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English Explorers
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English Explorers


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. ENGLISH EXPLORERS Ana Cristina Restrepo Jeisson Andrés Restrepo
  • 2. England also wanted new trade routes andnew lands. The first of the english explorers was John Cabot known asGiovanni Cabatto. Francis Drake was one of the daring english sea captains inexplore america. Sir Walter Raleigh was other english explorer who was looking forsea path to Asia.
  • 3. JOHN CABOT (1450 – 1499) He was an italian sea captain that sailed under the english flag. Cabot set out on his new world voyage in 1497 (five years afterColumbus). He landed in newfoundland (island of Canada), he explored thearea and returned to England. Cabot and his crew were lost at sea on his second voyage.For the next 70 years England ignored the new world until 1570swhen the Reign of Elizabeth I ordered begin exploring Americaagain.
  • 4. England hoped find gold and silver in the new world , but all themines were controlled by Spain. So, some daring sea captains formeda plan to steal the gold.The Spanish shipped their gold from America to Spain. The boldEnglish sea captains planned to seize the gold and the ships; but ifthe plan failed, the captains and crews could be hung as pirates.These dangers did not stop many daring captains.
  • 5. FRANCIS DRAKE (1540 –1596) Drake was one of those daring English sea captains. In 1577 he sailed to panama, he attacked the Spanish settlementsand sailed around south America. Drake seized a Spanish treasure ship on the pacific side of southAmerica, and he escaped by sailing north to the coast of Californiaspecifically in San Francisco bay area. From there, he sailed west to the spice islands (Indonesia)
  • 6.  Drake’s voyage around the world had takenthree years. He came home with a fortune in gold,silver and spices. Elizabeth I rewarded Drake by making himknight; from the on, he was Sir Francis Drake.
  • 7. SIR WALTER RALEIGH He was not only an explorer, he was also an organizer of colonies. One of his colonies was Roanoke Island (now North Carolina) -settlers were homesick and hungry -drake take his population back to england because it was a colonywithout food Raleigh sent another group of settlers, but in three years the colony had vanished
  • 8. HENRY HUDSON (1565-1611)
  • 9.  Henry Hudson was an English explorer and navigatorwho explored parts of the Arctic Ocean andnortheastern North America. The Hudson River, HudsonStrait, and Hudson Bay are named for Hudson.