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The Flipped Classroom: How to Flip and not Flop (Including 10 Tips for New Players)

The Flipped Classroom: How to Flip and not Flop (Including 10 Tips for New Players)



Presentation at Designing our Learning Futures: Technology-Enhanced Learning Symposium, Centre for Learning Futures, Griffith University, Australia, 31 October-1 November, 2013

Presentation at Designing our Learning Futures: Technology-Enhanced Learning Symposium, Centre for Learning Futures, Griffith University, Australia, 31 October-1 November, 2013



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  • http://stanfordflipside.com/2009/02/graphic-what-are-we-doing-on-our-computers-during-lecture/
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The Flipped Classroom: How to Flip and not Flop (Including 10 Tips for New Players) The Flipped Classroom: How to Flip and not Flop (Including 10 Tips for New Players) Presentation Transcript

  • The Flipped Classroom: How to Flip and not Flop (Including 10 Tips for New Players) Designing our Learning Futures: Technology-Enhanced Learning Symposium 31 Oct 2013 Source: flickr.com/photos/kevinkendaru/
  • #DoLF13 slideshare.net/jembwilliams
  • 1. So what is a flipped classroom anyway?
  • In the higher education context: • A form of in which students access content online (e.g. short videos, podcasts and readings), and interact with peers and faculty in asynchronous discussion activities • This frees up time previously allocated to lectures for more , interactive F2F (face-to-face) sessions
  • 2. Why flip in the first place?
  • Sleeping in Class Level: Beginner
  • Jody Steel
  • Source: http://fyspringfield.tumblr.com/post/40611085814/can-we-just-take-a-moment-to-appreciate-the-issues
  • “The world of MOOCs is creating a competition that will force every professor to improve his or her pedagogy or face an online competitor … When outstanding becomes so easily available, average is over.” Thomas L. Friedman
  • 3. What do you have to do to be able to flip?
  • A curator is an information chemist. He or she mixes atoms together in a way to build an infomolecule. Robert Scoble
  • 4. So what happens once you’ve created and curated?
  • 5. How to avoid flopping
  • Tip # 1: • Consider starting with an open Q&A session (15-20 mins) on the module currently being studied
  • Tip # 2: • Don’t make cosmetic changes to give the appearance of flipping • Resist the urge to lecture • Pull up material curated/ created to explain/ clarify
  • Tip # 3: • Develop authentic learning activities around unstructured problems that invite multiple responses • Open-ended problems can be asynchronous online discussions or in-class activities
  • 7508GBS: Managing Sustainable Enterprise • Identify three organisations and the progress (or otherwise) that they have made in becoming more sustainable enterprises • Which is ‘good’, which is ‘bad’, and which is plain ‘ugly’? • Put together a 15-minute presentation, summarising how you would go about managing these organisations.
  • Tip # 4: • Some students will come to class and expect you to do all the work • Also expect students to come unprepared • Peer pressure will ensure they pull their weight in
  • Tip # 5: Facilitate, prompt, probe Flipping ≠ bludging
  • Tip # 6: • Ensure assessment activities are aligned with the pedagogy • Multi-choice tests at the end of semester are inconsistent with a problem-based learning approach
  • Tip # 7: • You are the SME but new content comes thick and fast • Encourage learners to share materials they find • Acting as co-contributors to the curriculum increases
  • Tip # 8: • Learning is creation, not consumption. • Knowledge is not something a learner absorbs, but something a learner creates
  • Tip # 9: • Rethink timetabling of classes • High quality online content may mean fewer F2F classes • F2F classes may be blocks of time once a month, for example
  • SUMMARY: participatory authentic flexible Learner centric: student as consumer and producer of knowledge Assessment of learning grounded in reality: outcome driven learning; learning that lasts beyond the test Multi-modal in format: catering to different learning styles and different life styles
  • authenticlearning.wordpress.com Thank you for not sleeping profjeremybwilliams