Vocus Marketing Suite Overview by Jeff Zelaya


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Learn more at http://jeffzelaya.com - The new Vocus Marketing Suite is a powerful, next-generation marketing experience that delivers leads, sales and new customers by integrating Social, Search, Email and Publicity into one smart suite.

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Vocus Marketing Suite Overview by Jeff Zelaya

  1. 1. Vocus Marketing Suite To Schedule Your Vocus Demo Contact: Jeff Zelaya 301.479.1480 jzelaya@vocus.com
  2. 2. Engage Current Clients •Drive direct sales •Build relationships •Precise targeting •Measurable ROI Publicity Opportunities •Attract new clients •Generate more interest in your business •Have your business publicized Increase Google Ranking •Increase visibility of web site •Higher key word rankings (SEO) •More traffic to web site Market Your Business Online •Engage Existing Clients •Generate new client interest •Market your business and products directly •Duplicate your website on Facebook Vocus Consultants Four Core Areas of Marketing
  3. 3. The Fast, Easy Way to Grow Your Business Use Vocus’ Marketing Suite to grow your business by reaching your target audience in 4 channels: • Social Media •Traditional News •Online – Getting to the top of Google searches •Email Marketing
  4. 4. Social Media Engagement Buying Signals are leads! These are public tweets that have shown an intent or need for your product, service, advice or opinion. You’ll always know what to do next. Thanks to our recommendation engine, your next step is a click away.
  5. 5. Social Media – Time Saver It’s easy to post to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn all from one place! We can even save you additional time by scheduling your social media messages in advance.
  6. 6. Over 18 Custom Facebook Apps – 2 Examples Create interactive Facebook pages that bring your brand to life - with absolutely no expertise necessary. From eye-catching welcome screens to fans-only deals, you can upload whatever content you need to engage your fans and compel them to get more involved with your brand.
  7. 7. Publicity Alerts Every day, HARO brings nearly 30,000 reporters and bloggers, over 100,000 news sources and thousands of small businesses together to tell their stories, promote their brands and sell their products and services. View Video
  8. 8.  Search-engine optimized press releases  Release news directly to the internet  Reach journalists, bloggers, consumers directly  250,000 RSS subscribers  Includes live access your website  Fixed-cost (no word limits)  Release can include attachments and images (wire service of the 21st century) PRWeb News Releases “Thanks to PRWeb, we are leaving our mark on both mainstream retail and industry media… our Malibu Boats brand is getting the attention it deserves… and we are quantifying all of it. The true value of PRWeb is in the sales it has helped us generate.“ - Amy Mauzy, Malibu Boats
  9. 9. PRWeb cont’d Broad distribution to reach bloggers and consumers in addition to journalists i-Frame at bottom of release hosts live version of your website
  10. 10. Email Templates and Distribution Choose from hundreds of templates, or custom build your own to create impactful email campaigns that engage your audience and drive business.
  11. 11. Email Marketing Segment your lists based on data you’ve gathered from your contacts. Then send them customized messages using our easy message builder.
  12. 12. Dashboard – Track your success
  13. 13. To Schedule Your Demo Contact: Jeff Zelaya 301.479.1480 jzelaya@vocus.com @jeffzelaya