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The Quarterly News Bulletin from St John Ambulance (WA)

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SJAA (WA) March News Bulletin

  1. 1. e r u ch ft Vo ils 0 Gi r deta 0 fo a $1 back N e SeWI Th e Bu ll etin MARCH 2011 Timely Trial to Save Beach-goers A fresh, new partnership between St John ner How the beach-based First Responder Ambulance WA and Surf Life Sa e Saving WA system trial works: (SLSWA) will help make beaches that little A triple zero call (000) is received by a bit safer in the event of a cardiac arrest St John Ambulance Communications emergency. In 2011, the network of people Officer. If the patient is in a First Responder trained in the St John Ambulance First location, a system alert is triggered Responder system was expanded to include indicating that a registered first responder members of SLSWA. could be close to the emergency area. The first 8-10 minutes is crucial to a The Operations Centre despatches person’s survival rate after a cardiac arrest. an ambulance and contacts the First With every minute of delay, the risk of death Responder responsible for that location. increases by 10 per cent, so a fast response is vital. A cardiac arrest can happen to The First Responder heads to the anyone at any time, so this new beach- emergency area and starts critical based trial in partnership with SLSWA resuscitation techniques, using an AED if means there will be an increase in trained necessary before the ambulance arrives. first responders available to be on the As yet, there have been no incidents scene of incidents with Automated External to report where these beachside First Defibrillators (AED). This availability could Responders have been called upon. make all the difference to saving someone’s However both St John Ambulance WA life while waiting for an ambulance to arrive. “Th e first 8-10 minutes and SLSWA are keen to see a successful This First Responder trial program will run trial outcome that will see an extension to more West Australian beaches in the is crucial to a person’s sur vival rate after a inside from January 4 through to the end of April Kununurra Patient Transfer Heaven coming years. If you have any queries at some of the state’s most popular seaside cardiac arrest .” from individuals or organisations interested Saving Lives with 12-lead Trial spots: Cottesloe Beach in the metropolitan area, Middleton Beach (Albany), Secret in becoming part of our First Responder Cambodia Calls Harbour (Rockingham), Smiths Beach system contact Project Manager, Sally Volunteers Lend a Hand to QLD (Yallingup) and Yallingup Beach. Simmonds on 08 9334 1222. Flood Victims
  2. 2. A word from From the Editorthe CEO Welcom e to th e Bulletins First Edition for 2011. This is my first involvement in The Bulletin, and I’m very pleased to unveil a fresh looking magazine that will hopefully keep edition will hopefully give you a snapshot of some of our amazing people and what they do. A good magazine is owned and you informed and update you on the supported by its readers, so I’d really likeWelcom e to th e first edition of our Bulletin for 2011. I h ope all of many things happening across St John to welcome you to contribute to theseour staff and volu nteers had a great Ch ristmas and N ew Year. I Ambulance in Western Australia. I’ve been publications and I certainly welcome amazed by the work that’s been done by your feedback. If you have stories,would especially like to thank all of our operational and support St John Ambulance over the very short ideas, photos or letters that you’d likestaff and volu nteers wh o worked o ver th e festive period. It is hard amount of time I’ve been working with the showcased in future editions, pleasenot being free to spend as much tim e as you migh t like with family organisation and this edition is packed with email them through to the Corporate great stories about what our people are Affairs department for consideration viaand friends and it is often just that bit more difficult dealing doing across the State. From partnerships death, illness and injury o ver th is period. Everyone wh o was with Surf Life Saving (WA), the innovative Happy reading! iPad patient care record device, thein volved with pro viding our range of ser vices o ver th is period did a latest on the Changes Lives recruitment Drew Mazalevskisgreat job and again I would like to say ‘thank you’. , campaign and much more in this summer The Bulletin Editor This year will be is only 2.5%. This means that 97.5% of a very exciting non-urgent patients presenting at WA Patient Satisfaction Treatment one for St John Emergency Departments arrive by their own 1.00 Ambulance where means. This is an excellent result. While we all we will really start know we do get some patients who use the to see the benefits ambulance service when they should not, the 0.95 from all of the analysis does put things into perspective. contract and funding In my view, the most important analysis inannouncements made last year. Prior to the productivity commission report is theChristmas we had the largest ever number patient satisfaction survey. The same survey 0.90 NSW Vic Qld WA SA Tas ACT NT Austof new Communications Officers commence is conducted in each State and Territory 2005/06 2006/07 2007/08 2008/09 2009/10their training - 24 in total. During January, 33 with the results compiled and analysednew Patient Transport Officers and 49 Student by Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for MarketingAmbulance Officers have commenced their Services at the University of SA. Patient Satisfaction – Phone Answer Timeinduction program. While such a large number 1.00of new operational staff coming through The results in each of the graphs on the right show the percentage of people who 0.98training and commencing their duties more were either satisfied or very satisfied. 0.96or less at the same time really stretches our Consistently we see satisfaction levels TABLE TO COMEcapacity, we are all thrilled to finally see growth 0.94 between 97 per cent and 99 per cent.starting to come to fruition. This is an outstanding achievement and 0.92For those of you who have had the is a testament to the competence and 0.90opportunity to visit Belmont recently you professionalism of ambulance operational NSW Vic Qld WA SA Tas ACT NT Austmay have seen the changes and expansion staff around the country. 2005/06 2006/07 2007/08 2008/09 2009/10occurring in the Operations Centre. This I would like to congratulate all ourre-modelling has been necessary to ambulance operational staff on this Patient Satisfaction Paramedic Attitudeaccommodate the growth in staff numbers outstanding achievement. 1.00and the additional country support capabilitywe are putting in place. Thank you to everyone While there has been a lot of focus onfor the patience shown during the renovations. ambulance over the past year or so, our first aid training and industrial health services have 0.95As the organisation grows rapidly over quietly continued going about their businessthe next few years it is important we get and are achieving some fantastic results.the management and support structures In both of these areas recent structuralestablished in such a way that we can ensure 0.90 changes will, I am sure, contribute to some NSW Vic Qld WA SA Tas ACT NT Austwe deliver on all of our commitments and extraordinary growth over the next few years. 2005/06 2006/07 2007/08 2008/09 2009/10contractual obligations. We have alreadyseen significant changes to the structures Also, a special thank you to our VFASand way in which we manage clinical members for their contribution during 2010. Patient Satisfaction – Ambulance Arrival Timegovernance. Similar changes are now also The role you play in providing first aid services 1.05underway with our structures in country and to our community is very important within thetraining. While such significant change can range of pre-hospital services provided bybe confronting to some of the people directly St John Ambulance and the competent and 0.95involved it is something that is necessary and professional way in which you deliver first aidwill see a ‘raising of the bar’ in terms of the services to our community is something wequality of the services we are able to provide. are all very proud of. Finally, to all of our personnel, that is, the 1000 0.85January saw the release of the 2011 NSW Vic Qld WA SA Tas ACT NT Aust staff and 4000 volunteers, thank you for yourProductivity Commission Report on 2005/06 2006/07 2007/08 2008/09 2009/10 efforts. You are all vital to the success of StGovernment Services. This report John Ambulance in Western Australia and candemonstrates that West Australians get an justifiably feel very proud of the achievements Patient Satisfaction – Overallambulance service that performs very well 1.00 of 2010. I hope you share with me thecompared to others around Australia. This excitement of the opportunities ahead in 2011. 0.98year’s report includes an analysis of hospitaldata that identifies the proportion of patients 0.96presenting at Emergency Departments who 0.94arrived by ambulance. The analysis shows thatnationally, on average, slightly less than 5% of 0.92non-urgent patients presenting at EDs arrive 0.90by ambulance. It is pleasing to note that, in Tony Ahern NSW Vic Qld WA SA Tas ACT NT Austboth Western Australia and Victoria, the figure Chief Executive Officer 2005/06 2006/07 2007/08 2008/09 2009/10
  3. 3. The PCR Revolution Close at HandTh e St Joh n revolution in Following consultation and extensive research of four potential systems, theelectronic patient care record new ePCR system is now being custommanagem ent training and , developed for St John by a specialist software development team. This uniquecommu nications is now closer approach will provide on-road staff and the organisation with a range of valuablethan ever. Th e days of not advantages not obtainable through anybeing able to access th e Depot other commercially developed solution.PC will be gone with on-road As development progresses, Team Leaders and Clinical Support Paramedics will soonstaff being able to obtain begin demonstrating the system todigital content on th eir own on-road staff, while at the same time gathering feedback for the project group.i Pad via th e new St Joh n The St John ePCR system will providecustom built ePC R system. on-road staff with an easy to use, quick and efficient Patient Care Record system, as well as additional benefits including: An efficient, portable and paperless system; Improved communication processes to on-road staff; As part of the system, more than 850 The St John system will be the first integrated Increased access for on-road staff to Apple iPads will be issued to individual staff electronic PCR system in Australia that complete training, e-learning and other members in the Metropolitan Ambulance and also offers electronic communications and professional development opportunities; Patient Transfer Vehicle fleets. Not only will e-learning capabilities. Availability of regular clinical updates; these devices be integral to supporting the Stay up-to-date with the latest developments ePCR system, but at the end of the shift they Personal iPad use outside of work; on this ground-breaking project by visiting can be taken home for personal use. Real-time links to the SJA Computer This amazing new PCR technology Aided Dispatch and Patient Recording will provide on-road staff with greater and billing systems; and flexibility and better access to day-to- A customised system that can easily day organisational information via email, grow with the organisation’s needs. e-learning opportunities, and circulars.PACA Study Takes HonoursSt John Ambulance Clinical Professor Jacobs addressed both the arrest cases in Perth between August 2006 resuscitation period in those achieving ‘return Resuscitation Science Symposium held in and November 2009. Patients were randomly of spontaneous circulation’ to identify clinicalSer vices Director Professor Ian Chicago and the European Resuscitation assigned to receive either 1ml doses of strategies to further improve survival. Council Conference held in Portugal about adrenaline or a similar dose of sodiumJacobs presented th e findings “Clinical research of this nature continues this world first study. chloride as a placebo. within the ambulance service to ensure thatof a landmark study into th e Taking more than three years to complete, The conclusions of the landmark study patients receive the best possible evidence-use of adrenaline in cardiac the research was motivated by the lack revealed that the use of adrenaline in cardiac based pre-hospital care available,” Professor of clinical evidence to support the use of arrest was associated with a significant Jacobs said.arrest at two international adrenaline in resuscitation. For many years, increase in the proportion of patients The study was funded by the Nationalforums late last year. adrenaline has been accepted as the primary achieving a return of spontaneous circulation Health and Medical Research Council pharmacological agent as a standard of care after a cardiac arrest. In addition to this, a (Australia) and undertaken in partnership in resuscitation in a cardiac arrest event, doubling of survival to hospital discharge with St John Ambulance WA and the despite a total absence of any clinical trial was also observed although this was not University of Western Australia. evidence to establish its effectiveness. statistically significant. Results showed that while adrenaline improves short term survival “The study was highly awarded at both The acclaimed study, entitled Randomised following cardiac arrest, the study was unable international meetings, which is an Placebo Controlled Trial of Adrenaline to demonstrate conclusively that its use impressive tribute to the cutting edge in Cardiac Arrest - the PACA Trial, was improves the overall chance of survival in research undertaken by St John Ambulance undertaken by Professor Ian Jacobs and his those suffering cardiac arrest. and the University of Western Australia, colleagues Professors Judith Finn, George “Professor Jacobs said. “It is also a mark Jelinek, Peter Thompson and Dr Harry Oxer. Professor Jacobs said there may be of the professionalism of the St John It involved a randomised placebo controlled several reasons for this finding and further Ambulance paramedics.” trial of adrenaline in out-of-hospital cardiac investigation was required into the post
  4. 4. Recruitment Report Change LivesTh e St Joh n Human Resources team has been recruiting extensivelyfor key operational positions with in th e organisation. Our initial Recruitment Campaignrecruitm ent drive for th ese positions began in Ju ne 2010 and th elau nch of th e Change Lives ad vertising campaign in No vember in Full Swinghas seen a significant increase in pu blic interest to work for our Th e lau nch of th e brand and recruitm ent Change Lives campaignorganisation. Th e Change Lives Campaign will ensure we continu e to in No vember 2010 has resulted in an u nprecedented response in th em eet targets wh ich will ultimately lead to furth er impro vem ents in number of people enquiring about career opportu nities with th eour organisation’s efficiency and quality of ser vice. organisation. In the first three months, more than 1000 people expressed an interest via the new recruitment website in becoming a Paramedic, Patient Transport Officer or Communications Officer. Additional interest has also been generated in other general employment roles and in volunteering. The fully integrated campaign comprises year-long television advertising across Western Australia; production of outdoor bus shelter signage in metropolitan areas; The new recruitment micro site at a strong online digital presence including dates in 2011: a new position in Karratha, to support website banner advertising and Google 7 February – Student Ambulance Officer volunteers and the community. Adwords; electronic direct marketing via applications opened to commence mid- email communications; and the launch of Welcomed two new Paramedics to year intake. There are 50 places in each a new recruitment website. Broome in January. category of ECU and Induction School. In addition to recruiting more staff, the 16 new direct entry Paramedics and 21 March – applications for Communications Change Lives campaign continues to The web banner advertising appears Ambulance Officers have commenced Officers open, St John Ambulance WA are educate the community about the role on the high traffic websites such as so far this financial year – one school looking to fill 20 positions. commenced in October 2010 and another St John plays in ‘changing lives’, while Perth Now and WA Today. on 14 February 2011. showcasing the diversity of the team 27 June – Student Ambulance Officer of people we have working across applications will open for commencement 18 direct entry Paramedics and the organisation. in January 2012. Ambulance Officers have been offered a position with St John Ambulance (WesternRecruitment statistics and numbers asof February 2011: Australia) to commence in April 2011. In January appointed a Clinical Governance 15 direct entry Paramedics and Ambulance Manager to support on-road staff. Officer positions are currently being recruited to commence in June 2011. Appointed a Community Paramedic, Recruitment Section Previous Record Figure Actual Figure (as at Feb 2011) Communications Officers 10 per annum 24 Student Ambulance Officers One school per annum Two schools Student Ambulance Officers 35 per annum 50 (January induction) Student Ambulance Officers (ECU) 41 per annum 50 Transport Officers (recruited during 18 per annum 46 2010/2011 financial year)Putting Saving Lives to the Test: 12-lead TrialBarry Patten was enjoying a leisurely Saturday Barry had now become part of a trial being This allows a decision as to the best course John Ambulance. Well, all turned out wellat home when he experienced pain in his conducted since July 2010 by SJA and the of action to be made sooner which can be for me and I live to tell my story... Bruno andchest. He took a little while to register that University of Western Australia. The trial has implemented immediately when the ambulance Richard from the Armadale section, I wishsomething serious may have been wrong, already demonstrated encouraging results arrives at hospital. to thank you for saving my life. This may bebut with the encouragement of his wife, in terms of improving outcomes for patients dismissed as ‘just doing my job’ but from my Thankfully for Barry, his story had a happydecided to call 000. St John Paramedics suffering a heart attack. side of the fence you guys are the best. What ending. On arriving at RPH, he was transferredBruno De Longis and Richard Lucus from the can I say but, thank you.” The purpose of the trial is to test the straight through to the cardiac catheterisationArmadale Depot arrived to find their patient in hypotheses that employing a 12-lead ECG in The St John 12-lead ECG Trial will run though unit to have a stent inserted. A week after thisthe suspected early stages of a heart attack the pre-hospital setting, rather than waiting until April 2011 after which the results will be life-changing event Barry started taking short(Acute Myocardial Infarction), a condition for the patient to arrive at the Emergency reviewed by the project team, led by Professor walks, but was still adamant about trackingexperienced by thousands of Australians every Department, leads to a better outcome for Ian Jacobs. The findings of the study will be down the two paramedics who saved his lifeyear. The paramedics went to work applying the patient. The 12-lead ECG system works used to assist SJA to determine if 12-lead ECG that day. Barry found his heroes and emaileda 12-lead electro cardiogram (ECG) to record by transmitting more detailed information technology should be implemented across through his heart-felt message:the electrical activity of Barry’s heart from a on the heart’s condition directly to specialist the ambulance service. More details and greatvariety of different angles. This equipment is Emergency Physicians and Cardiologists “These guys had my life in their hands and outcomes from this important trial will beused to assist in diagnosing a heart attack. while en route to the hospital. didn’t let me down or the good name of St communicated over the coming months.
  5. 5. New Patient TransferHeaven for Kununurra (RV)On a h ot Tu esday in December, One such eager volunteer was the new Committee Chairman Don Learbuch whoSt Joh n Ambulance Ku nu nurra put the new patient transfer facility backtogeth er, with th e Sh ire of on the front burner. Letters were sent to all businesses, support was drummed upWynd ham East Kimberley, from health and emergency services, and Don became the pesky bloke that shireproudly opened th e brand new presidents, CEOs and councillors sawPatient Transfer Facility at coming and ducked for cover. More funding applications and more rejections followed. ItKu nu nurra Regional Airport . was very much a case of, unless you were a patient or the crew on the tarmac in 50This facility began with a seed of an idea degree simmering heat, or faced wet seasonback in 2006. Joanna Campbell, the St onslaughts then seriously, did KununurraJohn Office Manager at the time, began to really need such an extravagant transfer ambulance to RFDS. The facility resembles Education, Employment and Workplaceresearch the idea of building such a facility facility (and where was Kununurra anyway?). a hospital ward environment with a single Relations and Social Inclusion, the Honto protect the patients, ambulance and ward bed, curtains, toilet and shower, and Well, yes we did. Simon Crean. The Minister stood side-by-Royal Flying Doctor (RFDS) crews from the a kitchen nook with tea and coffee, fridge, side with proud volunteers, RFDS crew andextreme Kimberley elements. Finally some good soul looked outside microwave and ceiling mounted television. Medical Director, Kununurra Hospital staff,This amazing lady put in a huge amount the square from their federal department There is a desk with a computer, internet Shire President, CEO, local dignitaries, andof groundwork and submitted numerous and made a call to the local shire, asking and fax access. There is even a stash that very same question. The reply was a mightily impressed Leanne Dale fromfunding applications, however none were of chocolate and banana Paddlepops in a resounding, ‘yes - this should have St John Ambulance’s Belmont Head Office.approved at that time. Not discouraged, the freezer for the flight crews, lovingly happened 15 years ago’. maintained by the volunteers. Our Patient Transfer Facility is a pleasantJoanna secured the ideal allotment of airsideland, found willing building contractors and Suffice to say, we finally got our funding. Sadly, Jo Campbell passed away in April and welcoming environment at a momentin true local style, reined in all her contacts And in a further coup, we joined forces 2008 without even seeing the foundations when patients are at their most vulnerable,from around the area and harangued them with the Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley of her legacy and hard work laid. We are and when crews are in need of refreshmentmercilessly until they agreed to do their bit and our facility became a bigger and much fairly sure she has been monitoring the and rejuvenation. Just ask the 241for free. She was one tough woman. better reality. whole ‘shebang’ closely, and fairly sure she patients who had already enjoyed this new would have sent a lightning bolt had we experience by the time the morning of theSadly Joanna fell ill in late 2007, and all Completed in June 2010, the Kununurra considered naming the facility after her. long awaited official opening arrived.good things went by the wayside for a while. Patient Transfer Facility has been describedChanges began to happen at the centre, as the benchmark of all such facilities So, with all the fanfare and heat of a Bonny Rugendykeand with the ‘Target 20 Campaign’ in full in Western Australia. It is a modern, remote Kimberley event, the Kununurra Office Manager / Volunteer, Kununurraswing, came a whole new generation of comfortable design that provides a smooth Patient Facility was officially opened oneager volunteers and committee members. undercover transfer of the patient from 14 December 2010 by Federal Minister forLife-changing Trip for NatalieKalgoorlie Paramedic Natalie Osmetti had graciously and with so muchone of her dreams come true when she appreciation. It was also a greatspent two weeks in Cambodia late last experience to work with like-mindedyear delivering welcome medical care and people from various backgrounds andsupplies to the local people. Natalie was to use my knowledge and expertisepart of a 14-strong contingent of mainly to work as a team providing medicalvolunteers, coordinated by Perth-based assistance and education.”charity group Awareness Cambodia. Natalie said the hardest part aboutDuring their trip, the team visited isolated leaving Cambodia was knowing that thevillages and orphanages in Phnom Penh Western world could provide so muchdelivering the medical relief and caring more assistance to this third world countryfor disadvantaged communities and in the form of medical assistance andyoung children. An experienced St John basic welfare.Ambulance Paramedic, Natalie saidthat her time in Cambodia was a stark “I didn’t feel guilty about returning toreminder of the poor health conditions Australia but rather helpless - I wanted tofound in a third world country. be able to do more - so I have decided to sponsor a child, and to take up another“Despite the ongoing challenges of limited opportunity to return to Cambodia inmedical equipment and supplies, language September this year.and cultural barriers, it was a privilege tohelp these people and I feel lucky to have “I want to be able to bring awareness tohad the experience,” Natalie said. the atrocities these people have suffered“The highlight of the trip was the and the poor conditions that they endureoverwhelming humbleness, kindness and every day,” she towards us from the Cambodians,” For more information on how toshe said. “At the end of the day a smile of get involved in any of Awarenessthanks, a hold of the hand and a cuddle Cambodia’s projects or to sponsor afrom a child touched my heart.” child at the number of Sunshine House“Medical assistance that we take for orphanages, as Natalie now does,granted in Australia was welcomed visit
  6. 6. Gosnells Volunteers Lend aVFASCelebrates Hand in Queenslanda Jubilant A contingent of St Joh n Ambulance volu nteer first The team consisted of 11 advanced first aiders who spent close to a week working in a variety of different recovery operations university students, and people from the hospitality industry to name but a few. The West Australian contingent joinedDiscovery aiders recently returned from a trip to Qu eensland in the greater Brisbane areas. Two of the team members were deployed to the Command Centre to assist with planning forces with other teams from St John Ambulance in NSW, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and the ACT to support and logistics while others were allocated to support reco very efforts the recovery task force. to clean-up teams in some of the worstTh e Gosnells V nteer First olu following th e devastating affected areas such as Ipswich. Team travel was donated by Virgin Blue as part of an arrangement between St JohnAid Ser vice (V FAS) recently floods that struck The team was made up of experienced Ambulance Australia and Virgin for support first aid volunteers from all walks ofcelebrated 60 years of ser vice to in January. during times of national disasters. life; retired career fire fighters, nurses,th e commu nity thanks in part toth e disco very of an importantpiece of arch ival h istory in th eform of a registration certificate.The Gosnells operation was established in1949 as a volunteer ambulance service subcentre and was the first to offer volunteeringopportunities to both men and women. In the1970s ambulance operations were centralisedand allowed for paid officers to provide a fulltime service. Volunteers typically transitionedinto the operations branch, now known asVFAS, to provide assistance at large eventsor natural disasters such as bushfires.These days the service is supported by peoplefrom all walks of life who are keen to make acontribution to the community and often includeenthusiastic paramedic and nursing students.Now in its 61st year, the Gosnells serviceaccommodates a 24-hour ambulance service,hosts regular public first aid training courses, Service Honoursand is the home of the Gosnells VFAS andCadet divisions. It shares the honour ofbeing one of only four divisions, includingWanneroo, Perth and Fremantle, that havebeen recognised in Western Australia for lengthof service. St John congratulates this valuable St John Ambulance Volunteer badges 6 Year Badge – minimum of 60 hrsservice and its committed volunteers on a At St Joh n Ambulance we will be presented for periods of voluntary annual voluntary service for moreremarkable milestone. are very mindful that with out service exceeding three, six and nine than 6 yearsEach year, VFAS members contribute more th e input of our committed years. To be eligible, you will need to be a 9 Year Badge – minimum of 60 hrsthan 52,000 hours of free service to the current, active ambulance volunteer and/ annual voluntary service for morecommunity. All members are thoroughly trained volu nteers, th e world-standard or sub centre volunteer with a registered than 9 years.using up-to-date equipment and find these volunteer number, have completed a ambulance ser vice that we Once the registration process is completed,skills are often transferable to many other minimum of 60 hours voluntary serviceemergency situations. There is no cost involved pro vide co vering th e vast for each year, and have maintained certificates and badges will be sent to Subin membership and St John Ambulance the skills required to perform your role. Centres for distribution. As a reminder, it state of WA would not be would be greatly helpful if you could alsoprides itself on offering flexible volunteering Voluntary service in any area of activity foropportunities to everyone. possible. As an organisation, your Sub Centre can be included such take this opportunity to upgrade your as: gardening/building maintenance, nominee’s personnel records.Anyone interested in joining St John we want to acknowledge our vehicle maintenance, committee work orAmbulance WA’s Volunteer First Aid Service For further clarification on eligibility or volu nteers’ commitm ent by ambulance roster activity. where to find nomination forms, contactis encouraged to call (08) 9334 1310 orvisit Richard Chappell, Volunteer Coordinator on awarding eligible individuals Service Honours available to Volunteers: (08) 9334 1306, email Richard.Chappell@ Acknowledgement Certificate: an h onorary badge. or talk to your relevant one or two years of service (no minimum Regional Manager. Sub Centre committees hours required) are asked to forward all application forms 3 Year Badge – minimum of for St John Ambulance Volunteer Awards 60 hrs annual voluntary service for by 15th April, 2011. more than 3 years
  7. 7. New Kids on the Block... What’s On – Events Calendar Introducing the Events Team Mark these upcoming event dates in your diary. St John Ambulance conducts a variety of corporate events Corporate Meetings April that are of benefit to staff, volunteers and the community. Conferences Wed 6 – Fri 8: Business Services exhibits These include the Annual Sub Centre Conference, Dinner Dance, VFAS Annual Awards, Paramedic Graduations, Tradeshows at Mining Australia Trade Show, Perth Christmas Awards function and the Annual Golf Day. Award and Special Occasion Ceremonies Sat 9: Investiture - St John Australia WA, The newly created Events Department sits within Media Launches Perth Town Hall Corporate Affairs and can provide full event management assistance, including concept development, venue selection VIP Visits Fri 29: Casual for a Cause, supporting the and liaison, food and beverage management, travel and Community Affairs Fundraising Starlight Foundation, Belmont Head Office accommodation management, speaker and presentation Corporate Sports / Team Building management, technical production, theming, staging and on-site management. To contact the Events team, call 08 9334 1243 or May Michelle and Tahlia can take the stress out of planning your next email Fri 27: Casual for a Cause, supporting event (large or small) and ensure your objectives are achieved. the Cancer Council’s Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea, Belmont Head OfficeSnapshot! Fri 27 – Sun 29: SJAA National Member Convention, Hobart Sun 29: SJAA National Church Service, Hobart TBC: Friends of St John June Fri 24: Casual for a Cause, supporting SIDS What’s been happening in the wonderful world of SJA? & Kids Red Nose Day, Belmont Head Office July Fri 29: Casual for a Cause, supporting the Blood Bank, Belmont Head Office August Fri 26 – Sat 27: Sub Centre Conference, Perth Sat 27: Annual Dinner Dance SeptemberIndustrial Health Services have a presence on-site at Cape Preston. A record number of 50 new Student Ambulance Officers conduct CPR Training. Fri 30: Casual for a Cause, supporting the Royal Flying Doctor Service, Belmont Head Office TBC: Friends of St John October Wed 5 – Sat 8: Australasian College of Ambulance Professionals, Sydney Wed 12 – Thu 13: Council of Ambulance Authorities Convention, Sydney Mon 24: Annual Chapter MeetingVFAS undertook a promotional photo shoot in February 2011. Attendees enjoy the 2010 Sub Centre Conference. November TBC: Annual Golf Day December TBC: Annual Christmas Function & Awards Please note, dates may vary based on business or operational requirements. If you have any events you’d like added to the next Bulletin newsletter, please email them through to the Events Team via Laverton Team exhibit at the 2010 Sub Centre Conference. Jyles Coad-Ward received a Special Commendation at the 2010 Christmas Function.Images courtesy of Corporate Affairs Department and Archer Imagery. If you have any photos you’d like added tothe next Bulletin newsletter, please email them through to the Editorial Team via
  8. 8. St John Ambulance Tribute to a Mate -in Numbers Michael La Verde The number of St John Ambulance staff 9/10/1973 – 12/12/2010 1,099 on the February 2011 payroll. In December, St John lost a valued member of our family, Mike La Verde, from the Ambulance Radio Section. The average number of patients presenting to 235 SJA’s Industrial Health Service remote mine site medical staff throughout Western Australia. During his 10 years with us, Mike was an excellent radio technician who loved helping people and would go out of his way to ensure our career and volunteer staff received the best service possible.1936 The year the first Cadet units commenced at Fremantle. What made him special was that radio work to him was more than a job, it was his passion. The number of dedicated staff who provide 19 a flexible supply chain to SJAA WA. “What made h im special We will miss him very much and the things that made Michael so special to us was that radio work to – his love of music (Elvis and ACDC), his h im was more than a job , endless energy, his passionate support of St 134 The number of country ambulance volunteers recruited in the last three months. it was h is passion.” John Ambulance and his dedication to his dearly loved family. We extend our sincere condolences to The number of new Ambulances stocked by Supply this 22 financial year (the most ever recorded in one year). Michael’s wife Cathy, their children Marco and Nicola, and family on the tragic loss of a wonderful young man. The number of Country Ambulance John Watts3,033 Volunteers at March 2011. (Manager Fleet & Radio Communication) The actual Supply inventory value $969,000 for February 2011 month end. The total number of commencement or offers New Media Guidelines165 for Paramedics, Transport Officers, and Communications Officers this financial year to date. St John Ambulance Australia (Western Australia) has released new Media Guidelines. These guidelines apply to all employees and volunteers so please make sure you familiarise The total number of students trained during yourself. To view the new Media Guidelines visit the Corporate Affairs page on the Intranet, 46,292 2010 through the First Aid Focus Program. contact your manager or Sub Centre Coordinator.Bulletin Going WIN a $100 Voucher!Green? For your chance to win one of five $100 gift vouchers, simply complete the form below and return to: Fax: 08 9334 1368 Email: Post: St John Ambulance Events Team, PO Box 183, BELMONT WA 6984Leveraging on St John Ambulance’svalues, The Bulletin editorial team If you win, you will be able to select your $100 gift voucher from one of the following stores:are looking at ‘green’ options for Coles Group & Myer Wish Gift Card (Woolworths / Big W / Dick Smith) Target / Target Countrydistributing future editions. Green Bunnings Boating, Camping, Fishing (BCF)options not only provide a moreenvironmentally friendly footprint, but Forms must be returned by 5:00pm 31st May 2011 to go into the draw to win.can also be a more economical option. Winners will be contacted by phone and will be announced on the Intranet.One option is that future editions ofThe Bulletin could be distributed via Name:email to all on-road staff, administration Physical Address:and support staff, Sub Centres Postal Address: (Same as above )and volunteers. Contact Phone: Mobile: Email:This is your chance to let us know what Would you prefer to receive future editions of The Bulletin by: Email Printed Copyyou think about a greener Bulletin – Do you currently have access to the St John Ambulance Intranet: Yes No Unsuresimply update your contact details andyou could go into the draw to win one Your details will be updated on the St John Ambulance database, CHRIS21, so that you may receive future editions of the Bulletin, updated information about the organisation and upcoming St John Ambulance events. The database is managed in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).of five fantastic prizes! Please tick this box if you do not wish to receive this correspondence.The Bulletin is the official magazine of St John Ambulance WA, bringing you news of what we are doing across Western Australia, published and produced by the Corporate Affairs Department.We welcome your feedbackWe welcome views, suggestions, photos and letters from readers. All contributions may be edited for legal reasons, space restrictions or clarity. Let us know what you would like to read in future issues.To contribute to the magazine or make an enquiry, contact the Editorial Team on 08 9334 1237 or St John Ambulance WA, 209 Great Eastern Highway, Belmont, WA 6104