El Sup's birthday greeting to Mumia


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El Sup's birthday greeting to Mumia

  1. 1. “Perhaps you wonder how weknow of you, about your birth-day, and why it is that we extendthis long bridge which goes from SUBCOMANDANTE MARCOSthe mountains of the MexicanSoutheast to the prison ofPennsylvania where you areincarcerated unjustly. Manygood people from many parts ofthe world have spoken of you,through them we have learnedhow you were ambushed by the A24North American police inDecember of 1981, of the lieswhich they constructed in theprocedures against you, and ofyour death sentence in 1982. Welearned about your birthdaythrough the international mobi-lizations which... are being pre-pared this April 24.”—Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos OCCUPIED MEDIA OCCUPIED MEDIA PAMPHLET SERIES ZUCCOTTI PARK PRESS PAMPHLET SERIES c/o Adelante Alliance 405 61st Street, Brooklyn, NY 11220 occupy@adelantealliance.org www.zuccottiparkpress.com
  2. 2. OCCUPIED MEDIA Subcomandante PAMPHLET SERIES Insurgente MarcosMESSAGE TO THE MOVEMENT BY MUMIA ABU-JAMAL A24Reflecting on the meaning of struggle, education, imperial-ism, and his own involvement in radical social move-ments, revolutionary journalist and former Black Panther,Abu-Jamal directly addresses the diverse community oforganizers and activists who support and participate in theOccupy movement. “The real deal is Occupy Everything!” Subcomandante Marcos is a spokespersonsays Mumia. “Where the People are, there should you be. for Zapatistas and the autonomous indige-Where power and wealth are hurting the People, there nous base communities connected withshould you be organizing, resisting, fighting back, win- them. Their struggle is for dignity, democ-ning a better world.” English/Spanish edition: $6 racy, liberty and justice. OCCUPY BY NOAM CHOMSKY “The Occupy movements have been a remarkable suc- Produced by Greg Ruggierocess,” says Chomsky. “They’ve changed the national dis-course. They have introduced into public view crucialconcerns that had been hidden. They’ve created commu-nities of mutual support and solidarity.... In fact, one signof their success is the nature of the repression againstthem...That’s an indication of success and concern. Dedicated to all those participating inNaturally, we have to resist the repression.” the Occupation of the Justice Department,“Occupy is another vital contribution from Chomsky to Washington, DC, April 24, 2012the literature of defiance and protest, and a red-hot rally-ing call to forge a better, more egalitarian future....anexcellent read.” — Alternet 128-page edition: $10;18-page edition, $5. TAKING BROOKLYN BRIDGE Occupied Media Pamphlet Series| Pamphlet 5 Special edition | April 24, 2012 BY STUART LEONARDTaking Brooklyn Bridge is a poem about the struggle for lib-erty and the search for true democracy and redemption.Addressed to Walt Whitman and composed in thecadence and style of Whitman’s “Crossing BrooklynFerry,” the poem tells the story of the personal and politi-cal awakening experienced while participating in a marchacross the Brooklyn Bridge. $5New pamphlets coming soon from: Angela Davis, MarinaSitrin & Dario Azzellini, and Laura Gottesdiener. OCCUPIED MEDIA PAMPHLET SERIES ZUCCOTTI PARK PRESS OCCUPIED MEDIA PAMPHLET SERIES c/o Adelante Alliance ZUCCOTTI PARK PRESS 405 61st Street, Brooklyn, NY 11220 c/o Adelante Alliance (718) 717-2576 405 61st Street, Brooklyn, NY 11220 occupy@adelantealliance.org (718) 717 2576 www.zuccottiparkpress.com occupy@adelantealliance.org www.zuccottiparkpress.com
  3. 3. long bridge which goes from the mountains of the Mexican Southeast to the prison of Pennsylvania where you are incarcerated unjustly. Many good people from many parts of the world have spoken of you, through them we have learned how you were ambushed by the North American police in December of 1981, of the lies which they con- structed in the procedures against you, and of your death sentence in 1982. We learned about your birthday through the international mobiliza- tions which, under the name of “Millions for Mumia,” are being prepared this April 24. It is harder to explain this bridge which this let- ter extends, it is more complicated. I could tell you that, for the powerful of Mexico and the gov- Letter To Mumia Abu-Jamal ernment, to be indigenous, or to look indigenous, April 24, 1999 is reason for disdain, abhorrence, distrust and hatred. The racism which now floods the palacesFor: Mumia Abu-Jamal, American Union of power in Mexico goes to the extreme of carrying out a war of extermination and genocide againstFrom: Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos, millions of indigenous. I am sure that you willMexico find similarities with what power in the United States does with the so-called “people of color”Mr. Mumia: (African-American, Chicanos, Puerto Ricans, Asians, North American Indians and any otherI am writing to you in the name of the men, peoples who do not have the insipid color ofwomen, children and elderly of the Zapatista money).National Liberation Army in order to congratu-late you on April 24, your birthday. We are also “people of color” (the same color as our brothers who have Mexican blood and livePerhaps you have heard of us. We are Mexican, and struggle in the American Union). Our color ismostly indigenous, and we took up arms on “brown,” the color of the earth, the color fromJanuary 1, 1994 demanding a voice, a face and a which we take our history, our strength, our wis-name for the forgotten of the earth. dom and our hope. But in order to struggle we add the color black to our brown. We use blackSince then, the Mexican government has made ski-masks to show our faces, only then can we bewar on us, pursues and harasses us seeking our seen and heard. Following the advice of an indige-death, our disappearance and our absolute nous Mayan elder, who explained to us the mean-silence. The reason? These lands are rich with oil, ing of the color black, we chose this color.uranium and precious lumber. The governmentwants them for the great transnational compa- Old Don Antonio, this wise elder, died in thesenies. We want them for all Mexicans. The govern- rebel Zapatista lands in March of 1994, a victimment sees our lands as a business. We see our of tuberculosis which gnawed away at his lungshistory written in these lands. In order to defend and his breath. Old Don Antonio used to tell usour right (and that of all Mexicans) to live with that from black came light and from there cameliberty, democracy, justice and dignity we became the stars which light up the sky around thean army and took on a name, a voice and face. world. He recounted a story of a long time ago (in the times when time was not measured), whenPerhaps you wonder how we know of you, about the first gods were given the task of giving birthyour birthday, and why it is that we extend this to the world. In one of their meetings they under- stood that the world needed to have life and 1 2
  4. 4. movement, and to have life and movement, light ing for the Dine (the Navajo), who fight in Bigwas necessary. Then they thought of making the Mountain, Arizona against the violations of theirsun in order that the days move and so that there traditional Dine religious practices.” They strug-would be day and night and time for struggling gle against those who favor large businessesand time for making love, and the world would go instead of respect for the religious freedom ofwalking with the days and nights. The gods had Indian peoples, against those who want to destroytheir meeting and made this agreement in front sacred grounds and ceremonial sites (as is theof a large fire, and they knew it was necessary case of Peabody Western Coal Company which,that one of them be sacrificed by throwing himself without reason, wants to take the lands and theinto the fire and himself become fire and fly into land rights, and the history which belong to thethe sky. The gods thought that the suns work Dine and their future generations.)was the most important, so they chose the mostbeautiful god so that he would fly into the fire But this letter-bridge has more than just storiesand become the sun. But he was afraid. Then the of resistance against North American injustice. Insmallest god, the one who was black, said he was the extreme south of our continent, in Chile, thenot afraid and he threw himself into the fire and indigenous Mapuche women in the Pewenchebecame the sun. Then the world had light and Center of Alto Bio-Bio confront stupidity. Berthamovement, and there was time for struggle and and Nicolasa Quintreman are accused of “mis-time for love, and while it was day the bodies treating” members of the armed forces of theworked to make the world and while it was night Chilean government. There you have it. Anthe bodies made love and sparkles filled the dark- armed military unit with rifles, sticks, and tear-ness. gas, protected by bulletproof vests, helmets and shields, accuse two indigenous women of “mis-This is what Old Don Antonio told us and that is treatment.” But Bertha is 74 years old andwhy we use black ski masks. So we are of the Nicolasa is 60. How is it possible that two elderlycolor brown and of the color black. But we are people confronted a “heroic” group of heavily-also the color yellow, because the first people who armed military? Because they are Mapuche. Thewalked these lands were made of corn so they story is the same as that of the Dine brothers andwould be true. And we are also red because this is sisters of Arizona—it repeats itself throughoutthe call of blood which has dignity, and we are the Americas. A company—ENDESA—wants thealso blue because we are the sky in which we fly, Mapuches land, and in spite of the law whichand green for the mountain which is our house protects the indigenous, the government is on theand our strength. And we are white because we side of the companies. The Mapuche studentsare paper so that tomorrow can write its story. have pointed out that the government and the company with the military intelligence made aSo we are 7 colors because there were 7 first gods “study” of the Mapuche communities and conclud-who birthed the world. ed that the Mapuche could not think, defend themselves, resist, or build a better future forThis is what Old Don Antonio said long ago and themselves. Apparently, the study was wrong.now I tell you this story so that you may under-stand the reason for this bridge of paper and ink Now it occurs to me that, perhaps the powerful inwhich I send to you all the way from the moun- North America carried out a similar “militarytains of the Mexican Southeast. intelligence” study (frankly, this is a contradic- tion, because those of us who are military are notAnd also so that you may understand that with intelligent, if we were we would not be military)this bridge go greetings and embraces for about the case of the Dine in Arizona, aboutLeonard Peltier (who is in the prison at Leonard Peltier, about other political prisoners,Leavenworth, Kansas), and for the more than 100 about yourself, Mr. Mumia.political prisoners in the USA who are the victimsof injustice, stupidity and authoritarianism. Perhaps they made this study and came to the conclusion that they might be able to violate jus-And with this letter-bridge walks as well a greet- tice and reason, to assault history and lose the 3 4
  5. 5. truth, and that no one would say anything. TheDine Indians would stand by and watch thedestruction of the most sacred of their history,Leonard Peltier would be alone, and you, MisterMumia, would be silenced. ( I remember your ownwords: “They not only want my death, they wantmy silence.”)But the studies were wrong. Happy mistake? TheDine resist against those who would kill theirmemory, Leonard Peltier is accompanied by allthose who demand his liberty, and you sir, todayyou speak and shout with all the voices which cel-ebrate your birthday as all birthdays should becelebrated, by struggling. Letter To the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, USAMr. Mumia: April of 1999We have nothing big to give you as a gift for yourbirthday. It is poor and little, but all of us send For: Mr. Tom Ridgeyou an embrace. Governor of Pennsylvania United States, North AmericaWe hope that when you gain your freedom youwill come to visit us. Then we will give you a From : Subcomandante Insurgente Marcosbirthday party, even if it isn’t April 24, it will be Mexicoan unbirthday party. There will be music, danceand talk, which are the means by which men and To the Magistrate and Governorwomen of all colors understand and know one Dear sirs:another, and build bridges over which they walktogether, towards history, towards tomorrow. I write to you in the name of the men, women, children and elderly of the EZLN. Most of us areHappy Birthday! indigenous Mexicans and we struggle for liberty, democracy and justice.Vale. We greet you and may justice and truth findtheir place. The purpose of the following letter is to demand justice in the case of Mr. Mumia Abu-Jamal, con-From the mountains of the Mexican Southeast, demned unjustly to the death penalty in 1982. As you know, the judicial process against MisterSubcomandante Insurgente Marcos Mumia Abu-Jamal was plagued with lies andMexico, April of 1999 irregularities: the police who accuse him lied about a supposed confession of his, one of the wit-P.S. I read somewhere that you are a father and a nesses has changed testimony and declared thatgrandfather. So I am sending you a gift for your he was forced to lie or face prison, the ballisticchildren and grandchildren. It is a little wooden evidence has proved it was impossible that Mistercar with Zapatistas dressed in black ski-masks. Mumia Abu-Jamal fired the weapon which killed the policeman. This should be enough evidenceTell your children and grandchildren that it is a for a new trial, but even this recourse has beengift the Zapatistas have sent you. You can explain denied to Mister Mumia Abu-Jamal. If theto them that there are people of all colors every- Judicial system of Pennsylvania and the governorwhere, just like you, who want justice, liberty and are certain of the guilt of Mister Mumia Abu-democracy for people of all colors. Jamal, they should not fear a new trial which adheres to the truth. 5 6
  6. 6. I do not ask clemency, pardon, nor mercy fromyou for Mister Mumia Abu-Jamal. I demand jus-tice, something which I believe is within yourpowers. No one within the Supreme Court ofPennsylvania or governor Tom Ridge has any-thing to lose. A new trial can bring the truth for-ward, and justice, supposedly, is all that shouldmatter.That is all.From the mountains of the Mexican Southeast,Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos Carta a Mumia Abu-Jamal Señor Mumia: Le escribo a nombre de los hom- bres, mujeres, niños y ancianos del Ejercito Zapatista de Liberación Nacional para felicitarlo por el 24 de abril, que es el día de su cumpleaños. Tal vez usted ha escuchado hablar de nosotros. Somos mexicanos, mayoritariamente indígenas, y nos alzamos en armas el primero de enero de 1994 demandando voz, rostro y nombre para los olvidados de la tierra. Desde entonces, el gobierno mexicano nos hace la guerra y nos persigue y acosa buscando nuestra muerte, nuestra desaparición o nuestro silencio definitivo. ¿La razón? Estos suelos son ricos en petróleo, uranio y maderas preciosas. El gobierno las quiere para las empresas transnacionales. Nosotros las queremos para todos los mexicanos. El gobierno ve en nuestras tierras un negocio. Nosotros vemos la historia escrita en nuestro suelo. Para defender nuestro derecho (y el de todos los mexicanos) a vivir con libertad, democ- racia, justicia y dignidad nos hicimos ejercito y tomamos así nombre, voz y rostro. Tal vez usted se pregunte como nos hemos entera- do de usted, de su cumpleaños, y el porqué trata- mos de tenderle este largo puente que va desde las montañas del sureste mexicano hasta la prisión de Pennsylvania que lo tiene encerrado injustamente. De usted nos han hablado gentes buenas de varias partes del mundo, por ellas nos hemos enterado de la emboscada que le tendió la 7 8
  7. 7. policía norteamericana en diciembre de 1981, de muy grande, y supieron que era necesario quelas mentiras que construyeron en el proceso en uno de ellos se sacrificara arrojándose al fuegocontra suya, y de la sentencia de muerte 1982. De para así convertirse en el fuego mismo y volarsesu cumpleaños nos supimos por las movilizaciones hasta el cielo. Pensando los dioses que el trabajointernacionales que, con el nombre de "Millons for de ser sol era de color negro, dijo que el si estabaMumia", se prepara para este 24 de abril. dispuesto y se arrojo al fuego y se hizo sol. Y el mundo tuvo entonces luz y movimiento, y huboDel puente que ahora proponen estas líneas que tiempo para la lucha y tiempo para el amor, y enle escribo es más complicado hablar. Podia decirle el día los cuerpos se trabajaban para hacer elque, para el gobierno y los poderosos de México, el mundo y en la noche los cuerpos se amaban paraser indígena (o parecerlo) es motivo de desprecio, sacarle destellos la oscuridad.de asco, de desconfianza y de odio. El racismo quepuebla hoy los palacios del Poder en México llega Así nos dijo el Viejo Antonio y esa es la razón poral extremo de llevar adelante una guerra de la que usamos el pasamontañas de color negro.exterminio, un etnocidio, en contra de millones de Así que somos de color café y de color negro. Peroindígenas. Estoy seguro de que usted encontrara también somos de color amarillo, porque nos con-semejanzas con lo que el Poder en Estados Unidos taron que los primeros hombres que anduvieronhace con la llamada "gente de color" (africano- estas tierras fueron hechos de maíz para que asíamericano, chicanos, portorriqueño, asiáticos, fueran verdaderos. Y somos también rojos porqueindios norteamericanos y cualquier otra raza que así manda la sangre digna, y somos azules tam-no tenga el color insípido del dinero). bién por el cielo que volamos, y verdes por la mon-Nosotros somos también "gente de color" (justo taña que es nuestra casa y fortaleza. Y somoscomo de nuestro hermanos de sangre mexicana blancos también porque papel somos para queque viven y luchan en la Unión Americana). mañana escriba su historia.Somos de color "café" porque es el color de la tier-ra y de ella tomamos historia, fuerza, sabiduría y Así que somos los 7 colores porque 7 fueron losesperanza. Pero para luchar sumamos otro color a primeros dioses que se nacieron el mundo.nuestro color café: el negro. Nosotros usamos Esto nos lo platico el Viejo Antonio hace tiempo ypasamontañas negros para mostrarnos, solo así ahora yo se lo cuento para que usted pueda enten-somos vistos y escuchados. El color negro de nues- der el por qué de este puente de papel y tinta quetras mascaras fue escogido pro consejo de un le llega a usted desde las montañas del suresteanciano indígena maya que nos explico lo que el mexicano.color negro representaba. Y también para que usted comprenda porque enEl nombre de este sabio indígena es el Viejo este puente también van pedacitos de saludos yAntonio. El murió en tierras rebeldes zapatistas abrazos para Leonard Peltier (que está en laen marzo de 1994, víctima de una tuberculosis prisión de Leavenworth, Kansas), y para los másque le mordió los pulmones y el aliento. Nos dijo de 100 presos políticos en USA que son víctimasel Viejo Antonio que el negro se hace luz y que de de la injusticia, la estupidez y el autoritarismo.el se nacieron las luces que pueblan los cielos del Y camina también en esta carta-puente un saludomundo. Nos conto la historia de que, hace mucho a los indios Dine´ (Navajo) que, en Big Mountain,tiempo (en los tiempos en los que el tiempo no se Arizona, luchan en contra de las violaciones quecontaba), los mas primeros dioses se dieron a la sufre la religión tradicional Dine´ por parte detarea de nacer el mundo. En una de sus reuniones quienes prefieren los grandes negocios en lugarvieron que era necesario que el mundo tuviera del respeto a la libertad religiosa de los pueblosvida y movimiento, y que para eso se necesitaba indios, y que quieren destruir las tierras sagradasla luz. Entonces pensaron de hacer el sol para que y los sitios ceremoniales (como es el caso de laasí se movieran los días y hubiera dia y hubiera Peadbody Western Coal Company que quierenoche y hubiera tiempo para la lucha y tiempo apropiarse de tierras que por razón, historia ypara el amor y, caminando con los días y las derecho pertenecen al pueblo Dine´ y sus genera-noches, se caminaría el mundo. Hicieron los dios- ciones futuras).es su reunión de acuerdo, en torno a una fogata 9 10
  8. 8. Pero no solo van en este puente-carta historias de Leonard Peltier esta acompañado por todos losresistencia en contra de la injusticia norteameri- que demandamos su libertad, y usted, señorcana. También indígenas, pero en el extremo sur Mumia, habla y grita ahora con todas las vocesde nuestro continente, en Chile, las mujeres que celebran su cumpleaños como deben cele-Mapuches del Centro Pewenche del Alto Bio-Bio brarse los cumpleaños, es decir, luchando.resisten en contra de la estupidez. Dos mujeresindígenas, Berta y Nicolasa Quintreman están No conozco bien el sistema judicial norteameri-acusadas de "maltratar" a elementos de los cano, pero anexa a este puente va una cartafuerzas armadas gubernamentales de Chile. Y ahí dirigida a la Corte Suprema de Pennsylvania y altiene usted que una unidad militar armada con gobernador Tom Ridge. En ella les demando justi-rifles, palos y bombas lacrimógenas, y protegida cia, no perdón ni misericordia. Porque los hom-con chalecos antibalas, cascos y escudos, acusa a bres que viven con dignidad no necesitan ni eldos mujeres indígenas de "maltrato". Pero Berta perdón ni la misericordia de ninguna autoridad,tiene 74 años de edad y Nicolasa tiene 60. ¿Cómo solo necesitan justicia y por ella luchan. Esperoes posible que dos personas mayores de edad se en verdad que esa carta no complique su situaciónenfrenten a un "heroico" grupo de militares judicial, así que usted vea si es conveniente o nofuertemente armados? Por la razón que asiste a que se hagan públicas o se hagan llegar o no a suslas Mapuches. La historia aquí es parecida a la de destinatarios. Incluso le estoy mandando otralos hermanos Dine´ de Arizona, y es la misma que copia de este puente-carta sin este párrafo parase repite en toda América: una empresa (ENDE- que usted decida lo que más le convenga.SA) quiere las tierras de los Mapuches y, a pesar Señor Mumia: No tenemos nada grande quede que la ley protege a los indígenas, el gobierno regalarle en su cumpleaños, pues es poco y pobreesta del lado de los empresarios. Los estudiantes lo que tenemos, pero todos le mandamos un abra-Mapuches han senhalado que el gobierno y la zo. Esperamos que, cuando usted salga libre,empresa hicieron un "estudio" de inteligencia mil- pueda venir a visitarnos. Entonces le haremositar sobre las comunidades indígenas Mapuches y una fiesta de cumpleaños y, si no es un 24 dellegaron a la conclusión de que eran incapaces de abril, pues entonces será una fiesta de "no-pensar, de defenderse, de resistir y de construirse cumpleaños". Habrá música, baile y palabras, queun futuro mejor. Parece que ese estudio se equivo- son los medios con los que los hombres de todosco. los colores se entienden, se conocen y hacen los puentes sobre los cuales caminan, juntos, la histo-Y ahora se me ocurre que, tal vez, los poderosos ria y el mañana.de Norteamérica también mandaron hacer unestudio de "inteligencia militar" (lo que es una ¡Feliz Cumpleaños!franca contradicción ya que los militares no somosinteligentes, si lo fuéramos no seriamos militares) Vale. Salud y que la justicia y la verdad encuen-sobre el caso de los indios Dine´ de Arizona, sobre tren su lugar.el caso de Leonard Peltier, sobre el caso de losotros presos políticos, y sobre su caso, señor Desde las montañas del Sureste Mexicano,Mumia. Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos. Mexico, Abril de 1999.Tal vez hicieron ese estudio y llegaron a la con-clusión de que podrían hacerlo y nadie diría nada. P.D.- He leído en alguna parte que usted es padreLos indios Dine´ verían impávidos la destrucción y abuelo. Así que aquí le mando un regalo parade las cosas mas sagradas de su historia, Leonard sus hijos o nietos. Es un cochecito de madera conPeltier quedaría solo, y usted, señor Mumia, seria zapatistas que llevan pasamontañas color negro.silenciado (ahora recuerdo que usted dijo "No solo Dígales usted a sus nietos o hijos que es un regaloquieren mi muerte, quieren mi silencio"). que les mandamos nosotros, los zapatistas, y explíqueles por favor que hay gentes de todos losPero parece que esos estudios se equivocaron. colores que, como usted, quieren la justicia, la lib-!Feliz equivocación! Los indios Dine´ resisten en ertad y la democracia para todos los colores.contra de quienes quieren matarles la memoria, 11 12