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Social Media For Brand Awareness
Social Media For Brand Awareness
Social Media For Brand Awareness
Social Media For Brand Awareness
Social Media For Brand Awareness
Social Media For Brand Awareness
Social Media For Brand Awareness
Social Media For Brand Awareness
Social Media For Brand Awareness
Social Media For Brand Awareness
Social Media For Brand Awareness
Social Media For Brand Awareness
Social Media For Brand Awareness
Social Media For Brand Awareness
Social Media For Brand Awareness
Social Media For Brand Awareness
Social Media For Brand Awareness
Social Media For Brand Awareness
Social Media For Brand Awareness
Social Media For Brand Awareness
Social Media For Brand Awareness
Social Media For Brand Awareness
Social Media For Brand Awareness
Social Media For Brand Awareness
Social Media For Brand Awareness
Social Media For Brand Awareness
Social Media For Brand Awareness
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Social Media For Brand Awareness


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Presented By Jeff Yette Sales Engineer Slic Network Solutions Social For Brand Awareness
  • 2. Slides available online
  • 3. Who is this guy? Director of Sales & Marketing Slic Network Solutions since 1998 Sole Proprietor of 274web1 (Websites since 1997) 5 Years as Graphic Design Director for a 3 publication newspaper (Won a few awards for design) Attended SUNY Potsdam for Fine Art/Graphic Design
  • 4. What is Social Media/Networking? The interaction between a group of people who share a common interest using internet technologies to communicate using shared interests, related skills, or geographical location.
  • 5. Examples of Social Media <ul><li>Blogs (Web Logs)
  • 6.
  • 7. Wordpress </li></ul><ul><li>Networking Sites
  • 8. LinkedIn
  • 9. MySpace
  • 10. Facebook
  • 11. Twitter </li></ul><ul><li>Other
  • 12. YouTube
  • 13. Groups/Forums
  • 14. Google Local Business Center
  • 15. FourSquare </li></ul>
  • 16. Who uses social media? Local Businesses: Sun Feather Soap, McDuffsTavern, Ton's Sports Bar,; Brambles Inn, CPHospital, 99hits, Evans & Whites, St. Lawrence Chocolates , The Potsdam Chamber, etc. Colleges: SUNY Potsdam, Clarkson University, SUNY Canton (News), St. Lawrence University
  • 17. Why Social Media? <ul><li>Brand Awareness
  • 18. Customer Service
  • 19. Community Building </li></ul><ul><li>Lead Generation </li></ul>
  • 20. Brand Awareness Twitter Facebook YouTube SlideShare Flickr Customer Care Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Community Building SlideShare Flickr Facebook Places Google Places FourSquare Lead Generation YouTube LinkedIn Facebook Places Google Places FourSquare Using the right tool
  • 21. Channel Strength Twitter - Real time communication and help - Sharing short updates and links to relevant news - Public collaboration and conversations Facebook - Relationship building with customers - Insight into the personal interests of your community - Sharing valuable content for community members to share YouTube - Visual storytelling - Tapping into client and prospect emotions - Highlighting people and the impact of your brand SlideShare - Demonstrating expertise in respective industry - Appears in search engine results - Providing material and messaging for others to share Flickr - Visual aids to bolster branding - Shows the human side of brand w/ images of employees, fans, customers & partners - Ability for clients and users to tag images associated with you LinkedIn - Insight into prospects and current client base through profiles - Establishing credibility as a business - Providing help to customers in questions forums and groups FB Places, Google Places & FourSquare - Presenting new specials for customers - Provides incentives for repeat visits with badges, pins and may orships Using the right tool
  • 22. <ul><li>Is THE most popular social networking site with over 500 Million active users (up from 400M in 2010) – 1/2 of which access Facebook via a mobile device </li></ul><ul><li>Average users has 130 friends and spends more than 55 minutes a day on Facebook
  • 23. 3M active pages & 3.5M events monthly
  • 24. 55% Females, 18-24 = 40.8%, 25-34 = 26.7%, 35-54 = 16.6% </li></ul>Facebook
  • 25. <ul><li>Must create a personal profile (facebook doesn't allow a business-only accounts)
  • 26. Create “Pages” to promote your business
  • 27. Go to and click on the Local Business or Place button
  • 28. Add your FB URL to your regular e-mail signature, business cards, etc. </li></ul> (NOTE: Allows you to set a custom URL for your business page) Facebook
  • 29. CUSTOMER CARE | BRAND AWARENESS <ul><li>Invite existing contacts to be your FB friends
  • 30. Post business updates on your wall. Focus on business activities, such as “Working with ABC Company on web site redesign.”
  • 31. Share survey or research data to gain credibility
  • 32. Market products/services by posting FB exclusive discounts/deals
  • 33. Add FB to your website:
  • 34. </li></ul>Facebook
  • 35. LEAD GENERATION | COMMUNITY BUILDING <ul><li>Easily created from a mobile device app (iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android) or by going to:
  • 36. You my claim ownership of a Place page and verify it </li></ul><ul><li>Once ownership is claimed, the Place page can be “meged” with an existing Business Page (see slideshare for details) </li></ul><ul><li>Allows customers to “check-in” to your location/event </li></ul><ul><li>Create specials & coupons based on patronage. </li></ul>Facebook Places
  • 37. Creating a Facebook Place Page with an iPhone, iPad Launch FB app Click Check In Search for Location Tag Friends & Check In Facebook Places
  • 38. See where others are Select Places You can also click Map for a visual representation Facebook Places
  • 39. LinkedIn <ul><li>Great for maintaining business contacts/recomendations Think of it as a rolodex of business cards </li></ul><ul><li>Arguable that a Linkedin account can increase your Google Page Rank and search engine results
  • 40. LinkedIn has over 100 million members (up 40 million from last year) in over 200 countries. </li></ul><ul><li>Executives from all Fortune 500 companies are LinkedIn members. </li></ul>
  • 41. <ul><li>Considered a form of “micro-blogging” similar to the status updates of MySpace & Facebook
  • 42. Twitter lets you write and read messages of up to 140 characters, or the very length of this sentence, including all punctuation and spaces.
  • 43. Everyday, millions of users create, share and discover ideas on Twitter (19 million users reported as of October 2009 according to Neilson data as published by eMarketer) </li></ul>Twitter
  • 44. A few Twitter success stories Twitter users follow Dell Outlet for exclusive deals on electronics - and have driven more than $3M in sales through Twitter Ice cream eaters in New York give local chain Tasti-D-Lite marketing feedback via Twitter - and sometimes get surprise dessert deliveries Coffee drinkers in Houston choose CoffeeGroundz for the personal relationships they’ve built on Twitter - and the shop’s Twitter-based ordering Twitter
  • 45. Before you dive in If you want to spend time listening first, you don’t need an account to search at Try searching for your company and a few key topics in your field Use the advanced search or “near” and “within” to find tweets in your target market. Example: near:13676 within:25mi “ Listening” can help you get a sense of how you want to engage on Twitter Twitter
  • 46. <ul><li>78 million registered users
  • 47. Over 150,000 videos uploaded daily
  • 48. Great for product demo, product reviews, and “how-to” videos
  • 49. Videos are showing up at the top of most common search engine queries </li></ul><ul><li>Blendtec, a small business based in Orem, Utah budgeted under $100 for a quirky video showing their blender pulverizing iPods, golf balls, etc. The funny viral videos were a big hit; driving millions of viewers to the “Will It Blend website”. Wall Street Journal reported how Blendtec sales jumped up 43% </li></ul>YouTube
  • 50. Google Places <ul><li>Allows you to “Put your Business on the Map”
  • 51. Encourages customer reviews/comments (You can responde to them publically or privately)
  • 52. Provides links to your website, driving directions to your location & clickable phone numbers for smartphones
  • 53. Often appears at the top of Google searches </li></ul>
  • 54. Google Places
  • 55. Google Places
  • 56. Google Places
  • 57. Tips & “Tricks” <ul><li>Complete the “profile” of your account – include “keywords” important to your business as well as a link to your website
  • 58. People like tips, links to interesting stories and blogposts (they don’t have to be about your company), exclusive deals and a good sense of humor
  • 59. People like the human touch and will appreciate posts with your thoughts and experiences more than you think
  • 60. They also like it when you say hi, respond to their questions, comments, praise, complaints and jokes
  • 61. Don't try to sell – be helpful, post links about industry news, anwer questions, be entertaining, humourus. Once you have established a sense of community, then you can begin to sell through exclusive offers </li></ul>
  • 62. More tips and tricks <ul><li>Must be done with a fair amount of frequency – suggest a minimum of 2-3 times a week – make it a routine part of your daily/weekly schedule
  • 63. Can be time consuming so set limits and expectations appropriately
  • 64. Avoid distractions like Mafia Wars, Farmville, Quizzes, etc. - block these applications so you don't continue to be bothered by requests
  • 65. Social Media is not a popularity contest. Accept friend invitations/followers only from people that fit your customer profile based on geographic location and other demographics – 100 “friends” that fit your ideal customer profile are better than 1,000 faceless people
  • 66. Create events (MySpace, Facebook) and fan pages (Facebook) to promote specific products and happenings
  • 67. Categorize your friends (MySpace, Facebook) relevant to your products/service and send them invitations/messages that are relevant to them </li></ul>
  • 68. Thank You! Your feedback is appreciated Please send comments & follow-up questions to: [email_address]