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Greta kennedy lesson

  1. 1. Lesson Plan Template <br />based on Understanding by Design by Jay McTighe and Grant Wiggins<br />Title of Lesson: Author: Greta H. KennedyGrade Level: 9-12School: Oxford High SchoolTime Estimated: <br /><ul><li>Brief OverviewHave students examine evidence of the causes of the Vietnam War and the affect it had on polarizing the United States. Historical Inquiry QuestionImagine living in 1968 America, considering the tumultuous nature of historic events, do you think you would have supported the Vietnam War? Would have fought actively against it? Can we apply lessons to America today?Content KnowledgeWhat specific content knowledge will students acquire as a result of this lesson?As a result of this lesson, students will know: The foreign policy decisions that led to the Vietnam War. The specific effect of the peace movement on the war. Reaction of Americans to the war and the peace movement. A timeline of events during the Vietnam War. SkillsWhat are the specific skills developed by this lesson?As a result of this lesson, students will be able to:Analyze and actively read primary sources, view different points of view on one issue and formulate a position on that issue. Improve on analytical and critical thinking skills Develop strong arguments based on primary source materials CT Standards Addressed 3.1 Use evidence to identify, analyze and evaluate historical interpretations.Standard 2.4 Demonstrate an ability to participate in social studies discourse through informed discussions, debate and effective oral presentation.Standard 2.2. Interpret information from a variety of primary and secondary sources, including electronic media.Prior KnowledgeKnowledge of events surrounding the US entry into the Vietnam War. Chronological order of US escalation.Resources neededLibrary of Congress Resources Other resources Luther King, Jr., “A Time to Break Silence” Department White Paper On Vietnam, 1965, Lyndon B. Johnson, 1965 Kerry speaks to Congress***please include copies of hand-outs at the end of your lesson***Process of LessonHook/Warm Up:Listen to an excerpt to a protest song, “What Are We Fighting For?” Show images from the Vietnam War and the anti- war movement.Inquiry Activity:Students will break up into groups and read the source material of their group. Each group will take on the persona of the primary sources and become the “expert” of their group.Anti War ProtesterVietnam Soldier who supports the warVietnam Soldier who does not support the warGovernment OfficialApplication Activity:Students will be assigned content reading the night before on the Vietnam War. They will read their primary source material in small groups in class and then come to a consensus on their position. They will present their position on the war based on knowledge of the Vietnam War and the readings. After hearing from all groups, a full class discussion will try answer the focus question: Was the US involvement in Vietnam justified?EvaluationStudents will be assessed on the writing of their document based essay question.Was the US involvement in Vietnam justified?Possibilities for DifferentiationUse different sources for analysis: political cartoons, graphs, poetry etc…Also team up groups appropriately.