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Expo public

  1. 1. ALCHEMIST• The Alchemist is a book created by a Brazilian men, his name is Paulo Coelho.
  2. 2. PAULO COELHO• He was born on 24 August of 1947- rio de Janeiro.• He is a brazilian novelist.• He is one of the writer more read.• He has more than fifty books sold in more than one hundred and fifty countries, and its is traduced to seventy-one languages.
  3. 3. Paulo Coelho• He has received awards, like Crystal award.• He writes a weekly newspaper column published in media around the world.• He achieved the success with his greatest work The Alchemist.• He is married with a brazilian painter Christina Oiticica.
  4. 4. The Alchemist • In 1988 he wrote a second book, it was different from the first “The Alchemist” . • It is a symbolic book, and metaphor for life. • This book was traduced to fifty-three languages.
  5. 5. REFLEXION• In my own view this book has a magnificient message, that can help us in some moments of our life.• All the story of the book takes the reader to a reflexion about their life, their dreams, and maybe their conformity.• This book also has a special message about overcoming, so if someone that feel bad can read this book and take a reflexion.
  6. 6. • Into the book there are some expressions, phrases tha make the reader think about it, because sometimes we lost our life, our dreams, our opportunities, the reason is taht we are busy, concerned for our activities and for that reason we don`t find the sense of the life, and everything that happend in our context, and reality
  7. 7. PHRASESHere are some phrases that I liked:• “It is called principle in favor, beginners luck, because the life wants that you live your personal legend”• “But I have fear that this will be a disappointment, and for that I only prefer to keep dreaming”• “Remember always know what do you want”• I don`t want chance, because I don`t know how do it”
  8. 8. • “All blessings are not accepted become curse”.• “Because I know that I can have all, and I don’t want”• “Sometimes is imposible stop the river of the life”• “Never give up your dreams”