Parent Portal Directions


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Parent Portal Directions

  1. 1. Parent TechnologyPowerSchool Parent Portal Presented by Karen Ogen
  2. 2. What is PowerSchool Parent Portal?• PowerSchool Parent Portal will provide parents with real-time information to access student schedules, attendance, grades, and test scores for students in third, fourth, and fifth grades.• Before you can log in to PowerSchool Parent Portal, you will need a PowerSchool username and password. It is a secure site.• PowerSchool Parent Portal should be used as a communication tool between the parent and child to discuss assignments and progress.• Please note that grades may not be updated immediately as assignments are due. Teachers should be updating grades weekly. Please wait to contact the teacher if you do not see a grade posted immediately.
  3. 3. Parent Portal URL -•Enter your username andpassword and click Enter.•NOTE: When using yourlog in information, note that“0” is a number and “O” is aletter.•Should you lose yourusername and password,please contact the school.
  4. 4. Grades and Attendance Screen Schedule and Teacher The schedule (classes and teacher) are shown. Click on the teacher’s name to send an e-mail. Absences and Tardies Grades columns show total absences Current grades are shown to the right of and tardies for the currentAttendance the class. Click on a blue grade to see a school term. Click on a blueAttendance marks for the last two listing of the individual assignments and number to see dates for thatWeeks are displayed on the left. scores that make up the grade. Click the attendance. Back button to return.
  5. 5. Use the BACK button or Grades and Attendance to go back. Class Grades Name of Assignment and Details (if available) GradeDue Date of Assignment In Score and Percent Type of Assignment Other grades/marks youGrades may not be entered See teacher’s grading scale to find may see are listed the due date. out how grades are weighted.
  6. 6. MenusGrades and AttendanceUse this icon to view the grades and attendance for the student inthe current term. The legend at the bottom of the page displays theattendance and citizenship codes and their meanings.Grades HistoryUse this page to view quarter and semester grades for thestudent for the current term.Attendance HistoryUse this icon to view the attendance record for the student in thecurrent term. The legend at the bottom of the page displays theattendance codes and their meanings.
  7. 7. Email NotificationsIf you wish to receive information about your students grades,attendance, and assignment scores, use this icon to set up your e-mail preferences. You can specify which information you would liketo receive, how often you would like to receive the information, andhow often you would like to receive e-mail.Teacher CommentsSome teachers use the comments feature in their gradebook tocommunicate to parents and students. Use this icon to viewcomments from your child’s teacher. Comments will appear in theComment column if present.School BulletinUse this icon to view the School Bulletin which will show thecurrent school information for your child’s school.
  8. 8. Resources/Copyright• PowerSchool Parent Portal Screen Shot Images ©PowerSchool• Compass Learning Screen Shot Images ©Compass Learning••