFIC NORTHWEST The Pacific Northwest became Nimitz’ new home in December 2010 and it was impor- tant for the ship to let the people in the New Media Initiative 2011 2
  5. 5. USS NIMITZ (CVN 68) Northwest get to know USS Nimitz. We wanted to highlight our involvement in the community - showing our vol- unteer work and our involvement with area professional organizations. Additionally, we wanted to highlight Nimitz values in our online posts and products so the people in the Pacific Northwest could begin to form a picture of Nimitz and its Sailors. TERTIARY GENERAL PUBLIC Since World War II, the U.S. Navys carriers have been the national force of choice. In over 80% of the times when the world was faced with international violence, the United States has responded with one or more carrier task forces. (SOURCE: Because of this, each carrier generates an enormous amount of interest. NEW MEDIA GOALS SHORT TERM NEW MEDIA GOALS 1. Consistently post messages, news stories, photos and videos in support of PA objec- tives 50% 2. Demonstrate Nimitz values in action a. Pride in country, ship, self b. Professionalism TRAFFIC c. Sense of community facebook TO WEBSITE LONG TERM NEW MEDIA GOALS LONG TERM New Media Presence 1. Increase reach through new media a. Increase Facebook ‘likes’ by NEW MEDIA GOALS 50% during 2011 b. Increase new media presence c. Increase traffic to ship’s website 2. Develop new media release continuum and: a. Exploit unique attributes of each social media channel b. Funnel releases to appropriate new media channels c. Reduce or eliminate post redundancy d. Increase traffic to other new media sites New Media Overview USS Nimitz employs seven new media channels: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Issuu, Old Salt Blog and an iTunes podcast, “Dry Dock: A Year in the Yards with USS Nimitz.”JANUARYFEBRUARY To communicate with our audiences, Nimitz MARCH primarily used Facebook and Issuu at the APRIL start of the year. MAY Nimitz’ Media Team produced weekly “Nimitz JUNE News” newspapers which were posted on JULY Issuu and linked to Facebook. “Dry Dock AUGUST Episode 1: Arriving” was posted to FacebookSEPTEMBER on Feb. 2; “Episode 2: On the Blocks” wasOCTOBER posted to Facebook on April 9; and “EpisodeNOVEMBER 3: Overhaul” was posted on May 7.DECEMBER Nine other videos were posted to Facebook through June 3, 2011. The videos proved New Media Initiative 2011 3
  6. 6. USS NIMITZ (CVN 68)popular and, with the three posted “Dry Dock” episodes, received 605 ‘likes’ and prompted 121 comments. How-ever, the videos were getting lost on the Facebook video page and Nimitz began looking to YouTube and iTunesto host videos.To help Nimitz’ audiences locate the “Dry Dock” series and other Nimitz videos online, Nimitz began posting vid-eos to a newly created Nimitz Playlist on the Navy’s YouTube channel and as a Podcast on iTunes in March. Theeight videos posted from March to July gained nearly 40,000 views on YouTube and the Dry Dock series wasconsistently in the Top 10 charts for Government & Organization Podcasts during the period. The feedback andcollected metrics told Nimitz the move to YouTube and iTunes was a good one and the ship’s Media Departmentbegan planning how to expand the ship’s new media presence and to further exploit the attributes of each socialmedia channel. Average Page Views Per Month in MillionsNEW MEDIA STRATEGY Facebook 137.6CONCEDE NO GROUND ENGAGE THEPUBLIC IN PLACES THEY FREQUENT YouTube 111.1 Blogger 45.5The strategy is simple -- engage the public Vevo 34.6in the online places they frequent. Twitter 23.6 WordPress 20.4By July 2011, Nimitz had a solid presenceon Facebook and YouTube. The ship Myspace 17.9lacked a voice in the blogesphere and on LinkedIn 17.0Twitter. Additionally, there was no central Tumblr 10.9location to find and use high resolution Google+ 8.2imagery of USS Nimitz other than Yahoo! Pulse Six Apart 7.0In September 2011, Nimitz created it’s Old 0 37.5 75.0 112.5 150.0Salt blog, Flickr page and refocused efforts on its existing Twitter page.With a full range of new media channels -- from content hosting tools (Issuu, YouTube, Flickr, Blogger, iTunes) tothe delivery systems (Facebook, Twitter), Nimitz began a redesign of its official website ( todirect our audience to the new media channels. The site was designed to compliment andintegrate with the new media sites. Photo sets are posted to Flickr and not hosted directly on the webpage. Vid-eos are hosted on YouTube and linked back to the websites. Audio files hosted on the webpage are tweeted,posted on Facebook and embedded on the blog. In the new work flow, the ship’s official website becomes theprimary hub for of all media content and Facebook and Twitter become the means to share it with our audience.NEW MEDIA METRICS NEW MEDIA VIEWSIF YOU DON’T COUNT, YOU DON’T COUNTAn important tool all new media services offer (except iTunes) is Facebook 2,681,743the ability to gather metrics. For 2011, Nimitz new media chan- Twitter 163,370nels logged nearly 3 million views. YouTube 50,538NIMITZ NEW MEDIA STUDY 2011 METHODOLOGYMetrics for all New Media sites were collected using available Flickr 35,343insights and page statics inherent to each site. A content analy-sis was conducted by Nimitz Media personnel from January 3 to Issuu 13,731January 13, 2012. Content from each new media site was re- Old Salt 3,295viewed and assessed to determine general post topics to see ifNimitz was posting items that supported our communication Total Views 2,948,020goals.New Media Initiative 2011 4
  7. 7. USS NIMITZ (CVN 68) POSTS TYPES FACEBOOK Simple post 14% • Primary new media channel prior to 2011 Audio • Nearly 2.7 million views in 2011 Video 3% • Page ‘likes’ increased by 47% in 2011 18% Photo albums • Ended year with 17,020 ‘likes’ Story no photo 32%POST TYPES 5% Story w/photosAlmost 75% of all the 2011 posts were from content produced by Nimitz’ 12% Live StreamMedia team. Fourteen percent of the posts were simple posts and livestreaming accounted for two percent. Blog 2% 14%POST TOPICS POST TOPICSNearly half of Nimitz’ posts focused or demonstrated Nimitz Sailors pride Historyand professionalism. Almost 20% of the posts were command informa- 8% Informationtion oriented and 15% highlighted the ship’s newspaper, ‘Nimitz News’ 19% Nimitz Newsand directed readers the Nimitz Issuu page. The remaining 21% high- 15%lighted ceremonies and events, history and training. Ceremonies/Events Training 9% 4%POST INTERACTIONSMore than 80% of all the interaction on our Facebook page came from‘likes’. Eleven percent of the interactions were comments and seven Pride/Professionalismpercent were shares of the post. 46%COMMENT RELEVANCEAll interactions aren’t the same. When our audience posts a comment POST INTERACTIONSrelated to our original post it tells us the communication cycle (send -> Likes:receive -> feedback -> send) is working. When our audience posts a 82%comment not relevant to our original post, we’re not sure if the messagewas received, received but not decoded properly, or not received at all.Fifty-eight percent of Facebook comments were relevant to the originalpost; 42% were not. Shares: 7%FACEBOOK STRATEGYNimitz’ Facebook strategy was to consistently post the ship’s produced Comments:media products, create Facebook photo albums and videos that were 11%people-centric.. Because Facebook was the primary media outlet andreceived the most traffic, we used it as a location for our audience toview content from our other new media sites. Additionally, Nimitz used COMMENT RELEVANCEFacebook ‘Notes’ to post information and news stories directly to thesocial media site. Relevant to topic 58% Not relevant to topic 42%New Media Initiative 2011 5
  8. 8. USS NIMITZ (CVN 68) TWEET TYPES TWITTER • Reactivated in September 2011 • More than 163,000 views in 2011 • Follower increased by 43% in 2011 Reply to Tweets Pointer Tweets • Ended year with 3,830 followers 77% Retweets 6% 4% TWEET TYPES More than 75% of Nimitz’ Tweets pointed followers to other Nimitz media Simple Tweets products. Thirteen percent of Nimitz Tweets were message-driven simple 13% Tweets and the remaining 10% Tweets were replies to follower Tweets and Retweets from users Nimitz follows. POINTER TWEETS Flickr POINTER TWEETS The most frequent Tweets from Nimitz were ones that pointed followers 4% other online locations. These Tweets informed Nimitz followers of up- Nimitz Blog Issuu dates, news, and other media products. Forty-percent highlighted the 40% 4% Nimitz Blog, 20% featured Nimitz’ YouTube playlist on the Navy YouTube channel and 8% informed followers of updates to the Nimitz website. 4% Website Live stream Audio/website 8% TWEET TOPICS 4% 4% A content analysis of each Nimitz Tweet in 2011 showed that 23% of all Newspaper/website Nimitz Tweets were about awards or Nimitz events. Ship’s maintenance, 4% YouTube History, Training and Local Event Information were topics Tweeted about 20% Facebook 15% of the time each. Local even information and Nimitz Sports were 8% each Tweeted 8% of the time. TWEET TOPICS TWITTER FOLLOWERS Sports History Although Nimitz was not active on its Twitter account until September, 8% 15% Nimitz saw the greatest increase in followers in the beginning of the year. Looking at the increase in followers trend, it suggests that after a mid-year Ship Maintenance Training slump in new followers, Nimitz’ Twitter account is again attracting new fol- 15% 15% lowers. Community Relations Awards/ Events 8% TWITTER STRATEGY 23% Nimitz’ strategy with Twitter was to engage followers by pointing them to Local Event Info Nimitz media products and, with continued use of Twitter, has shifted its 15% strategy to focus on the delivery of news and ship-specific posts. Increase in Followers Folllower Growth300 4000 3830 3670 34403510225 3000 32603340 30303100 2820 2670150 200075 1000 0 0 MAR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC FEB MAR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC New Media Initiative 2011 6
  9. 9. USS NIMITZ (CVN 68) YOUTUBE VIDEO TYPES • NIMITZ channel created on USNavy YouTube page in March 2011 (% OF TOTAL TIME) • More than 50,000 views in 2011 3 HOURS • 14 videos, including seven ‘Dry Dock’ documentaries, 25 MINUTES uploaded in 2011 39 SECONDS Dry Dock OF POSTED VIDEO 80% • Nearly 3.5 hours of video available Pride/ProfessionalismVIDEO TYPES 12%Nimitz posted 14 videos to its YouTube playlist. Sixteen total videos on arethe playlist as one video, “Faces of the Navy,” has three separate export Special Eventsversions. The total run time for all the videos is 3:25:39. Most of that time is 8%from Nimitz’ web documentary “Dry Dock”. Episodes 1 - 6 are posted onYouTube. Twelve percent of the other videos focus on Pride and Profes-sionalism and the remaining 8% are videos from Nimitz special events. VIDEO VIEWS 50,538 (% OF TOTAL VIEWS)VIDEO VIEWSThe web-documentary “Dry Dock” is by far Nimitz’ number one new media TOTAL VIEWSproduct. Dry Dock alone had nearly 39,000 views on YouTube. With six Dry Dockepisodes posted, it averages more than 6,300 views an episode. Nimitz 75%Pride and Professionalism videos had more than 8000 views -- an aver- Pride/Professionalismage of 1150 views per video posted. And Nimitz’ Special Events videos 16%had more than 4500 views -- and average of 1500 views each video. Special Events YouTube Run YOUTUBE STRATEGY 9% Dry Dock Episode Views Time Nimitz’ strategy forEpisode 1: Arrival 14568 0:19:48 YouTube was to pro- duce and post compel-Episode 2: On the Blocks 8583 0:17:41 ling videos that highlight individual Sailor stories. NimitzEpisode 3: Overhaul 4499 0:18:09 wanted stories on YouTube that could pass the test of time andEpisode 4: Many Hats 3370 0:29:06 still be relevant.Episode 5: Adaptation 4312 0:26:04Episode 6: The Climb 2597 052:46 iTUNES • Podcast created in March 2011 • Consistently in the Government & Organizations Podcast episode Top 20 charts • On Jan. 12, 2012, ‘Episode 1: Arriving’ was the #5 and ‘Episode 2: On the Blocks’ was the #7 Podcast episode in its category.DRY DOCK WEB DOCUMENTARY SERIESThis web series began in February 2011 and follows USS NIMITZ and Sailorsassigned to the warship as it changes homeport from San Diego to Bremerton,Washington and enters a year-long maintenance overhaul in dry dock. Eachepisode takes a look at Sailors involved with work on the ship, at home or in theiroff-duty hours. The series is a holistic look at life in the yards and shows the work being completed on the shipand how Sailors adapt to their new environment. Six episodes were released on YouTube in 2011, five episodeswere released to iTunes. The sixth episode will be released to iTunes in early 2012 after switching hosting serv-ers from DMA to the ship’s website server. Episode 7: Heavy Equipment was released Jan. 20, 2012. Metrics for“Episode 7” and the associated viewership bounce were not collected for this report.New Media Initiative 2011 7
  10. 10. USS NIMITZ (CVN 68) FLICKR PHOTO VIEWS (% OF TOTAL VIEWS) • Photostream created in September 2011 • More than 35,000 views in 2011 Operational • 129 photos in 11 photo sets were uploaded in 2011 88%PHOTO VIEWS PublicityThe most popular images on Nimitz’ Flickr site are operational photos of the 3% Supportship. Of 35,343 images on Flickr for 2011, 31,017 were view of the ship con-ducting operations. Operational photos make up 64% of the photo sets posts 7%but earned 88% of all image views. Sports 2%FLICKR STRATEGYNimitz’ Flickr strategy was to create photo sets -- albums that explain what the ship and its Sailors are doing.Flickr photo albums are to be a collection of the best imagery Nimitz. The intent is to not clutter Flickr with thou-sands of images but to make Flickr the place to go for high quality, high resolution imagery from Nimitz. ISSUU • Home to the 2011 editions of the ship’s newspaper ‘Nimitz News’ DOCUMENT VIEWS • Nearly 14,000 views in 2011 (% OF TOTAL VIEWS) • 45 ‘Nimitz News’ newspapers and 16 other information documents posted in 2011 Nimitz News 78% 5-Star ReportDOCUMENT VIEWS 11%Issuu is the leading digital publishing platform online. Nimitz posted 61 HPCdocuments in 2011 and had 13,731 views. Nimitz’ weekly newspaper,“Nimitz News,” had 10,761 views, Nimitz’ Ombudsman newsletter, “The 5- 8%Star Report,” had 1,567 views and the five documents associated with the Misc.ship’s homeport change to Everett in 2012 had 1,096 views. Miscellaneous 2%documents like the ship’s Battle of Midway event program, area Fleet andFamily Support Center information and an Exceptional Family Member in-formation brochure had 307 views.ISSUU STRATEGYNimitz’ Issuu strategy is to use the document hosting site to digitally publish Nimitz’ newspapers and other impor-tant documents. Issuu is used to host all important documents to provide one location for all Nimitz New Mediaservices to pull from. The ship’s Facebook, Twitter and official website all pull documents from Issuu.Source: Media Initiative 2011 8
  11. 11. USS NIMITZ (CVN 68) OLD SALT BLOG BLOGGER VIEWS 3,295 (% OF TOTAL VIEWS) TOTAL VIEWS • Blog created in September 2011 • More than 3,000 views in 2011 First Person Stories • Seven first person point-of-view blog posts and four other posts Direct Message 36% on various topics 21%BLOGGER VIEWSSeventy percent of all blogger views came from the seven Nimitz Sailorfirst person stories and two news stories posted on the Old Salt blog in History Piece2011. First person stories accounted for 1,189 views and news stories 9%accounted for 1,117 views. The direct message announcing the blog News Storiesopening received 683 views and a post of President Ford’s remarks at the 34%USS Nimitz commissioning ceremony received 306 views.BLOGGER TOPICS BLOGGER TOPICSNimitz made eleven posts on its Blogger site from September to De- (% OF TOTAL POSTS)cember 2011. Of those posts, seven were Nimitz first person storiesand two were news stories. First Person Stories Direct Message 64%BLOGGER STRATEGY 9%Nimitz’ uses its blog to highlight Sailor stories told from their point of view.These first-person blogs are geared to highlight Nimitz communicationgoals and showcase Nimitz Sailors values in action. Nimitz believes the News Storiesfirst-person point of view gives the story impact and a high level of 18% History Pieceauthenticity. The blog post is advertised from the ship’s website and 9%through Facebook and Twitter posts. By Aviation Boatswains Mate (Handling) Airman Jonathon Daraujo Source: Media Initiative 2011 9
  12. 12. USS NIMITZ (CVN 68)New Media Screen ShotsFACEBOOKNew Media Initiative 2011 10
  13. 13. USS NIMITZ (CVN 68)TWITTERNew Media Initiative 2011 11
  14. 14. USS NIMITZ (CVN 68)YOUTUBENew Media Initiative 2011 12
  15. 15. USS NIMITZ (CVN 68)iTUNESNew Media Initiative 2011 13
  16. 16. USS NIMITZ (CVN 68)FLICKRNew Media Initiative 2011 14
  17. 17. USS NIMITZ (CVN 68)ISSUUNew Media Initiative 2011 15
  18. 18. USS NIMITZ (CVN 68)OLD SALT BLOGNew Media Initiative 2011 1
  19. 19. USS NIMITZ (CVN 68)New Media 2011 AssessmentPUBLIC AFFAIRS OBJECTIVES ASSESSMENTPUBLIC AFFAIRS GENERAL ASSESSMENTOBJECTIVESCommunicate im- This objective was achieved through the YouTube and iTunes documentary “Dry Dock” and theportance of mainte- routine maintenance news stories on Issuu and Facebook through the ship’s “Nimitz News”nance period newspaper.Build community This objective was achieved through conducting community relations projects, involvement inrelations/ties with Community events and hosting ship visits for various community groups. Nimitz highlighed theBremerton and NW COMREL projects conducted by more than 600 Nimitz Sailors in the Newspaper and througharea Facebook status posts and photo uploads.Maintain visibility This objective was achieved through the production and release of the “Dry Dock” YouTube andand relevance while iTunes documentary. The documentary generated interest and excitement about what wasin dry-dock happening to Nimitz and its crew while in dry-dock.NEW MEDIA GOALS ASSESSMENTSHORT TERM NEW MEDIA GOALSConsistently post messages, news stories, photos and videos in of PA objectivesDemonstrate Nimitz values in action Accomplished. Pride in country, ship, self Facebook and YouTube highlight pride and professional (FB: 46% of all posts; YT: 16% of posts) Professionalism Dry Dock series highlight professionalism Sense of community COMRELs highlighted in newspaper on Issuu and posted to FacebookLONG TERM NEW MEDIA GOALSIncrease reach through new media Not accomplished. Increase Facebook ‘likes’ by 50% during 2011 Increased by 47% during 2011 Increase new media presence Added iTunes/YouTube/Twitter/Flickr and Blog Increase traffic to ship’s website Not assessed in 2011. Added counter in 01/12.Develop new media release continuum and: Accomplished. Exploit unique attributes of each social media channel Accomplished. Funnel releases to appropriate new media channels Accomplished. Reduce or eliminate post redundancy Accomplished. Increase traffic to other new media sites Accomplished.New Media Initiative 2011 2