September 2013 newsletter


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September 2013 newsletter

  1. 1. This month we are excited to kick off our study and investigative approach to learning with the Creative Curriculum. We are excited to see the changes in our room and also to welcome new friends to our classrooms. Our teachers will also start using the online assessment piece to our curriculum this month as many new things are in the works for this new school year. I look forward to your feedback about our classrooms, curriculum, and assessment piece this school year. ~Jeni Hoover, KELC Director Upcoming Dates: September 2 – Closed for Labor Day September 2 – New Cycle – Tuition Due September 4 – Swimming September 5 – Birds’ trip to Library September 5 – Parent Meeting at 5 pm September 9 – Celebrate Grandparents Day September16 – New Cycle – Tuition Due September 18 - Swimming September 20 – Giraffes’ trip to Library September 30 – New Cycle – Tuition Due October 2 – Swimming October 8 – Intergen play date in Auditorium October 12 – LCCC Family Fest 12-5 pm September 2013 Newsletter Birthdays This Month: September 21 – Hazel turns 4! Happy, Happy Birthday to You! October Fundraiser: During the month of October we will be having a month full of raffles. For $10 you can have your name entered in every drawing for the month once, or for $15 your name will be entered twice. Please help us raise our goal of $500 by selling, selling, selling. Intergenerational News: September is National Older Americans month. We will be celebrating Grandparents Day by visiting with residents on Monday, September 9th , to show our appreciation for all they do for us. KELC has received word that we were approved and our play yard is now certified as an outdoor classroom!
  2. 2. Bird Tweets: Giraffe Whistles: In August the children really enjoyed our two fieldtrips. First was to the Memphis Kiddie Park. The children loved riding all the rides that were just their size. The roller coaster was a big hit and so was the merry-go-round. The children also loved seeing all the animals at the Fair. It was hot but they were all troopers. They got to pet a lot of the different animals. We enjoyed a picnic lunch under the pavilion topped off with cotton candy for dessert. September brings a lot of changes for the start of a new school year. First we said goodbye to all of our kindergartners. Then we are welcoming many friends that came back after being gone for the summer. Welcome back Phoebe and Avery! We are also welcoming Amir, Hazel, and Mason to the Giraffe group. Then we want to welcome Amira and Timothy to Kendal and the Giraffe group. We are going to be very busy this month. We will be focusing on getting everyone acclimated into the classroom and introducing them to the new areas in the room. We will also begin using the Creative Curriculum in the classroom. We look forward to another successful school year. Have a great month, Julie and Karen Wow, September is here! It is the start of a new school year already! We said goodbye to all of our kindergarteners and hello to a few new friends these last couple of weeks. Welcome Gregory, Takeshi, William, and Charlie to the Bird group. We also have some friends coming back after being gone for the summer. Welcome back Josh, Brooklyn, and Layla. The children had a blast at Memphis Kiddie Park and at the Fair. At the Kiddie Park the children loved riding the rides over and over. At the Fair they loved seeing all the animals. They even got to pet quite a few of them. With all the changes that have gone on this summer we are going to concentrate on introducing the children to the new look of the classroom as well as to all our new friends. We are also starting the implementation of our new curriculum. September is certainly going to be busy! Have a great month! Sara and Robin