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Ifemade.the good girl - A Children Ebook
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Ifemade.the good girl - A Children Ebook


A children's book about an African girl who excelled in both moral and academic excellence.

A children's book about an African girl who excelled in both moral and academic excellence.

Published in Education
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  • 1. All Rights Reserved No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form whatsoever, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any informational storage or retrieval without express written, dated and signed Permission from the author. This book is a work of fiction. All names, characters, locations, and incidents are products of the author's imagination, or have been used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, locales, or events is entirely coincidental
  • 2. Chapter 1 Ifemade couldn’t have been happier in life than the day slated for the end of year party as she will be graduating from primary school on that same day. It was the day she has been looking forward to. Ifemade was overall best in the school’s common entrance examination. She was accompanied to the school’s end of the year party by her mother. Her mum was very happy to see her participate in almost every activity in the school. She featured in the beauty contest; she was in the cultural dance, drama and debate. The headmistress had spoke of her, “Ifemade is an all rounder”. This, she said during the presentation of the school’s best pupil for the year award. Ifemade got plenty of gifts at the end of year party. Other parents envied Ifemade and her mum. The school party ended. Ifemade, her mum and her younger brother went home happily. Her mum had collected her common entrance result along with other certificates from the headmistress. Ifemade was top of the school in the common entrance exams. She was therefore going to the model school. It was the best school in the country. Truly, only the best go to the model school. So, the party continued in their house in the evening. When her dad came back, her mum told him how their daughter had pulled the crowd at school that day. Her dad was very happy. He invited his neighbors and they shared drinks on the success of Ifemade.
  • 3. “Ifemade is an intelligent and well behaved child,” said one of their neighbors. She can never pass anyone without greeting humbly, “said another. “It’s wonderful”, said Ifemade’s mum. “Yes, indeed, “said the dad. “I also heard that Ifemade is going to the model school, “said the first neighbor. “Yes,” said the mum. “Wonderful, “said the second neighbor. “Did you mention just Model school? I can’t believe it. It is so difficult to get into the model schools. People hardly pass their entrance examination, “said the first neighbor. “She was the only one that passed in her school”, her mum said. “I am really happy for her,” said Biola’s mum who happened to be the landlady of their three bedroom apartment. “Her future is indeed made, especially with her going to the model school,” said the second neighbor. “Where is she?” asked Biola’s mum. “I am sure she should be very happy today. I need to see and congratulate her”, she added. “I will get her”, said Ifemade’s mum as she stood to go to her room. In a short while, she came back with Ifemade who was already asleep. “Good evening sirs, good evening mas”, she greeted. “Good evening my daughter,” each answered. “We are sorry to bother you. We came to congratulate you on your success,” said Biola’s mum. “I am sure you are very happy today, Ifemade. The joy of success is so sweet my dear,” the second neighbor remarked. “Yes ma, I am very happy ma,” she replied. “You can go back to bed, Ifemade. We shall drop your presents with your parents. We rejoice with you, Ifemade,” the first neighbor said. “Thank you sirs and mas,” Ifemade said and went back to sleep.
  • 4. When the neighbors left, Ifemade’s dad and mum sat discussing her success. Her dad told Ifemade’s mum that he needed to do something special for Ifemade for her wonderful performance in school. “That will be great,” her mum said. “How will it be? She asked curiously. “Let’s go to bed. This time tomorrow, I shall tell you what I have come up with,” he said. “That’s fine by me thank you dear,” she concluded.
  • 5. Chapter 2 Ifemade did not get up very early the following day because she was a little tired. She had over worked herself in the activities of the previous day. Her mum too did not want to disturb her. She wanted her to have enough rest. Not too long after, friends and neighbors were already trooping into the house to rejoice with Ifemade on her success. Her mum had no choice but to wake her up. “Ifemade, your friends are waiting to see you, I am sure you have rested enough,” she said. “Mum good morning,” Ifemade said. “Good morning, sweetheart,” said her mum. “Say you prayer, and brush your teeth. Let me get you warm water for your bath. I will tell your friends to exercise a little patience for you to take your bath and dress up before coming to meet them,” her mum said and walked away. Ifemade did as she was told. She was already brushing her teeth when her mum brought the warm water. “Thanks mum,” Ifemade said. “While you take your bath, I will quickly get breakfast ready for you and your friends,” said her mum as she rushed back to the kitchen. Her friends were already playing games in the sitting room. Not too long, Ifemade was set to join her friends. Her mum helped her to brush her hair and led her to her friends.
  • 6. They were very happy to see her. The mum prepared bean cake and pap for them. They ate to their fill. Later, they helped Ifemade’s mum to clear the dining table and to wash the plates. After the cleaning, they settled for different types of games. They also read story books from Ifemade’s collection. Indeed, Ifemade enjoyed her success. Everybody adored and admired her. Her friends stayed with her till about mid-day before they left.
  • 7. Chapter 3 Ifemade and her mum were eagerly waiting for her dad that evening because they wanted to know what he had planned for her. Her mum had prepared her husband favorite dish of pounded yam and egusi soup with chicken. The table was set before his arrival that evening. At last, they heard the sound of his Toyota Camry’s car. “He’s back”, they both shouted. “He is back,” Ifemade’s mum said. Ifemade ran out to get his briefcase. “Welcome dad,” Ifemade said. “Thank you my dear daughter. How was your day?” he asked. “Fine dad, and yours?” Ifemade asked. “It was fine. Is your mum in?” he asked. “Yes, mum is in, dad,” she replied. “Okay let’s go in,” her father said. The two of them went into the house. Ifemade’s mum came out to welcome her husband. “Welcome darling,” she said.
  • 8. “Thanks dear,” her husband replied. “How was your day?” she asked as she helped him to remove his jacket. “Fine, he answered. He went upstairs, took his bath and came down for his meal. He invited Ifemade to eat with him. Ifemade sat at the table with him but did not share the food with him because she had already eaten. “This food is so delicious, thanks dear for this wonderful meal,” he said to Ifemade’s mum. “It’s my pleasure,” she replied. Ifemade and her mum cleared the dining table. A sound was heard from the room. Ifemade’s mother remembered that they have left their son alone in the room. “Ifemade, please go and see how your little brother is doing,” the mum instructed her. “Okay mum,” she said and ran upstairs. Ifemade dad knew it was time to let the cat out of the bag. “Well, I have decided to encourage and to make Ifemade work even harder in secondary school by giving her and her brother a vacation in the United States,” he said. “Great! That’s wonderful,” Ifemade’s mum shouted. “I have got your passports and within the next few days, I will get your visas too,” he added. “I am sure Ifemade will be very excited when she hears this. I can’t wait to give her this pleasant news,” she said as she leaves to break the news to her. “Ifemade, guess what?” shouted her mum as she ran to her in the room where her baby brother was lying. “I can’t guess mum,” Ifemade said smiling. “We are going to the United States for vacation,” she announced. “I can’t believe this. Really? This is wonderful mum. Where is dad? Ifemade asked. “He is still in the sitting room,” the mum said.
  • 9. “Let me see him,” Ifemade said as she dashed to the sitting room while her mum followed. “Dad, thank you very much. I am very happy. I am going to tell my friends tomorrow,” Ifemade said. “Don’t tell them yet,” said the mum. “Why, mum?” asked Ifemade. “We don’t have to tell anyone until every arrangement is concluded,” said her mum. “Yes that’s true,” said her father. “We have to be sure of things before telling stories about them,” he concluded. “Yes, that’s an easy way of life, never tell stories about things you are not sure of,” said the mum. “Alright mum and dad,” Ifemade said as she went back to the room with her mum.
  • 10. Chapter 4 The next few days passed too fast. Soon the passports and visas were ready. Ifemade and her mother were excited. “We can now tell a few of our friends and relations that we are going on a vacation in the United States,” said the mum. “Yes, I am probably going to tell only two of my friends,” said Ifemade. “That’s okay,” said her mum. “Your dad says our tickets will be available next week,” she added. “That means, we really have to start packing,” said Ifemade. “Well, yes but not much because we will pay for excess luggage. Besides, we are going to buy a lot of things when we are coming back. So we don’t need to pack so much,” her mum said. “Okay, mum, maybe I should leave you to do the selection and packing for me,” Ifemade said. “That will be fine,” she replied. Later that evening, her dad came back to announce the date of the journey. ‘Your trip is going to be on the 5th of April,” said her father. That actually gives you three days to get set for the vacation. “My company secretary, who is on a business trip to England will be travelling same day with you. This, for sure is going to make things relatively easy for you. The secretary will
  • 11. take you to the company’s guest house in the United States where you will spend your vacation. Everything has arranged,” he said. “You are so wonderful. You have made us very happy, we are indeed grateful. Ifemade will be so happy,” said the mum. “Yes, that’s my aim to make her happy for being such a good and intelligent child,” he said. “Ifemade, we don’t have any more time. The trip is slated for 5th of April, in exactly three days. I guess, I have to conclude the packing now,” her mum said. “Yes, mum. I will help you but first let me go to dad to say a big thanks,” Ifemade said and dashed out. In a few minutes, she was back to help her mum with the packing. “We will be with Aunty Kemi and her children all day tomorrow,” her mum said. “I love Aunty Kemi and her children,” said Ifemade. “We have to tell them when we are leaving,” said her mum. “I am sure they would love to see us off to the airport. I love that,” said Ifemade. “We have to wash up one or two clothes today. I will quickly go through your wardrobe to check everything out. Time is no more on our side,” her mum said. “Okay mum, whatever you want me to do just tell me and I will do it,” Ifemade said. “Okay, Ifemade,” her mum answered with a passionate smile.
  • 12. Chapter 5 Soon the 5th of April came. Dad drove Ifemade, her mother and her brother to the airport. Aunty Kemi also came with her children. At the airport, their luggage was checked in. Ifemade saw many uniformed men and women. “Mum, why are there so many uniformed men and women working at the airport?” she asked. “Yes, my dear, many departments are represented at the airport,” she replied. “You see those in blue are the airport officials, the grey colour uniformed ones are members of the customs, while the brownish khaki ones are the immigration. They all have their various functions and to ensure smooth operation at the airport,” said Ifemade’s dad. “I like the immigration,” said Aunty Kemi. “I like customs,” said Ifemade’s mum. “They are rich men and women,” she continued. “Are they not salary earners? How come they are so rich?” Ifemade asked. “Attention! Attention!” Announced the air hostess, “the Nigeria airways will soon start boarding. Passengers are therefore requested to queue at the entrance.” “There you are, you will soon leave,” said the dad. “We are going to miss you all,” said Aunty Kemi’s eldest daughter. “But it’s only for a short while, maybe three weeks,” said Ifemade’s mum as they leave to queue up.
  • 13. “We have to bid you bye for now. Ifemade, be a good girl when you get over there,” said her dad. “Okay dad, I will,” Ifemade replied. “This trip is essentially for you, do your best to enjoy yourself,” her dad said. “Thanks dad,” Ifemade said. “Let’s go,” Aunty Kemi said to her children. “Ifemade, please buy me toys when you are returning,” said Aunty Kemi’s youngest son. “Of course, we will get you people plenty of things on our way back, “Ifemade replied. “Bye for now,” said Aunty Kemi. “Bye,” they all answered and embraced one another. Ifemade’s dad and Aunty Kemi and her children all watched on as they boarded the plane. Before long, every passenger was on board and then the plane took off. Ifemade was really noting every bit of her experience of this wonderful trip on a jotter. Her dad had told her that she would write an essay on her trip to the United States when she returns.
  • 14. Chapter 6 Ifemade really enjoyed the trip. They visited interesting places in New York City. They bought things for their friends and relations. Ifemade was particularly grateful to her father for making the trip possible. “I don’t know what to buy for dad,” she said to her mum. “Neither do I,” her mum said. “Don’t worry, we shall think of something befitting to buy for him for giving us this wonderful opportunity,” she added. Shortly after, her mother came up with an idea. “I think I know just what we can get him,” said her mum. “Yes, what is it?” Ifemade asked. “A nice shirt and a tie to match, maybe we can add a pair of shoes as well.” “That’s a good idea,” said Ifemade. “Tomorrow we shall go for the final shopping. We have to do the selection together,” said her mum. Ifemade, her brother and her mum returned after a four week stay in United States. As expected, their father, Aunty Kemi and her children were at the airport to welcome them.
  • 15. Ifemade was eager to meet them at once but the checking by the immigrations and customs took a long time. At last, they came out to the waiting room with their luggage. Ifemade rushed to embrace her father, Aunty Kemi and her children. It was indeed a happy moment. They helped with their luggage to the car and when they got home, friends and neighbors came to welcome them. They had a present for each one that came in, no matter how small. Later that evening, the family was alone and they had a warm discussion. Ifemade’s dad told her that he had been getting her school things ready as she will soon start school. “School resumes two weeks from now and you know you are going to boarding house,” her dad said. “I know dad, I can’t wait to be in boarding house,” Ifemade said. “I hope my baby won’t starve in the boarding house,” said her mum. And they all laughed. “No mum, I will be okay,” said Ifemade. “Your mum will help you get the necessary items you’ll need for school tomorrow,” her dad said. “Your school is a special one and you must have all required materials,” he concluded. “Okay dad, thank you,” said Ifemade. The next few days were used in getting things ready for Ifemade’s school. On resumption day, she was taken to school by her mum. Ifemade was very excited at her first day at school; she made new friends and told them stories of her overseas trip. The End