Justin King B2B eCommerce Evangelist Bio and Resume
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Justin King B2B eCommerce Evangelist Bio and Resume

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This is the bio and resume of Justin King, B2B eCommerce Evangelist, Speaker and Editor of eCommerceandB2B.com

This is the bio and resume of Justin King, B2B eCommerce Evangelist, Speaker and Editor of eCommerceandB2B.com

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  • 1. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 1
  • 2. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 2
  • 3. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 3
  • 4. I especially enjoy speaking in front of large groups. I don’t enjoy writing, and honestly I am not very good at it. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 4
  • 5. Here I am speaking at the B2B eCommerce Summit Yes, I talk with my hands ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 5
  • 6. Complexity is your enemy. Any fool can make something complicated. It is hard to make something simple. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 6
  • 7. And that is what I try to do. Make the complex simple by telling memorable stories that are relevant to the topics at hand. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 7
  • 8. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 8
  • 9. while my craft is communication my expertise is in ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 9
  • 10. I was working for Rosetta, a large eCommerce and Interactive agency that I was a part of building. I helped start our B2B Industry vertical and believed that eCommerce was eventually going mainstream in B2B. I had built ERP systems and loved Manufacturers and Distributors. I had also been working in eCommerce my entire career – I even co-owned my own eCommerce agency. So, I started to build my point of view on B2B and eCommerce hoping that I would be on the forefront of thought leadership when it went mainstream. A couple of years later, hybris was entering North America with Endeca. I had spoken at a dinner with Endeca on the subject of B2B eCommerce. Hybris was promoted as a platform built for B2B eCommerce. They offered me the opportunity to help build a startup within a startup. Amazing opportunity. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 10
  • 11. And then… bought ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 11
  • 12. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 12
  • 13. As the primary voice for Oracle Commerce specifically in B2B I work across Sales and Product Management to communicate thought leadership and our value proposition across the industry and customers. • Regular and sought after speaker for all internal and external events on the topics of eCommerce and B2B eCommerce • Lead the ideation, development and communication of the first ever B2B E-Commerce messaging within Oracle Commerce and ATG. • B2B eCommerce strategist helping customers create vision and roadmap for their site implementations and digital strategy, directly resulting in over $50M in revenue. • Developed the primary go-to-market messaging for hybris (as Endeca) in North America and was the main presenter in front of all major customers. • Trained hundreds of reps and solutions consultants on how to present the Oracle Commerce offering. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 13
  • 14. SO, THAT’S MY DAY JOB ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 14
  • 15. Having been a part of many startups (and even a few successful ones) I work with a lot of early stage companies, helping them craft their messaging, pitches and presentations. One of my favorites ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 15
  • 16. I also use my blog to work out my thoughts and ideas. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 16
  • 17. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 17
  • 18. ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 18
  • 19. thank you! No, I am not looking for a job, but I love talking to people, so reach out anytime! ECOMMERCEandB2B.COM | @justin_king 19