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MNACE - Spring Conference
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MNACE - Spring Conference


Published on

Thanks to MNACE for inviting me to speak at their Spring Conference!

Thanks to MNACE for inviting me to speak at their Spring Conference!

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  • 1. MN ACE Spring conference 2012 Visibility in the Digital Age: “It can make or break your job search ” Jeffrey Winter Director, Talent Acquisition 1 Atterro HCG
  • 2. What do we want toaccomplish today?• Increase awareness• Recognize opportunity and risks• Focus on strategy first The tools to support it second 2
  • 3. 3
  • 4. Introductions:
  • 5. Technologyevolution: A quick recap
  • 6. Who remembers this?1997256KB
  • 7. Here is where we are today
  • 8. Recruitment process before: The Meeting• Simple understandable Conversation process• More touch points Resume Transmission Job Ad Seeker
  • 9. Recruitment process after: The Meeting • More pathways to the hiring funnel Conversation • Less intuitive processes Resume Transmission Online Seeker
  • 10. What’s changed?Massive visibility:•Online job marketing, Technology has greatly impacted•Talent communities the way we interact with each other.•Online apply
  • 11. Let’s break it down The recruitment process, that is…
  • 12. F.A.H…
  • 13. Find Attract Hire
  • 14. …The art of the hunt. Find
  • 15. Yesterday • Worked for connection and contacts • Less people were “known”Today • Everyone is known. • Networking is now started online – but often still finished in person. • Relationships are more valuable than contacts and connections.
  • 16. There are many tools for sourcing and searching. Thekey is to be an expert in the most productive ones. Thisallows you to go deeper than your competition. Youdon’t want to be a marginal performer in everything.
  • 17. Ground rules: Don’t be surprised
  • 18. Rule #1 Understand PrivacyOh, and.. and and and…
  • 19. Rule #2 There are NO secrets Assume all information is public. You are visible!
  • 20. Percent of companies40 tracking prospective hires on social media.CareerBuilder survey 2012Percent of 2011 grad class think employers should view student profiles as part of the process. NACE 2011 34
  • 21. Example:
  • 22. Find people Find people• Know the tool. Even the free version is very powerful. • Candidate or candidate referral lives on LinkedIn for most of target jobs. They just need to be found.
  • 23. Be foundGoal: Everyone should have robust LinkedIn profiles.Benefit: Increase your visibility in a positive way by driving great content. Demographic: Exempt level employees andspecialty non-exempt.
  • 24. Dear company: You can not hide. 25
  • 25. Don’t want an online presence?Surprise! You already have one!
  • 26. Attract
  • 27. The progression of recruitment advertising Phase one Phase two •Rush to get the •Focus on content message out. and delivery.
  • 28. “The greatest risk in online advertising is to be apart of the crowd instead of standing out from it.” Are you getting noticed? …Positively?
  • 29. Company: Know thyself… Are your prospects as excited to talk about you as they are about Dunkin’ Donuts? Do you need them to be?
  • 30. Is what we are saying... of interest to anyone?
  • 31. Online candidate communication: Do we have this?
  • 32. …or this?
  • 33. Example: Job Advertisement
  • 34. Content is still king:Ask:Why will acandidatechoose toclick on myjob?
  • 35. Job ad or Description?Which is this?
  • 36. Beyond the job ad: How do you tell the story of you, the company?
  • 37. Is it the product…
  • 38. …or the emotion behind the product?
  • 39. You’ve got one shot Focus 41
  • 40. Hire
  • 41. Whats changedthe most is the front end of the funnel Source: Talent Function Group llc. How do humans talk to robots?
  • 42. Is this the future? You. Are. Hired.It’s closer ATS than we think. 44
  • 43. What’s missing when we use automationto hire humans?
  • 44. “Professional Successcomes when the head and the heart are in line.” – Jeff Brody Vice President, Business Operations, Textron Systems Inc.
  • 45. How does automationmeasure: …passion?
  • 46. Use This To get to thisWhich of these is the relationship you want? 48
  • 47. Is technology making us lazy? 49
  • 48. Goingforward
  • 49. Start withthe goal.. ..Strategy to support the goal..Tools to support the strategy
  • 50. Evaluation Execution
  • 51. “ Even if you are uncertain aboutthe direction, runyour business in a forceful way. You’ll come out way ahead ofyour competition. Way ahead. -Jon Roberts
  • 52. ConsiderationsTools have changed. The importance of relationships has not.Focus on content. The message is critical. What do your candidates want to hear? Ask them!Know your goal then select the tool. Goal…. Strategy…. Tools….Keep playing (With purpose) As soon as you got it down; it’s changed.
  • 53. Discussion Thank you!